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31 January 2005

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Aspartame is not only used in food, per se, but is also used in pharmaceutical products. You might be surprised by the number of products that contain aspartame. A sample research project was initiated in April 1994, with requests to companies that produce pharmaceuticals. A number of companies failed to respond to a request for information. Some companies did respond. Pumping aspartame into children is a priority:

Johnson and Johnson Pharmaceuticals:

Lederle Laboratories:

McNeil Consumer Products: The following McNeil Products contain aspartame:

Miles Incorporated: The following Miles products contain aspartame:

A.H. Robbins Company, Inc: The following Robbins product contains aspartame:

Bristol-Myers Squibb Company: The following BMS product contains aspartame:

Mead Johnson Nutritionals: The following MJN products contain aspartame:

Glaxo Pharmaceuticals: The following Glaxo product contains aspartame:

Bio-Pharmaceutics: The following Bio-Pharmaceutics products contain aspartame:

Pennex Products: The following Pennex Products subsidiaries manufacture products containing aspartame: (Most introduced in 1987):

Whitehall Labs: The following Whitehall Labs product contains aspartame:

Cenci Powder: The following Cenci products contain aspartame:

H & PC Products: The following H&PC product contains aspartame:

L.Perrigo: The following subsidiary product lines contain aspartame:

Hall Laboratories: The following Hall Labs products contain aspartame:

Mediguard: The following Mediguard product contains aspartame:

Equate: The following Equate product contains aspartame:

Meijer: The following Meijer product contains aspartame:

Perrigo: The following additional Perrigo product contains aspartame:

Raley's: The following Raleys product contains aspartame:

Lifeline Nutritional: The following subsidiary lines contain aspartame:

P.Leiner: The following Leiner subsidiary products contain aspartame:

Pharmavite Corp:


REFERENCES Data obtained from Aspartame Research Group forwarded to Leading Edge Research.

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