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Posted: 12 October 2005

Imagine you make FANTASTICO, greatest food additive the world has ever known. It makes old coyote taste like lobster and stale beer like Dom Perignom. Good for you? Why it cures dandruff, athlete's foot, straightens teeth, perfects eyesight and rids all excess pounds in three days, by which time you're sexier than Antonio Bandaras or Angelina Jolie, guaranteed.

The world beats a path to your door and puts FANTASTICO in thousands of foods. Little blue paks soon sit on every restaurant table. U make more money than Saudi Arabia.

FANTASTICO "the most tested product in history" is blessed by professional girls like the AMA, three cancer societies, the Diabetes and Dietitians Associations and "more than 100 regulatory agencies worldwide." Three FDA Commissioners and a batch of their other bureaucrats hired on with you, you're so wonderful! Ain't life Grand?!

Now some upstart western state has the temerity to grant a hearing to its citizens, radicals claiming FANTASTICO is deadly poison, that you knew it all along and concealed the evidence with fraudulent test documents to get it approved, but even then you could only do it by political clout. Eureka! Great opportunity! Just what you want! In one fell swoop you can smash all gossip, make fools of these idiots, and clear your glorious name of all taint! You've got an army of corporate lawyers and truckloads of documents proving it's safer than rain. Slam Dunk! Done Deal! No mercy for the wicked!

By the way, your name is Ajinomoto. FANTASTICO is aspartame/NutraSweet/Equal, and you'd sooner sleep in rattlesnake cave than go before a Board of upright public servants who care for citizen's health rather than your profits or job opportunities.

You get the Albuquerque Journal to run an "editorial" calling for cover-up: "a Sour Note The Environmental Improvement Board's decision to hold hearings on aspartame with Gov. Bill Richardson's support is a waste of taxpayer money and an exercise in futility ...ludicrous."

Let's see: In a September international conference The European Foundation of Oncology and Environmental Sciences reported on their rigorous 3-year study on 1,800 rats, announcing aspartame is a "multi-potential carcinogen" and "a carcinogenic agent, capable of inducing lymphomas and leukemias". The New York Academy of Sciences will publish this research in its Annals.

The 30 page Objections of The National Soft Drink Association to aspartame approval are in the 5/7/'85 Congressional Record, Senate. NSDA said "Aspartame is inherently and uniquely unstable." It had already been approved, Diet Slop was going gangbusters, so who cares that their junk turns into formaldehyde and a long list of other poisons?

Until 1995 FDA published a list of volunteered consumer complaints about this most complained about of all poisons. FDA says complaints are only 1% of actual problems. When the tally soared over 10,000 they slammed the complaint window and today deny there ever was such a list. 100 times 10,000 equals a million. We think that's low.

A study, #SC-18862 on seven infant monkeys was submitted to the FDA. Five had grand mal [epileptic] seizures and one died. Casualty rate: 86%. This proved NutraSweet is safe for humans because only monkeys became epileptic or died. You're the monkey now!

Dr. Russell Blaylock, Neurosurgeon, describes Diet Slop in his Health and Nutrition Secrets to Save Your Life: "One toxin that is especially dangerous to the developing fetus is the artificial sweetener aspartame...In the case of diet drinks in aluminum cans, the very toxic brain aluminum fluoride compound co-exists with multiple toxins found in aspartame, thus creating the most powerful government-approved toxic soup imaginable."

Dr. H. J. Roberts, with more degrees than a thermometer, named "The Best Doctor in the U. S." by a national medical journal, is a diabetic specialist with a data base of 1,200 aspartame victims, which he reviewed in Aspartame Disease, An ignored Epidemic, 1038 pages. Here's case #VI-J-3:

"An Air Force fighter pilot told the U.S. Senate hearing on 11/3/87 he developed uncontrollable tremors of the left arm while drinking close "close to one gallon" of an aspartame soft drink mix daily. They were preceded by an aura of "butterflies in the stomach." In view of his marked sweating and thirst while stationed in hot climates, he would bring along a supply of the beverage on flights.

"The tremors disappeared for six months when he was assigned to a remote area in Korea where he could not obtain this aspartame product. They recurred one day after ingesting it during October 1984 when he received a package from home. His considerable intake of aspartame resumed during January 1985 on return to the U.S., as did the tremors. He subsequently suffered a grand mal seizure...There was no recurrence of the tremor or seizure for two years after avoiding aspartame. Unfortunately, he was permanently grounded, at reduced pay"

Professor of Pediatrics and Genetics at Emory University, Dr Lois Elsas said in Congressional testimony: "I have spent 25 years in biomedical sciences trying to prevent birth defects caused by excess phenylalanine. Therein lies my basic concern, that aspartame is in fact a well known neurotoxin and teratogen [causes birth defects] which will irreversibly in the developing child or fetal brain produce adverse effects ... the placenta concentrates phenylalanine and this causes mental retardation." 11/8/87

Corporate-neutral research shows extreme danger to ourselves and our little ones. But when you're rich as Saudi Arabia you buy universities, doctors, medical journals, professional associations and anybody who sells ads, to print propaganda a mile high.

The Journal's editorial reveals deep ignorance, zero serious investigation, complete sellout to corporate interests. It is a journalist debacle. If it didn't come straight from Ajinomoto, it was obviously written by someone who doesn't know a molecule from a macaroon. Are you really so callous and indifferent to the heinous damage aspartame is wrecking on New Mexicans as to sell them down the river like this? A case of Diet Slop to you!

To The Honorable Governor Bill Richardson, New Mexico's Man of the Hour. Governor Schwarzenegger just threw pop out of California schools, and set new nutritional standards. A multipotential carcinogen daily erodes the health and minds of New Mexican children, and people that you personally know and love. Please, by executive order, get this toxin out of your schools immediately. What a fine legacy to claim!

Dr. Betty Martini
Founder, Mission Possible International
9270 River Club Parkway
Duluth, Georgia 30097

Viva New Mexico! Aspartame Finally Imperiled!

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