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Posted: 17 May 2017

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This has been translated from Italian. Let's keep up with this invention as everyone has to have one. Neotame, for instance, is an aspartame product unlabeled and a news clip says it is now in pork. Notice the article says: "In fruit juices and soft drinks in the light hi-tech system ENEA has been able to detect and distinguish the presence and quantity of five sweeteners (fructose, glucose, maltose, sucrose and aspartame) not declared on the label." Today the FDA has allowed 13 dairy products to be unlabeled which is against the law as all products with aspartame require a PKU warning.

This is a lifesaving laser. The late Jack Samuels had something like this. He could never eat in restaurants because MSG could kill him. I had dinner with him and his wife in San Diego and he showed me the instrument, this means it should pick up the chlorine in Splenda as its chlorinated sugar.

Could there be better news?! If the company makes billions they deserve every penny. They have done the world a great favor, and everyone on the planet needs one. Seems to me this could be used with vaccines. Even though it known to contain toxins, like in Africa a physician vaccinating children there said the children were dying. When he had the vaccine analyzed there was the AIDS virus in it. Aspartame is now being put in generic drugs big time which interacts with drugs and vaccines. Aspartame is also an adjuvant, an immune stimulator.

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