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Posted: 13 March 2004

To: Attorney.general@state.mn.us,Kristen.Olsen@state.mn.us

Subject: Letter to Attorney General and Assistant Attorney General, State of Minnesota

Re: Aspartame in Schools, American Water Star

Dear Attorney General Hatch and Kristen Olsen:

I am responding to your letter to Mr. --------- of March 1, 2004. The reason I'm writing is you referred this man to the FDA, and its not common knowledge their part in the aspartame controversy. For 16 years the FDA not only refused to approve aspartame but also asked that Searle, the original manufacturer, be indicted for "their willful and knowing failure to make reports to the FDA required by the Act 21, U.S.C. 355 (i) and for concealing material facts and making false statements in reports of animal studies conducted to establish the safety of aspartame." under Title 18, Section 1001. Even though both U.S. Prosecutors Sam Skinner and William Conlon hired on with the defense team, Sidley and Austin, and the statute of limitations expired, no FDA Commissioner would allow approval. At the time Don Rumsfeld (now Secretary of Defense) was CEO of Searle, and they had spent millions on a NutraSweet plant and had 9 million in inventory of aspartame. So he said he would call in his markers and get it approved anyway. This statement is not only in the 8 month investigation of aspartame by UPI but also in the congressional hearing on aspartame in l985. He was on President Reagan's transition team and the day after he took office he appointed an FDA Commissioner who would approve the toxin, Arthur Hull Hayes. A Board of Inquiry was set up of the finest scientists the FDA had to offer and they said aspartame was not safe and causes brain tumors, and the petition for approval of aspartame was hereby revoked. Dr. Hayes over-ruled the Board of Inquiry and then went to work for the PR Agency of the manufacturer at $1000.00 a day and has refused to talk to the press ever since.

So aspartame was never proven safe, it was only a political ploy that got it approved. The day it was approved the FDA started lying to the public and saying aspartame was save. But nothing had changed except Donald Rumsfeld had been successful in calling in his markers and getting a deadly neurotoxic drug approved for human consumption. Even in congressional hearings in l987, FDA toxicologist, Dr. Jacqueline Verrett said at this point aspartame had not been proven safe. She confessed she was told not to be concerned about the validity of the studies, and remarked if aspartame in all these foods is based on these studies, its a disaster. She said all studies were built on a foundation of sand and should be thrown out. There were three congressional hearings because of the outrage of consumers suffering horrific symptoms, seizures, blindness, MS symptoms, brain tumors and neurodegenerative diseases for starters. However, in l985 Monsanto bought Searle and they paid Senators like Orrin Hatch. So a bill that would have caused a moratorium on aspartame and had the National Institutes of Health do independent studies on the problems being seen in the population never got out of committee. It would have required studies on aspartame's effect on the fetus, behavioral problems, especially in children, drug interactions and even seizures.

In the mailed copy of this letter I'm enclosing the original Board of Inquiry Report attesting that aspartame is not safe. I'm also enclosing the famed Dr. John Olney's testimony to the Board of Inquiry. Dr. Olney is one of the most famous neuroscientists in the world today and founded the field of neuroscience called excitotoxicity. An excitotoxin is a product that literally stimulates the neurons of the brain to death causing brain damage. Neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock, M.D., wrote the book on it, Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills, http://www.russellblaylockmd.com Olney testified to the Board of Inquiry what would happen to the brains of our children if aspartame were approved and I'm enclosing that too. Unfortunately, the prophecy has been fulfilled. What we are seeing is ADD, ADHD, autism, Tourettes, etc., and our children are medicated instead of educated. Aspartame causes a reduction in IQ.

News is constantly being made about the obesity of our children. Psychiatrist Ralph Walton, M.D., wrote "Food seeking behavior and satiety are driven by an area of the brain known as the hypothalamus. Stimulation of the medial hypothalamus in a laboratory rat leads to eating. Stimulation of the lateral hypothalamus leads to satiety and cessation of eating. Placing a lesion in the lateral hypothalamus produces an obese rat. The lateral hypothalamus is driven by serotonin. There are many papers in the current literature demonstrating that antidepressants which increase serotonin (but not antidepressants which act on other neurotransmitters) are useful in treating binge eating disorders. I believe that consuming large amounts of aspartame decreases the availability of serotonin and is thus analogous to placing a lesion in the lateral hypothalamus. Although much of this work is recent, clinical suggestions that aspartame can lead to a paradoxical increased appetite date back to Blunder's work of l986. An evolving view in modern psychiatry is that although depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, panic disorder, impulse control disorders and eating disorders have historically been viewed as separate entities, in fact they should be viewed as a continuum of disorders all involving some degree of dysregulation of serotonin. I believe at this time there is overwhelming evidence that aspartame contributes to this dysregulation."

If you read the protest of the National Soft Drink Association on http://www.dorway.com, you will see Dr. Wurtman's affidavit that aspartame makes you crave carbohydrates so you gain weight. Also, the Trocho Study in l998 shows the formaldehyde converted from the methanol alcohol in aspartame accumulates in the cells and damages DNA with most toxicity in the liver (so its hard to even lose weight), but substantials amounts in the adipose tissue (fat cells), kidneys, retina and brain. If you want to get fat NutraSweet is where it's at. That's why there is a bill now trying to prevent consumers from suing manufacturers over obesity. They know what has caused this epidemic in my opinion.

But we also see in children an epidemic of diabetes. H. J. Roberts, M.D., who wrote the medical text on the global plague of Aspartame Disease - called Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic, http://www.sunsentpress.com or 1-800-827-7991, is a diabetic specialist. He says aspartame can precipitate diabetes, stimulates and aggravates diabetic retinopathy and neuropathy, can cause diabetics to go into convulsions and even interacts with insulin. It also keeps blood sugar out of control and destroys the optic nerve.

But the worst problem is aspartame triggers an irregular heart rhythm and interacts with all cardiac medication. It damages the cardiac conduction system and causes sudden death. And you only have about 7 minutes to save the consumer. You're hearing about all these athletes dropping dead. It's not ephedra, which has been used for thousands of years, and the FDA knows it. Every time we are able to check they have been on aspartame/NutraSweet/Equal. And this is happening to athletes in grade school. The last little child to drop dead was 6 years old. Go to http://www.wnho.net and click on aspartame, and read about sudden death.

So if American Water Star is allowed to sell aspartame water in schools the plague visiting on these kids can cause in them brain tumors, reduced IQ, behavioral problems, blindness, learning disorders, seizures, headaches, obesity, diabetes, drug interaction, memory loss, confusion, loss of concentration, neurological problems and DEATH. And if they get to grow up aspartame can build up in their system and destroy their chance of having normal offspring. When you damage DNA you're talking about survival of the human race.

Dr. Louis Elsas, Pediatric Professor, genetics, who worked for Emory University testified to congress that aspartame causes birth defects and mental retardation. (http://www.dorway.com ) Aspartame interacts with just about every drug used to treat the problems it causes. See the FDA report of 92 symptoms enclosed.

Dr. James Bowen wrote in Aspartame Murders Infants in violation of the Federal Domestic Genocide Law, "Aspartame is sold as NutraSweet and Equal and is in thousands of foods and diet drinks. At every point in the fertility process aspartame destroys, beginning with the gleam in Mom and Pop's eyes, it ruins female sexual response and induces male sexual dysfunction. Beyond this, aspartame disrupts fetal development by aborting it or inducing defects. And if a live child is born aspartame may have heinously damaged the DNA of the baby, cursing future generations." Aspartame destroys entire families.

They recently made a movie about aspartame titled, Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World. In this movie they filmed Diane Fleming serving 50 years in a Troy, Virginia prison because her husband died from aspartame. He played basketball four times a week and used 10 diet drinks a day. The police saw the methanol poisoning on his autopsy and thought she poisoned him. It is that chronic methanol poisoning that affects the dopamine system of the brain and causes the addiction of our children. Methanol is classified as a narcotic.

Why is it still on the market? For the same reason as tobacco: addiction, profit and greed. They want to addict our children. Don't let them. I wrote a Citizen's Petition for ban of aspartame to the FDA. The law requires that it be answered in 180 days. It's based on the fact I have the government documents showing aspartame is a chemical poison and the FDA is lying to the people. It has now been almost two years and the FDA refuses to answer it. They violated the law to approve aspartame and they keep it on the market by serving ABOVE the law. And they don't register all the post marketing research. In Congress it was admitted that the FDA was trying so hard to get rid of aspartame complaints they were sending them to the AIDS Hotline.

The children of Minnesota can't speak for themselves. If you allow American Water Star to hustle poisoned water on our kids, and they start dropping dead, how would you feel? You can prevent this now. I'm sending the proof of toxicity. Everything is a matter of public record. Will you save these children? You're the one who can do it. Aspartame is an illegal drug. By law additives have to be inert. Aspartame is about as inert as nitroglycerin.

Respectfully, Dr. Betty Martini, Founder
Mission Possible International
9270 River Club Parkway
Duluth, Georgia 30097

Government documents being sent under separate cover

CC: Minnesota Department of Education
1500 Highway 36 West
Roseville, Mn 55113-4226