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Posted: 23 September 2008

You may recall the so-called Burdock Study/Magnuson. This was funded by Ajinomoto, aspartame manufacturer, using their flacks. Here Mark Gold of the Aspartame Toxicity Center, rebuts this study perfectly exposing this propaganda:

The New Zealand team has certainly done an incredible job at alerting the public and with sales of Diet Coke and other aspartame products going down, Coke sent in Bernadene using the usual propaganda. Everyone knows that the amino acids which are genetically engineered in aspartame, aspartic acid and phenylalanine, are an excitotoxin and neurotoxin. While they are present in our food, accompanied with the other 18 amino acids we metabolize into proteins, they are safe. But if isolated they're toxic, as also is glutamic acid, found in MSG. The methanol as Abby Cormack brings out is free and unbound. It converts to formaldehyde, a Class A carcinogen, and embalms living tissue. I notice Bernadene forgets to mention the molecule breaks down to DKP, a brain tumor agent.

Bernadene tries to discredit the prestigious Ramazzini Studies which were peer reviewed by 7 world experts by saying other regulatory agencies discredit it. We all know the power of industry and regulatory agencies and she fails to state that the European Food Safety Authority finally confessed they were pressured by industry to highjack science. That was after Dr. M. Soffritti rebutted their stupidity and put them to shame. I wonder how Bernadene will explain that the FDA's toxicologist admitted to Congress that aspartame causes cancer over two decades ago.

Abby brought out that 92% of independent studies show the problems that aspartame causes. One of the funniest things Bernadene Magnuson tried to get away with was saying it depends on how you do the studies. I guess she had no excuse for independent unbiased studies almost always showing the problems. Yes, we know all about how industry does studies. You have to remember that the FDA tried to indict the manufacturer for fraud based on the way they were doing studies, like excising brain tumors from rats and filtering out neoplasms, and anything they didn't want the FDA to see.

Here's an example of how aspartame manufacturers do studies:

Scientific Abuse in aspartame seizure studies:

Scientific Abuse in aspartame headache/migraine research:

Scientific Abuse in aspartame Parkinson research:

Here is the email to the TV station: I hope all aspartame victims reading this will send them feedback on what aspartame has done to them.

Congratulations Abby. Well done!

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