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Posted: 06 July 2017

This is in response t the article entitled, ď Comments From Physicians In "Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World" which may be found at:

Aspartame simply was never proven safe and can't be because itís a chemical poison. Many have now seen "Sweet Misery" so here are some comments made in interviews from the physicians in the documentary: There is one question everybody asks, and that is why it triggers or precipitates so many diseases. One person will get a brain tumor, another lupus and someone else might get MS. I see Dr. Blaylock answers it here, "We know that aspartame -- because it is poison that affects protein synthesis; because it affects how the synapses operate in the brain; and because it affects DNA -- can affect numerous organs. So you can get a lot of different symptoms that seem unconnected." Dr. James Bowen put it a similar way, that because aspartame damages the mitochondria or the powerhouse of the cell it can be responsible for all types of diseases, You're being poisoned and aspartame ravages every organ in the body.

Jonathan Emord is an attorney who fights the FDA and has always won. I met him some years ago and got some of his books. He wrote a book called "The Rise of Tyranny" about how Federal Agencies abuse power and pose risks to your life and liberty, In it he says: "The Food and Drug Administration is a regulatory leviathan. FDA employs over 12,000 people and regulates products worth more than $1.5 trillion in annual sales. FDA thus regulates 10% of the entire US. economy. Since the mid 1990s a steady stream of FDA scientists have fled the agency's Center for Drug Evaluation and Research when their consciences could no loner condone FDA approval of unsafe drugs, Without exception, each one has explained to Congress and the media that FDA is beholden to the drug industry, that FDA views the industry as its client, and that FDA does the industry's bidding by approving dugs as safe when the evidence reveals them to be unsafe (even to point of condoning death and serious injury)."

Emord further says: "FDA's record is one of silencing scientific criticism, eliminating evidence of dissent, hiding critical reviews of drugs from the public, inciting industry leaders to participate in internal management of the agency's medical reviewers and coordinating with industry leaders to use public resources to defend the reputations of regulated firms. Those forms of corruption recur in case after case with no substantive response from Congress o the President. To say that FDA's Commissioners have gotten away with murder is to speak literally,"

In 2009 several FDA employees confessed FDA to be broken. It continues to be run by Big Pharma and it certainly is the way described by Jonathan Emord. Dr. Arthur Evangelista who use to work for the FDA is one who left because of corruption and admitted he saw them altering files, and he copied those records. I sent them to the media and nobody would publish them and expose the FDA. Later Dr. Evangelista and Dr. James Bowen together wrote this report on the amino acid isolates in aspartame: In Emord's book he discusses FDA Medical Officer Robert Misbin . Misbin told reporter Michel Scherer, "that we have to maintain good relations with the drug companies because they are our customers." FDA receives half their funding from Big Pharma. This is why they continue to lie about aspartame and refuse to ban it even though they know it is mass poisoning the public, and that it was FDA themselves who tried to have the manufacturer indicted and declared aspartame to be a carcinogen and illegally on the market. (Dr. Adrian Gross). The FDA is not there to protect the public.

Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum.
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