By Tom Braun

Posted: 26 September 2004

Note: The mind is a tool. It obeys your every belief and earnest desire and submits to your thoughts. If you think you will die at sixty, it prepares you for the grave and all your activities slowly diminish to fulfill your thoughts. If you believe you will live to 120, it works and plans to sustain you, even helping you plan your doings that will give life and vitality. Ask most people in their sixties or seventies what they have planned for the future and it will reveal what they believe about aging. It will reveal that they think they are nearing the end, and all their activities are aiming in that direction too, namely the grave. Watch your thoughts, then replace the wrong ones with the right ones. Try it. You'll be amazed.


PREFACE: According to some teachings, man's life-span should be filled with vitality and vibrant health throughout approximately 120 years. As it is, man's average life-span is in the 70s. What are we doing that denies us these extra years of bountiful life? Robust life should be the norm, not the exception. As it is, by forty and usually no later than fifty years of age, man is plagued with every type of physical discomfort, illness and disease which limit is joy. Though alive-perhaps mucking along, men's ill health consumes his energy and time, and life is not the joy men had hoped for.

ASKING THE QUESTION: I recently began studying and pondering man's ill health, and asked in prayer to receive further light and knowledge about the nature of a healthy body, knowledge that would be all encompassing and give to man guidance, even a sure formula whereby his health of body, mind and spirit will be perfect according to the perfectness of the Earth from which temporal man came. The following is what I received in answer to my pondering and prayer:

ANSWERS ABOUT THE LAWS OF CREATION: All things have manifested and are sustained in their natural order or state by obedience to law. Every condition of man has its origin in obedience or disobedience of natural law. If man would have a blessing he must obey the law upon which the blessing becomes manifest. The blessing of perfect health becomes manifest by obeying the laws of nature that made man. All illness comes from breaking the laws natural to man, both spiritual and temporal laws. A man might obey temporal laws, but when he breaks spiritual laws, ill health will yet come upon him in consequence of his thoughts, words and deeds. A man might do all things right for temporal health and yet suffer.

HEALTH OF SPIRIT: Spiritual health becomes manifest when men walk in love and do all things from love, which is pure intent. Godly love of self and others is a wellspring of health rising up within to bless they who have love and they who are loved, equally. Compassion and kindness in thought word and deed manifest equally in the giver and the receiver and blesses the lives of both.

Peace of spirit, mind and emotion are fruits of radiant health and conquer many ills which manifest in the body. He who is serene, calm, quiet, tranquil, unworried, unafraid and walks in "the peace that passes all understanding," (which results from being thankful and trusting God's wisdom and his purposes for man) shines and radiates like a healing light within and without.

Thoughts of want, lack, anger, hate, lust, fear and depression kindle an unquenchable fire that burns within to consume both spirit and body and is not quenched until overcome by love, trust and right thinking. Man's ill thoughts and emotions are the harbingers of ills and woes that plague a man until they consume both mind and body, and thereby grieve the spirit. If your thoughts are pure, you are pure. If your thoughts are debased you are debased. By your thoughts your very being is either a pollution or a vibrant river flowing endlessly like seas to oceans returning to seas, one eternal round of health and vitality never ending.

EARTH LIFE/POLLUTION: The world was once the giver of perfect health for man and all creatures. But in these days of excess and pollution of mind, words, deeds, sunshine, air, water and ground, the earth is hard pressed to bring forth uncorrupted fruits. When these fruits are consumed by man they corrupt man equal to their pollution. Today, even the very sunshine, air, water and earth cry for relief from man's base doings.

The sun shines to bless life, yet because the very air is a pollution, corrupting the sun's life-giving force-altering the air and the sun's beneficence-men's days are days of woe. The air men breath is the giver of vibrant life, yet today's air is the very cause of every ill known to man. Clean the air and let the life-force that is in sunshine come through to bless the air, the fruit, and man, until then, man's health will suffer.

Water, the pure water of air and sunshine unpolluted, sustains life and is a relief to the body and the carrier of all waste back to the earth to be renewed. When your water is impure the whole world suffers for want of purity. In this age of man, water that was pure-the giver of life-has become the carrier of sickness and death. Purify you water, even as your mind, and restore your life.

ALL IS ONE: All things are connected and joined; all things are affected by one, and by one are all things affected. Drinking and bathing in pure water, sun and air, combined with pure thoughts words and deeds, bestows life and vitality and consumes many ills, even as a river cleanses as it flows.

ABOUT NATURE: Man's carnal nature (the body of man) is subject to every woe. Nature is life and death by design, with purpose, and blesses man in ways unknown. Life by design is life and death and both are a blessing. It is through life and death, or carnal nature, that man learns the lessons for which life came to be. No man is perfect while in nature yet nature serves man perfectly.

Men's bodies desire, of their own intelligence, the pure life-giving forces found abundantly in nature. When those life-forces are altered or destroyed the body suffers. The earth gives to man, at the cost of his labor, every herb and plant with its life-force intact and vibrant, as a gift to man, even the pure gift of life-force itself. When men alter that which the earth has provided, it corrupts the life-force, blesses less, causes degeneration, even resulting in every disease from which men suffer.

FOOLISH MAN: How is it man can look upon the gifts of earth and think, by his hands, he can surpass the works of nature? It is foolishness. The creature is known by the creation and in bounty does the earth produce, yet in want lives man for cause of corruption. How is it men think that when men take food from nature in it's live natural state and process it so that it will not spoil by heating and packaging, it somehow improves it for man's health. The processing of nature's food destroys the food's value for man, and at the least, kills one hundred percent of it's life-giving energy and nearly half of its vitamins, and at its worst, makes it a slow working poison for man. The fact that the human body is a wonder of creation and can store poison and adapt and live on in a less than perfect health fools many men to think that man-processed food is not so bad for him.

Because of men's traditions, most men in this age have never experienced perfect health and haven't an idea of how vibrantly alive they can feel if they will but eat off nature's table in its natural state. All they have to do is try it for a very short time to know it, yet men are blinded by the craftiness of men whose main motive is money, not the health and welfare of his fellow creatures.

THE PROBLEM WITH COOKING NATURE'S FOOD: Man himself is the furnace within which his food bestows vitality, burning off the dross that makes available the very force that sustain life. When men alter or debase their food by heating beyond the body, they alter that which in its purity sustains and restores life, even the joys of life. Alter not your food beyond that which is prudent and live to the age of man. Therein is wisdom and life, even life beyond what men today consider the span of life.

All things are ordained for the use of man, yet all things are glorified in wisdom. It is by knowledge and understanding that wisdom becomes manifest.

Is it wisdom that man should consume his own flesh? Is it wisdom that man should consume the life-force in creatures that move upon the earth? Here is wisdom for man, consume not that which moves and has being like unto man, nor the creatures wherein is found the breath of life like unto man. To do so is to eat the death of the creature even with his life-force, and though sustaining life by eating, yet consumes life by its death. If your days be long upon the earth eat not that which moves upon the earth of its own accord, for to do so shortens your life, and you will not live to the age ordained for man.

Yet in men's lives come times of want, and it is better to live when living is possible than to die by not partaking. During those times, eat and live. Thus flesh has its purpose, when that purpose is to sustain life, when life could not be sustained without it. But return to eating that which nature has provided that sustains life to the age ordained for man.

HOW TO KNOW GOOD FOOD: All things that grow of the earth has use for earth and man, yet the nature of each must be known and used in wisdom. And here is wisdom for man, when you eat a thing, you will know if it sustains life or takes life. This knowledge has come through the ages and is not lacking. If you know not (and if no one else knows) then consume not, but ask, and wisdom will be given you whether to consume or to refrain.

By the taste you may know if a thing is ordained for your use as food. If it is a plague to your taste, consume it not. If it is a delight, eat with joy, thanksgiving and wisdom. Your body being of the earth knows what things of the earth to eat and not eat. The body knows many things and is a great discerner of what will bless it. Also the mind is able to discern many things.

If what you eat does not sustain and increase the vitality of your body and if what you eat does not bring vibrant energy to your being like the rising of the sun to renew the day, it is not for the body.

If what you eat does not maintain your vibrant energy but instead decreases it, it is not for the body.

If what you eat takes you beyond your senses that are normal to man, it is not for the body.

If what you eat does not produce in spirit, mind and body a calm, quiet, tranquil and serene nature, it is not for body.

If what you eat causes your heart, mind and emotions to race or rage it is not for the body.

If what you eat dulls your senses, it is not for the body.

When a man eats to fullness, not over eating, it is not the natural state to become tired, but rather, it is the natural state to become energized. Know that all these things take from you your days, and many of your days will be ill spent. Some things manifest over time. Be wise in knowing what you consume that you may know the cause of every ill.

BREATHING & EXERCISE: The body of man revitalizes in labor. It is by the sweat of man that man vibrates in accordance with nature itself. All things move and have their being, and within all things is vitality.

Be up and doing, and by the sweat of your brow you renew your body, mind and spirit, for in the river flowing within you is life abundant and it is sustained and glorified with every movement that edifies within and without.

If all things were pure before you (sun, air, water and food) yet your goings and comings are sedate and relaxed, never exercising beyond sipped breath, yet would death find your early and consume you for lack of breath. All things are renewed with labor and all things move according to their being, and since man is free to move, let his movements be many, for it is by his exertions within nature that his nature thrives and health is maintained or restored according to his exertions. Breath deeply from the fountain life offers. Glory in the life forces of wind and rain and sun.

MEN'S HOUSES: Man is nature and nature blesses man. When men alter nature's creations for habitation, without wisdom, every ill wind thereby becomes the breath of death. Men lock themselves from nature, in unnatural dwellings that rob him of his life-force. Wherein is sun and air and life? The very air is a pollution, and the dim and dark, in time, a burden to life. Live in clean unspoiled habitations, with sun and air. Shut yourself not in. Shut not out the forces of life. Open your dwellings to every bright hope.

Though man's wisdom of nature may rise to the very heavens, only by being one with nature can man sustain that which is and comes from nature. All else is foolishness, yet foolishness teaches many lessons. But be not foolish, and suffer not. Your joy is in your wisdom.

CREATION: By the glory of creation is the creator manifest and known to his creatures. Who can doubt it, even the blind know, though they see not, even the deaf understand though they hear not, how then can they who see and hear know not?

The beauty and bounty of creation, the very purpose of all that is, is to bless man and all living. Nothing that needs to be done for the benefit of man has been left undone. All things work for the good of man, and man is the receiver of all good things, why else would creation be, but to sustain its creations in all beauty and life?

Be wise. A clean and pure body, mind and spirit gives vibrant health, even as clean and pure sunshine, air, water and food give vibrant health.

If you eat from the bounty of nature in its natural state, there is life.

Physical activities that increase the heart and breath and cause you to perspire give you vibrant health.

Pollute or deny yourself any of these and your life will be many days of sorrow, shortened days or immediate death. Do all of these and your days will be filled with joy and be many.

All these things are known to man, yet men do them not, and suffer. They who are wise do that which is wise and suffer not. Isn't it about time you take charge of your own health?