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All schools accredited through the World Council of Postsecondary and Religious Education must keep all of their local, state, and federal documentation and licensing current. Failure to do so will result in the immediate termination of the accreditation we have issued.

Any school accredited by the World Council of Postsecondary and Religious Education that is found to be committing fraud, falsification of documentation (this includes issuing falsified degrees and transcripts), and/or deliberate violation of state/federal laws will immediately have their accreditation revoked.

Once you become accredited your accreditation must be renewed annually. About three months before the accreditation is about to expire, the institution will be sent a notification to remind them about renewing their accreditation. The school and all of its documentation will be reevaluated and verified and once it meets with the satisfaction of the accreditation board, accreditation will be renewed.

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