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20 May 2022 - Biden SEIZES Control Over Domestic Food Materials Using Korean War-Era Emergency Powers

20 May 2022 - Controversial Disinformation Governance Board On Hold, Indiana AG Calls Out CDC Over COVID Misinformation

20 May 2022 - Baby Formula Shortage: Not From Corporate Greed, But The FDA Dropping The Ball [YouTube video]

20 May 2022 - DHS Warns Of Threats To Burn Down Supreme Court, Kill Justices As Abortion Decision Looms

20 May 2022 - Latino Voters Rejecting 'Anti-Christian, 'Anti-Religious Liberty' Democratic Party Policies: Pastor

19 May 2022 - Report: Disinformation Governance Board 'Paused,' Nina Jankowicz Resigns

19 May 2022 - Biden Invokes Defense Production Act Yo Increase Infant Formula Supply [And yet anothe rmisuse of his authority - Dr. B. Carey]

19 May 2022 - South Carolina becomes 16th State To Ban Biological Males From Girls' Sports [GOOD! It's about time - Dr. B. Carey]

19 May 2022 - Most US Voters Oppose Body Mutilating Sex-Change Surgeries For Kids But Too Afraid To Speak Up: Poll

18 May 2022 - Court Says Google Analytics Is Illegal [Has an embedded video on the web page]

18 May 2021 - Backlash Builds After Dems Vote To Legalize Abortion Up To Birth

18 May 2022 - Migrant Encounters Hit Record High As Biden Looks To End Title 42 Next Week

18 May 2022 - Get Ready For Battle... Its Gonna Get Ugly [YouTube video]

18 May 2022 - Judge blocks Biden Admin. Mandate Requiring Christian Employers Cover Trans Surgeries [Good!]

18 May 2022 - Alaska Airlines Sued For Allegedly Firing 2 Flight Attendants Over Equality Act Criticism

17 May 2022 - Scary Poppins Insists A Spoonful Of Manipulation Makes The Tyranny Go Down [Yet another government attempt to silence and control Freedom of Speech as guaranteed by the Constitution of thr United States of American - Dr. B. Carey]

17 May 2022 - Coeds Become Brood Hens To Settle Student Debt

17 May 2022 - Tolerancemongers In Apoplexy Over Jan 6 Nod With Approval Towards Marauding Molochites

17 May 2022 - Disciples Of Moloch Eager To Loot Domiciles Of Jurists Failing To Embrace Diversity & Inclusion

17 May 2022 - Buffalo Shooter Was Not A Right Winger And Wants A Push For Gun Control [YouTube video]

17 May 2022 - Schumer Sees Conspiracy: Fox News, Tucker Carlson, MAGA Repubs Spreading 'Great Replacement' Racism

17 May 2022 -- GOP Congressman Calls On Attorney General To Prosecute Abortion Rights Activists Demonstrating At Homes Of SCOTUS Justices [Good they should be prosecuted - Dr. B. Carey]

17 May 2022 - Senator Booed During Commencement Speech For Referencing 'Existence Of Two Sexes' [Has an embedded video on the web page]

17 May 2022 - Sen. Ron Johnson Slams Biden For Visiting Buffalo After Skipping Waukesha

17 May 2022 - White House Takes Steps To Ease Infant Formula Shortage But Fails To Address Industry Monopoly

17 May 2022 - 'Taxpayers In The Dark' As NIH Scientists Receive Millions In Royalties, OpenTheBooks Founder Tells RFK, Jr.

16 May 2022 - 65% Of Americans Want Voters To Decide Abortion Laws: Poll

16 May 2022 - Spate Of churches, Pro-Life Offices Torched, Vandalized Nationwide Since Supreme Court Leak: List

10 May 2022 - Franklin Graham condemns Biden's Insinuation That Abortion Rights Come From Being 'A Child Of God'

10 May 2022 - Biden Disinformation Czar Spread Trump-Russia Collusion Claims

10 May 2022 - Mike Pence Urges Biden To Speak Out Against Disruption At Churches, Potential Violence Against Justices

10 May 2022 - Left-Wing Abortion Terrorists Vow To Target Conservative Supreme Court Justices Who Signed On To Draft Tepeal Of Roe v. Wade

10 May 2022 - 20 States Threaten Legal Action Over DHS Disinformation Board

10 May 2022- Under Fire Over Inflation, Biden Attacks GOP

05 May 2022 - The Real History Behind Cinco De Mayo [Basically it was because Mexico defaulted on debts they owed and did not want to pay back - Dr. B. Carey]

05 May 2022 - Here Are the 3 Theories On Who Might Be Behind The SCOTUS Draft Decision Leak

05 May 2022 - Corporations Reaping Record Profits From Price Hikes That Gouge Consumers

05 May 2022 - SB116 Betsy's Law Has Been Signed By Governor Brian Kemp!

05 May 2022 - Biden Targets MAGA: 'Most Extreme Political Organization'

05 May 2022 - Is Your Boss Spying On You? Use Of 'Bossware' Surged During Pandemic: Employee Monitoring Software, Known As "Bossware," Can Log Keystrokes, Note Websites Visited, Capture Screenshots, Record Mouse Movements, And Activate Webcams Or Microphones

04 May 2022 - SCOTUS Poised To Overturn Roe vs. Wade - Baby Murderers To ERUPT With Demonic ANGER And VIOLENCE As Their "Right" To Violently Murder Their Own Children About To Be Stripped Away [Knowing how the government is, I suspect that this "leak" was done intentionally. Either to see the public's reaction to all of it, or to distract everyone from something else that the government is pulling or is about to pull - Dr. B. Carey]

04 May 2022 - Sen. Lindsey Graham To Newsmax: Leaker, 'This Is Going To Blow Up In Your Face' [Has an embedded video on the web page]

04 May 2022 - Chief Justice Roberts Orders Probe Of 'Egregious' Leak Of Abortion Draft

04 May 2022 - Free Speech Advocates Slam Biden's 'Ministry Of Truth,' Say It Aims To Crack Down On Dissenting Opinions

04 May 2022 - Democrats Push For Adding Justices To Supreme Court Following Leak Of Draft Opinion On Abortion

02 May 2022 - Supreme Court Backs Christian Group In Boston Flag Flap

02 May 2022 - Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of Group Banned From Flying Christian flag At Boston City Hall

02 May 2022 - The Ultimate Goal Of The Great Reset Is 'One World Government' - Dr. Reiner Fuellmich [HAs an embedded video on the web page]

02 May 2022 - Sarah Palin To Newsmax: Republicans Must Confront Democrats Who Want To 'Take Down America' [Has an embedded video on the web page]

02 May 2022 - DeSantis: Biden Installing An Orwellian 'Ministry Of Truth' To Feed Hoaxes, Silence Critics [And attempt to silence the truth! - Dr. B. Carey]

02 May 2022 - Durham: Clinton Campaign Fed Mainstream Media 'Derogatory' Information About Trump

02 May 2022 - Planned Parenthood, Other Abortion Rights Groups To Spend $150 M On Midterms

02 May 2022 - Oklahoma Becomes First State To Ban Nonbinary Gender X Option On Birth Certificates

02 May 2022 - Fed To Fight Inflation Under Biden With Fastest Rate Hikes In Decades

29 Apr 2022 - California Pushing Even Dumber Economic Policy [YouTube video]

29 Apr 2022 - Revisiting Florida's Education Law, Text Book Ban And The Twitter And How This Relates To Sec 230 [YouTube video]

29 Apr 2022 - Biden's Ministry Of Truth [YouTube video] [Biden's Ministry of Truth is just his way to silence those who expose his lies and speak the real truth. It is a way to control those of us who think freely and think for ourselves. He and a majority of his Cabinet are very ungodly, anti-American, anti-Constitution and have bowed down to the god of this world (2 Corinthians 4:4) - Dr. B. Carey]

29 Apr 2022 - Amazon Results And Outlook Nosedive As Warehouse, Fuel Costs Soar

29 Apr 2022 - Inflation Gauge Surges 6.6 Percent, Highest Since 1982

29 Apr 2022 - Federal Judge Halts Preparations For End Of US Asylum Limit

29 Apr 2022 - US: 'Credible' Evidence Shows Russia Executed Ukrainians Trying To Surrender

29 Apr 2022 - Biden Wants $33B More To Help Ukraine Battle Russia

29 Apr 2022 - Rasmussen Poll: Biden to Blame For Higher Gas Prices

29 Apr 2022 - Biden's Disinformation Director Referred To Hunter's Laptop As A 'Trump Campaign Product'

29 Apr 2022 - Elon Musk already Broke His Agreement With Twitter

29 Apr 2022 - Musk Breaks Silence On Biden Disinformation Board Formation After Twitter Buyout: 'Discomforting'

29 Apr 2022 - Musk Faces Hard Forces To Complete The Purchase Of Twitter

29 Apr 2022 - Biden Endorses Bill Giving Ukraine Proceeds From Seized Russian Assets

29 Apr 2022 - Marine Vet Killed Fighting Alongside Ukrainian Forces

29 Apr 2022 - Oklahoma Passes Texas-Style Abortion Ban

27 Apr 2022 - The Malicious Plan To Abolish Home Ownership [Has embedded videos on the web page]

27 Apr 2022 - Supreme Court Debates If Football Coach's On-Field Prayer Is Religious Exercise Or 'Coercion'

27 Apr 2022 - How To Reclaim Our Power From Corrupt Global Corporatists: The Corruption Of Political Systems By Global Corporatists Has Filtered Down To Our Science, Medicine And Healthcare Systems

25 Apr 2022 - Why Are Food Processing Plants Suddenly Exploding Or Burning Down After Joe Biden Threatened America With Food Shortages?

25 Apr 2022 - Florida Lawmakers Send Bill Revoking Disney World's Special Tax Status Ro DeSantis' Desk

25 Apr 2022 - Kamala Harris Delivers Preschool Explanation Of Space - To Sworn-In, Grown-Adult Members Of The U.S. Space Force [Has embedded videos on the web page] [That is because she is a LOON and thinks everyoe is beneath her - Dr. B> Carey]

25 Apr 2022 - California Democrats Are Pushing A Bill Opening The Door To 'Decriminalizing Infanticide,' Pro-Lifers Warn

25 Apr 2022 - Judge Halts Abortion Law That Would Have Shut Down Last Two Clinics In Kentucky

25 Apr 2022 - DeSantis Signs Bills Into Law That Strips Disney Of Special Powers, Blocks CRT In Schools

25 Apr 2022 - Ukrainian Auschwitz Survivor, 96: 'I Will Survive This Ars**ole Putin'

25 Apr 2022 - New Book Claims Jill Biden Was Against Harris Pick As VP

25 Apr 2022 - Possible Mass Grave With Up To 9,000 Bodies Discovered Near Mariupol, Ukraine

25 Apr 2022 - Power And Powerlessness: Globalism's War On Children

21 Apr 2022 - Trump Slams Piers Morgan's 'Doctored' Interview

21 Apr 2022 - Florida Lawmakers Poised To Enact Bill To End Disney Self-Government

21 Apr 2022 - Social Media Killed Her Teen Son, Mother Alleges In Lawsuit

21 Apr 2022 - Biden Administration Replaces ATF Acting Director Richardson: Report

21 Apr 2022 - NJ Dem Leader Leaving Office Refuses To Hold A Vote On Gun Control, "It's All Feel Good, Won't Help"

21 Apr 2022 - Delta To Restore Flight Privileges To Passengers Barred Over Mask Violations

21 Apr 2022 - Pennsylvania Elementary School Votes Down 'After School Satan Club'

21 Apr 2022 - US Agencies, Cybersecurity Allies Issue Warning About Russian Cyber Attacks

21 Apr 2022 - Florida Surgeon General Warns Against Youth Transgender Procedures In Rebuke Of Biden

20 Apr 2022 - Human Microchip Implants And Yhe Internet Of Bodies [Has an embedded video on the web page] [Can we say, "Mark of the Beast"? (Revelation 13:6) - Dr. B. Carey]

20 Apr 2022 - 'Beyond troubling': Current, Former Government Officials Tied To Human Trafficking Probe In Georgia

20 Apr 2022 - Biden Weighs Extending Title 42 Amid Blowback From Democrats

20 Apr 2022 - Abbott 'Bringing The Border To Biden,' Confirms Eighth Bus To DC [GOOD! - Dr. B. Carey]

19 Apr 2022 - Zelenskyy Says Ukraine Won't Give Up Territory In East To End War [They should not have to! - Dr. B. Carey]

19 Apr 2022 - Ukrainian President Zelensky Urges Biden To designate Russia As A State Sponsor Of Terrorism [Of course Biden will not listen to him because he is off in his own little fantasy world - Dr. B. Carey]

19 Apr 2022 - Ukrainians Defy Deadline To Surrender In Mariupol Or Die

19 Apr 2022 - University To Pay $400,000 To Professor Punished For Refusing To Use Student's Preferred Pronouns [GOOD! THey never shoudl have tried to force him to go along with this evil nonesens in the first place - Dr. B. Carey]

19 Apr 2022 - Ilhan Omar mocked For Voicing Outrage Over Easter Worship On Plane: 'Why Do You Hate Christians?' [She is so evil, anti-American and anti-Christian, and brought it upon herself! - Dr. B. Carey]

19 Apr 2022 - Street Preacher Cleared Of 'Hate Speech' Charges For Preaching From The Bible

19 Apr 2022 - Florida Rejects 41% Of Math Textbooks For Including CRT, Most Aimed At K-5 students: 'Impermissible' [Has an embedded video on the wqeb page]

19 Apr 2022 - Biden Tells Obama He'll Seek Another Term: Report [That's scary! - Dr. B. Carey]

19 Apr 2022 - Obama-Appointed Judge OKs Georgia Voter Challenge to Greene's Reelection Run

19 Apr 2022 - If A Marriage Doesn't Last, Why Should Alimony? DeSantis Can Fix This Injustice - Opinion

19 Apr 2022 - The States Americans Are Fleeing (And Where They're Going)>

19 Apr 2022 - How To Fight Transhumanism And Protect Your Privacy

19 Apr 2022 - Mask Mandate For Planes, Trains Overturned By Federal Judge + More

19 Apr 2022 - COVID Vaccine Mandate For Pilots Violates Federal Law, Puts Passengers St Risk, Citizen Group Warns

15 Apr 2022 - In the News today: New York Subway Rampage And The 2nd Ammendment [YouTube video]

15 Apr 2022 - 70% Of Americans Less Likely To Do Business With Disney Due To Its LGBT Activism: Poll

15 Apr 2022 - Russia Threatens To Deploy Nuclear Weapons If Sweden, Finland Join NATO

15 Apr 2022 - Kentucky Lawmakers Override Governor's Veto of Abortion Restriction [That is not good! - Dr. B.Carey]

15 Apr 2022 - Conservative Talk Station Panders To Woketopian Tolerancemongers

15 Apr 2022 - Woketopians Scramble To Placate Christ-Despising Demographics

13 Apr 2022 - US Inflation Soars To 8.5%, Biggest Spike Since 1981 [All brought to you by Biden, his administration, and the actions they have been taking for the last several years. Of course Biden will not take responsibility for what he himself has created. He will go and blame everyone and everything else agan! - Dr. B. Carey]

13 Apr 2022 - #StopTheTreaty: Act Today To Stop WHO's Disastrous Power Gra

13 Apr 2022 - NY Lt. Gov. Benjamin Arrested In Campaign Donation Scheme

13 Apr 2022 - Oklahoma Governor Signs Bill To Make Abortion Illegal [Fantastic news!!! - Dr. B. Carey]

13 Apr 2022 - Disney To Air Ad Accusing Americans Who Oppose Genital Mutilation Of Kids Of Wanting To 'Tear Families Apart' [Has an embedded video on the web page] [A very EVIL and UNGODLY organization!]

13 Apr 2022 - Dem City To Reimpose Indoor Mask Mandate

13 Apr 2022 - White House Covid Adviser Says Transportation Mask-Mandate Extension 'Absolutely On The Table'

13 Apr 2022 - Growing Number Of States Consider Parental Rights Bills Like Florida's

13 Apr 2022 - Biden Renews Push For Gun, Magazine Ban [Has an embedded video on the web page] [He just wants no one to be able to defend themselves or others at all! - Dr. B. Carey]

13 Apr 2022 - How Media Turns Bad Science Into 'News'

13 Apr 2022 - NYC Subway Shooter Still On The Run As Mayor Eric Adams Blames Nation's Gun Laws For 'Cult Of Death'

13 Apr 2022 - Texas Megachurch Helps Hundreds Of Ukrainian Refugees Relocate, Raises Thousands For Relief

13 Apr 2022 - First Busload OMigrants Arrive In Washington From Texas [Texas is giving Biden a taste of his own medicine - Dr. B. Carey]

11 Apr 2022 - U.S. City To Give Trans Residents $900 A Month Despite Resistance From Trans Mayor [Absolutely insane! - Dr. B. Carey]

11 Apr 2022 - Donald Trump To Newsmax: Remember, Nancy Pelosi Was In Charge Of Security On Jan. 6

11 Apr 2022 - Trump: 'Right Now Our Country Is A Laughingstock' [Has an embedded video on the web page]

11 Apr 2022 - Alabama Gov. Ivey Signs Law Criminalizing Some Trans Youth Care [GOOD! It is a step in the right direction! - Dr. B. Carey]

11 Apr 2022 - Florida Lt. Gov. Nunez: Parents May Decide Against Visiting Disney Resorts

11 Apr 2022 - Gov. Murphy Doesn't Respond To Questions About NJ Gender Identity Lessons For 2nd Graders: New Jersey's New Sex Education Curriculum Drawing Criticism From Parents [Has an embedded video on the web page]

11 Apr 2022 - Dr. Jha: Extending TSA Mask Mandate 'Absolutely' Possible

08 Apr 2022 - Florida's Don't Groom Kids Bill AKA Don't Say Gay Homosexual [Florida's Bill is NOT what is being portrayed in the media] [Yes we crossed out the word gay and replaced it with homosexual. Gay means happy and since homosexuality is a sin, a sinner has nothing to be happy about] [YouTube video]

08 Apr 2022 - Michael Savage To Newsmax: Justice Jackson Exposes 'Perverted' Left [Has an embedded video on the web page]

08 Apr 2022 - Kentucky Governor Vetoes Transgender Athlete Bill

08 Apr 2022 - Saturday Rant: Ukraine And Washington Magazine Ban [YouTube video]

08 Apr 2022 - Hot Take: Democrats On Your Daily Life [YouTube video]

07 Apr 2022 - Letter to President Vladimir Putin Of Russia [PDF Format]

07 Apr 2022 - Zelensky: Russia 'Will Try To Hide The Traces Of Their Crimes'

07 Apr 2022 - California City To Give Universal Income To Transgender, Nonbinary Residents Regardless Of Earnings [This is not only STUPID it is also IDIOTIC! - Dr. B. Carey]

07 Apr 2022 - Penn Swimmer's Father: Penn 'Breached Trust' And 'Failed To Protect' Daughter

07 Apr 2022 - GOP Lawmakers Demand D.C., DOJ Investigate Bodies Of Aborted Babies Uncovered By Pro-Life Activists

07 Apr 2022 - Loudoun County Eliminates All 'Gender Based Practices' In The Name Of Equity: REPORT [PURE INSANITY! - Dr. B. Carey]

07 Apr 2022 - Disney Sure Does Hire A Lot Of Freakazoids And Weirdos

07 Apr 2022 - Texas To Start Busing Illegal Immigrants To Washington, D.C., As Biden Scraps Trump-Era Border Policy

05 Apr 2022 - White House Requests An Additional $22.5 Billion For COVID Booster Shots

05 Apr 2022 - Democrats Block Motion To Make US Energy Independent The Same Day Biden Tells Oil Companies To Start Producing More Or Else [IDIOTS!!!]

05 Apr 2022 - California Bill Introduced By State Sen. Richard Pan Seeks To DEFUND Police Departments That Refuse To Enforce COVID Mask Mandates

05 Apr 2022 - Judge Jackson should Not Be On The SCOTUS [YouTube video]

05 Apr 2022 - Rep. Babin To Newsmax: 'Floodgates' About To Open On US-Mexico Border [Has an embedded video on the web page]

04 Apr 2022 - White House Announces New Actions To Protect Transgender Americans Amid Wave Of State-Level Discriminatory Laws [Yet more EVIL from the White House. What Biden means by "state-level discriminatory laws" are the laws designed to protect real men and women. And what he means by "new actions to protect transgendered Americans" is laws giving them extra rights and protections above that of everyone else! - Dr. B. Carey]

04 Apr 2022 - State Department To Allow 'X' Gender Marker On U.S. Passports [Thhis is INSANE. There are only two genders. You are born either male or female, period! And there is no "X" gender! - Dr. B. Carey]

04 Apr 2022 - Ukrainians Curse Russian Invaders As Dead Civilians Found In Liberated Towns

04 Apr 2022 - N.Korea Condemns S.Korea's Remarks On Military Ability, Warns Of Destructive Action

04 Apr 2022 - Trump Rips Iran Nuke Talks: 'How Stupid Is This Country?' [Has an embedded video on the web page]

04 Apr 2022 - Another Biden Oops: Calls Jill Biden Former VP [Biden makes a lot of "oops" even before he became dictator, I meanr president - Dr. B. Carey]

04 Apr 2022 - Appeals Court Upholds Multi-Million Dollar Verdict Against Oberlin College For Defaming Gibson's Bakery

04 Apr 2022 - Trump Slams Dems For 'Waging War On Reality' With Their 'Extremist Sex And Gender Ideology'

04 Apr 2022 - Biden Uses Sacramento Shooting To Push Gun Control Agenda: 'We Must Do More Than Mourn; We Must Act'

04 Apr 2022 - Zelenskyy Responds To Reports Of Civilian Dead: 'This Is Genocide'

31 Mar 2022 - Earthlink Censorship And More [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

31 Mar 2022 - Please Slap Me In The Face

31 Mar 2022 - Trump Hails FEC Fining DNC, Clinton Campaign, Wants His 'Reputation Back'

31 Mar 2022 - Legalist Threatens To Extend Government Control From The Bedroom To The Laundry Room

31 Mar 2022 - Arizona Enacts 15-Week Abortion Ban - Same As Mississippi Law Supreme Court Now Weighing

31 Mar 2022 - Oklahoma Governor Signs Bill Banning Biological Males From Women's Sports [GOOD!]

31 Mar 2022 - Biden Administration Will 'Monitor' Florida's New Parental Rights Bill [Has an embedded video on the web page] [What's there to monitor? They are just lookikng for any reason they can to get rid of it! - Dr. B. Carey]

30 Mar 2022 - Water Marked Ballots In Over 12 States Have Been Part Of A Huge Trump And Military White Hat Sting In 12 Key Battleground States. Election Sting Operation And Arrests [Has an embedded video on the web page]

30 Mar 2022 - Social Media Censorship And Cancel Culture Increase Extremism: Study

30 Mar 2022 - Disagreement Is Not Hatred. Censorship Is

28 Mar 2022 - Educated Idiots All Around Us

28 Mar 2022 - White House Rushes To Clean Up Disastrous Remarks Biden Made About Putin During Speech

25 Mar 2022 - Wicked COVID Witch Jill Biden Is Really Nasty To The Unvaccinated

15 Mar 2022 - Biden Warns Of Food Shortages In Wake Of Russia-Ukraine War: 'It's Going To Be Real' [Here goes Biden again, blaming everyone and everythig else for the problems he himself created. The shortages started long beofre the Russia-Ukraine situation! - Dr. B. Carey]

25 Mar 2022 - Trump Sues Hillary Clinton And DNC Over Russian Collusion 'False Narrative'

25 Mar 2022 - Arizona Legislature Passes Abortion Ban Similar To One Being Considered By Supreme Court

25 Mar 2022 - McConnell To Vote Against Jackson's Supreme Court Nomination

24 Mar 2022 - Most US adults Think Country Is Moving In Wrong Direction Morally, Turning To Family For Guidance: Study

24 Mar 2022 - Lara Logan: Lies Of War - Empire Of Lies Crumbling, News Outlets Deceive To Spark WW3 [Has embedded videos on the web page] [The entire world is living in is an empire of lies, and for the truth tellers in society. Warriors like award winning investigative journalist Lara Logan blasts a hole in the narrative or wars, coups, bioweapons, and other manufactured crises, driving the world toward death by fear, and submission to tyrants

24 Mar 2022 - Dr. Vladimir Zelenko - NWO, The Real Agenda, VAIDS & How To Battle What Is Coming - Maria Zeee [Has an embedded video on the web page] [Dr. Zelenko has been exposing the agenda of the New World Order, push towards transhumanism and an obliteration of God in society. He joined Maria today to discuss the entire agenda linked to the COVID-19 injections, future plans of the NWO, and the devastating effects on the body of those who have been injected having vaccine-induced Auto Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), and how to solve this problem.]

24 Mar 2022 - Idaho Gov. Brad Little Signs Texas-Style Abortion Ban

24 Mar 2022 - Pro-Abortion Pelosi Describes Herself As 'Devout,' 'Practicing' Catholic, Jokes Pro-Lifers Would 'Like To Throw Me Out' [This OLD HAG claims to be such a good and faithful Catholic, yet she goes against Catholic Church teaching - Dr. B. Carey]

24 Mar 2022 - How About American Stand Up For Americans?

24 Mar 2022 - Plague Cult Deprivations Lay Foundation Of New World Order

22 Mar 2022 - White House Turns To Low-IQ TikTok Influencers To Put Spin On Why Oil And Gas Prices Are Rising... Cue Ridiculous "Explanations" By Clueless Celebs [Has an embedded video on the web page]

22 Mar 2022 - Democrats Propose Bill Allowing Babies To Be Killed Up To 28 Days After Birth [This is murder and whoever proposed this law should be identified and impeached for wanting to make into law the ability to commit murder legally. This is one of the most despicable things I've ever written. It brings to light the scripture: "Satan is the god of this world. Anyone involved should receive within themselves the recompense for their error." (2 Corinthians 4:4, NWT) - Dr. B. Martini]

22 Mar 2022 - There Sure Is A Lot Of 2020 Election Evidence Disappearing In Georgia

21 Mar 2022 - NATO Calls Up Hundreds Of Thousands Of Troops Ready To Begin WWIII

21 Mar 2022 - Document Proves That U.S. Government Is Guilty As Charged Over Allegations It Is Engaged In Bioweapons Development In Several Countries

21 Mar 2022 - Would You Like Some Alternatives To Duck Duck Go Now That It Is Censoring?

18 Mar 2022 - Dr. Lee Merritt: Exposing And Dissecting Ukraine Biolabs! [Has an embedded video on the web page]

18 Mar 2022 - 1994 Depopulation Agreement Signed By 160 Nations [Has an embedded video on the web page]

18 Mar 2022 - Malone, McCullough: Get Politics Out Of Healthcare, Let Doctors Practice Medicine

17 Mar 2022 - Putin Has No Soul, Biden Has No Brain

17 Mar 2022 - Catholic Mexican diocese To Deny Communion To Catholic Politicians Who Voted To Legalize Abortion

17 Mar 2022 - Idaho Passes Abortion Bill With Texas-Style Enforcement Mechanism

17 Mar 2022 - Oregon's Racial Standards For Kindergartners Requires Kids To 'Identify Possible Solutions To Injustices': The Standards Also Require Kindergartners To 'Identify Examples Of Unfairness'

17 Mar 2022 - Colorado Abortion Bill Dehumanizes The Unborn, Public Testifies

17 Mar 2022 - Texas Supreme Court Rules Against Clinics' Challenge To State Abortion Law

17 Mar 2022 - The FOOD RIOTS Of 2022 Have Already Begun... They Will Spread Globally... New Intel On Scarcity Of Food, Minerals, Telecom Equipment And More [Has an embedded video on the web page]

17 Mar 2022 - What You Need To Know About The Transhumanist Agenda [Has embedded videos on the web page]

17 Mar 2022 - Examples Of Transhumanism In Populoar Culture

17 Mar 2022 - Kansas Teacher Sues School Officials For Forcing Her To Use Trans Pronouns

17 Mar 2022 - US Leaders Are Pursuing An Insane, Treacherous, Game Of Global "Chicken" With Putin, Who Commands Vastly Superior Offensive And Defensive Military Weapons [Has an embedded video on the web page]

24 Mar 2022 - What You Need to Know About Vax Passports, Digital IDs, CBDCs [HAs an embedded video on the web page] [I am not saying this is it, but it certainly sounds a lot like "The Mark of the Beast" - Dr. B. Carey]

14 Mar 2022 - 'It Sounds Like You're Blaming Putin': Peter Doocy Spars With Psaki On Gas Prices, She Keeps Blaming Putin [The Ukraine had nothing to do with it./ It is all on Bden and the gas companies - Dr. B. Carey]

14 Mar 2022 - One-In-Five Mail-In Ballots Rejected In NJ City Council Race, Four People Charged With Voter Fraud

14 Mar 2022 - Credit Cards Giants Mastercard And VISA Cut Off Russia

14 Mar 2022 - Cops Waiting At Hot Dog Stand Hit In Hail Of Bullets, But Suspect Wasn't Expecting An Undercover Officer To Notice [Has an embedded video on the web page]

14 Mar 2022 - Whoopi Goldberg Goes On Tirade Against Lauren Boebert, Calls Her 'Little Girl' [Has an embedded video on the web page]

14 Mar 2022 - Catholic Vote Accuses Biden Of 'Touting His Faith While Promoting Pro-Death Policies' [Has an embedded video on the web page]

14 Mar 2022 - Fact Check: Biden Falsely Claims 5 Cops Were Killed By Trump Supporters On January 6th

14 Mar 2022 - Justice Thomas Goes To War Eith Facebook: Time To Sweep Away Big Tech Immunity

08 Mar 2022 - Biden Claims Gun Makers Only Industry That Can't Be Sued, Fails To Mention Blanket Liability For COVID Vaccine Makers [This was an outright LIE on Biden's part as he is the one who gave the vaccine makers the immunity! - Dr. B. Carey]

08 Mar 2022 - Kremlin Provides List Of Demands To Ukraine For Ending War

08 Mar 2022 - Moscow Inundated As Thousands Of Russians Protest Ukrainian Genocide: And They Are Doing So Under The Risk Of Serious Jail Time

08 Mar 2022 - Russian State Media Shows Nazi Footage To Justify War [They are so desperate to make themselves look like the good guys - Dr. B. Carey]

04 Mar 2022 - CNN Cuts From Footage Of Russia's Crimes To Advertise Beer And Fried Chicken

04 Mar 2022 - 7 Major Failures Of The Biden Presidency [Has an embedded video on the web page]

04 Mar 2022 - What Biden Got Wrong In His State Of The Union Address

04 Mar 2022 - Churches Near Ukraine's Border Shelter Refugees As 1 Million Flee Russian Invasion

02 Mar 2022 - In State Of The Union, Biden Vows To Help Trans-Identified Youth Reach Their 'God-Given Potential' [Here we are on the brink of what could escalate into World War III if not handled correctly, and Biden is pushing more of this evil - Dr. B. Carey]

01 Mar 2022 - How The World Is Punishing Russia For The Ukraine Invasion

01 Mar 2022 - 'I Have Rejected This Request': Ron DeSantis Refuses Biden's Call For Nat'l Guard At State Of The Union

01 Mar 2022 - Radical Abortion Bill Fails, But Marks Dems Ahead Of Midterms

28 Feb 2022 - Hillary Clinton Repeatedly Blames Trump And Republicans For Ukraine Chaos In MSNBC Interview [That is because this OLD HAG hates everyone and everything that stand against her and the evil she represents - Dr. B. Carey]

28 Feb 2022 - Arizona Teen Makes Amazing Deliveries To Help Elderly And Their Pets [Has an embedded video on the web page]

28 Feb 2022 - Veteran Father Pulls Off Hero Rescue After School Bus Meets Horrific End Of Journey

28 Feb 2022 - US-based Christian Group Sends Emergency Supplies To Ukrainian Churches As Civilian Death Toll Rises

28 Feb 2022 - Biden Regime Says Covid Fascism Is Never Going Away; "Sweeping Overhaul" That Includes "No Scenario" To Ever "Go Back To Normal"

28 Feb 2022 - The REAL Aggressors Attacking Humanity Are The Vaccine Pushers, Covid Propagandists And Governments That Terrorize Their Own Citizens

28 Feb 2022 - Biden Regime Says Covid Fascism Is Never Going Away; "Sweeping Overhaul" That Includes "No Scenario" To Ever "Go Back To Normal"

28 Feb 2022 - The REAL Aggressors Attacking Humanity Are The Vaccine Pushers, Covid Propagandists And Governments That Terrorize Their Own Citizens

28 Feb 2022 - Former Miss Ukraine Poses With Reported Airsoft Gun: 'I Had A Normal Life Just On Wednesday'

28 Feb 2022 - Boris Johnson says Ukrainians fleeing Warzone Can Join family In UK

25 Feb 2022 - Biden Is Stumbling Into A World War

25 Feb 2022 - Ukraine: Conservatives Called It And Moving Forward [YouTube video]

25 Feb 2022 - Woman sues LAPD After She Was Misidentified And Spent Two Weeks In Jail

25 Feb 2022 - Current World Affairs Reminders Of Why So \Many Voted For Trump

25 Feb 2022 - A New Cold War, Or The Start Of World War III? How Historians See The Invasion Of Ukraine

25 Feb 2022 - Catholic Bishops Confront Democrats Over Radical Abortion Bill

25 Feb 2022 - Biden Announces More Russia Sanctions Over Ukraine War, 7K More US Troops To Germany

25 Feb 2022 - Ukraine Burns But Resists

25 Feb 2022 - Biden Regime blames Russia-Ukraine conflict for rising inflation, deflecting from the many decades of corrupt monetary policy that actually caused it [What an IDIOT and LOSER Biden is. He is now trying to blame everyone and something else for the very things he himself caused and is solely responsible for causing! - Dr. B. Carey]

25 Feb 2022 - Supreme Court To Consider Granting Emergency Relief To NYC Teachers Denied Religious Accommodation From Vaccine Mandate

23 Feb 2022 - Feds Seize Family's Assets Without Issuing A Single Charge, All Because Of Amazon's Claims Against The Dad

21 Feb 2022 - Texas Allowed To Use Abandoned Border Wall Material To Build The Border Wall

21 Feb 2022 - Amazon Suspends Black Lives Matter From Charity Program [GOOD! For it is not a charitable organization, BLM is nothing but adomestice terrorist organization - Dr. B. Carey]

18 Feb 2022 - High School Students Stage Walkout Over California School Mask Mandate

18 Feb 2022 - Loudoun County Public Schools Drops Mask Mandate Hours After Youngkin Signs Opt-Out Law

18 Feb 2022 - U.S. Govs, Canadian Premiers Call On Biden, Trudeau To Drop Cross-Border Vax Mandate For Truckers

18 Feb 2022 - 'Yellowstone's Forrie J. Smith Won't Attend SAG Awards: "I Will Not Get Vaccinated"

18 Feb 2022 - Report: 4 Of Every 5 COVID Deaths In Australia Are Among VACCINATED People [Has an embedded video on the web page]

18 Feb 2022 - Top Children's Hospital Says School Mask Mandates Should End Now

18 Feb 2022 - It's Official: Vitamin D Reduces The Incidence Of Autoimmunity - And A Brief Review Of The Growing Body Of Knowledge Of Vitamin D

18 Feb 2022 - How To Make An Herbal Band-Aid

18 Feb 2022 - How To Make An Herbal Medicine Chest

18 Feb 2022 - Cell Preprint Study Reveals Catastrophic Levels Of Spike Protein In Vaccinated

18 Feb 2022 - The Curious Case Of Polio, DDT And Vaccines

18 Feb 2022 - Researchers Study Crafting Messages For Vaccine Compliance

18 Feb 2022 - How COVID Patients Were Over-Treated To Death [Has an embedded video on the web page]

18 Feb 2022 - Texas Sues Biden Admin Over 'IlleĀ­gal' Airport Mask Mandate

18 Feb 2022 - Man Kicked Off Flight Over Comment Written On Mask: The mask purportedly Had "Let's Go Brandon" Written On It

18 Feb 2022 - 2,222 Fully Vaccinated Massachusetts Residents Have Died Of COVID + More

18 Feb 2022 - Canada approves Novavax's COVID-19 Vaccine For Adults

18 Feb 2022 - South Carolina Doctors Can Prescribe Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine For COVID-19, AG Says

18 Feb 2022 - Pregnant During Covid, Women Struggle To Reconcile Conflicting Advice

18 Feb 2022 - The US Is Getting Closer To A Time Ehen COVID-19 Is 'No Longer A Crisis,' A White House Official Says [Yeah, right. We have heard this from them before. On what nonsese or fabrcation are the going to base this on this time? - Dr. B. Carey]

16 Feb 2022 - How It Was At The Start Of Vietnam War [YouTube video]

16 Feb 2022 - 'Punishable By Death': Clinton Paid To Infiltrate Trump Servers, Plant Russia Conspiracy, Filing Says

14 Feb 2022 - DHS To Investigate Vaccine Dissenters As Potential Terrorists

14 Jan 2022 - Facebook Restores Christian Ministries' Pages After Being 'Incorrectly Removed' For 7 Days

08 Feb 2022 - When Your Faith Makes You An Enemy Of The State

08 Feb 2022 - 55 Federal Agencies Tracking Religious Objection Requests Amid Concern From Conservatives

08 Feb 2022 - GoFundMe Seizes $10 Million Of Trucker Protest Fundraising, Will Give To Charities Instead

08 Feb 2022 - GoFundMe Says All Donations To Trucker Convoy Will Be Automatically Refunded; Florida To Investigate

08 Feb 2022 - March For Our Lives Pressures Biden To Name Anti-Gunner To Supreme Court

08 Feb 2022 - Democrats Are Feuding Over These Redistricting Proposals

08 Feb 2022 - Ottawa Police Chief Threatens To ARREST Citizens Who Give Food And Water To Convoy Truckers...The POLICE Have Become The Terrorists [Has an embedded video on the web page]

04 Feb 2022 - California AG Threatens To Cripple BLM If Group Doesn't Prove It Isn't Corrupt [GOOD for California. BLM is nothign but a domestic terrorist group and should be shut down. And if you want to sedn me hate mail for saying this, don't bother because I frankly don't care what you think! This is still a free country! - Dr. C. Carey]

04 Feb 2022 - Just Like The Final Days Of Their Predecessors, The Nazis, The Last Days Of The 'COVIDIAN' Vax Cult Aren't Going To Be Pretty: Breaking Down 'The Big Blunder' Of The Tyrannical Left

02 Feb 2022 - Uber Eats Driver Brings Disabled Customer To Tears With A Kind Note And Care Package

31 Jan 2022 - Why Are Most People Cowards? : Obedience And The Rise Of Authoritarianism [YouTube video]

31 Jan 2022 - Biden To Deploy U.S. Soldiers To Eastern Europe As Tensions With Russia Escalate

31 Jan 2022 - Over 240 Groups Say Olympics Corporate Sponsors Aiding China's Human Rights Violations, Demand Answers: 'The spectacle Of The Olympics Cannot Cover Up Genocide"

31 Jan 2022 - Unmasked Students Face Immediate Suspension From Loudoun County Public Schools

28 Jan 2022 - Rittenhouse Would Be Proud: WI GOP Passes New Gun Law Allowing Any Legal Adult To Concealed Carry

28 Jan 2022 - Marine Who Was Denied Religious Exemption Speaks Out: Shot Mandate A 'Detriment' To National Security

28 Jan 2022 - Arizona Bill Would Allow Legislature To Overturn Election Results

28 Jan 2022 - Ukraine, Taiwan, And A Weak Commander In Chief

28 Jan 2022 - How The Supreme Court Rewrote The Constitution

28 Jan 2022 - Virginia Gov Enrages Leftists By Setting Up Tool For Parents To Fight CRT In Schools

28 Jan 2022 - Hours After Biden's Empty Schedule Slips Out - Joe Is Found Wandering D.C. Streets, Buying Kamala Mug And Ice Cream

28 Jan 2022 - Sick City

28 Jan 2022 - Pelosi Accused Of Abusing Power With Capitol Police - Report Claims Nancy Is Making Them Spy On Congress Members

28 Jan 2022 - Time To Fire Fauci And Investigate Him

28 Jan 2022 - Is America Heading For A Systems Collapse?

26 Jan 2022 - 9th Circuit Court Rules Against Blue California - It Just Shut Down Their Unconstitutional Closure Of Gun Stores

26 Jan 2022 - MLK's Niece Slams Biden, Says He's 'Playing The Race Card' From The Bottom Of The Deck On Voting Rights

26 Jan 2022 - South Dakota House Committee Rejects Gov. Noem's Bill To ''Restore Protections For Prayer In Schools'

26 Jan 2022 - UN Giving 'Humanitarian Cash' To Migrants Heading To US Border: US Taxpayers Helping Fund Illegal Immigrant Passage To Southern Border Via UN Cash Cards

26 Jan 2022 - Communist China 'Is Not Our Friend': NBA Player Urges World To Stand Up To Beijing's Olympic Whitewashing

26 Jan 2022 - NBC Host Labels Biden As 'Incompetent And Ineffective' In Brutal Synopsis Of Year One

24 Jan 2022 - Sleepy Joe Lives Up to Name, Holds Awful Press Conference [Has an embedded video on the web page]

24 Jan 2022 - Status Report: Nullify Federal Gun Control [YouTube video]

24 Jan 2022 - Breaking Exclusive: In Next 24 Hours Gen. Flynn Will Expose Massive Case Of 'Corruption' In Higher Ed

24 Jan 2022 - Hidden On Page 403 Of Infrastructure Law Is A Mandate For A Government Backdoor 'Kill Switch' For Cars

24 Jan 2022 - REPORT: IRS To Make Tax Payers Undergo Facial Recognition To View Returns

24 Jan 2022 - Gov. Kristi Noem Introduces Two Pro-Life Bills On March For Life Day

24 Jan 2022 - Former ICE Head: Throngs Of Illegal Immigrants Allowed In US For Political Power: 'This Is About Political Power In The Future'

24 Jan 2022 - White House Staffer Starts Yelling In Desperate Attempt To Stop Press From Asking Biden Questions [Has an embedded video on the web page]

24 Jan 2022 - 46 Percent Of Voters Say The FBI Is 'Biden's Personal Gestapo'

24 Jan 2022 - Professor Drops Nuke On Jan 6 Insurrection Narrative: They Don't Look Like Trump Supporters

24 Jan 2022 - Maher Blasts Democrats For Pro-Science Claims: 'A Lot Of What They Do Has Nothing To Do With Science' 24 Jan 2022 - Bill Maher: 'New York, New Jersey Did Worse Than Florida,' Florida 'Stayed Open,' 'Went On With Life'

24 Jan 2022 - New Va. Gov. Glenn Youngkin Cleans House, Asks All "Diversity" Office Staffers (Liberal Fascists) To Resign, Appoints Anti-CRT Official

24 Jan 2022 - Liars, Propagandists And The Great Reset [Has an embedded video on the web page]

21 Jan 2022 - Why Biden And Democrats Are The Real Threat To Our Civil Liberties And Domestic Security

21 Jan 2022 - Democrats' Problems Are Their Ideas, Not Process

20 Jan 2022 - 'I Was Casting A Hell No Ballot': Kat Cammack Decries Democrats' 'Dangerous' Voting Reform Bill [YouTube video]

20 Jan 2022 - 'In This Letter, I'll Read It': Lankford Points To Letter Signed By Harris Supporting Filibuster [YouTube video]

20 Jan 2022 - 'Why Give Money To People Who Hate Us?': Rand Paul Pulls The Plug On DirecTV For Canceling OANN

18 Jan 2022 - Open Borders = Election Sabotage

18 Jan 2022 - Democrats Are The 'Insurrectionists' And Real Threats To The Constitution, Says Stanford Scholar

18 Jan 2022 - Josh Hawley Announces Bill Banning Insider Trading In Congress

18 Jan 2022 - Union Pacific Official Blames L.A.'s Far-Left Policies For Massive Train Thefts, Considers Leaving L.A. [Has embedded videos on the web page]

18 Jan 2022 - Residents In 28 Counties Across Two States Notified As Army Begins Training Against Domestic 'Freedom Fighters'

18 Jan 2022 - Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Exposes The Globalists Plan To Destroy Freedom [Has an embedded video on the web page]

18 Jan 2022 - House Passes Democrat's Voting Rights Package, Setting Up Senate Showdown

13 Jan 2022 - Stacey Abrams To Skip Voting Rights Speech By Biden: 'This Is Pretty Damning And A Warning Sign'

13 Jan 2022 - Taliban Vows To Overrun DC with 2,000 Suicide Bombers, Biden Admin Silent As The Grave [Has an embedded video on the web page]

10 Jan 2022 - As Suspected, Biden, Harris, Democrats Want To Use Jan. 6 Capitol Riot As Excuse To Federalize (Rigged) Elections

07 Jan 2022 - Pence Group Asks High Court To Block Biden's Vaccine Mandates

07 Jan 2022 - Kamala Harris Gives American People An Order - She's Not Getting Much Done, But She Wants America To Work Harder

07 Jan 2022 - Florida Republican Plans Post-Midterm Blitz - People Like Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder "Need To Go To Jail," Says Cammack

07 Jan 2022 - McCloskeys Seek Return Of Guns They Wielded At BLM Protesters [They did nothing wrong and should get them back. All they did was protect themselves and their property from a group of domestic terrorist - Dr. B. Carey]

07 Jan 2022 - No 'Insurrection' Charges Filed Against 725 People Charged In Jan. 6 Capitol Breach [GOOD!]

07 Jan 2022 - California Democrat Publicly Said "F-Trump" And "F-Musk," - Now Her Career Is Going Down The Tubes, She Resigns

07 Jan 2021 - Will Liberals Cause America's Civilization To Collapse?

07 Jan 2022 - France Fines Google, Facebook Millions Over Tracking Consent

07 Jan 2022 - After Public Outcry, Facebook Reverses Decision Banning Conservative Children's Book Publisher

07 Jan 2022 - Tom Cotton Blasts Joe Biden For 'Living By The Truth' January 6 Lecture

07 Jan 2022 - Kamala Harris Compares January 6 Riot To Pearl Harbor, 9/11

07 Jan 2022 - Lindsey Graham Blasts Biden, Harris For January 6 Speeches: 'Brazen Politicization'

07 Jan 2022 - Biden DOJ Pushes Gun Control To Start The Year

07 Jan 2022 - Texas Governor To Sue Biden Administration Over Vaccine Mandate For National Guard