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Posted: 07 January 2008

You may recall I posted a letter from Dr. Goyan's wife, Laura Hart: This had to do with the call he got in the middle of the night by the Reagan Transition Team to resign. The reason was he would not over-rule the Board of Inquiry and would never allow aspartame on the market. As his wife said she heard "he had to go". From articles he appears to have been a great man and would have changed things to cause more safety in drugs and additives. Indeed he was a "good" FDA Commissioner so they had to get rid of him.

Thanks to Lane Shore, Mission Possible Chicago, we now have more articles that were written about him. Attached at the bottom of this page are three articles. Just a bit more of the puzzle.

Rumsfeld and Arthur Hull Hayes need to be investigated. In fact, today Adrian Chang made these comments:

"Get the Democrat-controlled Congress to initiate an investigation and hearing on how it got FDA approved with the influence of Donald Rumsfeld. I think they would be very open to this, especially in an election year. Also, this would possibly draw more media attention to the product, especially if you get our medical experts giving testimony and hearings are often televised nationally."

Of course, every member of Congress needs a copy of "Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World" because James Turner tells the whole story. Also it might stir up an investigation of why the Executive Order by Reagan making the FDA powerless to do anything about aspartame was stricken from the records which is illegal. Maybe they can call it Rumsfeld-Reagan-Hayes - GATE. Also it would bring to the attention of the public that Searle's studies were so fraudulent that the worst 20% of the Bressler Report was deleted and so far FDA has refused to hand it over even though the FDA audit or Bressler Report is suppose to be public information. If all Congress saw the movie it also might help free Diane Fleming who is still in prison for poisoning her husband, Charles, although it has been established by aspartame expert affidavits that he died from.

It has been rumored that President Jimmy Carter knew the dangers of aspartame and Rumsfeld's part in attempting to get it on the market knowing it's a poison. These records need to be found. There is supposedly something in the congressional record.

Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum.
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