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Posted: 23 November 2011

This is in response to the article, "Call to French Minister to Caution Women About Aspartame During Pregnancy," which may be found at:

Aspartame always known to cause birth defects and the reason for the epidemic!

Aspartame has been known to trigger birth defects from the beginning: The original teratology studies were so bad they were stripped by the FDA from the Bressler Report so they public wouldn't know their babies could be born with birth defects or mentally retarded. Aspartame is also an abortifacient and endocrine disrupting agent. Here are the two studies removed by FDA returned to the Bressler Report at his request and before his death. He said, The public has the right to know aspartame is a poison and causes birth defects. He even told people in his nursing home before his death don't use it its poison!

Here are those studies that had been stolen from the report and they can be gotten also from Dr. Stan Monteith of Radio Liberty with other damning reports. Or you can get it from, our web site. You can view the Complete Bressler Report at:

The removal of these vital reports by FDA caused birth defects and loss of life by failure to warn. Some women thought they couldn't have children until they were told to get off aspartame (AminoSweet/Equal/Canderel/NutraSweet, etc.). When FDA called me and I said people are sick and dying all over the world from aspartame he said, So What, We Need to Depopulate! Just in case you didn't know whom FDA is really working for! They get half their money from Big Pharma.

Please also see Report for Schools with articles from many experts on the subject.

Dr. John Harrison and Dr. Ken Stoller have done grafts showing autism skyrocketed at the time of aspartame approval. Aspartame is also an adjuvant, an immune stimulator. UK Parliament should be advised.

Medical texts validating this info along with movies are under resources on or email me for the aspartame resource guide at

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