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Posted: 01 September 2011

We have put this question twice to the FDA in the last 2 months quoting new evidence from the UK, which suggests, the amount of Methanol in the aspartame we have all been consuming in our food over the last 30 years is 44 TIMES too high; The evidence also suggests that the very basis of the FDA's measurement of the safety of aspartame, the ADI is flawed - These are very serious allegations.

The ADI is the "Acceptable Daily Intake" of a product; it is the amount scientists believe we can ingest every day for a lifetime without harm, it is also the measure used by manufacturers to add aspartame to our food. To have this fundamental safety measure challenged after all this time is scary, yet the FDA has chosen to doing nothing about it; Our deadline for them to respond to our letters was the 17th of May - so far we have not had the courtesy of an acknowledgement or a reply giving an opinion on the new evidence.

By ignoring the implications of this new evidence not addressing our concerns, the FDA is in breach of its Duty of Care to the American people, it also fails in its statutory duty to reply in a timely manner, to legitimate questions from the public which affect our health. The FDA must be held to account for these breaches and we ask that all our citizens contact their Congressmen and senators to "insist the FDA make a public statement on the new evidence from Europe and show their own scientific case which refutes the new evidence and confirms that the methanol released from aspartame at 50mg/kg is safe in our food".

Methanol is an industrial solvent which is particularly toxic in humans; it is a cumulative poison which builds up in the body causing neurological, organ and tissue damage over time (0-20Yrs.) we see this in the tens of thousands of people who have reported being harmed through long term consumption of "diet" products and who name aspartame as the cause.

The new UK evidence is not the result of a sophisticated scientific study on laboratory animals but a painstaking search through official records, which show that the severe metabolism of methanol in humans was not taken into account when aspartame was approved; This is backed up by publically available data on Methanol in the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) then some very simple arithmetic.

In order to calculate the ADI for a product intended for the food chain, a No Observable Adverse Effect Level (NOAEL) must be found in laboratory animals. The amount of product which produces No Adverse Effect Level is divided by a safety factor of 100 to give the ADI. For aspartame in the UK, 2 studies where rats were fed aspartame, resulted in an NOAEL of 4000mg/kg, divided by 100 gives an ADI of 40mg/kg. This ADI takes no account of the toxicity of methanol - NOTE: the lethal dose of methanol in humans is 343mg/kg.

If an adult ingested the methanol in 4000mg/kg of aspartame (400mg/kg) it would probably kill him - A NOAEL of aspartame in rats is NOT an NOAEL of methanol in humans.

Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum.
Founder, Mission Possible World Health International
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