The official position of the World Natural Health Organization in regards to global warming is that there is NO GLOBAL WARMING! Global warming is nothing more than just another hoax, just like Y2K and the global freezing claims in the 1960's and 70's were. Global warming is being used to generate fear and panic. Those behind this movement are using it to control people's lives and for financial gain.

There are not many individuals, groups, or organizations willing to stand up against this fraud that is being perpetuated for fear of being persecuted, harassed, and ostracized by those who support global warming within the scientific and other communities. But fortunately, a few have decided to do the right thing and take a stand against this evil, proving just how unscientifically founded global warming is and exposing those who are behind it. Below, you will find links to information and articles showing the proof that global warming is nothing more than just a bunch of hot air (pun intended).

The date that you see by each headline is the date when it was posted here. If you know of a news story, research, or information that should be posted here, please let us know and provide us with a link. The articles posted for previous years have been archived and links are provided to them; by year; at the bottom of this page.

30 Dec 2010 - The EPA Attacks

29 Dec 2010 - Ho-Ho-Hoax: 'Twas A Bleak Christmas For Global-Warming Alarmism

28 Dec 2010 - Christian Leaders Say Green Movement Is False Religion

27 Dec 2010 - Massive Blizzard Cripples East Coast, Strands Many For Days [I have just one question, Hey Al Gore what happened to your global warming scam?]

27 Dec 2010 - Climate Kooks Demand New Sacrifice

20 Dec 2010 - Canada: Newfoundland Frozen Waves Reiterate Strength Of 'Global Warming'! [Has an embedded video on the web page]

20 Dec 2010 - More Than 1000 International Scientists Dissent Over Man-Made Global Warming Claims - Challenge UN IPCC & Al Gore!

20 Dec 2010 - Another Record Breaking Winter, What Happened To Global Warming?

17 Dec 2010 - Did The Global Warming Hoax Die In Cancun?

13 Dec 2010 - Mother Nature Blows Cold As Ice On Global Warming

10 Dec 2010 - 'Climate Change Could Give You Cancer': UN Report Warns Of Deadly Pollutants From Glaciers [WHAT A LOAD OF RUBBISH! The CULT of Global Warming must be getting really desperate. We haven't had such cold here since the sixties]

08 Dec 2010 - Fort Lauderdale Breaks Cold Record For Dec. 7 [So whatever happened to Al Gore and his CULT of Global Warming? They certainly are silent again, just like last winter when things got really cold!]

07 Dec 2010 - What Happened To The 'Warmest Year On Record': The Truth Is Global Warming Has Halted

07 Dec 2010 - Taken For Another Ride By The Warmists

07 Dec 2010 - Eco-Nuts' Next Target: Anesthetic Gases

16 Nov 2010 - Green Invasion Of The Christian Churches: Teachers, Preachers And Greens: The Unholy Alliance To Transform America [The CULT of Global Warming is still trying to push their FALSE doctrine upon everyone!]

11 Nov 2010 - Obama-Backed Green Company To Slash Jobs, Dump Expansion

08 Nov 2010 - The EPA's 'Climate Change' Tyranny

05 Nov 2010 - Greens Can't Stop Their Scare Tactics

05 Nov 2010 - A Message For Global-Warming Alarmists

05 Nov 2010 - Global Warming Hoaxers Employ Chatbot To Combat Skeptics

04 Nov 2010 - Global Warming Hoax: Stimulus Money wasted On Green Agenda

01 Nov 2010 - Goodbye Global Warming, Hello Biodiversity [Same lie, and yet another name change!]

20 Oct 2010 - Standing Firm Against A Hurricane Of Lies

19 Oct 2010 - Climate Change: A "Pseudoscientific Swindle"

14 Oct 2010 - Climate Scientists' Computer-Coding Skills Lacking': You ... End Up With A Huge Stinking Heap Of Software That Doesn't Work Very Well'

12 Oct 2010 - US Physics Professor: 'Global Warming Is The Greatest And Most Successful Pseudoscientific Fraud I Have Seen In My Long Life' : Resigns Leading Scientific Society: 'This Is Not Science - Other Forces Are At Work'

11 Oct 2010 - Climate Predictions A Little Off [Seems that their predictions are more often off than right]

06 Oct 2010 - Pushing Junk Science On Children

28 Sep 2010 - The Global Warming Scam: CO2 Is rising...But Global Temperature isn't Rising!

28 Sep 2010 - Global Acidification: The Next EU Bought-And-Paid-For Science Hoax

24 Sep 2010 - Global Warming VS Life

17 Sep 2010 - White House: Global Warming Out, 'Global Climate Disruption' In [Here they go again, another name change for the hoax and the lie. It doesn't matter what they call it, it is still a hoax and a lie!]

17 Sep 2010 - Climate Change Lies Are Exposed

15 Sep 2010 - The Great Global Warming Hoax [Has an embedded video on the web page]

15 Sep 2010 - Do Oprah And Travolta Still Believe In The Global Warming Hoax? : Oprah Taking Audience Down Under, With Travolta At Controls

30 Aug 2010 - The Man-Made Global Warming Hoax (Part 2)

27 Aug 2010 - 'The show Al Gore Doesn't Want America To See' : 'Climategate' Author: Hannity Program 'Pounds Final Nail Into Global-Warming Coffin'

26 Aug 2010 - Hillary's Scientific Acumen Somewhat Lacking

25 Aug 2010 - Cameron 'Ran Scared' From Climate Debate

24 Aug 2010 - Climate Data Extortion: Bad Climate Data At That. Even, "Lost" Climate Data

23 Aug 2010 - Hillary Uses Pakistan Flood Disaster To Push Climate Hoax

20 Aug 2010 - EPA To Regulate CO2 As A "Pollutant" [This is INSANE! CO2 is NOT a pollutant!]

12 Aug 2010 - Endtime Ministries: Global Warming... Where's The Proof? [Has an embedded video on the web page]

06 Aug 2010 - The Global Warming Fleecing Of American Taxpayers

02 Aug 2010 - Global-Warming Study 'Comical'

26 July 2010 - Cap-And-Trade Tabled...For Now [GOOD!]

21 July 2010 - Remember Al Gore's "Global Warming" Hoax? People & Cattle In South America Are Dying From Extreme Cold In July

20 July 2010 - Climate Not Predictable In 10-50 Year Scales

19 July 2010 - Global Warming Scam: 2010 Is Not The Hottest Year

19 July 2010 - Green Jobs Don't Exist In A Free Market

07 July 2010 - Refusing To Report The Truth

07 July 2010 - Obama Is Also Using Global Warming To Destroy Jobs

29 June 2010 - 140 Private Jets Fleets Of Limos To Denmark Fighting Global Warming Anything Wrong With This Picture?

25 June 2010 - Oklahoma Senator On Global Warming: I've Been Vindicated

25 June 2010 - Paul McCartney: 'Global Warming Skeptics, Holocaust Deniers The Same' [He is obviously an idiot that has no idea what he is talking about!]

25 June 2010 - America's 'Green' Religion CULT

24 June 2010 - Al Gore Purchases Huge New Mac-Mansion [The King of the Global Warming Cult obviously doesn't practice that which he wants to force upon the rest of us!]

24 June 2010 - Allowing Obama And Congress To Pass The Carbon Tax On The Global Warming Hoax

24 June 2010 - Oops, Antarctic Glacier Melting Not Due to Man-Made Global Warming Climate Change

24 June 2010 - IPCC Insider Admits Climate Consensus Claim Was A Lie

21 June 2010 - The Sham Of "Settled Science" -- Like Global Warming Itself, That Too Was A Lie

18 June 2010 - Allowing Obama And Congress To Pass The Carbon Tax On The Global Warming Hoax

16 June 2010 - Top Climate Scientist: Few Scientists Ever Believed In Global Warming Hoax

16 June 2010 - Why Is Another Leading Global Warming Scientist At Penn State Being Investigated For Fraud?

15 June 2010 - Letter Concerning The Carbon Tax And Global Warming

15 June 2010 - A Congress That Is Immune To Facts And Truth

14 June 2010 - Brewer Ignores MSNBC's Meteorologist & Declares DC Blizzard Result Of Global Warming [Has an embedded video on the web page] [Here we go yet again! The Global warming Cult is blaming yet something else on global warming! If global warming is true and things are heating up, then there is NO possible way it could be responsible for a blizzard or even record snowfall. If anything, we would see the opposite occurring.]

14 June 2010 - ClimateGate

11 June 2010 - Were You Fooled By The Biggest Hoax Ever-Global Warming?

10 June 2010 - Another Power Grab By The Feds?

10 June 2010 - The Man-Made Global Warming Hoax (Part 6) [Has an embedded video on the web page]

10 June 2010 - Global Warming: It's A Crock

09 June 2010 - Global Warming Fraud Reflects Too Much Government Money And Power

08 June 2010 - Can A Liberal Explain The Science Of How Global Warming Causes Earthquakes And Tsunamis?

07 June 2010 - Beeville Fourth Grader Disproves Global Warming?

04 June 2010 - Environmental Groups Accept Millions From BP

01 June 2010 - Rebel Scientists Force Royal Society To Accept Climate Change Scepticism

25 May 2010 - Important To Follow All Of The Money

25 May 2010 - The Man-Made Global Warming Hoax (Part 1) [Has an embedded video on the web page]

25 May 2010 - Wacky Global Warming News: May Snow Sets New Utah Record

25 May 2010 - Latest Snows Ever Recorded

19 May 2010 - 'Abolish U.N. Climate Panel, Indict Chief' : Former Thatcher Adviser Documents Fraud By Global Body

18 May 2010 - You Read It Here First: CO2 To Be Blamed For Global Cooling [Here we go again, yet another scare tactic to create panic and fear! Back in the 70's and 80's it was global cooling. When that didn't happen it was the planetary alignment scare. Next came Y2K. Then global warming. Now, we are back to global cooling. So the saying is true, those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it!]

18 May 2010 - The Global Warming Swindle [Has an embedded video on the web page]

17 May 2010 - Game Playing Is Replacing Biblical Morality

14 May 2010 - IPCC's Pachauri Says Climate Body Must 'Listen And Learn' [At least now it is a turn in the right direction and they are learning that they have been using faulty information]

13 May 2010 - Fight Agenda 21 Or Lose Your Freedom

11 May 2010 - The Global Warming Farce The Problems With Al Gore

11 May 2010 - Dumb Down Climate Science So Stupid Americans Can Get It [Has an embedded audio file on the web page]

11 May 2010 - A Visualization Of The Urban Legend Called, Man Made Global Warming

27 Apr 2010 - Proof That CO2 Is Plant Food, Not A Pollutant

27 Apr 2010 - Author: Gore Going For The Green

26 Apr 2010 - Happy Earth Day...No Thanks

26 Apr 2010 - 'Earth Day' Wrongly Emphasizes Idolatry

19 Apr 2010 - Exposing The Global Warming Hoax [YouTube video]

08 Apr 2010 - Top Climate Scientist's Exoneration Won't Be The Last Word

05 Apr 2010 - Growing Arctic Ice Confounds The Cult, Global Warming Must Have Caused It [There is just is no hope for The Cult. Even Obama came out the other day and said global warming was a major threat to the world. (But then again, he only reads it off a teleprompter, he doesn't have an original thought in his head)]

05 Apr 2010 - Increase In Arctic Ice Confounds Doomsayers [The obvious is not always apparent so they say, but surely the brainwashed general public must be beginning to question all this AGW nonsense]

01 Apr 2010 - If Man Made Global Warming Is Such A Catastrophe In The Making Why Would The Sell Carbon Offsets?

31 Mar 2010 - ClimateGate University Condemned For 'Unacceptable Culture Of Secrecy'

30 Mar 2010 - New Climate Change Myth: Gulf Stream Is NOT Slowing Down

24 Mar 2010 - Global Warming Scepticism Forces Science Museum To Rename 'Climate Change' Gallery [Some institutions haven't been 'bought' yet]

23 Mar 2010 - Climategate: The Whitewash Continues

22 Mar 2010 - Climate Craziness Of The Week: Global Warming "Leads To More Violence" [They want to blame everything and anything on this HOAX and LIE!]

22 Mar 2010 - Can A Liberal Explain The Science Of How Global Warming Causes Earthquakes And Tsunamis?

19 Mar 2010 - Predictions Of Global Warming Hysterics Are All Wet

19 Mar 2010 - "Global Warming" Skeptic Art Robinson Challenges Peter DeFazio

18 Mar 2010 - Climate Change 'Exaggerated' In Government Adverts

12 Mar 2010 - Stock Up On Incandescent Light Bulbs: In Fact, Buy A Lifetime Supply Of Them

11 Mar 2010 - Why The Climate Change Alarm Is One Big Hoax

10 Mar 2010 - Gore Still Hot On His Doomsday Rhetoric [More lies from the head of the Global Warming Cult!]

10 Mar 2010 - [This list shows the things which the global warming lie and hoax allegedly cause and are responsible for!]

10 Mar 2010 - Failed "Scientist" Paul Ehrlich Among AGW Alarmists Swiping At Skeptics

05 Mar 2010 - Ferries Freed From Ice Off Swedish Coast [Hey Al Gore! If everything is suppose to be warming up and melting, then how do you and your cult explain this?]

05 Mar 2010 - Why Is Al Gore Pushing So Hard? Follow The Money!

05 Mar 2010 - Debate Has Just Begun On Global Warming

04 Mar 2010 - What The Cyberecurity Bill Is Really About

03 Mar 2010 - ClimateGate Corruption, Stench 'Overwhelming'

02 Mar 2010 - UN's Climate Link To Hurricanes In Doubt: Latest Research Paints Very Different Picture From Al Gore's Claims [There is NO link. That is just another of the many lies from Al Gore, the UN, and the Cult of Global warming!]

02 Mar 2010 - Head Of 'Climategate' Research Unit Admits Sending 'Pretty Awful Emails' To Hide Data

02 Mar 2010 - Obama's 'Greenhouse Gas' Foe - His Own Party

01 Mar 2010 - Stop Al Gore Before He Lies Again...And Again...And Again

01 Mar 2010 - BBC Tells The Truth - Shock Horror! - Iceberg Not Caused By Global Warming

01 Mar 2010 - A Perfect Storm Is Brewing For The IPCC: The Emerging Errors Of The IPCC's 2007 Report Are Not Incidental But Fundamental, Says Christopher Booker

01 Mar 2010 - "The Won" Proves My Point [You can't fool nature] [Has an embedded video on the web page]

01 Mar 2010 - EPA's Global Warming Power Grab

01 Mar 2010 - Global Warming

01 Mar 2010 - Climate-Change Group IPCC Moves To Fix Crisis Damage: Push To Oversimplify at Climate Panel

01 Mar 2010 - Global Warming Update

01 Mar 2010 - The Sun's Role In Global Warming & Cooling

26 Feb 2010 - Oh Look, It's Raining. Must Be The Effects Of Global Warming ... : The Senate Committee On Environment Released Its Findings: "Shows Scientists Violated Ethics, Reveals Major Disagreements On Climate Science"

26 Feb 2010 - Political Climate Science

26 Feb 2010 - There's No Logic To Progressive Thought

25 Feb 2010 - Dead On Ice: Obama Losing Climate War - EPA Challenged On Ruling That CO2 Is Harmful Chemical

23 Feb 2010 - John Coleman (Weather Channel Founder) Video: Al Gore (And Global Warming And Its Cult) Is A FRAUD! [The Global Warming Cult is all but dead, even though our (cough cough) president still wants to ram through cap and tax by pretending he doesn't see the facts] [Has embedded videos on the web page]

23 Feb 2010 - Global Warming? Pass The Tea

23 Feb 2010 - Obama Pushes Global Warming Hoax In Nevada

23 Feb 2010 - The Hoax Of Global Warming

22 Feb 2010 - Obama Lies About Global Warming

22 Feb 2010 - Climate Scientists Withdraw Journal Claims Of Rising Sea Levels

22 Feb 2010 - Darwin Is Freezing Over

19 Feb 2010 - The Global Warming Swindle Has Imploded

19 Feb 2010 - Virginia Files Challenge To E.P.A. Greenhouse Gas Regulation

18 Feb 2010 - Hey Al Gore! About Those Hurricanes...

18 Feb 2010 - Obama Administration Will Not Give Up the Global Warming Lie

18 Feb 2010 - Fox News Exposes Global Warming Hoax

18 Feb 2010 - Top U.N. Climate Official Resigning [GOOD!]

17 Feb 2010 - Green Liars - Part 1 Of 3

16 Feb 2010 - Latest List Of The Global Warming Cult's Lies

16 Feb 2010 - Global Warming Theory Is Dead, Dead, Dead

16 Feb 2010 - Science vs Alarmism

16 Feb 2010 - Yours Truly Called Out As A "Funny" And "Dangerous" GW Denier

16 Feb 2010 - Global-Warming Arguments Contested Yet Again

15 Feb 2010 - Climategate U-Turn As Scientist At Centre Of Row Admits: There Has Been No Global Warming Since 1995

15 Feb 2010 - UN Panel Admits New Error In Key Climate Report

15 Feb 2010 - Climate: Is The Copenhagen Accord Already Dead?

15 Feb 2010 - U.S. City Considers Surrender To 'Green Police' : Mayor's Panel Pushes Carbon Taxes, Subsidies, 'Meatless Mondays'

15 Feb 2010 - Utah Condemns The Climate Alarmists, China Ignores Them

15 Feb 2010 - Many Meteorologists Break With Science Of Global Warming

15 Feb 2010 - Lawrence Solomon: The West Wants Out Of The Western Climate Initiative

12 Feb 2010 - The Real ClimateGate Scandal

12 Feb 2010 - Snow Brings Cities Across South To Standstill [The Cult of Global Warming says this is due to global warming, which is pure nonsense. Global warming is suppose to be causing warmer and warmer temperatures, not record breaking cold temperatures and snowfall levels]

12 Feb 2010 - Morning Bell: Global Warming - Is There Anything It Can't Do? [brings out some really good points about the global warming lie!]

12 Feb 2010 - Libtards Convinced Blizzards Caused By Global Warming [Even though all of the facts clearly prove that global warming is a lie, the Cult of Global warming is still insisting that it is really going on!]

11 Feb 2010 - Al Gore's new Home: Sen. Inhofe's Family Builds Igloo For Global Warming Spokesman Al Gore In Snow-Laden D.C. [Hey Al Gore! How does your Cult of Global Warming explain the weather we have been having all over since January? Have you noticed how silent they have been?]

11 Feb 2010 - Global Warming And God

11 Feb 2010 - Record Snowfall Shuts D.C. For Fourth Day [So what happened to the global warming that Al Gore and his cult have been trying to shove down everyone's throat?] [Has embedded videos on the web page]

11 Feb 2010 - Ice Core Rings [YouTube video]

10 Feb 2010 - ACLU: Instructor Improperly Teaching Religion, Abortion And Global Warming Views As Fact [The ACLU has no right telling someone how to teach their views on anything. Their main purpose is to attack anything that is of God, for God, and presents the entire truth]

10 Feb 2010 - America's Global Warming Terrorists

09 Feb 2010 - Global Warming Empire Strikes Back [In the face of a blizzard of news that anthropogenic global warming is a hoax, the Obama Administration creates a new bureaucracy - dedicated to global warming]

08 Feb 2010 - Global Warming Con Artists

08 Feb 2010 - Deception Of Sierra Club & Other Environmental Groups

08 Feb 2010 - Africagate: Top British Scientist Says UN Panel Is Losing Credibility [Not that they had much to stand on in the first place!]

05 Feb 2010 - Did EPA Check Global-Warming Claims? : Congressmen Challenge Warning Over Greenhouse Gases

05 Feb 2010 - Time Magazine Has A Problem With The Truth About Global Warming

05 Feb 2010 - A People's Temple Cocktail, Anyone?

05 Feb 2010 - UN Climate Change Chief Won't Apologise For Glacier Claim

04 Feb 2010 - Latest Global Warming Cult Member Fits Right In [Has an embedded video on the web page]

04 Feb 2010 - Warming Advocate Not Scientist

04 Feb 2010 - R.I.P. Cap And Trade

04 Feb 2010 - Even Colleagues Want 'Warming' Scientist Investigated: Penn State Questions Whether Michael Mann's Work 'Deviated' From Norm

04 Feb 2010 - Obama Pushes 'Gay Homosexual,' Green Ideals At Prayer Breakfast: 'Stretching Out Of Our Dogmas ... Can Help Us Regain A Sense Of Civility' [Has an embedded video on the web page]

02 Feb 2010 - Leaked Climate Change Emails Scientist 'Hid' Data Flaws

02 Feb 2010 - Science Is Far From Settled On Global-Warming Issue

01 Feb 2010 - The Great Glacier Hoax

01 Feb 2010 - 'We've Been Had!' Indian Magazine Rips Global Warming: 'The Hottest Hoax In The World...A Pack Of Lies, It Turns Out'

01 Feb 2010 - Trillions For Global Warming Hoax, Nothing For NASA

01 Feb 2010 - UN Climate Chief Plays Down Scandals [He must be really stupid and/or blind and think they rest of us are as well. All of what has been coming out just adds to the proof that global warming is one big lie! The weather over the last few months also clearly shows that global warming is a big hoax. The weather goes completely against the theological teachings of their cult and all they claim!]

30 Jan 2010 - Disgraced Former Obama Czar Reemerges: Communist-Group Founder To Address World's Leading Corporations

29 Jan 2010 - The Inconvenience Of Truth

29 Jan 2010 - Scientists In Stolen E-Mail Scandal Hid Climate Data [As a scientist and one who also requested data from the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) under the Freedom of Information Act, I am pleased that the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has found that University of East Anglia (UEA) and CRU failed in its duties under the Act (The link this is posted with). Two things must now happen. First, all data, adjustment procedures and computer code relating to the CRU temperature records must be released for proper scientific scrutiny and verification. Until the data is verified all published papers that rely on the CRU temperature record for their conclusions must be withdrawn as being "unproven". Second, Professor Phil Jones, the unit's director, must do the honourable thing and resign. Failing that, he must be dismissed if UEA and CRU are to retain any scientific credibility. - Dr Don Keiller, Deputy Head of Life Sciences, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge]

29 Jan 2010 - Osama bin Laden Joins The Global Warming Cult [The cult attracts the finest people. I guess the news of the demise of the Global Warming Cult is a little slow getting to his cave]

29 Jan 2010 - Climate E-Mails Row University 'Breached Data Laws' [Has an embedded video on the web page]

29 Jan 2010 - Water Vapour A 'Major Cause Of Global Warming And Cooling' [There's also a link within this article regarding the UEA university (re e-mail leaks) breaking the law by not providing info under the 'freedom of information act'. Needless to say there's a loophole protecting these 'scientists'!]

27 Jan 2010 - Amazon Conned: More Egg On The IPCC's Face

26 Jan 2010 - Climate Flimflam Flaming Out

26 Jan 2010 - Congress' Dalliance At Global Warming Hoax Soiree In Copenhagen Costs U.S. Taxpayers Over $1 Million

26 Jan 2010 - UN Panel Defends Climate Change Evidence [What evidence? All of the evidence shows that it is a LIE! They just want to silence and ridicule those who present the truth and show that the global Warming Cult is full of lies and deception!]

26 Jan 2010 - Lawns May Contribute To Global Warming [More complete NONSENSE from the Cult of Global Warming!]

26 Jan 2010 - The Billion-Dollar Hoax

26 Jan 2010 - 2010: Year The Global-Warming Hoax Died: 'Hysteria Has Been Scaled Back - Perhaps Permanently'

22 Jan 2010 - Solve The 'Real Problems'

22 Jan 2010 - Expert Warns Of 'Climategate' Conspiracy

22 Jan 2010 - Himalayan Glacier Meltdown: A Scientific Blunder, Says New Report [It was NOT a blunder. It was an OUTRIGHT LIE! Like most of the other lies the Global Warming Cult puts forth!]

21 Jan 2010 - Godfrey Bloom: Al Gore Snakeoil Salesman And Crook [So very true!] [Hs an embedded video on the web page]

21 Jan 2010 - UN Climate Body Admits 'Mistake' On Himalayan Glaciers [Mistake my butt! They were caught in yet another lie and know it!]

21 Jan 2010 - Climate Change Is A Hoax

19 Jan 2010 - The Global Warming Hoax Continues

18 Jan 2010 - IPCC Caught In Himalayan Glaciers Lie

18 Jan 2010 - Son Of Climategate! Scientist Says Feds Manipulated Data: Reporting Points In Coldest Regions Simply Eliminated By U.S. Agencies

15 Jan 2010 - Models For Deception

15 Jan 2010 - The Global Warming Hoax

13 Jan 2010 - Lord Christopher Monckton Speaking In St. Paul On Climate Change [YouTube video]

13 Jan 2010 - Why Won't The Mainstream Press Report The Rest Of The Copenhagen Junket Story?

13 Jan 2010 - 'Carbon Footprint' Hypocrisy

13 Jan 2010 - The Next Big Hoax: Ocean Acidification

12 Jan 2010 - Global Warming Lie #6: It's Getting Hot In Here - Record Cold Temps Worldwide

12 Jan 2010 - 30 Years of Global Cooling Are Coming, Leading Scientist Says [Back in the 70's we were told that everything would freeze over by the mid-80's. Then Al Gore and his Cult told us that everything was warming up, well we are back to freezing again. All of this nonsense is just normal cooling an heating cycles the Earth has gone though since its creation!]

12 Jan 2010 - The Science Of Global Cooling

11 Jan 2010 - Sarge Charlie: Global Warming Hoax

11 Jan 2010 - No Warming This Winter

11 Jan 2010 - Cold Records Are Shattered Across Florida: Overnight Temperatures In Teens, 20s; Some 'Heavy Fruit Damage' [Come on now Al Gore tell us, where is the global warming? Why so silent?]

11 Jan 2010 - The Church Of Global Warming [Has embedded videos on the web page]

08 Jan 2010 - No End In Sight For Deep Freeze: Winds Carry Snow, Chill Into The East: Wind Chill Hits 52 Below In North Dakota As Midwest Stays In Deep Freeze [Have you noticed how silent Al Gore and his Global Warming Cult are all of a sudden. What we see going on totally contradicts what they have been preaching and proves their theology and doctrine are wrong, yet again!]

08 Jan 2010 - MC Physician Decries Warming 'Hoax'

08 Jan 2010 - The Crumbs Which Fall: Global Warming Hoax

07 Jan 2010 - Frigid Weather Hits Midwest, -52 Wind Chill In ND: Residents Brace For More Winter Woes As The Frigid Weather Shows No Sign Of Releasing Its Chilly Grip [So what happened to the global warming? Have you noticed how silent Al Gore and his Cult have been lately with their preaching about global warming? But once things warm up again, they'll just continue to ignore the facts and try to force everyone to accept global warming. Typical cult that most cults do!]

06 Jan 2010 - For Obama, Global Warming Trumps National Security [A dollar spent on the global warming hoax is a dollar not spent on national security]

06 Jan 2010 - Global Warming Hoax Ignored By Paper

06 Jan 2010 - Citizens Have A Right To Correct Information

06 Jan 2010 - Bill Would Require Flaws In Global Warming Theory Be Taught

05 Jan 2010 - U.S. Shivers As Temps Head Lower [So Al Gore and your cult of followers, what happened to global warming? The current weather seems to go against everything that your theology teaches! Have you noticed that there seems to be nothing in the news lately about global warming? They will probably wait until the weather gets warmer again and start back up with their same old nonsense, and just ignore the facts about record cold temperatures and snowfall] [Has an embedded video on the web page]

05 Jan 2010 - Al Gore's Bogus Journey Continues

05 Jan 2010 - An Unhappy New Year For Climate Alarmists

05 Jan 2010 - Global Warming - Science Or Political Propaganda?

04 Jan 2010 - A Busy Month For The Goracle

04 Jan 2010 - Apparently The Earth Didn't Get The Global Warming Memo

04 Jan 2010 - Former U.S. UN Ambassador Warns Of Hidden Dangers In Copenhagen Deal

04 Jan 2010 - Copenhagen Summit Document Could Push Abortion, Ambassador Bolton Worried

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