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23 Apr 2014 - Military Suicides: Psychiatry's Greatest Secret Experiment

21 Apr 2014 - Air Force Captain Beat Up By Cop For Being In His Own Home [Has an embedded video on the web page]

14 Apr 2014 - Unemployed Veteran: ‘We’re Not Looking For Special Handouts’ [Has an embedded video on the web page]

07 Apr 2014 - Yummy! Scientists Say Antioxidant In Cocoa Stops Weight Gain And Lowers Blood Sugar

03 Apr 2014 - The Air Force Continues To Persecute Its Christians

03 Apr 2014 - HIPPIE DOWN: Bad-Ass Marines Take American Flag From Hippie Protester [Has an embedded video on the web page]

03 Apr 2014 - Update: Police Officer Who Shot WWII Veteran Charged With Class IV Felony [Good he should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the Law and if found guilty should be given the maximum penalty allowed!]

02 Apr 2014 - Will Obama Use His Pen And Phone To Save Veterans’ Lives Or Just His Egotistical Legacy?

02 Apr 2014 - Veteran Told She Wasn’t Right For Job At Macy’s Because She Served In Afghanistan

28 Mar 2014 - Billboard Confronts Air Force Censorship Of Religion: 'Are You Free To Say So Help Me God?'

28 Mar 2014 - Butte College Instructor Calls Veterans Unteachable, Study Refutes Claim [Is this just this IDIOT’S opinion or does it represent what the school’s philosophy? If it is just hers then she should be FIRED. If it is the school’s then the school should be boycotted!]

24 Mar 2014 - Military Declares War On The Gideons

24 Mar 2014 - Military Groups Blast Republicans For Killing A Bill To Support Veterans

21 Mar 2014 - WW2 Hero Refuses Medical Care, So Cops Kill Him In His Nursing Home

18 Mar 2014 - Congress Wants Answers On USAFA Religious Liberty Incident

18 Mar 2014 - Air Force: Christians’ Religious Speech Not Legally Protected Right [They must have a different Constitution from the rest of us]

07 Mar 2014 - Mansions Of The Lord [Has an embedded video on the web page]

04 Mar 2014 - Vietnam Veterans Sue Military Over PTSD

03 Mar 2014 - VA Destroys Veterans' Records Rather Than Treating Them

03 Mar 2014 - US Senate Sinks To A New Low – Holding Veterans Hostage

28 Feb 2014 - VA Data Breach Compromises Veteran’s Private Information While Using Facebook

28 Feb 2014 - Study Confirms Air Crews’ Exposure To Agent Orange

28 Feb 2014 - California College Student Wins Settlement In Free Speech Case

27 Feb 2014 - Veteran/Second Amendment Supporters Take Over Anti-Gun Rights Meeting! [Good for them for doing the right thing and taking a stand against those who would take away our rights to defend ourselves!]

26 Feb 2014 - Department Of Veterans Affairs Employees Destroyed Veterans’ Medical Records To Cancel Backlogged Exam Requests

25 Feb 2014 - Pentagon Budget Slashes Benefits [All veterans were given promises and now the government is taken them back! Since they want to cut something, let them cut their own paychecks!!]

25 Feb 2014 - Deceitful Department Of Veterans Affairs' Body Count On The Rise

25 Feb 2014 - Lt. Col. Ralph Peters: Military Cuts Make 'No Sense'

24 Feb 2014 - George W. Bush: I Have A Duty To War Vets

24 Feb 2014 - NY Times: Obama To Propose Shrinking Military To 'Pre-World War II Level’

21 Feb 2014 - Funeral Services For 86 Year Old Vet, Beaten And Stabbed In Attack…Update: Murder Charges Withdrawn Because Death Due To ‘Complications From Surgery’

20 Feb 2014 - President Obama's War On The Military Continues [Has an embedded video on the web page]

14 Feb 2014 - Veteran Cuts Down US Flag Flown Under Mexican Flag In Reno: “I Took This Flag Down In Honor Of My Country” [Has an embedded video on the web page]

11 Feb 2014 - Starbucks Bans Amputee Veteran’s Service Dog

11 Feb 2014 - When Will Veterans Affairs Tell American Taxpayers About Their Wasteful Spending?

10 Feb 2014 - Disabled Veteran Denied Service At Starbucks

06 Feb 2014 - Texas: Senior Master Sgt. Monk Says, ‘Thank You’

06 Feb 2014 - Hey Obama...The G.I. Bill Is NOT Welfare And The IRS Is Indeed Corrupt

30 Jan 2014 - Our Veterans Died Fighting Against What America Is Tolerating

30 Jan 2014 - Retired General: Obama Hypocritical To Use Army Vet On SOTU

30 Jan 2014 - Oregon Man Scams Veterans Out Of Wages, Some Left Destitute [Has an embedded video on the web page]

24 Jan 2014 - The American Legion To VA: Protect Veterans Personal Information

22 Jan 2014 - Michelle Obama: Hanoi Jane's My Role Model [Evil patterning itself after evil!]

20 Jan 2014 - Veterans Backlash Against Obama – We’ve Had Enough!

20 Jan 2014 - Embarrassed Department Of Veterans Affairs Retaliates Against Disabled Veteran Activist – Hear The Audio Evidence Here

14 Jan 2014 - VA Under Fire For Proposed Disability Filing Rule

13 Jan 2014 - Cutting Veterans Pensions vs Cupboard Is Bare

13 Jan 2014 - Vets Groups Slam Obama Administration’s Proposed VA Disability Filing Rule

07 Jan 2014 - USDA-Approved Agent Orange Ingredient: Coming To A Farm Near You

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