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14 June 2024 - Supreme Court Rules On Abortion Again

30 May 2024 - DOJ Sues Pro-Life Groups In Ohio, Alleges Violation Of Clinic Access Law

20 May 2024 - Priestess Of Moloch Condems Interference Of Liberations To Her Dark Master

16 May 2024 - Pro-Life Activist Lauren Handy To Serve Nearly 5 Years In Prison For DC Abortion Facility Blockade

16 May 2024 - Kansas City Chiefs Kicker Slams Biden For Supporting Abortion In College Commencement Speech

16 May 2024 - Conservative Senators Launch MOMS Act To Aid Pregnant Women And Moms

14 May 2024 - RFK Jr. Says He Supports Abortion Up To Birth: 'We Should Leave It To The Woman'

14 May 2024 - Football Great Slams Biden Over Abortion [Has an embedded video on the web page]

08 May 2024 - Beware The Leaven Of Progressive clergy

08 May 2024 - School Teachers Want WHAT?!

08 May 2024 - Biden, Harris Use Dobbs Leak Anniversary To Push Abortion, Ignoring Leak Concerns

08 May 2024 - US Among 8 Nations To Allow Abortion Up To Birth: 'In Company Of Brutal Communist Countries'

06 May 2024 - Biden Administration Oversteps Its Authority In Lawsuit Against Idaho: The Biden Administration Is Manipulating A Federal Law To Override The Will Of Idaho Voters

02 May 2024 - Abortion Law Repealed

02 May 2024 - 'Trump Abortion Ban': VP Harris Makes Pro-Abortion Speech In Florida The Same Day The 'Heartbeat' Law Went Into Effect

02 May 2024 - Pro-Life Congressmen Press Biden Admin About Destroyed IVF Embryos

29 Apr 2024 - Christian Woman Who Survived Concentration Camp Prepares To Die In US Prison Over FACE Act Charges

26 Apr 2024 - GOP-Controlled Arizona House Votes To Repeal Pro-Life Law

26 Apr 2024 - Jesuit University's Health Insurance Plan Appears To Cover Abortion, School Denies It

26 Apr 2024 - Biden Stokes Outrage For Making Sign Of The Cross At Pro-Abortion Rally: 'Truly Sacrilegious'

26 Apr 2024 - Hillary Attacks 'MAGA Supreme Court'

17 Apr 2024 - Kamala Attacks: 'This Is 2024, Not The 1800s' [Has an embedded video on the web page]

16 Apr 2024 - Biden Admin To Impose New Pro-Abortion Rule On Employers

11 Apr 2024 - ALERT: 1864 Abortion Law Enforceable

11 Apr 2024 - In A Surprise Move, Arizona Republicans Blast State Court For Upholding Pro-Life Law

11 Apr 2024 - Arizona AG Won't Prosecute Under State's Revived Abortion Law

08 Apr 2024 - WaPo Tells Story Of Adoption, Joy And Redemption After Failed Abortion Attempts

08 Apr 2024 - Pro-Lifers Are Up Against A Real-Life Crisis: The IVF Vs. Embryonic Personhood Fracas Forces Republicans To Face The Living People Harmed By Their Defense Of Cellular Rights

04 Apr 2024 - National Association Of Pro-life Nurses: Nurses Are 'Front-Line Witnesses' To Chemical Abortion Drugs' 'Devastating Impact'

22 Mar 2024 - Connecticut Pro-Life Democrat Denounces Abortion Industry's Targeting Women Of Color

22 Mar 2024 - Royal College Of Physicians Of Ireland Reject 'Assisted Suicide'

19 Mar 2024 - 60 Percent Of US Abortions in 2023 Were Done By Pill

18 Mar 2024 - 'Morally Repugnant': 7 Withering Responses To Kamala Harris' Abortion Clinic Tour

15 Mar 2024 - Vice President Kamala Harris Visits Minnesota Planned Parenthood Facility

15 Mar 2024 - Kamala Harris Prompts Outrage With Historic Tour Of Minnesota Abortion Clinic: 'Unbelievable' - Tour Marks First-Ever Vice Presidential Visit To An Abortion Clinic

15 Mar 2024 - The FDA Fails Its Own Drug Test: The FDA Has Used Unreliable Data And Inadequate Scientific Literature In Its Decisions To Remove Safety Standards From Abortion Drugs.

12 Mar 2024 - Left-Wing Lawyers Upset Over Alabama's New Pro-IVF Law

11 Mar 2024 - YouTube Fixes 'Disclaimer' On Chemical Abortion Video After 16 Attorneys General Demand False Information's Removal

11 Mar 2024 - Investigation Reveals Gender, Abortion Services Masquerading As Health Centers In K-12 Schools

11 Mar 2024 - Olivia Rodrigo Donating Portion Of Ticket Sales To Abortion Advocacy Groups

08 Mar 2024 - Biden Admonishes The Supreme Court For Overturning Roe v. Wade

08 Mar 2024 - Archbishop Of Military Services Slams The Dept. Of Veterans Affairs New Pro-Abortion Policy

07 Mar 2024 - Pro-Lifers Slam CVS, Walgreens For Selling 'Dangerous" Abortion Pills

07 Mar 2024 - 16 AGs Demand YouTubeDdrop 'Misleading' Abortion Notice From Pro-Life Videos

05 Mar 2024 - Montana Judge Strikes Down 3 Laws Limiting Abortion

20 Feb 2024 - Pro-Life Group Calls For University Of Houston To Remove 'Satanic Abortion Idol'

15 Feb 2024 - Abortion Dominates Democratic Primary For South Carolina Senate

15 Feb 2024 - Lawmakers Hold Press Conference Demanding 'Justice For The Five' Aborted Babies

09 Feb 2024 - Biden Dumps Moderation For Radical Abortion Agenda!

07 Feb 2024 - Biden Denies Being For 'Abortion On Demand,' Vows To Restore 'Roe': '3 trimesters' [He is such a LIAR! - Dr. B. Carey]

01 Feb 2024 - Maryland Catholic Bishops Respond As State Considers Legalizing Physician-Assisted Suicide

01 Feb 2023 - Pro-lifers Convicted Of FACE Act Violations May Serve 10 Years

31 Jan 2024 - Biden Invites Abortion Advocate Kate Cox To State Of The Union, Prioritizing Radical Agenda Over American Values

29 Jan 2024 - Decrepit Autarch & Cackling Crone Vow Sacrificial Libations To Moloch To Continue

25 Jan 2024 - Report: 137 Abortion Clinics Closed Since Overturning Of 'Roe' v. 'Wade'

25 Jan 2024 - Six Pro-Life Advocateson Trial For FACE Act Charges

25 Jan 2024 - Catholic Bishop Responds To Biden Pro-Abortion Rally in VA: 'This is Clearly Not About Women's Health' [Be sure to read the commets people have left Dr. B. Carey]

12 Jan 2024 - Biden HHS Rescinds Trump Conscience Protections Hor Healthcare Workers

10 Jan 2024 - Supreme Court allows Idaho To Enforce Abortion Law In First Abortion Ruling Since Dobbs