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Posted: 27 October 2005

It's the sugarplum time of year, with myriad Candies and Sweets in bright enticing colors and flavors. Therein lies the hazard, for our Fatal Drugs Allowed folks, our FDA, has blessed several poisons as sugar substitutes for holiday confections. As the Big Bad Wolf would say, "The better to murder you with, my Dear."

Under labels as Sugar Free, Low Cal, and Diet! thousands of tons of deadly aspartame/NutraSweet/Equal, Neotame and Splenda will be substituted for sugar. All in the name of good health, of course. These chemicals are a boon to candy & confection makers:

They're a lot cheaper to use than sugar. Spoilage is lower because bacteria wont eat them, They tend to be addictive and increase consumption Sugarless is magic for media manipulation! (Advertising)

Before you load a shopping cart with these kid killers you should know what impartial scientific investigation by renowned researchers reveals:

ASPARTAME: To a Senate hearing Dr. Louis Elsas, Professor of Pediatrics [Genetics] at Emory University, testified: I have spent 25 years in biomedical sciences trying to prevent birth defects caused by excess phenylalanine. And therein lies my basic concern, that aspartame is in fact a well known neurotoxin and teratogen [causes birth defects] which, in some as yet undefined dose, will both reversibly in the adult and irreversibly in the developing child or fetal brain, produce adverse effects. Testimony to the Labor & Human Resources Committee, 11/3/87

Dr Miguel Baret of the Dominican Republic removed cows milk from 360 children's diets as it has a specific protein that can cause diabetes, especially in children. Instead they drank juice laced with aspartame, and most developed abnormal restlessness, lack of concentration, irritability and depression. When removed: The results were astonishing. Their symptoms disappeared in 4-6 days in ALL of them!

Diabetic specialist H J Roberts MD, FACP has a database of 1,300 victims. In his 1,038 page medical text, Aspartame Disease, An Ignored Epidemic are hundreds of case histories. He says If a child is diabetic aspartame can simulate and aggravate diabetic retinopathy and neuropathy, destroy the optic nerve and interact with insulin. The child can go into convulsions. He was named The Best Doctor in the United States by a doctors magazine.

The Senate Congressional Record printed a long list of objections by the National Soft Drink Association against aspartame approval for soft drinks. On page S5493, May 7, l985 are these comments by Jane E. Brody, "Especially worrisome are reactions involving the brain, including seizures, incapacitating headaches, dizziness, behavioral changes and depression. "

A three year study on aspartame carcinogenicity by the European Foundation for Oncology was released July 14, 05 which concluded: aspartame is capable of inducing lymphomas and leukemias in female rats. 1,800 rats were observed until they died. The report identified the chemical as a multi-potential carcinogen. Neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock, MD, one of the world's leading authorities on aspartame neurotoxicity, extensively reviewed the Soffritti report. "This study should terrify mothers and all those consuming aspartame sweetened products. This was a carefully done study which clearly demonstrated a statistically significant increase in several types of lymphomas and leukemias in rats. Both of these malignancies have increased significantly since the widespread use of aspartame." Dr. Blaylock is author of Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills,

Ralph Walton, M.D., Psychiatrist, reports: "We have known for years that when aspartame is ingested with a carbohydrate rich meal the usual physiologic increase in tryptophan is blocked, while brain phenylalanine and tyrosine concentrations are increased. These changes in amino acid neurotransmitter precursors could alter indoleamine/catecholamine balance, and thus have a profound effect on mood and cognition - depressed mood, anxiety, dizziness, panic attacks, nausea, irritability, impairment of memory and concentration."

NEOTAME The results are in, aspartame is poison. Monsantos patent on the product expired several years ago, so they introduced a new model, just as toxic, don't be fooled.

SPLENDA Wonderful if you don't care about staying healthy and want to slowly poison your kids. This venom is simply chlorinated sugar that destroys the immune system among other blessings. Why try a new way to die?

80% of FDA consumer complaints on food additives were about aspartame until they slammed the complaint window. Their last official report tallied more than 10,000 volunteered complaints from American consumers and a list of 92 symptoms including four types of seizures, blindness, sexual dysfunction and death. A parade of FDA officials including four Commissioners hired into the aspartame business which always has a job for a good FDA buddy!

Jack Samuels, President, Truth in Labeling Campaign has sincere concerns: "The problem with MSG in candy is that it is usually hidden in an ingredient that the general public does not recognize as MSG. Parents should be aware that much candy distributed to children contains aspartame and one or more sources of MSG. Aspartame and MSG are known neurotoxins that cause adverse reactions in children from mild and transitory to debilitating, life threatening and fatal. Under FDA regulations, aspartame should be labeled as an ingredient on all candies. For a list of the most common labeled ingredients that contain MSG, go to"

FDA is funded by the business they regulate. They're actually paid to process applications. So whom do you think FDA works for, you or the money? Think of FDA as Big Pharma's Branch Office in Washington. FDA approved VIOXX. VIOXX killed 55,000! Can you believe 55,000 heart attacks and sudden deaths had to occur before our overpaid experts figured out why? The problem is embarrassment. FDA is embarrassed when they have to admit they rubber- stamped another poison, so everybody hides while the bodies pile up!

Massacres are remembered with a cry: Remember the Alamo! Remember the Maine! Remember Corrigador! When next you shop, remember VIOXX, and ditch the artificial sweeteners. Let your sugarplums be sugared. Just don't eat the whole box.

This year is more important than others because the FDA has avidly approved even more poisons for manufacturers to put into our food, and this chemical feast is a plague international, for whatever FDA blesses becomes that old religion for other nations who assume it must be harmless. In case there's any hesitancy overseas you can be sure Big Pharma is right there was a fat checkbook to lubricate the process. The cumulative affects destroy the brains and bodies of children worldwide. Incredible, heinous, savage, vicious mindless cruelty.

Greedy Big Pharma is arrogance personified. Like high priestly wizards they expect government regulators will kowtow in humble submission to their supreme wisdom. Are they are not the embodiment of Science? Do they not bring blizzards of phony research records assuring the beneficence of VIOXX/aspartame/whatever? And are there not golden employment opportunities for those who serve them well?

Once there was a Delaney Amendment that forbids adding carcinogens to food. Honest FDA toxicologist, Dr. Adrian Gross testified to Congress that aspartame violated this law because "without a shadow of a doubt" it produces brain tumors and brain cancer. So what do you do when you break a law you don't like? Repeal it! And they did! If you see a child consuming aspartame remember the molecule breaks down to diketopiperazine, a brain tumor agent.

FDA allows for Citizens Petitions, and the statue requires them to answer in 180 days. Over three years ago I petitioned them to ban aspartame and furnished heavy documentation. FDA's letter advised me they have other matters to tend to of higher priority. Translation: the law is only against those who help people with natural cures, but we're above the law, so Big P gets a free pass with their bottomless bank account;

A new example of FDA's blatant disregard for Americans and contempt for consumers is a new proposed standard ice cream will permit imported milk from sheep, goats, yaks, water buffalo, etc. to replace cow's milk in ice cream, with only a usual side-panel revelation: "Made with ___milk." Call it "mystery milk." Sharp-eyed ingredient panel readers will know what they're eating; but as for the rest of us, what you don't know may not hurt you...this time. If you order it in a restaurant no one will know. FDA doesn't give a flip what you eat, as long as it's cheaper to make or full of chemicals.

What regulation will FDA next change to hide toxins and destroy us? How about no regulation at all? To be marketed the first half of 2006 is Senomyx, a biotech food enhancer. It will be unlabeled and not require FDA approval. Says Jack Samuels: "I'm scared to death of this Senomyx product. It apparently uses the same neurologic pathways as does MSG. My logic tells me that it may very well cause reactions similar to MSG, but only time will tell. The MSG replacer is to be the company's first product."

A witches brew! Today all eyes are on New Mexico where Citizen Stephen Fox has successfully petitioned the New Mexico Environmental Improvement Board to hold a hearing on banning aspartame because it violates state and federal adulteration statutes. Viva New Mexico! The hearing is scheduled for five days in July 2006. Industry fights back through the press without shame.

Many in New Mexico add their name to concern over the welfare of our children and the aspartame issue including:

Grant La Farge, M.D., Santa Fe Pediatric Cardiology, 505 982-7661

Ken Stoller, M.D., Pediatrics, Assistant Clinical Professor, UNM School of Medicine, and Founder, New Mexico Hyperbaric Medical Center 505-820-6234

Stephen Fox, 505 983-2002, Author of Legislation to create New Mexico Nutrition Council and Petitioner to New Mexico Environmental Improvement Board to ban aspartame. Email:

Leland Lehrman, 505 982-3609, Founder, Mother Media, Lamy, New Mexico

The Honorable Jerry Ortiz y Pino, New Mexico State Senator 505-263-3717

For over 20 years there has been an epidemic of ADD, ADHD, Tourettes, autism and behavioral problems due to the approval of aspartame. It's even an endocrine disrupting drug, stimulating prolactin and changing menses, causing infertility. If a woman gets off aspartame longer enough to get pregnant, and then consumes it during pregnancy its a teratogen and causes birth defects. Even if a live child is born it may have heinously damaged DNA as the Trocho Study in Barcelona proved in l998. When you damage DNA you can destroy humanity. More and more are finding out these facts. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger recently outlawed pop in California schools in an attempt to rid the schools of junk food. New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson could also do the same. But we must get to all those in decision making positions within the Board of Education.

This letter should be distributed to every teacher, principal and PTA. The aspartame documentary Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World, should be shown to schools around the world.

Twenty-four page booklets on aspartame can be distributed to all titled the Artificially Sweetened Times, There is much needed information that parents need to be advised of to safeguard the health of their children.

Don't miss the 18 page cover story in the prestigious Ecologist on aspartame with its time-line: Aspartame: The Shocking Story of the World's Best Selling Sweetener,

Today children are medicated instead of educated. They consume aspartame which causes psychiatric and behavioral problems, then given antidepressants and psycho drugs which interact with the aspartame. Warn parents that the neurotoxic drug aspartame interacts with all drugs and vaccines: We must stop this insanity.

We've won the battle in New Mexico but the war lies ahead, and this precedent of aggressive concern for consumer health should be copied in every state and country. We ask parents everywhere to join the fray, and help protect our children by educating all that you know or meet. Keep your children free of candy from strangers and unsupervised buying of food that may be laced with neurotoxins and cancer causing products. Those responsible to solve the problem ARE the problem. Make them accountable for these horrific crimes against humanity.

For children who cannot use sugar there are safe substitutes like the herbal sweetener, Stevia, which helps in the metabolism of sugar. And the new Just Like Sugar is available in Whole Foods. We recently asked that an analysis be run and it showed it to be free of MSG and aspartic acid, a component of aspartame that is excitotoxic. It tastes like sugar and is safe for diabetics. It is made of chicory, orange peel and calcium. There is no need whatsoever for anyone to ever consume any of the deadly chemical sweeteners ever again. Be educated and safe.

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Dr. Betty Martini
Founder, Mission Possible International
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