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Posted: 26 April 2012

Brave FDA toxicologist Dr. Adrian Gross closed his 1985 Congressional testimony with a stunning question: “If the FDA violates its own laws, who is left to protect the people?” Dr. Gross was testifying against the FDA over the carcinogenic toxicity of the chemical sweetener aspartame.

Which law did FDA break? The Delaney Amendment, a law that prohibits putting a cancer causing ingredient in any food or drink. Dr. Gross said because it caused cancer FDA should not be able to set an Allowable Daily Intake. Aspartame’s deadly effects would to be verified by FDA’s list of 92 reactions including four kinds of seizures, blindness, nervous disorders, sexual dysfunction and death which FDA published in tabulation from over ten thousand volunteered consumer complaints. Aspartame was a killer and the FDA knew it.

It is a fact that the National Soft Drink Association protested against the approval of the sweetener for use in soft drinks. Their vigorous expose’ was printed in the 5/7/1985 Senate Congressional Record. We’re talking Coke & Pepsi here! But when it slipped by the FDA their cash registers started ringing so they forgot any consideration of consumer safety.

There was a mountain of scientific research proving aspartame toxicity well known to FDA and, in fact, tried to have the manufacturer indicted for fraud, so how did it get approved? Well it so happens that Donald Rumsfeld, a strong supporter of Ronald Reagan, ran the G. D. Searle Co., maker of aspartame. Our new president owed Donnie a favor, so immediately after his inauguration, that night, he fired the upright FDA commissioner who was going to sign the revoked petition for approval into law. Then Reagan installed his lackey, A. H. Hayes, as our new FDA head. Hayes instantly approved aspartame against the will of FDA’s Board of Inquiry. After the deed he hired on to NutraSweet’s PR firm and nobody heard from him again. Whoever heard of a publicity guru with lockjaw?

This chicanery brought agonizing disability and death Earth wide to millions of unwarned victims, yet FDA swears by aspartame and ignores all adverse scientific evidence. Example: the impeccable award winning three-year study on 1,800 rats conducted at the Italian Ramazzini Institute of Oncology. Dr. Morando Soffritti concluded aspartame is a “multipotential carcinogen.” Two more studies proved it over again. For a short list of scientific research certifying aspartame toxicity see Dr. Mercola’s list of 67 studies going back to 1970 when the University of Washington found aspartame produces “Irreversible degenerative changes and acute neuronal necrosis” Necrosis is death, it kills your nerves, it’s a neurotoxin! http://aspartame.mercola.com/sites/aspartame/studies.aspx

Just announced in 2012 is the Miller School of Medicine study at the University of Miami which followed 2,500 people for nearly a decade and found aspartame-laced soda drinkers are 61% more likely to experience a stroke. Rhymes with Coke! This study which proved that aspartame causes heart attacks and strokes has been ignored by FDA. We here see a mindset common to powerful men and organizations. They don’t admit it when they’re wrong. Captain Francesco Schettino blithely steered the Costa Concordia onto the rocks, assured his passengers there was no danger, ordered wine for his woman, then jumped ship. Sink or swim you suckers! If you trust FDA you may wish to reserve a cabin on Schettino’s next vessel. The Concordia body count of 32 is small change compared to those killed by FDA approved toxic drugs.

The Journal of the American Medical Association laid it on the line: “Adverse drug reactions are the fourth leading cause of death in America. Reactions to prescriptions and over-the-counter medications kill far more people annually than all illegal drug use combined.” VIOXX killed 57,000 Americans, more than the slaughter of the Vietnamese war. Merck knew its painkiller is also a people killer before it was approved, but they got FDA to OK it anyway. Eventually a courageous FDA official, Dr. David Graham, blew the whistle, and VIOXX died too. 50,000 lawsuits cost Merck $4.85 billion plus fines of $950 million including $321 million in criminal penalties. No one went to prison for those crimes! In a 2005 interview with Manette Loudon for Dr. Gary Null, Dr.Graham explained:

“The FDA is not able to adequately protect the American public. It’s more interested in protecting the interests of industry. It views industry as its client, and the client is someone whose interest you represent. … Within the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research about 80 Percent of the resources are geared towards the approval of new drugs and 20 percent is for everything else. Drug safety is about 5 percent. “The gorilla in the living room is new drugs and approval. Congress have also worsened that structure through the Prescription Drug User Fee Act, by which drug companies pay money to the FDA so they will review and approve its drug. “Every day a drug is held up from being marketed represents a loss of 1 million to 2 million dollars of profit. The incentive is to review and approve the drugs as quickly as possible, and not stand in the way of profit-making.”

Read the whole account on the Internet: “FDA Exposed: Interview with Dr David Graham.“ How did FDA respond to Graham’s honesty? Senior execs orchestrated a campaign to keep him from testifying to Congress. Accusing him of junk science, scientific misconduct, naming him a bully, a demigod, anything to destroy his credibility. But the stratagem failed when there wasn’t any evidence. Now he was offered a new job with a fancy title. Rejected! Finally FDA conspired to fire him, an action stopped by Senator Grassley, head of the committee before which he would appear. Subsequently the top brass gave this hero the silent treatment, but he survived as Associate Director for Science and Medicine in the Office of Drug Safety. Think of Dr. David Graham as Whistle Blower in Chief!

Merck burned six billion dollars in the VIOXX fiasco, so how would they recover? Not with $3 pain pills but with $50 vaccinations. Oh glorious vaccine! An international alarm went out warning that tens of millions would die from an H1N1 Flu epidemic similar to the great plague of 1918. Hysteria! Hysteria! Pregnant Women and children first! Dr. Russell Blaylock wrote an urgent warning what would happen to the babies of pregnant women, which I put out immediately. Sure enough women started calling saying soon after the vaccination they miscarried. Regulations were passed exempting vaccines from being tested beforehand, protecting the makers from lawsuits when people sickened or died from it. Local governments required school children and government employees be vaccinated. It was a multi-billion dollar slam-dunk for Merck. The vaccine brought multitudes of miscarriages and a host of grievously damaged babies!

But the pandemic never came. H1N1 was a very mild flu. Prominent doctors called the “pandemic” a complete hoax, a marketing scam to simply sell vaccines. As reported on Fox News, Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, a leading health authority in Europe, said: Drug companies "organized a 'campaign of panic' to pressure the World Health Organization to declare a pandemic. Wodarg called it “one of the greatest medicine scandals of the century”.

Total flu deaths for 2009 were very low. CDC estimated between nine and eighteen thousand, perhaps less than half of the fatalities in a normal flu season. Thousands of the dead had been vaccinated! It didn’t help, but it was a bonanza for Merck and the head of the CDC, Dr. Julie Gerberding, leader of the screaming warnings of a catastrophic flu pandemic, took a sweet job for higher money as president of Merck’s global vaccine operations.

As the hoax fizzled, and countries like Greece, France and the UK cancelled orders, the dilemma was: What to do with all this sewage? Never without a marketing method, vaccinations were soon available in supermarkets at the bargain price of just $25. Dr. Wodarg warned that the full damage from the insufficiently tested vaccines might not be known for years.

The public takes for granted FDA approved drugs are safe. It’s really Russian Roulette. Take Ketek, an antibiotic for minor respiratory infections. John Hanson, M.D, gastroenterologist in Charlotte, NC, had patients who were on the drug for just five days when their livers failed. One suffered liver destruction after three days on Ketek. To sound the alarm Dr. Hanson put an online report in January 2006 in the Annals of International Medicine. His phone started ringing the moment the story appeared from doctors who’d seen similar cases.

One call was from Dr. David Ross, a medical reviewer at the FDA, who tried unsuccessfully to prevent Kerek’s approval. Ross knew something that Dr. Hanson didn’t. “The company submitted fabricated data, FDA knew it and approved the drug anyway”. Many patients in Ketek’s clinical trial didn’t exist, and an FDA higher-up had ordered him not to tell the panel considering whether to approve Ketex. Anne Kirkman Campbell, a Gadsden Alabama weight loss doctor, signed up 400 patients. You see, she was making money, the more the more. Trial protocol required patients come in for three office visits to have blood drawn over five months. By the time of FDA looked into it she was under criminal investigation. She pleaded guilty to a count of mail fraud and got a 57 month sentence. Her work was so riddled with fraud and error that FDA reviewers decided it was useless, but Dr. David Ross was told to say nothing of this to the advisory board, which recommended the drug be approved.

In a telephone interview from the slammer, Campbell told The St. Petersburg Times that Ketex fast-tracked the trial: “They seemed to want to rush you through everything, said Campbell, who had performed a half-dozen clinical trials for other drug makers. “They didn’t care how you did it. They wanted the trial over so they could get the data to the FDA.” In the fall of 2002, when the FDA called to schedule a routine audit, Campbell says, Ketex told her to delay the agent for a week. They flew in two doctors to prep her and four to six girls to go through her files. The company was aware of the fraud but at no time did they attempt to stop it. The real deal is that the Ketex was perfectly content with phony papers as long as an MD signed them. How valid do you think Campbell’s half dozen other “clinical trials” were? When a girl has morals like that the word gets around, I know it did in high school. Was Campbell the only M.D.-of- the-evening they used, or did they keep a little black book?

Hear the fateful words of Dr. Benjamin Rush, Surgeon-General of George Washington's armies and illustrious Signer of the Declaration of Independence: “Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship. To restrict the art of healing to one class of man and deny equal privileges to others will constitute the Bastille of medical science. The constitution of the republic should make special provision for medical freedom as well as religious freedom."

This fateful warning is being realized today as America slides into a medical dictatorship. It’s all about money as you easily confirm as you see the endless TV drug commercials, one after another. Dr. Graham frankly told Manette Loudon: “The culture at the FDA is that it overvalues the benefits of drugs and undervalues the risks. And so the FDA will always say to you, ‘Well, we’re leaving this drug on the market because the benefits exceed the risks’ Well the FDA has never assessed the benefit of any drug that it’s ever approved. Not: Does itt prolong your life? Does it prevent you from having a heart attack? If the FDA were to pull a drug due to safety issues, it would hurt the marketing of the drug. It might also call into question why they approved the drug in the first place. Therefore, you get this culture of cover-up, this culture of suppression, this culture of denial, and this culture that demonstrates above all else that industry is the client and not the American people.”

The April ’08 Reader’s Digest issue contained the must-read report Can We Trust the FDA? which called attention to 714 Chinese factories producing medicines for American consumers. How many were checked by FDA in the year before? Thirteen! That’s right: 13!

The Wall Street Journal Asia reported this on Chinese drug quality: In 2007 and early 2008, a dangerous chemical was intentionally added to heparin, the widely used blood thinner, to fool quality tests. The allergic reactions caused by the chemical were deemed responsible for at least 95 U.S. deaths. Combating counterfeiters in China is a complicated task, mainly because it is an enormously profitable business. According to the World Health Organization, global counterfeit drug sales -- sales of products falsely bearing labels that present them as branded or generic medicines -- may total $75 billion next year. As many as five million Chinese citizens work in the counterfeit market, which includes fake drugs, patent infringement and trademark infringement.

“While the Chinese government might not directly participate in drug counterfeiting, it certainly enables the practice, at a minimum by looking the other way. Fines for counterfeiters are as small as 100 to 4,000 yuan ($15 to $580). Indeed, drug counterfeiting may be a significant part of the economy. According to Chinese anticounterfeiting expert Li Guorong, General Manager of China United Intellectual Property Protection Center, "Counterfeiting is now so huge in China that radical action would crash the economy overnight [and] even destabilize a government where counterfeit factories and warehouses are often owned by local military and political grandees." While it may be far-fetched to believe a strict clampdown on counterfeiting would undermine the entire economy, it might well harm certain sectors and cities, and would be strenuously opposed by the many thousands who make a great living this way.”

Writes Mike Adams, The Health Ranger: “FDA-approved prescription drugs injure 2.2 million and kill approximately 100,000 Americans each year, according to peer-reviewed published studies, and more realistic estimates put the number of deaths at over 200,000 people annually in the United States alone (see Death By Medicine for detailed statistics). Vioxx, appears responsible for the deaths of over 60,000 Americans, and further deaths due to beta-blockers, antidepressant drugs, statins and other medications continue to mount by the hour.

“The FDA body count of American casualties makes the casualties of war look small in comparison. The Vietnam War claimed the lives of approximately 50,000 Americans (plus many more Vietnamese), and a memorial in Washington D.C. honors those who died. But FDA-approved prescription drugs have killed well over a million Americans, yet no memorial will be built, no honors bestowed, and now the FDA would deny the families of those victims their legal right to fight for any sort of compensation.

“It's not like these consumers were killed by enemy gunfire in a foreign land; they were killed by American companies, on American soil, with the full permission and approval of an American regulatory agency! The enemy from within is, indeed, far more dangerous than any foreign threat to the lives of American citizens. Not since World War II have so many Americans died from a single, common, preventable cause, and it almost seems that the FDA has declared war on the American people and is using chemical weapons to win that war.”

But FDA has another war on the front burner: To eliminate natural herbs, food supplements, concentrated vitamins and minerals from American homes.

In 2002 I filed a Citizens Petition for ban of aspartame. The law requires it to be answered within 180 days, but my petition has been ignored for ten years. Their letter said they have more important things to do. So in 2007 I filed an Imminent Health Hazard amendment, which should be answered in 10 days. After a couple of years Michael Delaney actually called from the FDA, said FDA had to clear up old correspondence and noticed of my complaint. I explained it has to be answered in writing. He said, “It’s not going to happen”. I said “I lecture all over the world and I can tell you that people are sick and dying on aspartame.” Delaney responded: “So what, we have to depopulate”.

That says it all! 100 miles from where I sit are the Georgia Guidestones announcing Delaney’s agenda. On a small rise by a highway are four tall granite slabs carved in eight languages with “Guides To An Age of Reason." Erected in 1980, they announce a plan for mankind’s future. The Guide is: “Maintain Humanity At Under 500 Million.” The men who aspire to run the world intend to sacrifice 90 percent of humanity! Delaney agrees. Someone invested a quarter million pounds of fine granite to tell us. Believe them!

With all these dangerous drugs on the market and people dying from them and interaction consider that aspartame damages the mitochondria or powerhouse of the cell and interacts with drugs and vaccines. Aspartame triggers psychiatric and behavioral problems and interacts with “all” antidepressants. It triggers an irregular heart rhythm and interacts with “all” cardiac drugs. It damages the cardiac conduction system and causes sudden death. Aspartame is a seizure triggering drugs and interacts with Dilantin and anti-seizure medication. It interacts with Coumadin and hormones, and on and on. Now understand why so many people die from drug interactions. Two medical texts should be had by every doctor and hospital: Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic by H. J. Roberts, M.D. and Excitotoxins: The Taste that Kills by neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock, M.D. Dr. Roberts 1000 page medical text has a chapter on drug interaction.

Dr. Roberts discusses that aspartame may either reduce or potentiate drug action by various mechanisms. He lists a few of the possibilities.

Dr. Roberts says any drug is suspect of the patient is using aspartame.

FDA banned ephedra because of the death of 23 year old Steve Bechler, a Baltimore Oriole pitcher. This happened in West Palm Beach where Dr. H. J. Roberts lives who wrote the medical text, “Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic”. Dr. Roberts immediately called the medical examiner and asked how many diet sodas was he using, but he had no knowledge. It was obvious Bechler died because he would fast one day, and use diet pop all day the next.

Neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock. M.D. wrote an “Athlete alert” because so many athletes have perished from aspartame. http://www.mpwhi.com/aspartame_and_sudden_death.htm If indeed ephedra was dangerous the FDA would remove it from prescription drugs, but the FDA is protecting Big Pharma.

Dr. John W. Olney was asked by the Ephedra Education Council to review some of the FDA cases. You can read the full report on http://www.ephedrafacts.com The adverse event reports Dr. Olney examined include those reviewed for FDA by Doctors Ricaute and Stoll. Dr. Olney says out of 28 cases, there is not a single case that the expert reviewers rated as having a highly probable causal association with ingestion of Ephedra. In reading some of the cases you see how desperate the FDA was in trying to build a case. As an example there is Case 12860 Dr. Olney reviewed. Here a mother believes her son's behavior has changed since he started taking an unidentified Ephedra product being distributed at a local gym. It seems her son has left his wife who is eight months pregnant, is drinking excessively and has stopped going to church. The son denies he has a problem. It’s hard to decide what is the worst the FDA has done but consider allowing babies and children to have autism and other birth defects when they could have been prevented, as they knew from the beginning aspartame causes them and did not put a warning. Jerome Bressler who authored the Bressler asked me to find information on the two studies the FDA sealed from his report. He said they were the worst and the public needed to be warned. It took several years to finally find them but indeed the studies were teratology, and here the FDA admits aspartame causes birth defects. In the meantime, Dr. Woody Monte had been searching for other studies and recently found them. These four studies he recovered were also teratology with the FDA again admitting aspartame causes birth defects.

The tragic news is that autism is now epidemic and Dr. Monte who just published, “While Science Sleeps” correlates this epidemic to aspartame. According to the book the FDA made a deal with the manufacturer to seal the evidence from the consumer public. Who knows how many millions of babies are disabled or autistic from this toxic brew. Aspartame is also an abortifacient. The new Denmark study showing aspartame can jump preterm babies to 78%.

I have an herbal formal for cancer named for my mother, Eve Geller, who lost her life to cancer which is published in Dr. Leonard Coldwell’s book, “The Only Answer To Cancer”, Resources box on http://www.mpwhi.com The FDA found out where we get the herbs and sent the Forestry to spray his property (illegal). It’s a small town and people know each other. When one of the Forestry men was dying he said to the herbalist, “I’m so sorry. The FDA made us do it. They said they simply couldn’t have cancer cured.” If this doesn’t show you the FDA is not there to protect the American people nothing well.

More horrors: Stuart Pape of the National Yogurt Association has petitioned the FDA to allow aspartame in dairy products and yogurt unlabeled. The FDA refuses to answer my Freedom of Information asking if they allowed it. That’s because they serve above the law. My Citizens Petition to ban aspartame was sent in 2002. They have 180 days to answer it and have ignored it. . In 2007 I filed an imminent health hazard amendment, which should have been answered in a week or ten days. Again, nothing but a letter of having more important things to do. One thing the FDA is too busy to do is protect the American people.

Can it get worse? On July 7, 2009 Obama appointed a Monsanto attorney Michael Taylor as senior advisor to the FDA commissioner. On January 13, 2010 he was appointed to another newly created post at the FDA, Deputy Commissioner for Foods. Michael Taylor is now senior advisor to the commissioner of the FDA. This is the same man that was in charge of FDA policy when GMO's were allowed into the US food supply without undergoing a single test to determine their safety. He was Monsanto's Vice President and chief lobbyist. . He is now America's food safety czar.

When FDA scientists were asked to weigh in on what was to become the most radical and potentially dangerous change in our food supply -- the introduction of genetically modified (GM) foods -- secret documents now reveal that the experts were very concerned. Memo after memo described toxins, new diseases, nutritional deficiencies, and hard-to-detect allergens. They were adamant that the technology carried "serious health hazards," and required careful, long-term research, including human studies, before any genetically modified organisms (GMOs) could be safely released into the food supply.

But the biotech industry had rigged the game so that neither science nor scientists would stand in their way. They had placed their own man in charge of FDA policy and he wasn't going to be swayed by feeble arguments related to food safety. No, he was going to do what corporations had done for decades to get past these types of pesky concerns. He was going to lie.

When the FDA was constructing their GMO policy in 1991-2, their scientists were clear that gene-spliced foods were significantly different and could lead to "different risks" than conventional foods. But official policy declared the opposite, claiming that the FDA knew nothing of significant differences, and declared GMOs substantially equivalent.

This fiction became the rationale for allowing GM foods on the market without any required safety studies whatsoever! The determination of whether GM foods were safe to eat was placed entirely in the hands of the companies that made them -- companies like Monsanto, which told us that the PCBs, DDT, and Agent Orange were safe.

It just keeps getting more insane, and FDA is the asylum. "When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn." Proverbs 29:2

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