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Posted: 24 March 2016

This is in response to the article entitled, “Companies Are Working Hard To Get You Addicted To Milk ... And They're Using Aspartame To Do It,” which may be found at:

First of all, all aspartame is suppose to have a PKU warning and according to law must be labeled. If it says "contains phenylalanine", that's a dead giveaway there is probably aspartame in the product. I've asked the FDA many times if they allowed aspartame in dairy products and they refuse to answer even under FOIA (Freedom of Information). Others have told me the same thing. You can go to and get all kinds of recipes and replacements for dairy. Just Like Sugar ( ) makes the best hot chocolate I've ever tasted because they use only organic food, organic dark chocolate and pure organic vanilla bean. You won't find a list of ingredients that are chemicals because they don't exist. They tell me they use dark chocolate to avoid the dairy in milk chocolate. Then they make a strawberry drink but instead of adding milk you can use rice milk and such. It's wonderful tasting too. They are now in the process of manufacturing gum without aspartame. They have already received an award for doing something great for America, making a safe sweetener. See the Just Like Sugar story and you'll see it, and while they made this safe sweetener. I have no financial arrangement with this company and remain unbiased but as Dr. Russell Blaylock said in the Blaylock Wellness Report, "Finally a safe sweetener", and I agree. It was analyzed before Dr. Blaylock endorsed it. So the FDA who has already admitted they are broken and can make no decisions of their own, like what is safe and what is deadly: simply follow what they are told.

What else is new? Might as well as give up pork. Now they want to use Neotame, a more potent aspartame in the feed of swine.

When I started the global volunteer force a quarter of a century ago to alert the world aspartame is a deadly chemical poison that can kill you, I made the statement: "If you don't buy it, they can't sell it." That's what has happened as companies are continuing to remove aspartame and other dangerous sweeteners like sucralose/Splenda, and even other dangerous ingredients. I had to smile when I was buying something in Costco and the label said: "nothing artificial, no preservatives or bad ingredients" - something to this effect. We are making a difference. Diet Pepsi removed aspartame and then added sucralose/Splenda instead, chlorinated sugar if you like bleach. Dr. James Bowen stated that if you go from aspartame to Splenda you will maintain the reactions of aspartame and pick up those of Splenda. Be warned. Pepsi couldn't spend another dime and use something that is a safe food and won't interact with drugs like Just Like Sugar? Shame on Pepsi.

Read on about dairy products and aspartame. When you send your children to school I would send them with something safe to drink, their lunch and this paper for their teachers, principal, PTA, etc. Report for Schools:

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