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Posted: 26 December 2007

We thank Soroush Ebrahimi, homeopath in Essex England for passing this study on. It also has a history and sometimes will have comments from both sides. So when you see something like the American Diabetic Assn with positive remarks about aspartame and diabetes remember that RICO charges were filed against the ADA in 2004 because they recommend this poison for diabetics. While they got the charges dropped it remains that aspartame can precipitate diabetes, aggravates and simulates diabetic retinopathy and neuropathy, destroys the optic nerve, causes diabetics to go into convulsions and even interacts with insulin. Professional organizations are known to get funding from the aspartame industry. The harm to diabetics is well discussed by diabetic specialist H. J. Roberts, M.D., in the medical text, "Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic, http://www.sunsentpress.com There is a safe sweetener, Just Like Sugar, which is now approved in a good part of the world, made from chicory and orange peel, Vitamin C and Calcium. Chicory has used for 70 years to improve the health of diabetics. It is sold in places like Whole Foods and Wild Oats. You can go to the site, http://www.justlikesugarinc.com and click on site map. Check out the video of William Shatner's show, Heartbeat of America. Mike Sylver, CEO, received an award for making a safe sweetener. Heartbeat of America gives awards to corporations who help to keep the country strong, and improve the health of America. They are concerned with the epidemics of diabetes and obesity which we know are mostly triggered by aspartame. You will find many resources on the facts including the book Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills by neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock, M.D., http://www.russellblaylockmd.com Be sure to see the aspartame documentary: "Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World," http://www.soundandfury.tv

There is a homeopathic antidote for aspartame that Newton Labs has in the US. In England you can contact Soroush below. One victim he was able to get off aspartame regained sight after being blind.

Remember aspartame has many names including E951, NutraSweet, Equal, Spoonful, Canderel and Benevia. Another product by the aspartame industry is Neotame. Avoid it like the plague.

See the article "Proving Of Aspartame" by Richard Bocock by clicking: HERE

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