The Players, the Scripts, the Imagery
~ Separating Truth from Fantasy ~

By Arthur M. Evangelista, Ph.D.
Dir. of Operations & Research - Regulatory Affairs Unit
Public Health and Medical Fraud Research Co-Operative
(A former federal investigator, U.S. Food & Drug Administration)
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Posted: 11 August 2009

(c) 2009 by Arthur Evangelista, Ph.D.


ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: I would like to thank all the people, who have worked as a team, who have openly and selflessly shared information with me and one another, participated in the research and investigations, provided me with pieces of critical data, guidance, and candid discussion regarding the uncovering of facts of the "Novel" 2009 Flu Virus Scenario.

Special thanks to Dr. True Ott, PhD , Dr. Bill Deagle, MD, and to Ms. Devvy Kidd, my research team, and other notables, for their extraordinary efforts, cooperation, professional integrity, and collaboration. Also, in appreciation, my own investigative staff, all people working together tirelessly to uncover the truth behind the "stories" and misinformation. Our effort is not for fame or notice, but to educate and inform the American population of what has transpired during the last several months, and why.



When I had heard a few months ago, that someone had filed a law suit or criminal charges against the World Health Organization (W.H.O.) and Baxter, (one of the pharmaceutical firms involved) for intentionally and callously spreading the 2009 "Novel" Flu Virus, I could not have been happier.

Keeping my eye on this unfolding epic issue, little by little the pieces of information kept coming in. In short time, some of my colleagues and other research investigators had noticed that not all the information fit together or had the requisite coherence.

As the data flowed into our regulatory office, we began candid discussions with the other investigators, colleagues, and specialists to secure specific and accurate information on this "law suit".

In order for our "team" to eventually file accurately presented criminal charges, our collective actions would need to:

  1. Gain the needed data on the events, and the people and agencies involved;
  2. Understand the scientific aspects of the Novel 2009 Flu virus and the toxic vaccines (that would no doubt, follow);
  3. Gather evidence about the specific laws that were intentionally broken.

It is necessary to make sense of all the data - correctly and accurately. The public deserves to know the truth. Our group has worked hard in identifying, reviewing, and assembling the various parts of this issue, to see where the facts and paper trials lead us.

Only by a complete and comprehensive understanding of these facts, the timelines, and other issues, can one adequately grasp the complexity and disturbing criminal context in which this 2009 Novel Flu Virus has been released, why it was released, and the development of deadly vaccines as a follow-up to the viral contagions.


Let's set the record straight on this particular issue, as there has been much scuttlebutt and other flagrant disregard for factual evaluation and truth.

As such, this article does not include a review of the Austrian inquiry or written articles into the rail incident in which vials of virus were inappropriately packed, and subsequently "exploded" from the pressure generated by dissolving "dry ice".

Although, not considered an accident by some, this may be an international issue, and is the concern of Swiss authorities and those in Austria.

Next, documents requesting judicial intervention and relief for virus and flu vaccines were submitted in the U.S., and have been reviewed by our team of researchers.

Review of these documents created and submitted by Ms. Jane Burgermeister and her "team", makes it seem glaringly obvious that someone had "jumped the gun". My (and others') review of the "Vaccine Injunction" paperwork submitted as of July 31, 2009, reveals this to be seriously defective, unprofessional, and poorly stated and written.

This "Injunction" was submitted to the NJ District Court in Trenton, NJ to prevent mandatory vaccinations, under the civil rights laws. The injunction is a good idea, and would have been effective if not "rushed to press", not presented in a convoluted manner, had contained factual evidence, and were properly written out and focused.

Upon careful review, this injunction appears ineffective, vague, and an inadequately written instrument. Some of the information included in this submission, was "cut and pasted" from newspapers articles, a procedure not professionally performed in any legal manner. This was/is a disgrace.

Injunction Submission: and also


Weeks prior to these documents being made public, I had personally called Ms. Burgermeister to offer my guidance or any assistance, and was abruptly met with rudeness. Thinking she was simply having a "bad day", I soon found out that other prominent and professional researchers, one by one, had met with the same rudeness and verbal abuse, after they offered their help, as well. A pattern began to develop.

It also became known, that much of the data or guidance supplied to Burgermeister by other professional colleagues, was ignored or devalued. It became apparent that an alternate agenda was beginning to emerge from Austria.

Later, after hearing/reading about a criminal complaint against the World Health Organization and Baxter for the last several weeks, what appeared to be a "criminal complaint", was nothing more than a useless .pdf file that someone had written, and posed it as a complaint. It is a facade. It was wrongfully publicized in order to get people's hopes up, then turned out to be, a poor excuse for a complaint. We were shocked at this grossly flawed and erratically constructed document.

In my professional investigative opinion, these "complaints" are totally worthless as presented.

I believe the only viable motives as to why these documents or "charges" were prematurely created and so poorly written and formatted, is that these "complaints" appear intending to procure funding from those who are unfamiliar with legal instruments (fraud) due to Burgermeister's own public statements regarding her troubled financial situation. These "complaints" are being used to gain notoriety, self-aggrandizement, or publicity...and being done incorrectly. Other colleagues thought it may be to misinform, convolute, and side-track the real events surrounding this flu virus and its vaccine(s). Perhaps all of these.

Hastily putting these documents together might have indicated the possibility of narrowing time constraints; ...but I propose, that under these circumstances, gaining additional assistance and guidance from the willing collaboration of available professional, medical, and legal investigators would have produced a much more effective and "proper injunction", or perhaps even delayed submission for a short period, until it could be wielded more effectively, once all the facts were in, and these instruments were properly prepared. Whatever the agenda of the individual(s), the final result is legally and professionally counterproductive.

A review of the following link, indicates that this Complaint, as written, is total nonsense contains non-essential data, is unformatted, is not focused, and is incomplete. As an investigative veteran, I see this complaint as a farce.

Criminal Complaint:

Historically, sometimes people who are demanding action, will accept ANY action, right or wrong, inappropriate or not, because the people wanted something, and may not fully understand the intricacies of these actions. Rushing into this activity without employing the correct documentation and protocol, is almost always a mistake, especially with a case of this enormity and complexity. This is what has occurred, here.

I absolutely do think we need an injunction (protection) against mandatory vaccinations. Additionally, and separately, we must identify the criminal elements and culpable parties involved and spend the time with gathering the facts and evidence. This is a matter of what's right, not who's right.

I, along with every other concerned professionals or specialists, would want these actions and charges to be done with as much perfection and professionalism as possible, as the general public should expect from professionals in their field. The fact is: Burgermeister's, were not. Unfortunately, they are in disorder, and as such, have let down many people in the process who are looking for real justice.

It is also my belief, therefore, that these premature actions may have actually delayed or even hurt the development and filing of forthcoming, professionally constructed criminal charges that would be correctly presented to the U.S. Attorney's office for review and possible further action (ie: a grand jury hearing, subpoena, etc.)

In this instance, these issues can not, nor should not, be rushed, as non-reversible errors are usually made, forever reducing any chances of eventual success. After reviewing Burgermeister's documents, people will have to make up their own minds about what this means.

As my wise grandfather would say, "If you don't have the inclination to do it right the first time, where are you going to find the time to do it over?"

Man-Made 2009 "Novel" Flu Virus Issues:

The first issue to bring to light is the "enemy's" overall agenda. This fact is apparent in the Georgia Guidestones in Atlanta, and in Henry Kissinger's infamous NSSM-200 report of 1974 ( ). What we are witnessing here, is the government's intended agenda of depopulation, both in the United States, and worldwide, for their New World DisOrder.

Other documents concur with these government intentions...but these only support the global agenda, and have nothing to do with a virus lawsuit, except to show a pattern of intent. Each one must be proven and properly linked.

Example: Some of these collateral issues are: the CODEX Alimentarius, insane food regulations, attacks on natural supplements, the drugging of America with psychoactive drugs, the targeting of pregnant woman by medical administrators for the toxic virus vaccine, and Obama's current self-destructive Health Care Bill that sits before Congress, to name a few. There are many others.

It is all about identifying and making the proper connections among various events. Investigative personnel do this regularly to move their investigations forward and, with additional evidence collection, to eventual catch the bad guys. Supporting data may lead you to the criminal, but you still have to make your case against the criminals, themselves. The support data cannot do that.


The 2009 "Novel" Flu Virus was laboratory developed and constructed dating back to approximately 1997, with preliminary recombinant viral research dating back even further. This is the core of the issue (along with the intention to do grievous bodily harm and depraved indifference).

We have numerous related sites that substantive information that the gene splicing and sequencing of this virus has been in operation for at least several years.

Some of the information that provides data on this research follows:

  1. GenBank sequences from pandemic (H1N1) 2009 viruses

  2. Characterization of the reconstructed 1918 Spanish influenza pandemic virus.

  3. Phylogenetic evidence against evolutionary stasis and natural abiotic reservoirs of influenza A virus.

  4. Attachment of infectious influenza A viruses of various subtypes to live mammalian and avian cells as measured by flow cytometry.

  5. The virulence of the 1918 pandemic influenza virus: unraveling the enigma.

The initial venture was (and most likely still is), funded and/or controlled, directly or indirectly, by the Dept. of Defense, Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases at Ft. Detrick, MD or their agents.

We know that two individuals, T. Tumpey and J. Taubenberger had cooperated together, via Ft. Detrick, to reverse engineer the 1918 flu virus, and then to recombine these 1918 flu virus genetic sequences with avian and swine flu viral pathogens, creating an entirely new, "Novel" flu virus.

The following information provides insights into this development:

  1. Experimental infection of pigs with the human 1918 pandemic influenza virus.

  2. The influenza viruses (and avian pathogen experiments)<_ResultsPanel.Pubmed

  3. Global host immune response: pathogenesis and transcriptional profiling of type A influenza viruses expressing the hemagglutinin and neuraminidase genes from the 1918 pandemic virus.
    Kash JC, Basler CF, García-Sastre A, Carter V, Billharz R, Swayne DE, Przygodzki RM, Taubenberger JK, Katze MG, Tumpey TM.

After completing the reverse engineered "Novel" virus, the creators and associated scientists then set out to work on a vaccine. Some had gone to the National Institutes of Health, and worked in concert with some of the pharmaceutical firms, including Novartis and others.

We also know that in 1987, a corporation named, Novavax, was created specifically for the development of recombinant vaccine research. As such, following their work at NIH and Ft. Detrick, Tumpey and Taubenberger consulted for Novavax as well as Novartis, since they now had completed their the gene sequencing (rRNA) work for the new pandemic flu virus, and its subsequent release by government operatives.

This work clearly shows its intended target is the human population...

  1. Show recombinant needed for specific human host.
    Attachment of infectious influenza A viruses of various subtypes to live mammalian and avian cells as measured by flow cytometry.

  2. Recent avian H5N1 viruses exhibit increased propensity for acquiring human receptor specificity.

  3. Recent changes among human influenza viruses.

Currently, from information gathered, it would appear that Novartis, receiving huge amounts of funding from government sources, had patented its current untested and potentially dangerous, squalene-based flu vaccines. (Provisional Application No. 60/734,026 dtd. Nov. 4, 2005 and P.A. No. 60/812,475 dtd. June 8, 2006: Publication No. US2009/0047353 A1).

Novartis, has apparently offered members of the pharmaceutical cartel "kits" for a fee, to subcontract out additional manufacture of their patented (deadly) vaccine, including Baxter, and several others.


It should also be noted, that between 1997, (when this work at Ft. Detrick began), and 2006, we have traced the "unsolved" murders of at least 20 scientists, microbiologists, and others, that were associated with this research.

My investigative insights and the collateral information seems to indicate that this is (one facet) of a multi-national criminal enterprise of epic proportions. Therefore, I believe the criminal investigation should be handled, in two parts.

The first part should be handled at the U.S. and domestic level, regarding the flu virus manufacture and the toxic vaccine development within the United States. The evidence presented would first go to a U.S. Attorney for the convening of a grand jury.

The second aspect, is an international investigation by respective countries and their Ministries of Justice, or Interpol, and eventually, charges might be brought before the International Court - The Hague or the host country where the criminal act(s) occurred.

The inter-connections and complexity of this case may not have any precedent; therefore, new legal ground may need to "broken".

It would be a grave injustice to humanity if this is allowed to get "lost in the quagmire". Only we, the people, can ensure that it does not, and that justice is served for the criminal recombinant virus, the intentional virus' release, its deadly vaccines, and the deaths and disabilities resulting from these.

The murders of the associated scientists who had worked on parts of this project, would be another matter to contend with. We certainly have motive, and the government or high-priced drug firms can create the opportunity and the means. This, of course will require further exploration, and may be revealed in the ongoing virus investigations with any luck.

It is equally our hope to assemble and develop a palatable array of criminal charges to be brought before the U.S. Attorney's office. A U.S. Attorney with the moral fiber and intestinal fortitude to see that justice is, indeed accomplished, and the guilty parties, agencies, and other co-conspirators are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.



Dr. Evangelista explains that, "it is necessary to expose and criminally charge the culpable parties that are responsible for the original virus, itself", and this is where the "bear sits in the buckwheat". This is the point where things began...the point of origin.

We also can include the toxic vaccine development, and expose the actual individuals that have perpetrated this horror, as well. We must trace this illegal and horrendous agenda all the way back to the source, for our investigations and results to be effective, and for proper criminal charges to be brought to bear. We cannot "drop the dollar to pick up a nickel". We must be thorough and uncompromising in our collected facts and evidence for real justice to be actualized. We intend on just that.