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Posted: 27 October 2008

From: Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum.,
Date: Mon, Mar 19, 2007 12:39 pm
Subject: Prison study to investigate link between junk food and violence (Aspartame is the culprit)

Dear Mrs. Donna Griffith Sackey:,p> I can't imagine your agency saying there is not enough evidence about junk food and violence. Who have I been writing to all this time. Do you not understand the reason we have all these psychiatric problems is because of aspartame which is used in all prisons except for one that we have gotten the information to. They think they will use sugar to make drugs so they use aspartame.

I've explained there is 50% phenylalanine in aspartame which as an isolate is neurotoxic, floods the brain, lowers the seizure threshold and depletes serotonin. When you lower serotonin is triggers all kinds of psychiatric and behavioral problems such as bipolar or manic depression, schizophrenia, hallucinations, mood swings, suicidal tendencies, panic attacks, insomnia and anxiety. No matter where I have traveled in this world and lectured we see the bipolar epidemic. When I was in New Zealand one lady explained her husband used Diet Coke and Wrigley's aspartame gum. He tried to kill her and then hung himself. She also used them and put her head in the oven trying to kill herself. She found out about aspartame when she went to an iridologist because she was going blind. It just happened that she had Dr. Roberts medical text, Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic, by H. J. Roberts, M.D. and she told her she was going blind from the free methyl alcohol liberated in aspartame. Before I left New Zealand she told me: "I'm 60 years old and I'm just now beginning to live." Her symptoms, of course, disappeared when she got off aspartame.

Here is Dr. Ralph Walton's paper on aspartame and psychiatric disease: Dr. Walton is the leading psychiatrist in the world today who is a specialist on aspartame and has done a study on it. Monsanto at the time said they would provide aspartame for any researcher but knowing this was an independent study and they couldn't control it they refused. Dr. Walton did the study, one person had a retinal detachment and lost his vision in one eye from the methanol. He was the hospital administrator incidentally. Another had conjunctival bleeding. Others stated they were being poisoned and the institution stopped the study. That's why Monsanto refused the aspartame. They knew when an honest study is done it will always show the problems aspartame causes as I have explained to you many, many times.

When 60 Minutes did a show when Dr. John Olney made world news on the aspartame brain tumor connection Dr. Walton provided research on scientific peer reviewed research and funding. I sent this to you Friday. This showed that 92% of all independent research shows the problems and only studies funded and controlled by industry say its safe. In my paper on Friday I showed you with complete reports attached on how industry fixes the studies. You cannot do a study on aspartame and not have it show the problems. Dr. Walton if you eliminate 6 studies the FDA had something with because of the controversy and one pro-aspartame summary, 100% of independent studies show the problems.

FDA knows aspartame is a poison. They tried to have the manufacturer indicted for fraud because they were caught fixing the studies as the Bressler Report, FDA audit exposed and I sent you that report. However, the defense hired the prosecutors. We know about the power of industry. Then the FDA revoked the petition approval and Don Rumsfeld through political chicanery got aspartame marketed and I've told you that story many times. Today the FDA like Food Standards have relations with the manufacturers.

Mrs. Griffith-Sackey, do you really believe in 25 years that we wouldn't know what aspartame causes? How long do you expect it would take to know if a product on the market caused problems? Can you answer that for me? People were poisoned so quickly when aspartame got on the market that there were three congressional hearings because of the outrage of the problems. The FDA listed 92 symptoms including mood alteration and death and you have been sent that report.

The reason I went to New Zealand was because of Abby Cormack who was about to be diagnosed with bipolar and almost died until she happened to get on our web site and saw her symptoms. As soon as she got off the poison they disappeared. Isn't that enough to tell you what aspartame does. Here is her story: Here is what the experts wrote about Abby:

I heard the same problems in the UK when I lectured there. Dr. Walton came to the UK for a press conference when members of Parliament wanted it banned there.

What does Food Standards owe the manufacturers of aspartame? Certainly not their loyalty. Those responsible ought to be imprisoned for genocide. Millions have perished. All the experts have at one time or another said the mental hospitals are full of patients that are nothing more than aspartame victims. To make matters worse aspartame interacts with all antidepressants. Dr. H. J. Roberts in one of his books says you have to consider aspartame with children killing children. Is that simple enough?

When people write and complain you tell them aspartame is safe because I get copies. I bet you wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole, why let others believe its safe to use. Aspartame changes brain chemistry, they can't be helped unless somebody tells them and gets them off the poison. That is what aspartame is - a deadly poison. If I asked you if arsenic and cyanide was poison you would agree. Every component of aspartame is poison. The aspartic acid is an excitotoxin: (Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills by neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock, M.D., It stimulates the neurons of the brain to death causing brain damage. There is a methyl ester which immediately becomes free methyl alcohol. Methanol is a severe metabolic poison. It converts to formaldehyde and formic acid and causes metabolic acidosis. The phenylalanine is a neurotoxin and depletes serotonin. The molecule then breaks down to diketopiperazine which is a brain tumor agent and triggered brain tumors in original studies. All components are poison. Tell me how you can take a product where all components are poison and make it safe. If you can't do that then stop telling people its safe and the prison people that you don't know of any junk food that causes violent behavior. One of the first thing that was observed in children was behavioral problems. Senator Metzenbaum in his bill wanted NIH to do studies, as well as other problems in the population such as what it does to fetus (birth defects and mental retardation), seizures and drug interaction. Remember what an additive. At least by law in this country an additive is suppose to be inert, non-reactive. The medical text of diseases is over 1000 pages. Perhaps Food Standards ought to get a copy.

This will be sent to all the UK press so they will get the evidence out. Enough is enough. What don't you understand, and what hasn't been proven in over a quarter of a century. Even a friend of ours hung himself on Diet Coke with Aspartame. Why didn't Food Standards tell the Prison people there is an additive that causes violence?

Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum.
Founder, Mission Possible World Health International
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Duluth, Georgia 30097

Aspartame Toxicity Center:

Prison study to investigate link between junk food and violence

By Jeremy Laurance, Health Editor
Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Supplements will be given to 1,000 prisoners

Some of Britain's most challenging young prisoners are to be given food supplements in a study aimed at curbing violent behaviour.

Scientists from Oxford University say the effect of nutrition on behaviour has been underestimated. They say increases in consumption of "junk" food over the past 50 years have contributed to a rise in violence.

The university will lead the 1.4m study in which 1,000 males aged 16 to 21 from three young offenders' institutions in England and Scotland will be randomly allocated either the vitamin-and-mineral supplements or a placebo, and followed over 12 months.

In a pilot study of 231 prisoners by the same researchers, published in 2002, violent incidents while in custody were cut by a more than a third among those given the supplements. Overall, offences recorded by the prison authorities fell by a quarter.

John Stein, professor of physiology at Oxford University, said: "If you could extrapolate from those results you would see a reduction of a quarter to a third in violent offences in prison. You could reduce violent offences in the community by a third. That would have a huge economic benefit."

"Our initial findings indicated that improving what people eat could lead them to behave more sociably as well as improving their health. This is not an area currently considered in standards of dietary adequacy. We are not saying nutrition is the only influence on behaviour but we seem to have seriously underestimated its importance."

Mark Walport, head of the Wellcome Trust, which is funding the three-year study, said: "If this study shows that nutritional supplementation affects behaviour it could have profound significance for nutritional guidelines, not only within the criminal justice system but in the wider community - in schools, for example. We are all used to nutritional guidelines for our physical health but this study could lead to revisions taking account of our mental health."

The theory behind the trial is that when the brain is starved of essential nutrients, especially omega-3 fatty acids, which are a central building block of brain neurons, it loses "flexibility". This shortens attention spans and undermines self-control. Even though prison food is nutritious, prisoners tend to make unhealthy choices and need supplements, the researchers say.

Bernard Gesch, a senior research scientist in the department of physiology and the director of Natural Justice, a charity that investigates the causes of offending, said the prisoners would be given the supplement containing 100 per cent of the recommended daily amount of more than 30 vitamins and minerals plus three fish-oil capsules totalling 2.25g on top of their normal diet.

"We are trying to rehabilitate the brain to criminal justice. The law assumes crime is a matter of free will. But you can't exercise free will without involving your brain and the brain can't function properly without an adequate nutrient supply. It may have an important influence on behaviour."

"This is a positive approach to preventing the problems of antisocial and criminal behaviour. It is simple, it seems to be highly effective and the only "risk" from a better diet is better health. It is a rare win-win situation in criminal justice."

The Ministry of Justice is backing the three-year study, which will start in May. David Hanson, the Prisons minister, said he hoped it would shed further light on the links between nutrition and behaviour.

The Food Standards Agency says there is not enough evidence to show harm from additives or benefit from fish-oil supplements.