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Posted: 25 February 2013

Feb 23rd a great man passed away. His 88 years of achievement are well named by his book, Protecting Mankind, and sure, he benefited us all. Hyman J. Roberts, M.D., F.A.C.P., F.C.C.P., carried both a full patient load and a career as a scientist investigating poisons in our food and environment. Named The Best Doctor in the United States in 1984 by a medical journal, he was also author of 24 texts. All this and a beautiful wife, Carol, who gave him six children before she became Commissioner and Mayor of West Palm Beach Fla, and later ran for Congress.

I met Dr. Roberts 20 years ago when my husband's best friend became victim of Parkinson disease. Thru his research Dr. Roberts identified a chemical trigger for this fatal malady. It was aspartame, the chemical sweetener called NutraSweet, Equal, Spoonful, and Canderel. It is found in diet sodas, candies, chewing gum and thousands of other "foods" and drugs. In 1995 the FDA published a list of 92 reactions to this toxin from over 10,000 volunteered consumer complaints. I told my husband I would get this killer off the market.

Dr. Roberts backed me up 200%! He became my mentor and guide. With his vast input he helped me became an authority on toxic chemical sweeteners. MDs came from as far away as Australia. I asked Dr. Roberts to write a book that would be the hammer to drive the stake thru this monster's heart. He did it! Dr. Roberts prepared a comprehensive 1,038 page medical text: Aspartame Disease, an Ignored Epidemic http://www.sunsentpress.com including hundreds of patient histories, instructions for doctors, absolute evidence to Protect Mankind from a poison most Americans consume and by which they are slowly damaged or destroyed. The toxin is ingested in minute cumulative doses, bringing diverse and disperse symptoms, difficult for most doctors to diagnose especially since the FDA and agencies, as servants for the aspartame industry, say it is safe as rain. I felt so honored by the dedication.

Over a year long labor of research and publishing was unnecessary for Dr. Roberts. In the autumn of his illustrious life he had no need for my hundreds of phone calls and e-mails, which he collected and answered when necessary with kindness. It was simply the generous compassion of a true humanitarian. He was father of the anti-aspartame movement, the world expert, and so educated multitudes worldwide from this neurotoxin. It mattered not who you were or what your problem, he listened, and helped.

Dr. Hyman J. Roberts Is being buried on Monday, Feb 25, Temple Beth El, N. Flagler Drive, West Palm Beach at 1:30.

His accomplishments and awards fill many pages. He was a humanitarian in every sense, knighted for this by the Order of St. George. He championed help to many who thought they would never be well. Most physicians aren't knowledgeable of aspartame causing so many symptoms and diseases, or even that it interacts with drugs and vaccines. He took care of many of the victims also in the trenches of medical practice, returning them to a healthful life.

I remember many events from over 20 years working with Dr. Roberts. We attended the American College of Physicians Conference in Atlanta. He was pleased with giving out flyers to educate so many doctors. At a workshop I remember a professor of neurology wanted to know why there were so many seizures for no reason. Dr. Roberts asked me to answer instead of him. He was pleased that my answer was what he would have given, and said, "I give you an AAD (Also A Doctor)" In another workshop we could give questions to the professor. After he wrote his, then looked at mine, he realized they were identical. So he said, "now you have an AAS" (Also A Specialist). He was my dear mentor who blessed me with the knowledge to help others. I'll always be grateful. When we had the first Aspartame Awareness Day he was right there at the walk continuing to help educate.

Dr. Roberts named "Aspartame Disease" because there is a pattern and the symptoms are predictable. When he turned 75 I flew to West Palm Beach and read this poem for his dinner party.


Down in Chemical City
In a Saloon named Drink & Die
A gang of killers jeers
As the hearses rolling by

There's Diet Coke and Pepsi
Counting money, If you please
While Dottie Dietitician's girls
Are giggling on their knees

And sittin' in the corner
At a table just for him
Is the master of the killers
Mad Monsanto, heard of him?

Besides Mad Monty, laughing
In a gown of crimson, low
Sprawls Fanny Does Anything
She's the FDA you know

Her hand is in his pocket
But he don't give a care
Cause she runs the Drink & Die
And he's always welcome there

Comes a call now from the street:
"Come out Monty, meet your fate
Your killing days are over
Retribution will not wait"

It's Dead Eye Roberts riding
On his horse Hippocrates
And he's never missed an outlaw
With that shotgun on his knees

He's been fighting public poisoners
"Its just good medicine" he avers
Can't be bought, he's not for sale...
You hear the moneygrubbers wail

A hundred million, nay, many more
Owe life and health to our troubadour
My life is sweetened, to answer then:
"Dr. H. J. Roberts? He's my friend!"

Betty Martini

When he had serious heart problems I knew this time would come all too soon. A year ago Dr. Roberts sent me his 3 decades of research. His son, a cardiologist, told me he was at peace knowing his work would be continued. I remember how pleased he was when we were called "Roberts Angels". Eventually as Mission Possible World Health International we published his material to saturate the globe. I'll always remember how happy he was when another life was saved. He was an amazing and brilliant physician.

A tree is being planted in Israel in his name by the chief Rabbi in Jerusalem, gift of Mike Sylver , CEO of "Just Like Sugar", a firm applying Dr. Roberts' principles to nutrition.

How can we properly honor a man who lived such a splendid, generous, compassionate and fruitful life. No tribute is equal to tens of thousands alive and well because Dr. Hyman Roberts warned the world against the savage toxins contaminating our foods in the name of sweetness. But there is One who has promised to remember men like Dr. Roberts. He told his servant Daniel (in the last verse of that Sacred Book): "Go thou thy way, for thou shalt rest and stand up for thy allotted portion at the End of Days." (Chapter 12 verse 13).

For those wishing to send cards to his wife and family the address is 6708 Pamela Lane, West Palm Beach, Florida 33405

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