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Posted: 23 December 2014

From: Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum.,
To:,,, David, @, Jaffe Lyle D,,,
Date: Tue, Dec 16, 10:34 pm
Subject: Open Request to FOIA and Dr David Hattan: Rejection on banning aspartame is challenged

Open Request to FOIA and Dr. David Hattan:

Dear Dr. Hattan and Freedom of Information Staff:

Fourteen years ago I petitioned the FDA to ban aspartame. Other than letters saying FDA had more important things to do nothing was done. The law is that these petitions for ban must be answered in 180 days. In 2007 I filed an imminent health hazard amendment which is supposed to be answered in a week or ten days. Still haven't heard except Michael Delaney called and said they were not going to do it. I replied, "people are sick and dying all over the world from this poison." He said, "So what we have to depopulate."

Evidently FDA decided to answer my petition but if I hadn't noticed it was on Google, 360law, I wouldn't have known. One release reported: "And in another FDA Letter to Betty Martini, the government denies her request to recall aspartame." I have received no such letter. I'm the petitioner and FDA should be notifying me. This is a request for that report. In reading several releases it appears this is standard lie- and -deny. This is what we protest in the first place. Actually I have answered the FDA allegations mentioned in the releases but have not seen the whole report because you never sent it. Here are first two: and

It's almost as if FDA believes by denying facts somebody is going to believe its true. How can FDA have the audacity to say: "The US FDA has rejected calls to ban low calorie sweetener aspartame, finding no evidence that the widely used diet soda additive causes cancer."

Who reported it caused cancer to begin with? It was the FDA! Dr. Adrian Gross, lead FDA scientist and toxicologist told Congress that aspartame violated the Delaney Amendment because it caused brain tumors and brain cancer. Who was Dr. Gross? He headed the Task Force and was the one who asked that G. D. Searle be indicted for fraud. So he's the one who was involved in the investigation! Is FDA saying they don't believe their lead scientist? Three Ramazzini studies, multi-year on thousands of rats proved aspartame is "multipotential carcinogen". Dr. Soffritti received an award only given twice before in history. A Harvard Study claimed to be the oldest and the strongest also linked aspartame to cancer.

Under Freedom of Information there are two studies we don't have, please submit: experimental identification of the studies on mice reported in the final report by Hazleton Laboratories Inc. and submitted to Searle Laboratory on 9/6 1974: PTn .984H73:SC18862 and Project n. 700-260.SC19192.I

Fraud in Science is too common place. There are always two kinds of studies = (A) industry funded and controlled, and B, unbiased, independent studies. When you want unbiased facts you ask for independent studies because industry is simply defending their toxin. The FDA Board of Inquiry stated that besides the brain tumors and brain cancer aspartame could not be proven safe. FDA's Board of Inquiry report revoking the petition for approval is on a banner on FDA toxicologist Jacqueline Verrett testified that its on the market without proof of safety. Even though G. D. Searle committed all kinds of shenanigans they couldn't prove safety. Remember them excising brain tumors from the rats, putting them back in the study, and then resurrecting them on paper? When the defense team hired the US Prosecutors the statue of limitations ran out., It was mentioned in the task force findings that Searle filtered out what they didn't want the FDA to see. The fraud got Dr. John Olney so upset he demanded that G. D. Searle do studies in his lab. They were now in the position where they could not cover-up findings and, indeed, the studies showed brain damage. Dr. Olney did not go any further because he thought G. D. Searle turned those findings over to the FDA. They didn't. Here is a clip from the movie, "Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World":

So, Dr. Hattan, do not insult my intelligence. Aspartame has never been proven safe but studies FDA ignores have shown how deadly it is. From the mouth of the late Dr. Adrian Gross, top scientist at the FDA, in testimony before Congress, "Given the cancer-causing potential of aspartame, how would the FDA justify its position that it views a certain amount of aspartame as constituting an allowable daily intake or 'safe' level of it? Is that position in effect not equivalent to setting a 'tolerance' for this food additive and thus a violation of that law? And if the FDA itself elects to violate the law, who is left to protect the health of the public?" Congressional Record SID835:131 (8/1/85)

Why does Mission Possible exists? Because the FDA violated the law. The manufacturers have funded front groups to deny the facts. G. D. Searle and Monsanto knew there was nothing they could do about independent studies around the world. So the manufacturers set up a front research organization, ILSI, made up of people like G.D. Searle, Monsanto, Coke, Pepsi, etc. If they won't say aspartame is safe they won't get funding. Here is the UPI 8 month investigation.

Notice that Dr. Richard Wurtman of MIT told Gregory Gordon that he was threatened if he did studies on aspartame and seizures his research funds would be denied. They were. MIT now gets funding but Dr. Wurtman no longer speaks out on aspartame. Industry sets up studies to show safety, and if you wonder how they do it, here are the facts from Mark Gold, Aspartame Toxicity Center: They have it down to a science! On this same site, you have more information on how industry works. My personal favorite is the Rowan Study. They gave 16 people anti-seizure medication without telling anyone. The study was one capsule of aspartame for a one day study. Why not just have them take a sip of Diet Coke? Then with the power and influence of industry they actually got that peer reviewed. What this shows is they were even afraid one capsule would cause a seizure and used anti-seizure Rx. It seems anything goes! Tobacco is harmless - I smoked a Lucky once and never got cancer.

Dr. Diana Dow Edwards was asked by Monsanto to do studies on birth defects. When negative findings were shown Monsanto withdrew the funding. An example of what aspartame really does is the study by Dr. Ralph Walton. He didn't even use the allowable daily intake. Yet the administrator of the hospital got a retinal detachment and lost the sight in one eye, another had conjunctival bleeding. The compromised group said they felt like they were being poisoned. They were. The institution stopped the study.

It is disturbing that the aspartame industry is so loyal to agencies like FDA and EFSA. I wondered how EFSA would do a review with all the independent studies, the Trocho Study showing the formaldehyde converted from the free methyl alcohol embalms living tissue and damages DNA. Many studies showed obesity, cardiac problems, raises fasting blood sugar, and even a Denmark study on 60,000 women showing aspartame can jump preterm birth by like 78%. They had no problem at all. They had about 82 studies showing aspartame dangers, but they threw out the evidence and said they were unreliable. When Dr. Herman Koeter, heading the committee, resigned he released a statement saying they were pressured by industry to hijack science. What about the health of the public?

I called Jerome Bressler when he retired and thanked him for the Bressler Report and his honestly reporting the facts. He told me it was worse than I knew and FDA had sealed the worst studies and the public had no idea what aspartame would do. He spoke not only with me but also Dr. H. J. Roberts and Dr. Russell Blaylock. It took me 8 years to find the studies and I was shocked to see they were teratology studies. No wonder Jerome was so upset. Dr. Woodrow Monte revealed in his book, "While Science Sleeps: A Sweetener Kills", the FDA made a deal with G. D. Searle never to allow the public to see these studies. These are neural tube defects - autism, spina bifida and cleft palate, etc. Go to and read the last chapter in the book on aspartame autism. How could FDA commit this crime and give no pregnancy warning. Notice it comes under Title 18 of the domestic genocide law: Because of Dr. Olney's information to the Board of Inquiry of the FDA about birth defects he was told by officials no child would ever get aspartame. Today not only is aspartame added to pediatric medications but pregnant women use this teratogen which can destroy the brain. In the documentary, "Sweet Remedy" the ADD people are interviewed and they said prior to aspartame approval they hardly even used the terms ADD and ADHD. Autism is now epidemic around the world. Further with all this knowledge of what aspartame can do FDA approved a more potent aspartame, Advantame. This is insanity!

As to 200 complaints its hard to dignify this with a statement. For 30 years you people have been trying to under-report what Dr. James Bowen told FDA was "mass poisoning of the US and more than 70+ countries of the world. First as reported in Congress FDA was getting so many complaints they were sending them to the AIDS Hotline. When a great deal of information got out because of a email that went viral when I lectured for the World Environmental Conference I was told the FDA was flooded with complaints, as was the CDC who wrote me about it. Some of the complaints were given to the CDC for investigation in the beginning and then they had someone add a summary that contradicted the report. In 1996 Dr. David Kessler said only 1% report to the FDA. He also said if complaints go down he would grant blanket approval on aspartame, so it could be used for everything. Even the manufacturer said it couldn't. The first thing that happened is FDA told the public that they were no longer receiving complaints. I knew they would do that but I was wondering how they could get the complaints to go down. FDA will always find an excuse. Dr. H. J. Roberts called me when he got the report of 1996 complaints and indeed they went down. How did FDA do it? They said they had to change their bookkeeping system and it required throwing away hundreds of aspartame complaints. So letís not play games with 200 complaints. The history of covering up or throwing away or sealing information that should be in the public domain is legend.

In February 2011 I sent this to the FDA with an abundance of questions that have never been answered. This Freedom of Information also has not been answered:

Here is the 2010 FOIA which also has never been answered.

The only thing answered was a fax I sent but all these questions in the 2010 document were never answered.

If aspartame was safe FDA wouldn't have any problem answering questions, but they lie and deny. There are 26 questions given FDA in 1997, and still no answer. The aide to the Speaker of the House at that time said, "FDA said they would ask their attorneys if they can answer." Why is telling the truth so difficult for FDA.

Dr. Hattan! If aspartame is so safe how come there are efforts around the world to ban it? In the early 1990's Romania banned aspartame because it causes cancer. If it causes cancer in Romania it causes cancer here! In the Philippines, Bill 1731 was to ban aspartame in 2008. I was told it passed but aspartame was not banned. I met Councilor Nomer Lin when we testified before the California Board of Medicine in San Diego. He told me for years they tried to get it banned there. One Parliamentarian in the UK tried to have it banned. In 2007 an attempt to ban occurred in New Zealand while I was there lecturing. There were actual published reports from one organization saying not to believe the activists. Even though they had gotten off aspartame and got well they had the gall to try and get them to use the poison. They have no shame. Coke actually sent a flack to New Zealand to get the business back.

There was an effort in New Mexico to get aspartame banned, twice. Dr. Ken Stoller and I testified before the House and Senate. There were efforts in Hawaii on two occasions. In the Falkland Islands after Robin Goodwin's wife sustained an aspartame brain tumor, he learned the 18 years of seizures his daughter had were from aspartame, he took matters in his own hands. His wife was air lifted to England, then Goodwin wrote everyone in the Falklands with his story. Off aspartame the girl's seizures immediately ended. There are efforts in other countries, even Indonesia tried. Some companies who had privately labeled aspartame banned it from their products like ASDA in the UK. Whole Foods also bans aspartame. Today if you mention aspartame you are told - it's bad, it's poison. In the US there have been several efforts to ban aspartame but FDA hasn't finished answering them. Since it takes 14 years to get an answer more just die. Dr. Hattan, the issue is not going away. You can't make a poison safe by saying it is. The public finds out quickly. In his book, While Science Sleeps: A Sweetener Kills Dr.Woodrow Monte explains:

Something very wrong is going on, something that is killing good people and causing untold suffering to families and communities around the world. Never has such a high percentage of the population been afflicted with so many tragic and wasting illnesses. In the past thirty years, a group of diseases has reached epidemic proportions in the United States and many other countries. These diseases include multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's disease, breast cancer, lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis, melanoma, and autism, a once rare birth defect.

Mankind endures a plague whose point of origin distinctly coincides with the Food and Drug Administrationís 1981 approval of aspartame an artificial sweetener containing methanol, which is metabolized into deadly formaldehyde within the brain and sinew of all who consume it.

Dr. H. J. Roberts' 1,000 page medical text Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic names these diseases and gives the mechanisms by which aspartame triggers or precipitated them. You already have a copy of Dr. Roberts medical text but just to be sure you haven't misplaced it, I'm enclosing another copy. Look up the disease/symptoms you want to find the mechanism by which aspartame triggers or mimics the disease. Dr. Roberts told me the text was 40% larger, but too big to publish. Before his death he said he had another 200 pages for the latest studies showing aspartame precipitates diabetes, strokes, heart attacks, and cancer, and on and on! The Trocho Study alone showed the formaldehyde converted from the methyl alcohol embalms living tissue and damages DNA!

We are asking that the decision by FDA be appealed immediately and aspartame is banned on the basis of an imminent health hazard. The emperor is not wearing any clothes. An old saying 'where there is smoke there is fire' but in this case itís a blazing conflagration!

Various news clips reveal FDA rejected calls for an aspartame ban, stating "that no credible scientific evidence for the ban has been presented." FDA says they monitored scientific data on aspartame for 30 years. This tells us you have seen the studies showing aspartame is deadly and have turned your back on the public.

Over 900 independent, scientifically peer reviewed studies show aspartame toxicity. Dr. Ralph Walton's research for 60 Minutes showed 92% of independent studies show the problems, and if you eliminate 6 studies FDA had something to do with and one pro-industry summary, 100% of independent studies show the problems. Only industry funded/controlled studies ever said it was safe. In 30 years industry has lied and covered up the fatal consequences this poison visits on a world population. Once FDA asked the Justice Department to prosecute the manufacturer for fraud and published a list of 92 reactions tabulated from ten thousand specific consumer complaints. FDA then closed the complaint window and now denies there was ever such a list, but I have it! It names blindness, death, sexual dysfunction and 89 afflictions from which FDA could easily deliver us by ending aspartame.

So how did the G. D. Searle Co. defend itself from Federal prosecution? They had their defense lawyers hire the prosecutors so the case died when the statute of limitations ran out. By the way, Don Rumsfeld was Searle's CEO.

FDA has the independent studies showing aspartame/NutraSweet/AminoSweet/Equal is deadly, yet refuses to act. FDA is guilty of culpable negligence - showing reckless disregard for human life, for the safety of persons exposed to the effects of aspartame. Aspartame is so deadly it has to be delivered with a Hasmat placard! The fact that FDA at a meeting admitted aspartame causes seizures and they had plans to pull it from shelves is simply evidence. This was in 1986! FDA has full knowledge of its toxicity.

Again: Two articles I wrote answer FDA rejections:


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Aspartame Toxicity Center:

Enclosures including 1000 page medical text on "Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic" by the late Dr. H. J. Roberts