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Posted: 28 December 2007

There is no reason to put aspartame (NutraSweet/Equal/Spoonful/Canderel/E951/Benevia, etc.) in an IV. It was approved as a sweetener and additive although we know its an addictive excitoneurotoxic carcinogenic drug which interacts with all drugs and vaccines because of damage to the mitochondria.

If it is absolutely necessary to have x-rays with dye and/or barium it can do very serious harm, it could be fatal to the person who is phenylketonuric. I found out the hard way about the barium using a banana barium product and had heart palpitations for 6 hours. It wasn't that I hadn't checked as it was marked saccharin, but I knew it was aspartame. I called the people who argued it being saccharin but I keep asking to speak to others and finally someone admitted it was aspartame and since people didn't like it, it was labeled saccharin. This is why we tell people who are aspartame if you want to be safe do not use processed foods, aspartame is hard to avoid and trust no one. I was on Bill Boshears radio program one day and someone from the schools called in and said he had quit because they were putting aspartame in the food.

After I was poisoned on the aspartame to have a CAT scan some years I was contacted by Dr. Sandra Lance who told me she had on good authority that aspartame is in all barium. There was a cancer patient that needed diagnostic x-rays and they didn't know what to do. You can understand why I work so hard to get this deadly chemical poison banned.

Dr. Russell Blaylock told us MSG is even in some IV's. Remember there is absolutely no reason to put a sweetener or flavor enhancer in an IV because you don't taste it, so its done only because of malice. Anyone responsible for putting MSG and aspartame in an IV would have to be emphatically amoral with the intent to cause disability and death.

Unfortunately, the FDA or as I call them, the Fatal Drugs Allowed folks, originally tried to have Searle who first made aspartame indicted for fraud, and then revoked the petition for approval. They fought to keep aspartame off the market and even though Searle sued them the FDA did not concede. Aspartame is on the market because of Donald Rumsfeld who was CEO at the time. Today FDA is the aspartame industry's biggest protector and puppet. They have betrayed the public trust and been responsible for massive disability and death. So we can't look to them for help, although I'm sending them a copy. They are Big Pharma's Washington Branch Office.

I would tell those in other countries to make sure if you use barium and IV dye that it does not come from America. Furthermore, the companies should be contacted and it should proven anything used is free of this poison before using it. I don't know what the doctor did trying to get the cancer victim x-rayed that Dr. Lance called about.

I recently had an MRI and refused IV dye and I'm very glad. Even though I would never use aspartame intentionally I have at times accidentally gotten it like when the Waffle House at sugarfree (aspartame) syrup in their container and I broke out in hives immediately, and of course in the barium.

Anyone being asked to have x-rays with barium and/or IV dye should give this letter to their physician and insist on checking out any IV dye or barium product. Also remember Dr. Blaylock's comments in "Health & Nutrition Secrets to Save Your Life", about the necessity of magnesium in the IV during surgery to avoid strokes and cardiac problems.

Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum.
Founder, Mission Possible World Health International
9270 River Club Parkway
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