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Posted: 21 June 2017

I'm delighted to see we are almost there having a device that will identify poison in your food before you buy. Aspartame requires a PKU warning and its being added undeclared, against the law. What if a woman is pregnant and gets aspartame unknowingly. She could have an autistic baby or even lose it because aspartame not only causes birth defects but is an abortifacient.

Below is a translation of the article entitled, Un'App Per Riconoscere Alimenti Contraffatti O Contaminati, which may be found at:

Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum.
Founder, Mission Possible World Health International
9270 River Club Parkway
Duluth, Georgia 30097

Aspartame Toxicity Center:

It is not science fiction but the future of food control: a small device that will allow us to analyze the food on the spot of our spending and will be able to reveal such hidden scams or contaminants. The LED device already has a prototype, created with laser technology and implemented by ' Aeneas. Antonio Palucci, the head of the team behind the device, says that it took years of parallel study of both the lase technology is its interaction with matter nel'ambito of art and environment and flows into the great basin of safe food. The new technique allows to analyze a material without which its molecules are altered in any way and also enables to acquire the results immediately.

The analyzed materials may be in any physical state, solid, liquid or gaseous. The device will be a very useful ally against the fight against fraud in the food sector, and in fact after the news of his creation already many food companies have shown interest in its purchase to check for their raw products. In addition to businesses, including school canteens, hospital and company could gain significant benefits from its use. The project of 'Enea is part of a loan of 3 million Euros wanted by the Ministry of Economic Development.

The device discovers histamine in fish, adulterated oil and more

The inquiring device can detect the presence of toxic and hazardous substances in foods, such as histamine in fish or melamine in milk powder.

Identify the presence of histamine is essential since the toxic molecule is formed if the fish is old or poorly preserved and caused over the years a number of serious poisoning, some recorded just the past few weeks. Unfortunately histamine is not destroyed by cooking, and the only defense is its prior location. Even the presence of sweeteners in foods can be quantified since the device is able to dose the concentration of fructose, glucose, aspartame and sucrose and this is especially important because often these components are not declared in the labels. You can mark the presence of vegetable oils low quality added extra virgin olive oil and also the content of methanol in wine .

The control App

The research team is now trying to make portable devices for general use or even directly ' App for smartphonesto make its simple and immediate use. They will leave shortly scholarships for young researchers will take advantage of laboratories and kitchens in which to analyze the foods with sophisticated equipment. The research results will be disseminated to all on the web so as to start a first network on food information circulating in our country, before you can make use of the App dedicated.