The official position of the World Natural Health Organization in regards to global warming is that there is NO GLOBAL WARMING! Global warming is nothing more than just another hoax, just like Y2K and the global freezing claims in the 1960's and 70's were. Global warming is being used to generate fear and panic. Those behind this movement are using it to control people's lives and for financial gain.

There are not many individuals, groups, or organizations willing to stand up against this fraud that is being perpetuated for fear of being persecuted, harassed, and ostracized by those who support global warming within the scientific and other communities. But fortunately, a few have decided to do the right thing and take a stand against this evil, proving just how unscientifically founded global warming is and exposing those who are behind it. Below, you will find links to information and articles showing the proof that global warming is nothing more than just a bunch of hot air (pun intended).

The date that you see by each headline is the date when it was posted here. If you know of a news story, research, or information that should be posted here, please let us know and provide us with a link. The articles posted for previous years have been archived and links are provided to them; by year; at the bottom of this page.

31 Dec 2009 - Wikipedia Meets Its Own Climategate: Pro-Warming Web Administrator 'Creates, Rewrites 5,428 Entries, Deletes Opponents'

30 Dec 2009 - Science Corrupted: Al Gore Won't Debate

30 Dec 2009 - EPA's Devious Power

29 Dec 2009 - The Ice Age Still Cometh

24 Dec 2009 - Good News - Christmas Survives 'Global Warming' [An attempt to brainwash young children and others into thinking the theology and lies of the Global Warming Cult are real!]

24 Dec 2009 - They're At It Again - Media 'Covers' U.N. Climate Conference

24 Dec 2009 - Air Pollution - The Cure For 'Global Warming'

23 Dec 2009 - World Hit With Record Snow And Arctic Temperature As Copenhagen Global Warming Hoax Ends

22 Dec 2009 - History Of Climate Gets 'Erased' Online: More Than 5,000 Entries Tailored To Hype Global-Warming Agenda

22 Dec 2009 - Top Cuban Official Says Obama Lied In Copenhagen: 'Does Not Listen, Who Imposes His Positions And Even Threatens Developing Countries'

22 Dec 2009 - UK: Gordon Brown Calls For New Group To Police Global Environment Issues

22 Dec 2009 - The climate Change Carnival In Copenhagen

21 Dec 2009 - Record Storm Closes Federal Government [So what happened to global warming! This is exactly opposite of the theology that the Cult of Global Warming preaches. I am sure they will try to say this is a result of global warming]

21 Dec 2009 - Obama's Climate 'Emergency Powers'

21 Dec 2009 - Understanding The Global Warming Jihadists

21 Dec 2009 - The Greatest Hoax Since The Piltdown Man

21 Dec 2009 - Taxes Won't Be Used To Decrease The Global Warming

21 Dec 2009 - Climate Change Is Natural: 100 Reasons Why

21 Dec 2009 - Logical Fallacies Of Global Warming

18 Dec 2009 - God Laughs At Al Gore... Again

18 Dec 2009 - Lord Monckton Destroys "Global Warming" Hoax [Has an embedded video on the web page]

18 Dec 2009 - It's 'Weather' - Not 'Climate Change'

17 Dec 2009 - Climategate: Melting The Chains Of Tyranny

17 Dec 2009 - Global Warming Deception

16 Dec 2009 - Gore Finds His Own 'Truth' Inconvenient

16 Dec 2009 - Climate Conference Emits Its Share of Carbon [As with most cults, they say one thing and do the opposite. They are so quick to tell the rest of us how to live then they go and do what they tell us not to. Typical HYPOCRITES and CULT!]

16 Dec 2009 - The Soap Opera With The Global Warming Hoax Continues

15 Dec 2009 - How Inconvenient. The Goracle Caught Lying...Again [He makes a normal habit out of this!]

15 Dec 2009 - When 'Real World Data' Fails....

14 Dec 2009 - Church [Cult] Of Global Warming Reveals Scientific Basis [Has an embedded video on the web page]

14 Dec 2009 - We Should Realize Global Warming Is A Hoax

14 Dec 2009 - Save The Planet, Hold Your Breath... Liberals First [Has an embedded video on the web page]

14 Dec 2009 - Hurricane Expert Rips Climate Fears

11 Dec 2009 - Climate Summit Is The Name, Population Control Is The Game

11 Dec 2009 - The Algore Effect: Huge Snowstorm Batters U.S. [So how does Al Gore and his cult explain this? Year after year we see this happening. It goes totally against the theology and the preaching of the Global Warming Cult! How much more proof do people need that there is nothing to this cult but a pack of lies?]

11 Dec 2009 - ClimateGate - Hacker Or Whistleblower?

11 Dec 2009 - The Climate Change Conspiracy

11 Dec 2009 - The Global Warming Gestapo

11 Dec 2009 - ClimateGate: IPCC Email Scandal [Has an embedded video on the web page]

11 Dec 2009 - Lord Monckton Warns Obama Will Attempt Use of Executive Authority To Commit US To Copenhagen Agreement

10 Dec 2009 - Copenhagen Labeled A 'Massive Waste'

10 Dec 2009 - ClimateGate, Green Dragon, & The End Of Christianity

10 Dec 2009 - Controversial EPA Ruling Linked To 'ClimateGate' E-Mails

10 Dec 2009 - Tiger And Global Warming - Media Imbalance

09 Dec 2009 - More Polar Bear Lies From The Cult Of Global Warming [Just as the Dopenhagen party gets rolling the Cultists roll out the old polar bear story again. They must really like this one because they keep doing it over and over and over again!]

09 Dec 2009 - Famous Weather Scientist: ClimateGate 'Tip Of Iceberg' : 'Conspiracy Would Become Manifest' If All Climate Research E-Mails Unveiled

09 Dec 2009 - Global Cooling Documented In Last Decade: Contradicts Data Released At Copenhagen Climate Summit

09 Dec 2009 - Obama, Scientists Are Like Villains

08 Dec 2009 - EPA Rules CO2 Harmful [The EPA must be run by idiots! They have completely forgotten about the cycle of life. Hhumans breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide and that plants breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen. What they say is harmful to humans, is what we call life!]

08 Dec 2009 - Tale Of Two Hoaxes: Man-Made Global Warming And ObamaCare

08 Dec 2009 - Socialists Demand Trillions In "Climate Debt"

08 Dec 2009 - CO2 Science Videos Ask Key Questions About Copenhagen Climate Conference

08 Dec 2009 - Media Advisory: EPA Claims Carbon Dioxide Threatens Human Health [Guess the EPA doesn't realize that humans breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide and that plants breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen. So what they say is a threat to humans, is what we call life!]

08 Dec 2009 - Copenhagen Delegates To See Videos Explaining Global Warming Myth

08 Dec 2009 - Time To Come Clean On Global Warming Hoax

07 Dec 2009 - Evangelicals Push Back Against Global Warming Hoax

07 Dec 2009 - Question For Bill O'reilly: Who's The Idiot Now?

07 Dec 2009 - World's Top Hypocrites Meet In Copenhagen

07 Dec 2009 - Climate Change Hoax Ignored By Obama, Gore & The Elite Media

07 Dec 2009 - Climate Change Ruling Threatens To Chill U.S. Economy [He doesn't care at all that it is a HOAX! All he cares about is his own desires and goals!]

07 Dec 2009 - Hey, Al Gore! About That Oscar... [The Climategate snowball is gaining speed! Some are calling for Al Gore's Oscar to be returned. They should recall his Nobel Peace Prize as well]

07 Dec 2009 - The Man-Made Global Warming Hoax: Phase 4

07 Dec 2009 - Letter: The death Of A Science Myth

07 Dec 2009 - Why They Fell For The Global Warming Hoax

04 Dec 2009 - Al Gore Tucks Tail And Runs! [GOOD! This is because he knows more and more people are seeing the truth about the lies and deceit behind the Global Warming Cult!]

04 Dec 2009 - Global Warming Promoter 'Dismayed And Deeply Shaken' By ClimateGate

04 Dec 2009 - ClimateGate: The Final Nail In The Coffin Of 'Anthropogenic Global Warming'?

04 Dec 2009 - The Global Warming Bulldozer

04 Dec 2009 - Global warming: The Truth Is Barely Emerging

04 Dec 2009 - Barbara Hollingsworth: Who's Who On Climate Fraud

04 Dec 2009 - Cornwall Alliance Keeps Climate Change 'Folly' In Spotlight

03 Dec 2009 - Show Me The Warming: Where Is The Drastic Climate Change We Keep Hearing About?

03 Dec 2009 - Facing Troubled Times And A Wall Of Wind

03 Dec 2009 - Global Warming Revealed To Be The Hoax: We Always Knew It Was

03 Dec 2009 - The Great Climate Fraud Worse Than First Thought

03 Dec 2009 - Global Warming Hoax And Stupidity

02 Dec 2009 - 'ClimateGate' Deception Continues To Unfold

02 Dec 2009 - Global Warming Hoax Scientists Caught Red-Handed Fixing Data

02 Dec 2009 - White House Is 'Deaf, Dumb And Blind' To Global Warming Hoax [Has an embedded video on the web page]

02 Dec 2009 - Global Warming Fraud Exposed

02 Dec 2009 - Global Warming Hoax And More

01 Dec 2009 - No Global Warming Coverage [Where are the front page headlines about the global warming data scandal? The dire predictions, now in question, always seem to be major news.]

01 Dec 2009 - Looking For Global Warming In Minnesota [Has an embedded video on the web page]

01 Dec 2009 - Speaking Of Connecting The Players... [Has an embedded video on the web page]

30 Nov 2009 - Nets Ignore Climategate While FNC & CNN Report, CNN Dismisses Relevance

30 Nov 2009 - Global Warming: Faith, Reason And The Temple Cult Of Scientism

30 Nov 2009 - Obama Buys Ticket On Titanic, After Hitting Iceberg [Has an embedded video on the web page]

30 Nov 2009 - CRU Destroys Crucial Data And Now Says Just Trust Us

30 Nov 2009 - Global Warming, Corruption, And Unethical Scientists [has an embedded video on the web page]

30 Nov 2009 - Climategate: Connecting The Players

30 Nov 2009 - Climategate: Scientists Forged Climate Research To Make Up The Global Warming Hoax

30 Nov 2009 - Media Hysterical Over Rate Increase, Ignores Global Warming Tax

30 Nov 2009 - Speaking Truth To Power: Global Warming Science Fraud Exposed

30 Nov 2009 - An Inconvenient Truth

30 Nov 2009 - Global-Warming Legislation - Fight Isn't Over

25 Nov 2009 - About Time: Investigations Into Global Warming Lies Are Called For

25 Nov 2009 - More Climate Change E-Mail Fallout [This is getting good! Chris Horner has filed notice of intent to sue NASA]

25 Nov 2009 - An End To Global Warming Bad Science

25 Nov 2009 - Climate Change Fraud Exposed!

24 Nov 2009 - Women Bear Brunt Of 'Climate Change'? : A United Nations Group That Promotes Abortion Has Released Some Controversial Recommendations Concerning "Global Warming." [More LUNACY from the Cult of Global Warming!]

23 Nov 2009 - Main Stream Media Awakens To Global Warming Fraud

20 Nov 2009 - Global Warming Ate My Homework: 100 Things Blamed On Global Warming

18 Nov 2009 - UN: Fight Climate Change With Free Condoms [This INSANITY brought to you by the Cult of Global Warming!]

17 Nov 2009 - Al Gore And The Great Debate: Will He Or Won't He?

16 Nov 2009 - Alarmist's Warming Predictions Wrong, Again

16 Nov 2009 - WWF Global Warming Kids' Propaganda - Rush EIB Kids' Response

13 Nov 2009 - A Reminder About CO2 [What the Cult of Global Warming calls pollution we call life. We breathe in oxygen and breathe out CO2 and plants breath in CO2 and release oxygen] [Had an embedded video on the web page]

13 Nov 2009 - Gore - Vulture Capitalism At Its Worst

13 Nov 2009 - Al Gore: Junk Science Huckster

12 Nov 2009 - Latest Threat To Earth: Golf Balls! [This insanity is brought to you by the same kooks who brought you global warming! It's not about the environment, it's about control]

12 Nov 2009 - IPCC Fraud Exposed [Has an embedded video on the web page]

12 Nov 2009 - Climate Change (The Winter Name For Global Warming)

09 Nov 2009 - Martin Hertzberg: The Scientific Hoax Of The Century

09 Nov 2009 - Senate Pushing Climate Bill Through Panel; Ditch "Cap & Trade" Name

06 Nov 2009 - Global Warming Is A Scam!

05 Nov 2009 - The Greatest Scientific Scandal Of Our Time

05 Nov 2009 - Why Is Al Gore Still Eating Meat?

04 Nov 2009 - U.K. Court Says Global Warming Is Religion, Not Science [So very true! It is a manmade religion, a very destructive cult. As with all cults it alters its beliefs and teachings, and viciously attacks anyone who questions or criticizes it!]

04 Nov 2009 - Lord Monckton Challenges Global Warming On Glenn Beck - Part 2

04 Nov 2009 - More And More Americans Are Waking Up To The Global Warming Hoax

03 Nov 2009 - Al Gore Set To Become First "Carbon Billionaire" : CO2 Tax Agenda Front Man Lining His Pockets On The Back Of Global Warming Fearmongering

03 Nov 2009 - Check Out The Facts For Yourself

03 Nov 2009 - NYT: Al Gore Making A Fortune Spreading Global Warming Hysteria

02 Nov 2009 - Lord Monckton Challenges Global Warming On Glenn Beck - Part 1 [Lord Christopher Monckton has been one of the leading voices speaking out against Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW,) the absurd hoax that Al Gore and so many others have been perpetrating on the world for so many years now]

02 Nov 2009 - Letter: Global Warming 'Hoax' Lives On Despite Evidence To The Contrary

30 Oct 2009 - Cap-And-Trade Bill Would Harm Families: Testimonies On Cap And Trade Legislation Describe The Consequences Of Environmental Taxes On Families

30 Oct 2009 - Climate Change Treaty A Precursor To Global Government

29 Oct 2009 - Storm Dumps 3 Ft. Of Snow On Rockies, More Expected [Hey Al Gore, what happened to all your talk about global warming? Looks like you were wrong yet again!]

27 Oct 2009 - Environmental Facts The Greens Will Never Mention

27 Oct 2009 - Chill Settles Over 'Global Warming'

26 Oct 2009 - Fewer Believe In Global Warming...Or Climate Change [GOOD! That means that more and more people are become aware of the fraud and lies behind it!]

26 Oct 2009 - Lord Christopher Monckton Issues Dire Warning [Has an embedded video on the web page]

26 Oct 2009 - More Evidence Global Warming Is A Fraud

26 Oct 2009 - ABC All Upset At Poll Showing Huge Drop In Global Warming Believers [When the Cult of Global Warming makes claim after claim that doesn't come true, people begin to see that it is nothing but a lie!]

23 Oct 2009 - Americans Shifting Away From belief In Global Warming Hoax [That is because more and more people are opening their eyes and seeing that the entire thing was one big LIE!]

23 Oct 2009 - Using "Global Warming" To Steal Your Rights

23 Oct 2009 - Belief In Global Warming Is slipping [Good! This means that more and more people everyday and realizing that the whole thing was a fraud!]

22 Oct 2009 - The Fat Lady Sings

22 Oct 2009 - More Cap And Tax Idiocy

22 Oct 2009 - Brown Says Less Than 50 Days To 'Save The Planet' [More outright lies from the Cult of Global Warming!] [Has embedded video on the web page]

22 Oct 2009 - The Hidden, $120 Billion Cost Of America's Energy Mix

20 Oct 2009 - Robert Spencer Finds IPCC Prejudice

20 Oct 2009 - New Scientific Report Confirms, 'Global Warming' Is A Hoax!

19 Oct 2009 - Global Warming Cult Trying To Recycle A Lie [Typical cult tactic and mentality. No matter what the facts prove, they just keep right on going with their false doctrines and lies!]

19 Oct 2009 - What Happened To Global Warming?

16 Oct 2009 - Eco-Messiah Al Gore And His Global Warming Flock Can't Handle The Truth

16 Oct 2009 - Guest Post Tax Carbon To Stop Corruption

15 Oct 2009 - Global Warming Is All Politics

15 Oct 2009 - Global Warming? The "Deniers" Are My Heroes

15 Oct 2009 - One More Thing Not To Worry About

14 Oct 2009 - I Accuse!

14 Oct 2009 - Global Warming II. The Fraud Has Dangerous Geopolitical And Expensive Consequences For Us

12 Oct 2009 - Global Warming Scam Takes Another Hit

12 Oct 2009 - Geologist: The Earth Needs CO2

12 Oct 2009 - BBC Asks 'What Happened To Global Warming?'

12 Oct 2009 - Saving The Earth By Hating Humanity

12 Oct 2009 - BBC Climate Correspondent Opens Eyes, Starts Walking Back Global Warming Baloney

12 Oct 2009 - How Convenient! Govt Destroys Global Warming Hoax Data "Suspicious Destruction"

09 Oct 2009 - Debunking Global Warming: From Idaho To Chicago... Early Snow! Global Warming A Political Tool, Mocked By Mother Nature's Record Global Cooling Trend [Has embedded videos on the web page]

09 Oct 2009 - Global Blushing

09 Oct 2009 - C02 Doesn't Cause Warming

08 Oct 2009 - "Globally-Acceptable Truth" And The Crime Of Thinking - Part 1

08 Oct 2009 - Ski Resorts Opening This Weekend: How's That Global Warming Workin Out For Ya? Many Ski Resorts Are Opening The First Week Of October, A New Record For Earliest Opening For Some [Looks like the theology and teachings of the Global Warming Cult aren't as accurate as they have been trying to tell everyone. This is just the opposite of everything they said would happen!]

07 Oct 2009 - Copenhagen: Someone Is Getting Greedy

05 Oct 2009 - Global Warming Cult Targeting School Kids

05 Oct 2009 - Solar Cycle 24 Still Setting Records

05 Oct 2009 - America Needs A Climate Change Revolt

05 Oct 2009 - Copenhagen Treaty Will Demand American Taxpayers Buy "Dignity" For Third World

05 Oct 2009 - EPA: The Blob That Ate America

02 Oct 2009 - Cap And Trade Looms Large

02 Oct 2009 - 'Cap And Trade' Nothing More Than An Energy Tax

30 Sep 2009 - Hockey Stick Is Dead

29 Sep 2009 - A One-Two Punch To The American People

29 Sep 2009 - Famous Global Warming Hockey Stick Graph Is A Hoax

25 Sep 2009 - Global Warming Hyperbole

25 Sep 2009 - Global Warming Scientist: "The Dog Ate My Homework"

25 Sep 2009 - Hollywood Follows 'Fad' Of Global Warming

24 Sep 2009 - Carbon Cap & Trade Swindle Behind Al Gore's 'Global Warming' Hoax

24 Sep 2009 - The UN Climate Change (Global Warming) Numbers Hoax

24 Sep 2009 - Obama Continues Global Warming Hoax

23 Sep 2009 - Obama Continues Global Warming Hoax

23 Sep 2009 - U.N. Climate Summit Leaves Large Carbon Footprint [The leaders of the cult of Global Warming believe they are above what they are telling the rest of us to do. They DO NOT practice what they preach!]

23 Sep 2009 - NY Times Writer Worries That Mother Nature Not Cooperating With Global Warming Agenda

21 Sep 2009 - Leading Global Warming Scientist Goes "Oops, Sorry."

21 Sep 2009 - Liberal Lie #15 - The Right Is Against Science; The Left Promotes It: John Holdren, Obama's Frightening "Science" Czar

21 Sep 2009 - The Carbon Tax And The Triumph Of Green

21 Sep 2009 - Just How Awful Is The UN?

16 Sep 2009 - Wow: Treasury Says Cap And Trade To Cost $100-200 Billion In New Taxes

14 Sep 2009 - Chamber Resists Shell Game Over Environmental Policy

14 Sep 2009 - Oh No, Not This Rubbish Again: "Recent Projections Suggest Polar Bears Could Be Extinct Within 70 Years"

11 Sep 2009 - Chicago Suffers Unusually Cold Weather; Chicago Tribune Warns Of Global Warming [Looks like someone forgot to tell the weather that it is suppose to be getting hotter, not colder. More proof that global warming is a lie!]

09 Sep 2009 - A Primer On Global Warming: Dispelling Myths

09 Sep 2009 - More Than Enough Evidence To Throw Out The Man Made Global Warming Hoax NOW

09 Sep 2009 - Smithsonian Natural History Museum: Global Cooling Exhibit Under Attack

09 Sep 2009 - Alarmists Abandon Air Temps, But Oceans Also Show Cooling

09 Sep 2009 - Brainwashing School Children For Fun And Profit!

09 Sep 2009 - Scientists Urge Congress To Reject Alarmism

08 Sep 2009 - More Rubbish From 60 Minutes Tonight. "The Age Of Megafires" [Guess they are just ignoring the fact that a majority of these fires have been caused by arson!]

08 Sep 2009 - Superior Climate Prediction Tool Unveiled

08 Sep 2009 - Van Jones Mystery Solved?

08 Sep 2009 - Media Now Promoting Arctic 'Hockey Stick'

04 Sep 2009 - UN Report Calls For More Funds To Combat Global Warming [Here they are once again using this HOAX to get more money out of people!]

02 Sep 2009 - Al Gore Doesn't Want You To Know This

01 Sep 2009 - Death Knell For CarbonCare

31 Aug 2009 - Scientists: Global Warming Conversation Is One-Sided: Panel Experts Say Extremists Are Dominating The Climate Debate

31 Aug 2009 - More Germans Turn Apostate From The Global Warming Cult

31 Aug 2009 - Manmade Global Warming's Unlucky Number

28 Aug 2009 - Remove I.C.L.E.I. - Restore The Republic

27 Aug 2009 - Climate Fear Promoters Greatest Fear 'The Truth'

27 Aug 2009 - Glenn Beck Closing In On Van Jones

26 Aug 2009 - Undeterred By WH "Green Czar's" Boycott Strong-Arming, Beck Hits Back On Van Jones' Background & 'Color Of Change'

26 Aug 2009 - Scientists Rejecting Man-Made Climate Fears!

24 Aug 2009 - Eco-'Nuttery' & Global Warming Overreaches - Part 1

21 Aug 2009 - Exposing The Green World Order

21 Aug 2009 - Why Does The Hoax "Global Warming" Persist?

21 Aug 2009 - Climate Change Fraud: Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up: Aug. 21, 2009

20 Aug 2009 - Global Warming 'Hoax' Costly

18 Aug 2009 - Children Are A Blessing, Not A Carbon Curse

18 Aug 2009 - Heating Beat-Up Has Echoes Of Y2K

18 Aug 2009 - Want Proof That Global Warming Exists? Sorry, My Dog Ate It

17 Aug 2009 - EU's Carbon Market For Aviation Industry Will Include U.S. Airlines [More nonsense from the Cult of Global Warming!]

17 Aug 2009 - Obama's Big Lie: 'Green' Jobs

13 Aug 2009 - NYT Promotes 'National Security' Climate Fears

12 Aug 2009 - Public Growing Wise To Global Warming Hoax

11 Aug 2009 - Political Climate For Energy Policies Cools: It Seems The Religion Of Global Warming Is Losing True Believers

11 Aug 2009 - More Dangerous Than Global Warming: AL GORE [Has an embedded video on the web page]

10 Aug 2009 - I Accuse!

10 Aug 2009 - Computer Models Do Not Match Reality

10 Aug 2009 - New Warnings About Climate Change Founded On Politics And Faulty Science

05 Aug 2009 - New York Times' Global Warming Hypocrisy

05 Aug 2009 - Record Lows Dispel Global Warming Myth

05 Aug 2009 - Climate Bill To Raise Energy Costs, Kill Jobs: Fed Study

04 Aug 2009 - New Study Shows How Government Dollars Perpetuate The Global Warming Hoax

04 Aug 2009 - Fort Wayne Smashes Record For Coldest July - EVER [So what happened to the global warming?]

03 Aug 2009 - Eco-'Nuttery' & Global Warming Overreaches - Part 1

03 Aug 2009 - The Great Global Warming Swindle [Has an embedded video on the web page]

03 Aug 2009 - Climate Revolt: World's Largest Science Group 'Startled' By Outpouring Of Scientists Rejecting Man-Made Climate Fears!

03 Aug 2009 - American Chemical Society Revolts Against Their Editor-In-Chief

31 July 2009 - World's Largest Science Group Rejecting Man-Made Climate Fears

31 July 2009 - Climate Change? Not So Fast Say Scientists

30 July 2009 - Global Warming Hoax: More Than 1000 Record Low Temperatures Have Been Broken In July

30 July 2009 - Public Opinion Turning Against Global Warming Almost As Quickly As Science

28 July 2009 - "Never Again Will I Doom The Earth Because Of Man..."

27 July 2009 - Peer-Reviewed Study Rocks Climate Debate

23 July 2009 - Global Warming Backers Pursue Personal Agenda

22 July 2009 - Global Temperatures Plunged .74 Degrees Fahrenheit Since Gore's 'An Inconvenient Truth'

21 July 2009 - Enviro-Nuts Were Wrong Then....

20 July 2009 - The EPA Conceals It's Own Report On Global Warming

20 July 2009 - Al Gored

17 July 2009 - Comprehensive Report Challenges Global-Warming Alarmism

17 July 2009 - Today's Government Is An Assembly Of Dupes

17 July 2009 - Controlling Climate - Who Do They Think They Are Kidding?

16 July 2009 - Americans Buying An Environmental Hoax

14 July 2009 - Climate Bill Spells "Skyrocketing" Energy Rates, Unemployment, Less Freedom

14 July 2009 - Fraud And Climate Change

14 July 2009 - Climate Change Reconsidered: Press Conference [Has several embedded videos on the web page]

14 July 2009 - Greening Our Schools And Nation

14 July 2009 - Climate Change Fraud - Because The Debate Is Not Over - The Global Warming News

13 July 2009 - Moonwalkers Defy Al Gore's Claim

13 July 2009 - Not So Fast With Those Electric Cars

10 July 2009 - Global Warming Alarmism Enriches Gore, Bankrupts The Rest Of Us

10 July 2009 - Australian TV Exposes 'Stranded Polar Bear' Global Warming Hoax

10 July 2009 - Hoax Of Global Warming Brings Redistribution Of Wealth

09 July 2009 - The Inconvenient Truth : Global Warming Is A Hoax

08 July 2009 - Al Gore Likens Battle To His Global Warming Hoax To Fighting Nazis [Al Gore is now resorting to name calling and trying to do away with freedom of thought and freedom of choice. If anyone is being Nazi-like, it is he, his cult, and their followers! So it's you either agree with them or you are the bad guy!] [Has an embedded video on the web page]

08 July 2009 - Global Warming Is An Expensive Hoax

08 July 2009 - What Happened To Global Warming?

08 July 2009 - Latest Satellite Info Proves There Is No Global Warming

06 July 2009 - Obama As God? Pelosi Thinks So [YouTube video]

06 July 2009 - Debunking Obama's Cap And Trade And Global Warming Myths

06 July 2009 - 'We're Setting Up A Global Warming Gestapo' [Has an embedded video on the web page]

06 July 2009 - The Fraud Of Global Warming

06 July 2009 - Global Warming Causes Stupidity

06 July 2009 - Why Is The Hoax Of Global Warming Being Promoted?

06 July 2009 - Letter: Don't Buy Into Global Warming Hoax

02 July 2009 - Obama's 'Climate Astrologer'

02 July 2009 - Impresarios Of The Inconsequential: The Man-Made Global Warming Hoax

01 July 2009 - Climate Change Alarmist Claims Arrival of Summer Is Really Global Warming: Some People Seem To Have Forgotten What Seasons Are [Yet another attempt to cause panic and fear brought to you by the Cult of Global Warming!]

30 June 2009 - Despite House Vote, Global Warming Hoax Begins To Collapse

30 June 2009 - The EPA Report That Could Have Sunk the C(r)ap And Trade Bill - And The Suppression Thereof

29 June 2009 - Cap & Trade Rape Passed - What Must Be Done Next

29 June 2009 - John Boehner B-Slaps Henry Waxman [Has an embedded video on the web page]

29 June 2009 - EPA May Have Suppressed Report Skeptical Of Global Warming

26 June 2009 - Strike While The Crisis Is "Hot"

26 June 2009 - Congress Buying Into Global Warming Fiction

25 June 2009 - Democrats Pushing For 'Job Killer' Climate Bill: Rep. Cantor [They are so desperate for votes on a costly climate bill Thursday that they enlisted former Vice President Al Gore to press global warming fears on reluctant lawmakers]

25 June 2009 - Nancy Pelosi Is Trying To Do WHAT This Friday? Ram Through Energy Tax Bill With Cap And Trade, Without It Being Fully Reviewed Or Americans Knowing How High Their Taxes Will Go

24 June 2009 - Climate Change Fraud: Lomborg vs Gore

24 June 2009 - SFU Propaganda Report 'Fires, Drought, Weather Chaos Predicted'. Except Readers Not Buying It [Check out the reader comments to this SFU doomsday propaganda report covered in The Province. Sure seems like everyone is seriously waking up to the great climate change hoax!]

24 June 2009 - Pelosi Takes A Gamble On Climate Change Bill [More INSANITY from the Cult of Global Warming and its members!]

23 June 2009 - Growing Glaciers, Groaning Tree Huggers

23 June 2009 - Flatulence Taxes Coming Down The Pipe

23 June 2009 - Skeptics Beating Al Gore: Dem Advisors Say Drop Global Warming As Lead Message

22 June 2009 - Another Ersatz Religion, The 'Global Warming' Hoax, Finally Fizzles...

18 June 2009 - Terrified Teens And Twenties [More nonsense caused by the Cult of Global Warming!]

17 June 2009 - Government To Give Our Money To ChiComs In Name Of Global Warming Farce

16 June 2009 - Sick Of Enviro Crowd

15 June 2009 - BBC Interview with EU's Vaclav Klaus (President of the Czech Republic): "Global Warming" Hoax Being Used As vehicle To suppress Human Freedom [Has an embedded video on the web page]

15 June 2009 - Obama Admin: US Cities May Have To Be Bulldozed In Order To Survive [This is pure INSANITY!!!]

15 June 2009 - Global Warming (I Mean Climate Change..Cough..Cough) Isn't A Hoax, It's A COMPLETE JOKE!

15 June 2009 - Global Warming Alarmist Under Stress As Temperatures Fall

15 June 2009 - Chicago June, 12 Degrees Cooler Than Last

15 June 2009 - Argentine Glacier Advances Despite Global Warming [This goes against the teachings of the Cult of Global Warming! More proof that they are preaching nothing but lies!]

11 June 2009 - Global Temperatures The Last 30 Years [If you take out the spike in '98 which was caused by nature, not man, it seems there is no warming]

11 June 2009 - Have It Your Way - Global Warming Is Baloney

08 June 2009 - Kofi Worse Than Fiction, He's a Liar [This shows just what a scam the Global Warming Cult is pulling]

08 June 2009 - NASA: Solar Cycles Responsible For Warming/Cooling

08 June 2009 - Fielding Wants Solar Flare Theory Investigated [Finally someone in the Australian government is finally starting to ask questions and debate the Global Warming junk there]

05 June 2009 - Can't Fix Cow Farts, Let's Work On The Other End [Here we go again. More insanity from the Cult of Global Warming! Now they want to sweeten the breath of cows to stop global warming. These nutcases do not even realize how stupid they sound]

03 June 2009 - Scientists, Economists Challenge Global Warming Alarmism

02 June 2009 - The Climate-Change Report The UN Failed To Write

02 June 2009 - Al Gore Less Than Truthful?

01 June 2009 - Control & Loss Of Freedom: Ultimate Goal Of The Global Warming Lobby

01 June 2009 - Vikings And Global Warming

01 June 2009 - Global Warming Is Baloney

27 May 2009 - Obama's Energy Sec: Hey! Let's Paint The World White [Words cannot convey the stupidity. I thought it was a joke back in January but here it is being considered by Obama's administration]

27 May 2009 - US Wants To Paint The World White To Save Energy [More LUNACY from the Cult of Global Warming!]

27 May 2009 - Now The Climate Police Are Denouncing Lamb, Tomatoes, And Alcohol

26 May 2009 - The Truth About Arctic And Greenland Ice

26 May 2009 - Illegal Climate Information [Has an embedded video on the web page]

21 May 2009 - Waxman: Huh? I Need To Know What I'm Doing? [Has an embedded video on the web page] [This is proof positive that the Cult of Global Warming is just repeating the words!]

21 May 2009 - Copenhagen Doomsday Countdown

21 May 2009 - So You Wanna Buy A Hybrid?

21 May 2009 - Al Gore Rakes In The Green

21 May 2009 - Global Warming Is A Scam

20 May 2009 - Global Warming Taxes On The Horizon

20 May 2009 - The Growing Hoax............

20 May 2009 - Obama Kicks Auto Workers In The Head While Down-Imposes Fake Global Warming Standards On Autos

19 May 2009 - Video: Al Gore Is Full Of ... [Has an embedded video on the web page]

18 May 2009 - Do Not Fear Global Warming

18 May 2009 - I Wonder What Gore Thinks About Obama's Faith?

18 May 2009 - Liberal Fantasyland

18 May 2009 - Our Nobel Prize Moron

11 May 2009 - It's Not Nice To Lie About Mother Nature

11 May 2009 - Bush's Polar Bear Ruling Upheld

07 May 2009 - The Fat Lady Sings The A.G.W. Blues

06 May 2009 - The Greens Are Never Happy [Has an embedded video on the web page]

05 May 2009 - The Shifting Global Warming Argument

05 May 2009 - Ingraham and Morano Expose Gore's Global Warming Profit Motive [Has an embedded video on the web page] [At no stage did he claim that all future profits would be divested, only that he claims all previous have. So the question still remains as to whether he will personally benefit from this. He evaded answering the question!]

04 May 2009 - Mesa Student Challenges Global Warming Theory

04 May 2009 - Global Warming Myth Exposed! - Part 7 of 11

01 May 2009 - Lies, Damned Lies And Al Gore On Climate

30 Apr 2009 - Thunderstorms Might Halt Streak Of 90-Degree Days [This is completely opposite of the claims made by the Global Warming Cult]

30 Apr 2009 - Greenpeace Protest Ties Up Traffic; Not So Green

29 Apr 2009 - Third International Conference On Climate Change

28 Apr 2009 - Hoax Is The Excuse For Mega Tax Increase

28 Apr 2009 - District Of The Criminally Insane

28 Apr 2009 - Clinton Says Any Global Warming Pact Must Require Developing Countries To Cut Emissions [More nonsense from the Cult of Global Warming]

27 Apr 2009 - Democrats Protecting Gore's Global Warming Lies

27 Apr 2009 - Great Big Tax Will Keep Earth Cool [Has an embedded video on the web page]

27 Apr 2009 - Democrats And Gore Refuse To Let Global Warming Skeptic Argue His Case At Congressional Global Warming Hearing

27 Apr 2009 - Global Warming Delusions

23 Apr 2009 - The Wrenching Transformation Of America

23 Apr 2009 - An Earth Day Tribute [Has an embedded video on the web page]

23 Apr 2009 - Commentary on April 22 News Reports - Development And Peace, Earth Day, Notre Dame

23 Apr 2009 - Antarctic Sea Ice Increasing: Study [More proof of the lies of Al Gore and the Global Warming Cult]

22 Apr 2009 - It's Earth Day [This is like Christmas Day to OwlGore and the Cult of Global Warming!]

22 Apr 2009 - Biblical Earth Day Resources [Exposing the New Age and Evil meanings behind this day]

21 Apr 2009 - Ever Fewer Believe In Global Warming Farce, Even As It's Used To Destroy Economy

20 Apr 2009 - Somebody Noticed: Antarctic Ice Is Growing

20 Apr 2009 - More Global Warming Lies From The Obama Crowd

20 Apr 2009 - Global Warming Strikes Again Up To 36" In Colorado

20 Apr 2009 - Stop The EPA Before It Destroys America!

20 Apr 2009 - Arctic Ice Threatens Northern Hemisphere

16 Apr 2009 - Snowing In Vegas Today, So Much For Global Warming

15 Apr 2009 - Green Hell: Obama's Environmental Plans Will Lead To 'Energy Chaos,' Author Says

15 Apr 2009 - Climate Change: Hoax Of The Century

14 Apr 2009 - WeAreChange Ottawa Confronts Suzuki, Trudeau On Global Warming Hoax [YouTube video]

14 Apr 2009 - "Green" Jobs Hurt The Economy

13 Apr 2009 - The Greens Are Lying To You....Again: And Of Course The Main Stream Media Just Parrots Everything They Hear Without Even Questioning It

10 Apr 2009 - Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, April 10, 2009

10 Apr 2009 - Get Real About Global Warming

09 Apr 2009 - Global Warming - An All-Consuming Scapegoat

08 Apr 2009 - Years Of Solar Inactivity

07 Apr 2009 - EU: Earth Warming Faster [More outright LIES from the Cult of Global Warming! They obviously are ignoring the prolonged winter and record lows in many areas!]

06 Apr 2009 - Study: Arctic Sea Ice Melting Faster Than Expected [More propaganda and outright lies from the Cult of Global Warming!!!]

06 Apr 2009 - Al Gore Sued By Over 30,000 Scientists For Fraud [YouTube video]

06 Apr 2009 - Global Warming? Don't Believe It, Says William Gray

02 Apr 2009 - Global Warming, It's All A Hoax

01 April 2009 - The Myth Of Global Warming [Common sense demonstrates that this great planet has survived many changes in climate and will do so again]

01 April 2009 - Global Warming A Hoax -- Sue Al Gore For Fraud

01 April 2009 - Bogeymen Of The C02 Hoax Losing Ground

31 Mar 2009 - Blizzard In Full Gear Over The Upper Midwest [So where's the global warming Al Gore?]

30 Mar 2009 - Al Gore: Huh, What Earth Hour? [You'd think the leader of the Global Warming Scam would at least make an effort]

30 Mar 2009 - The EPA Is Run By Morons

30 Mar 2009 - Fish Oil Could Curb Cow Flatulence [More NONSENSE form the Cult of Global Warming!]

30 Mar 2009 - US Congress Told Global Warming Is A Myth

30 Mar 2009 - The "Privately-Owned" Chicago Climate Exchange Is Heavily Influenced By Obama Cohorts Al Gore And Maurice Strong

30 Mar 2009 - U.N. 'Climate Change' Plan Would Likely Shift Trillions To Form New World Economy

27 Mar 2009 - Another Step Closer To Communism [More lunacy from the Cult of Global Warming! I don't think even the Communist limit your choice of colors on autos anymore, but California will. And in the name of Global Warming no less]

27 Mar 2009 - New Study: Green Jobs Myths [More proof that those involved in the Global Warming Cult will say anything to get people to believe or go along with their doctrinal teachings!]

27 Mar 2009 - Obama: 'You Screwed Up. You Trusted Us.'

27 Mar 2009 - EPA's Global Warming Regulations: Time To Let The Facts Sink In [Carbon dioxide (CO2) is NOT a pollutant! The followers of the Global Warming Cult just seem to forget very basic scientific fact!]

26 Mar 2009 - Obama: Red River Flooding Is Wakeup Call To Fight Global Warming [The HOAX THEORY of Global Warming has nothing to do with the flooding]

26 Mar 2009 - More Global Warming Scare Mongering From Obama

26 Mar 2009 - Obama's Involvement In Chicago Climate Exchange--The Rest Of The Story

26 Mar 2009 - Al Gore Writes Book On Climate Change [He either never got the message or just doesn't care that global warming - which is now known as "climate change" is a complete hoax. He probably does know, but only intends to push this farce to make more money from it!]

26 Mar 2009 - Reduce UK Population by Half: Leading Government Green Advisor [This is EVIL!]

24 Mar 2009 - This Must Be True, I Read It In The Newspaper

24 Mar 2009 - The Myth Of Global Warming

24 Mar 2009 - EPA Targets Cows, Grows Government

23 Mar 2009 - What's The Goracle Afraid Of? [Al Gore has taken to banning any media from his speeches. It's probably because if people knew what he was saying they'd know he's lying]

23 Mar 2009 - The 'Global Warming Three' Are On Thin Ice: The Only Problem With A Project To Prove That Arctic Ice Is Disappearing Is The Fact That It Is Actually Getting Thicker, Says Christopher Booker

23 Mar 2009 - Monday Quick Bites

23 Mar 2009 - "You Couldn't Make This Stuff Up" : New Planetary Burden: Meat-Eating Pets [More LUNACY from the Cult of Global Warming!]

23 Mar 2009 - The Greens Hate Energy, America, And You!

20 Mar 2009 - New Study Proves Global Warming Skeptics Right [This is a new study out there that proves global warming is a farce. Warming is cyclical. The only problem is, the other side did it. (Nature Magazine and NPR) Al Gore and his CULT will not be pleased.]

20 Mar 2009 - Global Warming Crusaders Freeze

19 Mar 2009 - Quick Bites On The Global Warming Scam

19 Mar 2009 - Where Should I Direct My Anger?

19 Mar 2009 - Eight Senate Dems Come To Their Senses?

17 Mar 2009 - New, All Natural, Climate Change!

16 Mar 2009 - From 'Global Warming' To Global Holocaust

16 Mar 2009 - Ban Humans To Lower Carbon Emissions? [More lunacy from the Cult of Global Warming!]

16 Mar 2009 - Manmade Climate-Change Hoax

16 Mar 2009 - Global Warming Skepticism Growing In U.S.

16 Mar 2009 - Gore's Big Lie: The Global Warming Hoax

12 Mar 2009 - Climate Change Conference: Genocidal Global Warming Policies Will Kill Hundreds Of Millions

12 Mar 2009 - You've Been Lied To By The Media

11 Mar 2009 - Heartland Update: The Problems With IPCC's Conclusions On Global Warming

11 Mar 2009 - 2009 International Conference On Climate Change: Update #3

10 Mar 2009 - The World Wildlife Fund's Polar Bear Lies [More of the lies of the Cult of Global Warming exposed!]

10 Mar 2009 - Global Warming Hoaxers Freezing Their Butts Off

10 Mar 2009 - Global Warming Debate Is Over, No Further Study Needed

10 Mar 2009 - Where's Global Warming?

10 Mar 2009 - 2009 International Conference On Climate Change: Update #2

10 Mar 2009 - Sununu Addresses Climate Change Conference

09 Mar 2009 - Boston Globe Asks: Where's The Global Warming?

09 Mar 2009 - Czech Republic President Blames Al Gore For Crediting Unnecessary Panic

09 Mar 2009 - Top Japanese Scientists: Global Warming Is NOT Caused By Human Activity

09 Mar 2009 - Climate-Change Battle Heats Up

09 Mar 2009 - Global Warming Skeptics Gather In New York City

09 Mar 2009 - Gore Allegedly Afraid To Debate Klaus On climate

09 Mar 2009 - Former Astronaut Says Earth Not In Peril From Global Warming

09 Mar 2009 - 2009 International Conference On Climate Change: Update #1

06 Mar 2009 - Obama's Cap-And-Trade Rip-Off

06 Mar 2009 - Global Warming May Get Its Very Own Top Level Domain

05 Mar 2009 - New Peer-Reviewed Scientific Studies Chill Global Warming Fears

05 Mar 2009 - Global Warming Myth Is An Excuse To Raise Energy Prices Worldwide!

05 Mar 2009 - The Global Warming Hoax-A-Thon

05 Mar 2009 - Global Warming Pause?

04 Mar 2009 - Researchers Make Another Laughable Claim [More insanity from the Cult of Global Warming!]

03 Mar 2009 - What If There Is No Man-Made Global Warming?

03 Mar 2009 - Global Warming Washington Protest Ruined By Freezing Weather!

03 Mar 2009 - Global Warming Is An Apocalypse Myth For Atheists

02 Mar 2009 - The High Cost Of Climate Lies

02 Mar 2009 - Now The Greens Have Gone TOO FAR!: Now They Want Your Toilet Paper [Can you believe it? They're not satisfied with telling you how to eat, drink, raise your kids, now they want to tell you how to wipe your rear. That's just too much for me]

02 Mar 2009 - Green Civil Disobedience In D.C.

02 Mar 2009 - The Farce Of Global Warming

27 Feb 2009 - The Green Energy Fantasy [Has an embedded video on the web page]

27 Feb 2009 - Japanese Commission Challenges UN: Global Warming Not Man-made

27 Feb 2009 - Global Warming Is A Hoax - Quick And Dirty

25 Feb 2009 - Divorce Causes More Global Warming [Even more insanity from the Cult of Global Warming!!!]

25 Feb 2009 - T-Boone: Nobody Opposes Me [More arrogance from the Cult of Global Warming!]

25 Feb 2009 - Head Federal Dowser Thumbs Nose At Hatch Act, Still

25 Feb 2009 - Ice Fails To Melt, But Obama Still To Use Global Warming Hoax To Finish Off Economy

23 Feb 2009 - NSIDC: We Know It's Better, We Don't Want It

23 Feb 2009 - The Evidence Against Manmade Global Warming

23 Feb 2009 - Starving In The Cold

23 Feb 2009 - Obama Administration Shoots Down LaHood Mileage Tax Idea

23 Feb 2009 - Sea Level Alarmists Think We're Really Stupid

23 Feb 2009 - Facts and Fictions Of Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth"

20 Feb 2009 - EPA Will Regulate Your Breathing Next

19 Feb 2009 - Global Warming Admitted As Scam

17 Feb 2009 - Government By Crazy People

17 Feb 2009 - Mother Nature Is Unraveling Al

16 Feb 2009 - All Systems Go, For Tragic Al Gore Minimum

16 Feb 2009 - Global Warming Propaganda [Lies] Worse Than Predicted!

13 Feb 2009 - Australia/California Fires Have Even More Similarities [When the California fires started the cult of global warming started screaming it was due to global warming. Then the facts came out that it was all arson. Now we see the same thing going on in Australia. Makes one wonder!]

13 Feb 2009 - A Load Of Hot Air [YouTube video]

12 Feb 2009 - When Did His Official Title Change To 'Honorable'? [More feeding of the ego of the arrogant leader of the cult of global warming!]

10 Feb 2009 - Associated Press Report On Global Warming Is "Propaganda"

10 Feb 2009 - 2008: The Year Man-Made Global Warming Hysteria Was Sunk By An Iceberg

10 Feb 2009 - My Confrontation With A Global Warming Climate Change Activist

09 Feb 2009 - The Great Global Warming Hoax: Who Is To Blame?

09 Feb 2009 - GORE LIED: Save The Children (From Global Warming Propaganda)

09 Feb 2009 - Radiational Cooling Trumps Greenhouse CO2 Every Time

09 Feb 2009 - Antarctic Sea Ice Up 35% On 1979 Levels

09 Feb 2009 - Reining In The "Pale Horse" Of The Theocratic Fundamentalist Greenies

06 Feb 2009 - More Science Fiction From The Global Warming Cult

06 Feb 2009 - Myth Blaster: Further Evidence To Debunk Global Warming Hoax

06 Feb 2009 - Heartland's "Scare" Video Online: Promotes Climate Conference [Has an embedded video on the web page]

06 Feb 2009 - Scare ["Scare," a two-minute video highlighting the scare tactics of global-warming alarmists, has made its debut on the Internet.] [YouTube video]

06 Feb 2009 - Ganahl Debunks The Global Warming Hoax

06 Feb 2009 - Facts Leave Global Warming Proponents Out In The Cold

06 Feb 2009 - Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, Feb. 6th 2009

04 Feb 2009 - 200 New Species Found. Global Warming To Blame? [According to the global warming cult, global warming is suppose to be making more species become extinct. How do they explain new species being found? This is just another fact that goes against what they teach and believe. More proof that they are just a cult!!!]

04 Feb 2009 - The Amazing Story Behind The Global Warming Scam

03 Feb 2009 - Global-Warming Alarmist Advocates Abortion: U.S. Population Expert Calls Hyped-Up Report An 'Economic Death Warrant.'

03 Feb 2009 - NASA Is Censoring Global Warming Skeptics [They don't want anyone exposing the lies of the global warming cult!]

02 Feb 2009 - Czech President Vaclav Klaus Dares Tell The Emperor He Is Wearing No Clothes! [Good for him!!!]

02 Feb 2009 - More Medicine For The Global Warming Cult

02 Feb 2009 - Some Harsh Words About Global Warming Forecasts

02 Feb 2009 - Vaclav Klaus Takes Another Swing At Global Warming Sham

30 Jan 2009 - Oval Office Hypocrisy

30 Jan 2009 - Weather Channel Founder Blasts Gore Over Global Warming Campaign: John Coleman, Now A Weatherman At San Diego's KUSI, Writes On His Station's Web Site That Al Gore Is Ignoring The Faulty Research Behind Global Warming

30 Jan 2009 - It Is Snowing On Al Gore

29 Jan 2009 - The History Of The Global Warming Scam [This is a must read!!]

29 Jan 2009 - Gore Warns Of Damage From Climate Change [More lies from the cult of global warming! It's obvious, even to a blind man, that global warming is a lie. Just look at how three quarters of the country is now in a deep freeze. This is completely contradictory to the teachings of the cult of global warming!]

28 Jan 2009 - Global Warming Cult Caught Lying...Again

28 Jan 2009 - Big Storm Coats Nation With Ice, Snow [So whatever happened to the so-called global warming??? More proof that it was nothing but a LIE!!!]

27 Jan 2009 - AP Finally Sees The Carbon Credit Scam [FANTASTIC NEWS!!! The eyes of the people are finally opening up to the truth!]

27 Jan 2009 - Global Warming Is Already Irreversible [As with all cults, the cult of global warming changes it teachings and beliefs form time to time, so they can adjust them for what is really going on or what they want people to believe]

27 Jan 2009 - Hey Al. Your Slip Is Showing: Global Warming Last In Poll [There is also an embedded video on the web page]

27 Jan 2009 - Global Warming Debunked Again

27 Jan 2009 - A Visualization Of The Urban Legend Called, Man Made Global Warming

27 Jan 2009 - Well There's Yer Problem: Oil Drilling Off Santa Barbara Coast [The Democrats are showing their same old obstructionist ways. Even the environmentalists are for expanded drilling. The oil just bubbles up from the bottom of the ocean in Santa Barbara.]

26 Jan 2009 - Climate: Change You Can't Believe In

26 Jan 2009 - Six Most Embarrassing Moments In Environmentalism

26 Jan 2009 - Earth Climate Update - Brrrr!

23 Jan 2009 - Climate Change Fraud: Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, Jan. 23, 2009

23 Jan 2009 - Global Warming Based On Phony Science

23 Jan 2009 - Global Warming Hoax

22 Jan 2009 - Lourdes College Blog Center: Global Warming Is A Hoax

22 Jan 2009 - Another Global Warming Nut-Case [PURE LUNACY!]

22 Jan 2009 - Ethanol Brought Down Flight 1549 [What? You Say Jets Don't Burn Ethanol? Well, Time Magazine Is Trying To Blame Global Warming, And They Don't Burn That Either. I Think There's A Better Argument For Ethanol]

22 Jan 2008 - Gloom And Doom Over Climate Change 'Silly'

21 Jan 2009 - Let's All Do Our Part To Add To Global Warming

21 Jan 2009 - Blowing Holes In The Global Warming Hoax

21 Jan 2009 - Inconvenient Truth Reducing CO2 Emissions

21 Jan 2009 - Many Arrive By Private Jets To Inauguration

20 Jan 2009 - Anxiety Grows In Global Warming Alarmist Camp [People are waking up to the fact that global warming was nothing but a LIE!!!]

20 Jan 2009 - Icy Depiction Of Gore Unveiled By Critic In Alaska

16 Jan 2009 - Burning Bodies For Enviro-Friendly Heat [Are they for real? If so, and this isn't some hoax, this is totally INSANE!!! What's next, environmentally friendly crackers made from people like in the movie "Soylent Green"?]

16 Jan 2009 - Global Cooling: The Coming Ice Age: Some Things Never Change. It's Still About Control And Money [They pulled this same scare back in the 1970's and were saying that my 1985 there would be world-wide glaciation. Well guess what? It never happened! More of the scare tactics and panic creating like they tried to pull with Y2K and global warming!]

16 Jan 2009 - Methane On Mars? Better Call Al

15 Jan 2009 - Global Warming Finally Hurting The Ski Industry [Gee seems the lies of the Cult of Global Warming are being exposed by nature itself]

14 Jan 2009 - Another Dissenter: U.S. Naval Academy Chemist Slams Climate Fears As `Imaginary Boogeyman`

13 Jan 2009 - Sharp Cold Wave Shocks Upper Midwest, Temps To -36 [More proof that global warming is a load of rubbish!]

13 Jan 2009 - AP: Hybrids Don't Add Up

13 Jan 2009 - Obama's New Climate Czar Beloved By Socialists

12 Jan 2009 - CO2 Fairytales In Global Warming

12 Jan 2009 - Al Gore's Global Warming Propaganda Creates Fear - But Also Big Laughter

12 Jan 2009 - Those Who Want To Save The Planet Are Killing It

12 Jan 2009 - Hidden Harm Of Google Searches [More NONSENSE and INSANITY from the Cult of Global Warming!!!]

12 Jan 2009 - The Ice Age Cometh: More Evidence [So what happened to everything warming up?] [Has an embedded video on the web page]

12 Jan 2009 - Earth On The Brink Of An Ice Age [Seems like I heard this one before back in the 1970's before they started the garbage with the so-called global warming!]

12 Jan 2009 - The Global Warming Crescendo Has Passed

09 Jan 2009 - Global Warming Hoax & The Myth Of Scientific Consensus

07 Jan 2009 - Expect More Gore

07 Jan 2009 - The Clinton Gore Connection Uncovered [Has an embedded video on the web page]

07 Jan 2009 - Barack Obama And The Threat That Isn't There

07 Jan 2009 - Dr. James Hansen: Unethically Manipulating The Data (Global Warming Junk Science)

06 Jan 2009 - What Global Warming: Most Sea Ice On Record

06 Jan 2009 - Global Warming Nannies Have Upped The Ante

05 Jan 2009 - The Plain Truth About Glorious Carbon Dioxide

05 Jan 2009 - Environment Minister Sammy Wilson: I Still Think Man-Made Climate Change Is A Con

02 Jan 2009 - CO2, Polar Bears, And Volcanoes [Has an embedded video on the web page]

02 Jan 2009 - Nobel Idiot: El Nino Linked To AGW

02 Jan 2009 - Dr. James Hansen Admits The True Goal Of Global Warming Alarmists: Socialist Redistribution Of Wealth

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