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Posted: 02 December 2020

This commentary is in regards to the article entitled, "Johns Hopkins Study Explodes COVID Death Hoax; It's Re-Labeling On A Grand Scale," hicvh may be found at:

Jon Rappoport's article affirms what I have found for three decades. Whenever somebody exposes the lies industry marches in with their excuses. As an example after Dr. Morando Soffritti did three studies on aspartame and cancer, and found it to be a multipotential carcinogen, it was no surprise since the FDA themselves, (Dr. Adrian Gross who at the FDA worked on the investigation) told the Senate aspartame was on the market illegally because it violated the Delaney Amendment . Without a shadow of a doubt it causes cancer. Further, you couldn't set an allowable daily intake. It violated FDA law. So there was complete agreement that it absolutely could not be changed. The evidence was peer reviewed by 7 world experts and Dr. Soffritti received an award only given twice in history, some of the most prestigious studies from the famous Ramazzini Institute. Then Harvard said they had done a study that was the longest and strongest with the same results as the Ramazzini Institute. Within 24 hours the aspartame industry got to Harvard and I kid you not they apologized for publishing the study and changed it from being the strongest to being weak science. Here is the article I wrote about it:

Let's do it again. Former Pfizer chief says pandemic is over: Notice they say there is no need for a vaccine!!! Now they say they have developed a vaccine for Covid: So you go to the fact checkers who say: NEW DELHI: After drugmaker Pfizer's former Vice President and Chief Scientist for Allergy and Respiratory Michael Yeadon claimed that "the pandemic is fundamentally over in the UK," health fact-checker Health Feedback termed his assertions "false". So they even get to the fact checkers: So then the fact checkers get sued:

All part of the modus operandi of the aspartame industry and other powers in an attempt to get the public to believe a lie! Also as you check through history when they lie naturally they are rebutted. Take the Ramazzini Studies, industry using a lie or an excuse. They said the results were because the rats had respiratory illness so you can't believe it. Remember in the movie: Forrest Gump the famous quote: "Stupid is as stupid does". Naturally Dr. Soffritti rebutted such a stupid excuse. He said this was a lifetime study because people get cancer late in life. Respiratory disease is the dying process and the rats were dying. He also made other comments. But industry can't rebut their stupidity so they just don't answer. A red light goes up because they can't rebut the rebuttal, so there is just silence.

Now let's go to Johns Hopkins who says the covid death rate is a hoax. Well they couldn't let people know the truth, as if they didn't already know, but now they says its an accounting error. Below is Jon Rappoport's report on it. When will they stop industry, power and the fake media from lying to the public. You may remember when the fake news showed lines of people outside the hospitals in New York who supposedly had the virus. Jon took a camera and found the hospital to be empty. CNN had to apologize and said they got their tape mixed up with film from Italy. I bet they did. I never watch CNN.

Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum.
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