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Posted: 23 November 2009

Here are letters I wrote Tufts about writing on aspartame: and

As to the quizz:

  1. The ADA gets a lot of funding from Ajinomoto, now the largest manufacturer of aspartame. Yes, aspartame does make you crave carbohydrates so you gain weight. Read it in the Congressional Record: It is quoted in this paper Aspartame Makes You Fatter by Dr. Sandra Cabot: It is from Dr. Richard Wurtman's affidavit.

  2. According to CSPI the results in 2007 from the Italian Cancer Institute, Ramazzini, would be both. Dr. M. Soffritti found that aspartame is a multipotential carcinogen and causes leukemia and lymphoma and his second study showed not only does it take a small amount of aspartame to causes breast cancer but if a pregnant woman uses it and the baby lives, since aspartame is a teratogen and abortifacient, it can be passed on to the offspring.

  3. As a table sweetener aspartame is found in NutraSweet and Equal, but also in other aspartame products like Canderel. Aspartame the addictive excitoneurotoxic, carcinogenic, genetically engineered drug that interacts with other drugs and vaccines has many names, Aspartame, Equal, NutraSweet, E951, Benevia, 951 in New Zealand, Spoonful, etc. Now Ajinomoto says they will change the name of aspartame to AminoSweet. Be warned. That's what happened with MSG when it got a bad name, see

  4. True. Aspartame is much sweetener than sugar. Try Just Like Sugar, or at Whole Foods made with no chemicals or additives, simply chicory which has been used for 70 years to improve diabetics, Vitamin C from organic oranges, Calcium and orange peel. Whereas aspartame actually precipitates diabetes, simulates and aggravates diabetic retinopathy and neuropathy, destroys the optic nerve, interacts with insulin and causes diabetics to go into convulsions. (Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic, by diabetic specialist H. J. Roberts, M.D.) Splenda is also deadly for diabetics.

  5. Aspartame was first approved in 1974 and when the FDA found out about the subjects told them to not market it. In 1977 the FDA asked for the indictment of Searle for fraud but both US Prosecutors hired on with the defense team and the statute of limitations expired. The Bressler Report of some of the studies was published but two mouse studies were so bad the FDA put them under seal for 3 decades. We just found them and added it back. In 1980 the FDA's Board of Inquiry revoked the petition for approving awaiting the signature of FDA Commissioner, Dr Jere Goyan. Rumsfeld was CEO of Searle and on Reagan's transition team. Someone from the team called Goyan and fired him in the middle of the night. Reagan than appointed Dr. Arthur Hull Hayes to over-rule the Board of Inquiry as FDA Commissioner which he did in 1981. See the movie, Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World,

  6. The answer would be C because the American Dental Association is yet another ladies of the evening professional organization. In reality a Norway study shows that aspartame binds to calcium and many people lose their teeth from using aspartame. The American Dental Association has been told but continue to side with aspartame. Somebody ought to check out their funding.

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