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Posted: 09 May 2017

This is in response to the article entitled, “Coca-Cola Has Gone Flat - So Should Coke's Largest Shareholder Warren Buffett Finally Sell It All?” which may be found at:

When I think of Coca Cola I think of the National Soft Drink Assn (now American Beverage) protest to the FDA against aspartame. Coke and Pepsi have always known of all the epidemics from their product and gotten away with murder as consumers die of all types of cancers and the carcinogenic brain cancer that the FDA (Dr. Adrian Gross) told Congress made it illegal because it violated the Delaney Amendment. Consumers are also dying from other problems from aspartame which fill medical texts like "Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic", by Dr. H. J. Roberts, "Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills" by Dr. Russell Blaylock and "While Science Sleeps: A Sweetener Kills" by Dr. Woodrow Monte" I think of St. Jude’s filled with babies with brain tumors because the FDA didn't even have the decency to add a pregnancy warning and sealed studies by the manufacturer, G. D. Searle that showed neural tube defects, spina bifida and cleft palate for starters. With all their knowledge they approved Advantame and we don't even know if it will be labeled.

The news is full of articles about health care., Everyone has heard the quote by Benjamin Franklin: "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." The surest way to cut costs is to eliminate disease. Many years ago "Return to Eden", an organic market and health food store in Atlanta decided to help in educating the public against aspartame which has caused an epidemic of so many diseases it fills a medical text of a thousand pages, "Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic".

Dr. Woodrow Monte says in "While Science Sleeps: A Sweetener Kills": “Something very wrong is going on, something that is killing good people and causing untold suffering to families and communities around the world. Never has such a high percentage of the population been afflicted with so many tragic and wasting illnesses. In the past thirty years, a group of diseases has reached epidemic proportions in the United States and many other countries. These diseases include multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, breast cancer, lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis, melanoma, and autism, a once rare birth defect. Mankind endures a plague whose point of origin distinctly coincides with the Food and Drug Administration’s 1981 approval of aspartame an artificial sweetener containing methanol, which is metabolized into deadly formaldehyde within the brain and sinew of all who consume it.” What "Return to Eden" did is ask for 16 of the worst reports on aspartame which they made into a booklet called "Killer Cola". They see about 2000 people a day and in every bag went a brochure. It was identifying so much disability and death triggered by aspartame that people came in and got them by the handfuls. Thousands and thousands of these brochures were released to the public. In about 60 days the owner called me, Wendy. She said, "You're not going to believe what is going on!" I told her I already knew as just that day I opened my door and a woman fell into my arms crying, 'I was blind and now I can see again'. The methanol in aspartame blinds but if its in the "wet stage" the blind can get their sight back. Dr. Woodrow Monte took aspartame all the way to the Supreme Court on the issues of blinding and seizures. We know how politics stops progress when it comes to protecting the public, and that applies to the court system.

Wendy went on to tell me how thousands were coming in, calling and faxing. She said people who had been going to doctors for years with problems suddenly woke up well after getting off aspartame. People with MS were walking out of wheelchairs. People with excruciating fibromyalgia (aspartame hardens the synovial fluids and the whole toxic mess causes joint pain) could walk again without pain. Lupus symptoms vanished. Some diabetics found out they weren't even diabetic, that it was aspartame raising blood sugar which now has been proven on scientific peer reviewed studies. Thousands of sick and disabled simply woke up well after getting off aspartame. A physician came into Return to Eden with a lot of papers and said, "Before Dr. Morgan Raiford died he told me if anyone ever is successful against aspartame to give them these papers." In them was Dr. Raiford's paper on how people could regain their sight off aspartame, Aspartame ravages every organ in the body. People have been prosecuted for methanol poisoning and put in prison when aspartame was the culprit. Consider how many thousands went blind or died during prohibition because of wood alcohol (methanol). They still are from aspartame.

Why do the manufacturers fight so hard to keep this chemical poison on the market? Because removed people all over the world would wake up well, free of the disability and suffering, and they would know what poisoned them just like what happened to thousands and thousands who read the Killer Kola brochure,.

Millions die from drug interaction because aspartame damages the mitochondria, the powerhouse of the cell, and interacts with drugs and vaccines. It happened to me: I stopped breathing on three occasions. Now they putting aspartame in so many generic drugs that all gastrointestinal generics have aspartame according to a physician. A generic drug is supposed to be like the brand so if they made a generic for say Pepcid it’s a little white pill you pop in your mouth. What they are doing is making these melt in your mouth pills so they can add aspartame to it and say its needs to be sweetened. Take drugs like Maxalt for headache. Headache is #1 on the FDA list of 92 symptoms. So you go to the doctor and tell him you have a headache that won't go away and he prescribes Maxalt and it has aspartame in it. The manufacturer was told and told and told and refused to remove it, and all pharmaceutical companies know about aspartame. So a study was done which showed the consumer gets worse with Maxalt and still they refuse to remove it. Obviously people were getting lawyers on it because all of a sudden the Supreme Court said you could no longer sue against generic drugs: Anyone going to a hospital has to put aspartame on their allergy list. In reality, Dr. Russell Blaylock once said at a lecture, "understand the reactions to aspartame are not allergic but toxic like arsenic and cyanide". It's a chemical poison and no consumer using it is not affected. It's cumulative. Doctor’s hands are tied because most have no idea it interacts with drugs because they have been lied to and told it’s an additive.

Some years ago a consumer was poisoned with aspartame who worked for Blue Cross. He told me he asked them why they didn't sue because they are having to pay the claims. He was told, "If we sue we won't be able to charge these high premiums." It's a devil's world. The FDA won't do anything and even admitted they couldn't do anything when 9 FDA employees admitted in 2009 they were broken. In other words, they are run by Big Pharma. So the FDA knowing about aspartame since they tried to have the manufacturer indicted and revoked the petition for approval until G. D. Searle hired Don Rumsfeld to get it on the market, now has approved Advantame which could end up being worse than aspartame. It's half aspartame and half Vanillin which many times is made with aspartame, genetically engineered, and there are some articles about interaction.

Can you imagine aspartame being removed and millions waking up well from their suffering and disease? Aspartame is genocide as Dr. James Bowen has pointed out and violates the domestic genocide code: Imagine millions being well instead of suffering from aspartame, and health care not needed. Read on for this article on Coca Cola. Boycott soda period and products by Coke and Pepsi who have known from the beginning that aspartame is deadly and used it anyway. Pepsi even admitted they were removing it because of these health claims, then profit became more important and they put it back in.

Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum.
Founder, Mission Possible World Health International
9270 River Club Parkway
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