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Posted: 04 September 2009

As I pointed out from the beginning, Coke and Pepsi have lost a lot of business because consumers found out about aspartame. In order to get that business back they said they were giving the public what they wanted, Stevia. But industry has to mess up anything. The new Coke and Pepsi products with stevia are just a bunch of chemicals using Erythritol, a sugar alcohol. If they were sweetening from stevia they wouldn't have added this sweetener. Stevia is now approved by FDA so the FDA just wrote a letter to Coke and Pepsi and said they have nothing against them using these chemicals. Interesting, if a consumer in alternative medicine sweetened with Stevia a food product, the FDA would be all over them, but when its Coke and Pepsi or other industry they show their loyalty and allow them to do whatever they want.

As a Philadelphia newspaper explained, the new FDA (after Reagan appointed Arthur Hull Hayes as FDA Commissioner to over-rule the Board of Inquiry who revoked the petition on aspartame) was no longer an adversary for the drug companies.

Coke and Pepsi said they heard what the people were saying and so they were using Stevia. But using it wasn't good enough for them, they preferred a chemical brew, and the FDA gave them a free hand writing they had no objection to the chemicals they were using. I said from the beginning they would not get rid of Diet Coke with aspartame, and they have no intention of doing it. They know aspartame is addictive and its a cash cow to them. They also know if they remove aspartame thousands or millions will wake up well from the problems aspartame triggers alerting them to what is making them sick.

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