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Posted: 06 November 2008

James Bowen, M.D. stated that if you go from aspartame (NutraSweet/Equal/Spoonful/Canderel/E951/Benevia, etc.) to Splenda you can maintain the reactions from aspartame and pick up those from Splenda. This is because aspartame is a chemical hypersensitization agent and triggers polychemical sensitivity syndrome. We know that aspartame is a seizure triggering drug mentioned 5 times on the FDA Report of 92 symptoms. We have received continued reactions from victims using Splenda from cardiac symptoms and other horrors to rashes. Now we know that Splenda too is a seizure triggering drug, as well as a chlorocarbon poison. http://www.wnho.net/splenda_chlorocarbon.htm In the case of aspartame it is actually being added to anti-seizure medication like Ketocal and others. The FDA knows it and does nothing.

We have an affidavit from Marianne Lamar who actually spoke with the manufacturer who admitted that Splenda causes seizures and migraines. This means they knew it before they put it on the market and that its illegal like aspartame. Additives must be inert or non-reactive. Sucralose was discovered in 1976 by scientists from Tate & Lyle, working with researchers at Queen Elizabeth College (now part of King's College London). It was discovered by Leslie Hough and a young Indian chemist, Shashikant Phadnis. The duo were trying to make an insecticide. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sucralose

Marianne's husband had an aspartame brain tumor, glioblastoma. When he found out about aspartame and quit he started using Splenda and had a grand mal seizure. Here is the affidavit from Marianne Lamar, having spoken to the manufacturer who admitted Splenda triggers seizures. Tom Lamar is now deceased.

FACT: My Beloved Husband Tom

  1. FACT: Diabetic type 2 (for years).

  2. FACT: Diet drink and food (aspartame laced).

  3. FACT: GBM stage 4 brain tumor (given 5 to 6 months to live).

  4. FACT: Off aspartame from day of surgery (drink and food).

  5. FACT: Given Splenda (after being assured by Splenda it was safe).

  6. FACT: Seizures followed.

  7. FACT: Called Splenda to report.

  8. FACT: Splenda requested medical records and confirmed it was Splenda causing (seizures).

  9. FACT: Neurologist told me to take him off Splenda quick (he knew about the problem).

  10. FACT: Taken off Splenda - seizures stopped.

  11. FACT: Called Splenda, told YES it causes seizures but not enough people reporting it (making connection).

  12. FACT: Called Splenda again, told they were aware of seizures and migraines.

  13. FACT: Nothing being done.

I swear all above is true and happened to my husband and me.


Marianne Lamar
806 Board Walk Ct
Loganville, Georgia 30052

Signed by Dustin Boyette, Notary Public, Walton County, Georgia

Received 9/27/2008

_______________________End of affidavit

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