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Posted: 16 June 2011

This is in response to the article posted at: http://www.beveragedaily.com/Regulation-Safety/EFSA-defends-aspartame-work-denies-dossier-loss/?c=v1rstJo1ERwvdG32E%2BEfNg%3D%3D&utm_source=newsletter_daily&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Newsletter%2Bdaily

Of course, the reviews were always wrong. How do you look at 30 years of independent studies showing aspartame to be unsafe and an agency say its safe. One review was found to be conducted by one person and Olaf caught them, the European anti-fraud organization. This was done by the Commission on Food, which is no longer because of what they did. Now we have EFSA, and as independent, scientific peer reviewed studies are done they simply refuse to accept them.

No studies were even done in England and the approval was through a business deal with Paul Turner of the existing agency. Parliament had a big blowout and the story was in the Guardian. However, they did not rescind the poison. There is no way to prove aspartame safe. Even the methanol is 35 times too high in the UK and 44 times too high in the US.

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