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Posted: 19 September 2004

From the September 2004 issue of PURE FACTS, newsletter of the Feingold Association of the United States, Vol 29, No. 7:


"One of the actions taken at the Feingold Association's June meeting was to add aspartame to the list of additives eliminated on the Feingold Program. Generally, this artificial sweetener is sold under the names NutraSweet and Equal.

This should resolve the confusion that has surrounded the synthetic sweetener and its use on the Program. Some people have excluded aspartame because they consider it to be an artificial flavoring. Others have done so because they are aware of the long history of health programs attributed to this chemical. But others have used aspartame (and products containing it) because they reasoned that the Food and Drug Administration would not have given their approval to an additive that could be dangerous. (Editor's note: pause for laughter.)

Unfortunately, the history of aspartame is one of money, corruption, bad science and many injured consumers. Doctors who have followed this issue closely say that aspartame can affect virtually any system of the body and report that it has been found to trigger behavior and/or learning problems in some individuals.

As the Feingold Association prints new materials and updates current literature, aspartame will be specifically listed as unacceptable, along with synthetic dyes, artificial flavors and the preservatives BHA, BHT and TBHQ."

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Three cheers for Feingold. Send them your congratulations via their web site: http://www.feingold.org

As you forward this via the Internet Highway be sure you tell people to read the press release on NutraSweet, their Dr. Robert Moser, Monsanto and the American Diabetes Association being charged with racketeering. Entire 62 page RICO document on http://www.wnho.net. And be sure to get your copy of Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World by Sound and Fury Productions. To learn more about this movie visit: http://www.wnho.net/sweet_misery_movie.htm

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