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05 Dec 2019 - Natural Antibiotic: Research Looks At Potential Of Ginger Against Superbugs

05 Dec 2019 - Vitamin D Deficiency In Pregnant Women Can Compromise Neonates

04 Dec 2019 - Over A Century Of Corrupting American Education

04 Dec 2019 - Unhealthy Cooking Oils You Should Avoid And Healthier Options You Can Safely Use

04 Dec 2019 - Supplements You Should Take After You Reach Your 50s

04 Dec 2019 - This Is Why You Should Drink Coconut Water Every Day

04 Dec 2019 - Health Complications Associated With Vitamin D Deficiency

04 Dec 2019 - Vitamin C Supplementation Improves Chronic Kidney Disease

04 Dec 2019 - WebMD And Healthline Exposed Violating Your Privacy [Has an emebedded video on the web page]

04 Dec 2019 - Opioid Producers Put Blame On Addicts

04 Dec 2019 - Canada Launches Lawsuit Against Bayer [Has an embedded video on the web page]

04 Dec 2019 - Since “Climate Change” Alarmism Has Flopped, The Same Scammers Are Now Toying With A New Phrase They Hope Will Sound More Urgent

04 Dec 2019 - The Herb Vacha Confirmed To Have Potent Antioxidant Properties

04 Dec 2019 - Red Yeast Rice Has Anti-Hyperlipidemic Properties

04 Dec 2019 - 6 Easy To Grow Mosquito-Repelling Plants And Herbs

04 Dec 2019 - WHO Now Openly Admitting That Vaccines Cause More Polio Than Actual Wild Virus

04 Dec 2019 - 5G Radiation Causes BEHAVIOR Changes In Humans, Causes Ion Potentiation Poisoning Of Brain Cells, Leading To Mass Insanity [Has an embedded video on the web page]

04 Dec 2019 - Establishment Media Now Openly Pushing Tech Giants To Censor All Independent Media

02 Dec 2019 - 9 Amazing Home Remedies For Cold And Flu

02 Dec 2019 - Essential Oils For Cold Sores

02 Dec 2019 - Actor Rob Schneider Speaks Out Against Forced Vaccinations, Says Americans Can Make Their Own Health Choices

02 Dec 2019 - Ancient Egypt Got It Right With Peppermint: Here Are 15 Conditions It Can Treat

22 Nov 2019 - A Whole Branch Of Science Turns Out To Be Fake

22 Nov 2019 - Two Huge Vaccine Scandals The Press Is Ignoring

22 Nov 2019 - Radiologists Conceal Heavy Metal Accumulation From MRIs [Has an embedded video on the web page]

22 Nov 2019 - Antibacterial Cleaners Increase Molds

22 Nov 2019 - Analysis Finds That Pharmaceutical Drugs Are Destroying The Environment – Where Are All The Environmental Activists?

22 Nov 2019 - 10 Possible Causes Of Dizziness And How To Address Them

22 Nov 2019 - Investigation Finds Google ‘Blacklists’ Entire Sites From Search Results

22 Nov 2019 - The Inner Ear And Balance Problems: 11 Causes Of Loss Of Balance

19 Nov 2019 - 96% Of Biologists Surveyed Believe Human Life Begins At Conception

19 Nov 2019 - Zuckerberg Shills For Mark Of The Beast

14 Nov 2019 - 5 Must Try Home Remedies For Foot Fungus

14 Nov 2019 - Trump Admin Sends Planned Parenthood’s Tax Dollars To Pro-Life Centers Helping Pregnant Women [GOOD!!!]

14 Nov 2019 - Scientific American Warns: 5G Is Unsafe [Has an embedded video on the web page]

14 Nov 2019 - Bombshell: After Finding Of Hundreds Of Cancer Genes In MMR Vaccines, FDA Researcher Admits Viral Cells In Vaccines May “Activate” Genes And Spread More Disease

14 Nov 2019 - Dr. Mercola Reveals How Google And Wikipedia Tag Team To Censor Natural Health Websites While Promoting Big Pharma And Processed Junk Food

12 Nov 2019 - Report: Google Not Telling Patients Or Doctors They’re Collecting Info On Millions Of People

07 Nov 2019 - Court Awards $137,500 After 8 Vaccines Kills Infant In Just 12 Hours

07 Nov 2019 - Push To Bar Puberty-Blocking Drugs, Medical Gender-Transitioning Of Children Widens To 3 States

07 Nov 2019 - Elizabeth Warren’s “Medicare For All Calculator” Is A Total Hoax

07 Nov 2019 - Mercury Injection “Season” Is Here, And It’s Not Even Safe In Your Mouth, So Imagine The DAMAGE That’s Being Done To 100 Million Americans

07 Nov 2019 - Costco Jumps Into Lucrative Prescription Drug “One Hour Delivery” Market, Proving Nearly Every Retailer In America Is Driven By Big Pharma Profits

30 Oct 2019 - MMR Vaccination Plunges Child Into Autism And Mom Will Never Vaccinate Again [Has an embedded video on the web page]

30 Mar 2019 - Why You Should Never Buy CBD Oil From Amazon

30 Mar 2019 - Shocking Vaccine Truth: Hundreds Of Cancer Genes Are Deliberately Engineered Into The MMR Vaccine To Promote Cancer For Generations To Come [Has an embedded video on the web page]

30 Mar 2019 - Even the fundraising Site GoFundMe Is Now De-Platforming Vaccine Skeptics

30 Mar 2019 - Complications Of The Flu: Symptoms And Natural Remedies For Sinusitis

29 Oct 2019 - 9 Home Remedies For A Tooth Infection

29 Oct 2019 - Number Of Bayer Lawsuits May Increase To 45,000

29 Oct 2019 - World’s Most Popular Pizza Joint – Pizza Hut – Testing Out New Compostable, Round Box, BHA/BHT-Free Meats, Antibiotic-Free Chicken, And No MSG

29 Oct 2019 - 8 Health Benefits Of Raisins, A Fiber-Rich Superfood

29 Oct 2019 - Stock Up On These 12 Healing Herbs And Spices That Boost Flavor And Your Overall Well-Being

29 Oct 2019 - Heart, Muscles, Mind: Vitamin D Helps Your Body In Many Ways

24 Oct 2019 - Abortion Was The Leading Cause Of Death Worldwide Over Last 100 Years, Killing 1 Billion People

24 Oct 2019 - Ninth Circuit Upholds Block On Trump Admin's Religious Exemption To HHS' Contraceptive Mandate [GOOD!]

22 Oct 2019 - Teenage Girl Shares How She Was Harmed By Transgender Drugs

22 Oct 2019 - SHOCKER: New “KraveBurger” Contains Cells From Monkey Kidneys, Infected Pigs And Human Abortions – Just Kidding, Those Are Common Vaccine Ingredients

21 Oct 2019 - Crunchy, Tangy And Good For Your Gut: 4 Health Benefits Of Pickles, A Fermented Food

21 Oct 2019 - Vitamins, Supplements And Teas: Relieve Anxiety Naturally With These 16 Home Remedies

21 Oct 2019 - Depression And Increased Cancer Risk: 6 Reasons Not To Take Birth Control Pills

21 Oct 2019 - 14 Natural Treatments For Rheumatoid Arthritis

21 Oct 2019 - Acupuncture Is BETTER Than Opioids, Especially For Treating Pain

21 Oct 2019 - Aloe Vera, Apple Cider Vinegar And More: 12 Natural Remedies For Poison Ivy

21 Oct 2019 - African Basil Is A Potent Natural Treatment For Men With Erectile Dysfunction

18 Oct 2019 - A Massive Backlash Is Building Against Fake Meat Products Like Beyond Meat And Impossible Foods

18 Oct 2019 - One Out Of Every 39 Children Vaccinated With Government-Mandated Vaccines Suffers Serious Injuries

18 Oct 2019 - “Active Shooter” Drills Are A Form Of Police State Terrorism Against Children… Shock And Awe To Give Kids PTSD

17 Oct 2019 - Mom Jailed For Refusing To Vaccinate Details Corruption, Abuse And Ineptness

17 Oct 2019 - U Of Michigan ‘Just Killed My Son’: Hospital Yanks Life Support Hours After Judge Dismisses Case

17 Oct 2019 - Judge Permanently Blocks Obama Mandate Forcing Doctors, Hospitals To Do Abortions [GOOD! It's about time a judge had the never to stand up against this evil and do the right thing! – Dr. B. Carey]

17 Oct 2019 - State Health Authorities Sound Warning Over Vaping-Related Illnesses; Say Nothing About The Thousands Of Deaths Caused By FDA-Approved Prescription Drugs

17 Oct 2019 - After Paying Out $8 Billion In Fines, J&J Now Faces 100,000 More Lawsuits Related To Injuries Caused By Antipsychotic Drugs

17 Oct 2019 - Natural Bug Repellent: 11 Herbs And Flowers That Deter Mosquitoes

17 Oct 2019 - Walnuts Are A Delicious Way To Take Care Of Your Heart

17 Oct 2019 - Supplementing With Vitamin D Found To Prevent Colorectal Cancer Growth

16 Oct 2019 - UK Judge Orders Forced Abortion, Says Doctors Can Restrain Woman To Do It [This is PURE EVIL!!! – Dr. B. Carey]

16 Oct 2019 - 3 Healthiest Alternatives To Cow Milk

16 Oct 2019 - Voice To Skull Technology Is Embedded In 5G [In other words. MIND CONTROL – Dr. B. Carey] [YouTube video]

16 Oct 2019 - Take A BIG Guess Why Most Flu Shots Are Free

15 Oct 2019 - U Of Michigan Hospital Trying To Yank Life Support From 14-Year-Old Boy Against Parents’ Wishes

15 Oct 2019 - How to Gently Loosen Frozen Shoulder Using A Kettlebell [YouTube video]

15 Oct 2019 - YouTube, Google, Facebook And Vimeo Are Complicit In The Massive Polio Outbreak Cover-Up: It’s All Caused By Vaccines

15 Oct 2019 - Magnesium And Anxiety: A Look At The Benefits And How To Include It In Your Diet

14 Oct 2019 - Johnson & Johnson Ordered To Pay $8 Billion After Drug Linked to Male Breast Growth

14 Oct 2019 - Pass Cisneros Legislation On A Nutrition Agency

14 Oct 2019 - Peppermint Oil Can Help Relieve Chest Pain After Eating

11 Oct 2019 - Protect Yourself From MSG Damage

11 Oct 2019 - Aspartame: One Of The Tops To Avoid

11 Oct 2019 - Drug-Free Options For Dysmenorrhea Relief Include Reflexology And Connective Tissue Manipulation

11 Oct 2019 - A 10-Minute Massage Is All You Need To Help Regulate Blood Pressure, Heart Rate

10 Oct 2019 - The Secret Behind Fake Bipolar Disease In Children

10 Oct 2019 - Prozac Mass Murders: The Truth Comes To Light

10 Oct 2019 - Water Poisoning Alerts Hidden From Public

10 Oct 2019 - JUUL E-Cigs Going Up In Smoke

10 Oct 2019 - WHO Admits Polio Outbreak In The Philippines Caused By Polio Vaccines… Outbreak “Caused By Vaccine-Derived Poliovirus Type 2”

10 Oct 2019 - Cannibalism Gone Mainstream: Parents Who Agree With Vaccines Are Injecting Their Children With The COMPLETE Human Genome Of Another Dead Baby

10 Oct 2019 - Used For Thousands Of Years In TCM, Psoralea Corylifolia Treats A Variety Of Diseases From Heart Disease To Cancer

10 Oct 2019 - Highly Toxic Ingredients Are Deliberately Formulated Into Mandatory Vaccines So That You Are Forced To Submit To Being Poisoned

10 Oct 2019 - Acupuncture May Improve Standard Treatments For Chronic Headache

08 Oct 2019 - Vaccines Found To Be Deliberately Formulated With Hundreds Of Cancer Genes To Ensure Repeat Business For Big Pharma

08 Oct 2019 - A Natural Cure For Influenza: Study Proves Elderberries Are An Effective Antiviral

08 Oct 2019 - Beto Gets A Flu Shot To Show He’s “Normal” … But He’s Actually Just Stupid

08 Oct 2019 - Coconut Milk: 8 Reasons Why You Should Start Drinking This Non-Dairy Milk Alternative

02 Oct 2019 - Google Goes Full-Throttle With Health Censorship, Doubles Down On Big Pharma Drugs And Disease

02 Oct 2019 - Understanding Burn Injuries: The Different Types And Treatments

02 Oct 2019 - Big Pharma Gets Seasonal Flu Shot Strains Wrong AGAIN – How Is This Considered “Evidence-Based Medicine?”

01 Oct 2019 - Dems Vote To Enhance Med Care For Illegals Now, Vote Down Vets Waiting 10 Years For Same Service

01 Oct 2019 - Trump Admin Sends $33.6 Million Of Planned Parenthood’s Taxpayer Funding To Legitimate Health Care Groups [GOOD! – Dr. B. Carey]

01 Oct 2019 - Cancer Industry Not Looking For A Cure; They’re Too Busy Making Money

01 Oct 2019 - Miso: Add This Traditional Japanese Condiment To Your Diet For Optimal Health

01 Oct 2019 - More Children Are Dying From Gender-Bending Pharmaceuticals Than From Guns, But Leftists Couldn’t Care Less

01 Oct 2019 - Chinese Sweet Plum Found To Have Anti-Cancer Effects, May Be Developed Into An Anti-Cancer Treatment

27 Sep 2019 - Respiratory Rescue Herbs!

27 Sep 2019 - A Simple Homemade Toothpaste Recipe

26 Sep 2019 - Drugs Used As Puberty Blockers In Youth Linked To Thousands Of Adult Deaths, FDA Shows

26 Sep 2019 - 16 Health Benefits Of Dandelion

26 Sep 2019 - Flu Shot Fails To Protect Seniors And May Increase Miscarriages

26 Sep 2019 - Can Dogs Really Detect Malignancy? This Study Proves It

26 Sep 2019 - Have You Been Diagnosed With MS (Multiple Sclerosis)? You May Need A Second Opinion Due To Misdiagnosis

25 Sep 2019 - How To Prevent Osteoporosis

25 Sep 2019 - Fake Meat Is Junk Food

25 Sep 2019 - State AGs Taking Opioid Money While Negotiating Settlements

25 Sep 2019 - Pfizer Now Openly Testing Toxic Vaccines On Pregnant Women – They Just Don’t Care Anymore

25 Sep 2019 - Sweet Little Lies: How Food Companies Hide The Sugar Of Their Food Products From You

25 Sep 2019 - You Won’t Believe What’s In The Vaccines Being Discussed For Mandatory Vaccinations

24 Sep 2019 - Officials Warn About 'Extremely Unusual' Outbreak Of Deadly Mosquito-Borne Virus Across 6 States [Has an embedded video on the web page]

24 Sep 2019 - New Study Sounds The Alarm Over Artificial Sweeteners

24 Sep 2019 - Has Safety Commission Misled The Public About Aspartame?

24 Sep 2019 - FDA Knowingly Allowed Killer Aspartame On Market

24 Sep 2019 - EFSA's Toxicological Assessment Of Aspartame

24 Sep 2019 - Rumsfeld's Aspartame Plague On The Planet EU Experts Renew Call For A Ban On Aspartame Answering The Corporate Propagandists

24 Sep 2019 - A Popular Product Turned Out To Be Deadly [The original article located at: was translated from Russian into English using Google Translate]

24 Sep 2019 - A Simple Way To Care For Your Hips - One Minute Daily [YouTube video]

24 Sep 2019 - Research Project Takes Aim At Magnesium Deficiency [Has an embedded video on the web page]

24 Sep 2019 - Is Purple Cauliflower Better?

24 Sep 2019 - Do You Get Enough Zinc? Improve Your Health With These 15 Fruits That Are Loaded With This Essential Mineral

24 Sep 2019 - Picralima Nitida Seed Extracts Possess Antioxidant And Anti-Diabetes Properties

24 Sep 2019 - Looking For Protein-Rich Vegetables? Here Are 10 Of The Best

24 Sep 2019 - 6 Possible Causes Of Dry Cough And Your Treatment Options,p> 24 Sep 2019 - Plant Cures: 6 Essential Oils That Can Relieve Neuropathic Pain

20 Sep 2019 - Cancer: Coming To You, A Family Member, Or A Friend

20 Sep 2019 - Child Seized Over Parents Daring To Question Physician’s Competence

20 Sep 2019 - The Chemical Imbalance Myth And Antidepressant Harm

20 Sep 2019 - What Is Wormwood Tea?

20 Sep 2019 - GMO Mosquito Experiment Goes Horribly Wrong: Insects Adapt And Overcome, Transforming Into Super “Mutant” Mosquitoes That Could Cause Mass Death Across South America

20 Sep 2019 - TCM Gua Sha Found To Effectively Ease Chronic Lower Back Pain In The Elderly

20 Sep 2019 - Google Has Become The Anti-Health Search Engine; Now Censoring Nearly All Holistic Health And Nutrition Websites On The Planet

18 Sep 2019 - FDA To Ban Flavored E-Cigarettes? [They just need to ban all of them, regardless of flavor – Bradley]

18 Sep 2019 - Home Cleaning Products Bombshell: Exposure Equivalent To Smoking 20 Cigarettes A Day, Study Says

17 Sep 2019 - Family Says Age 4 Child Was Kidnapped When Texas CPS Forcibly Removed Him From Home [Has embedded videos on the web page]

17 Sep 2019 - Study Finds That Facebook Is Bad For Your Mental And Physical Health

17 Sep 2019 - Vaccine Injuries And Legal Mandates [Has an embedded video on the web page]

17 Sep 2019 - The Statin Mafia Censors Pharmaceutical Harm [Has an embedded video on the web page]

16 Sep 2019 - Beat Candida And Balance Your Gut Health With These 20 Anti-Fungal Foods

16 Sep 2019 - Aluminum Is A Key Ingredient In MANY Vaccines: Here’s Why It’s So Dangerous

16 Sep 2019 - Same Amazon.Com That Banned Cancer Cure Documentaries Now All In With Big Pharma’s Toxic Cancer “Treatments” Via Its New “Go Gold” Astroturfing Campaign

13 Sep 2019 - Remember Those Florida Parents Whose Son Was Abducted By The State After They Refused Chemo Treatments? The Government Has Now Assumed PERMANENT CUSTODY Of The Child

13 Sep 2019 - Organic Citronella Essential Oil Is One Of The Most Versatile Essential Oils On The Planet

13 Sep 2019 - FAKE SCIENCE: Same Forbes Magazine That Pushed Monsanto’s GMO Science Lies Now Pushing Left-Wing Climate Change Hysteria

13 Sep 2019 - When Chemotherapy Fails, Science Turns To… Flaxseeds?

13 Sep 2019 - Flaxseeds Are More Effective At Preventing And Treating Breast Cancer Than Mainstream Medicine

13 Sep 2019 - Why A Third Of Cancer Patients Turn To Alternative Treatments – A Failure Of Modern Medicine?

13 Sep 2019 - Delicious And Nutritious Vegetables For People With Type 2 Diabetes

13 Sep 2019 - Munching On Onions And Garlic Can Reduce Colorectal Cancer Risk, According To Study

12 Sep 2019 - Consuming Cancer Tastes SO Good: High Fructose Corn Syrup Is “Cancer” Food, Increases Tumor Growth

12 Sep 2019 - Sweet And Natural: 7 Health Benefits Of Raw Honey

12 Sep 2019 - Essential Oils From The Verbena Family Found To Have Anti-Cancer Properties

12 Sep 2019 - Japanese Herb Found To Protect Against Liver Cancer

11 Sep 2019 - 7 Adaptogenic Herbs Or Adaptogens That Help Reduce Stress

11 Sep 2019 - Turmeric Dosage For Inflammation & Other Conditions

11 Sep 2019 - What Juuling Does To Your Body (It’s Not Pretty)

11 Sep 2019 - Vaping Lung Injury Cases Rise To Nearly 300

11 Sep 2019 - Why You See 9 Pharmaceutical Ads A Day

11 Sep 2019 - Statins Shown To Extend Life By Mere Days

10 Sep 2019 - Aspartame Awareness Month 2019

10 Sep 2019 - Soylent Green Proposed To Address Contrived Ecological Crisis

10 Sep 2019 - Korean Red Ginseng Has Anti-Inflammatory Properties, Researchers Confirm

10 Sep 2019 - Prostate Drugs May Increase Your Risk Of Developing Type 2 Diabetes, Warn Scientists

10 Sep 2019 - Climate Change Hoax COLLAPSES As New Science Finds Human Activity Has Virtually Zero Impact On Global Temperatures

10 Sep 2019 - Time To Put An End To The Climate Cult

09 Sep 2019 - How Much Omega-3 Do You Need?

09 Sep 2019 - Quercetin Lowers Your Risk For Viral Illnesses

09 Sep 2019 - Raspberry Ketone: Don't Believe The Hype

09 Sep 2019 - What Broke American Health Care And How To Fix It [Has an embedded video on the web page]

09 Sep 2019 - Map Shows The Cities Where Deadly 5G Cell Towers Are Being Rolled Out… Do You Live In One Of These?

09 Sep 2019 - Energize Your Day With Ginger And Pears (Or Combine Them Into A Delicious Smoothie)

06 Sep 2019 - Astragalus Shows Amazing Antioxidant, Anti-Inflammatory, And Anticancer Effects

06 Sep 2019 - Children Being Put At Risk By Transgender Books That 'Misrepresent' Medical Knowledge, Academic Claims

05 Sep 2019 - VAPING-The Ultimate Bait & Switch Scheme

05 Sep 2019 - Caffeine-Laced Treats May Have Poisoned Dogs

05 Sep 2019 - Zinc Deficiency Tied To Hypertension - Study

05 Sep 2019 - Heavy Metals: Walmart Tests EVERYTHING It Sells, While Amazon Tests Almost NOTHING

04 Sep 2019 - Amazon Fails To Test Dietary Supplements For Contaminants, Continues To Sell THOUSANDS Of Illegal And Dangerous Products

04 Sep 2019 - Prepper Protein: Which Powders Should You Stockpile?

04 Sep 2019 - More Than Prepper Toilet Paper: Here Are Even More Uses For Common Mullein

04 Sep 2019 - Moxibustion May Improve IBS By Stimulating Gut Microbiota

04 Sep 2019 - Now The Baby Butchers Are Attacking Parental Rights

04 Sep 2019 - Prepper Medicine: Considerations For OTC Meds In Your Survival Cache

04 Sep 2019 - The Herbal Extract Of The Spiny Holdback Tree Is Toxic To Cancer Stem Cells, Improves Efficacy Of Conventional Treatments

04 Sep 2019 - Natural Remedies For Hypothyroidism

30 Aug 2019 - Antibiotic Resistance: Why Is Natural Medicine Being Ignored?

30 Aug 2019 - What Makes The “Impossible Burger” Possible?

30 Aug 2019 - VACCINE MANDATES: Does “Herd Immunity” Stop Vaccine Failure? [YouTube video]

30 Aug 2019 - Fluoride Dangers: New Evidence

30 Aug 2019 - Should You Exercise If You Have High Blood Pressure?

30 Aug 2019 - TCM Herb Ku Shen Found To Be An Effective Natural Treatment For Leukemia

30 Aug 2019 - How Low Is Too Low? Low Cholesterol Levels May Increase The Risk Of Bleeding Stroke In Women, Warn Researchers

29 Aug 2019 - Pro-Life Healthcare Center ‘Fighting For Women And Babies’ Attacked By Abortion Activists

29 Aug 2019 - Oklahoma Court Orders Johnson & Johnson To Pay $572 Million For Helping Fuel Opioid Epidemic

29 Aug 2019- How Many Millions Of People Have Been Needlessly Killed By Chemotherapy And Other Poison “Medicines” Because They Listened To Stephen Barrett?

28 Aug 2019 - Is It Selfish To Refuse Vaccines? [YouTube video]

28 Aug 2019 - ‘Biology Is Not Bigotry’: Teacher Blasts Bill That Would Force Teachers To Receive LGBT ‘Training’ [Has an embedded video on the web page]

28 Aug 2019 - Climate Change Alarmist Suffer Another Blow — Data Proves U.S. Hasn’t Warmed Since 2005

28 Aug 2019 - State Legislatures Attempting To Allow Teens To Get HPV Shot Without Parental Consent

28 Aug 2019 - Juul Funds Program To Get Kids Hooked On Vaping

28 Aug 2019 - Chiropractor Must Pay $100k For Sharing Content Like This

28 Aug 2019 - EPA Blocks Warning On Glyphosate

28 Aug 2019 - Man-Made Global Warming Fiction

26 Aug 2019 - What Juuling Does To Your Body (It’s Not Pretty)

26 Aug 2019 - Toxic Aluminum Found In Popular Prescription Infant Formulas

26 Aug 2019 - 6 Useful Medical Devices To Have When SHTF

22 Aug 2019 - Monsanto Hit List Exposed [Has an embedded video on the web page]

22 Aug 2019 - A Component Of Ginseng Found To Have Anti-Tumor Effects Against Liver Cancer

22 Aug 2019 - JAMA Study Finds That Drinking Fluoridated Water Causes Brain Damage In Children

22 Aug 2019 - Bombshell New Video Exposes Horrifying Crime Of Vaccine Mandates… Help This Video Go Viral On Facebook [Has an embedded video on the web page]

21 Aug 2019 - Why “Anti-Vaxxers” Are So HATED…

21 Aug 2019 - The 5 Best Essential Oils For Your Survival Kit

16 Aug 2019 - 2-Month Old Dies 48 Hours After 8 Vaccines: Owen’s Mom Speaks Out

16 Aug 2019 - Lowering Your Blood Pressure Could Stop Your Heart, If You Use Traditional Treatments

16 Aug 2019 - Here Are The Best Reasons Why You Should Go Nuts With Organic Almonds

16 Aug 2019 - Pharma Hack Paul Offit Accidentally Admits That The FDA’s Process For Licensing Vaccines Is Fraudulent

16 Aug 2019 - Herbal Medicine Has Antiviral Effects That Effectively Treat The Flu

16 Aug 2019 - These Effective Natural Remedies Can Help Heal Cold Sores

16 Aug 2019 - Self-Heal Herb Improves Symptoms Of Diabetic Nephropathy

16 Aug 2019 - Eat Your Medicine: 5 Herbs In Your Pantry That Have Amazing Health Benefits

14 Aug 2019 - Nursing Home Resident Slams Kamala Harris On Healthcare [Has an embedded video on the web page]

14 Aug 2019 - EXCLUSIVE: Probiotics Sold By Amazon.Com Found To Contain Hazardous Levels Of Lead And Aluminum, Toxic Elements That Cause Neurological Damage

14 Aug 2019 - DOCTORS Killed More Americans Last Weekend Than Mass Shooters… But There’s Zero Outrage From The Media Or Leftists

14 Aug 2019 - Google Now Taking Sides On Key Issues Like Medicine, Cancer, Vaccines, GMOs, Climate Change And More, And Working To Obliterate All Views That Google Doesn’t Endorse

14 Aug 2019 - Sorry, Climate Change Fanatics: Turns Out, Greenland’s Glaciers Are Actually Growing

13 Aug 2019 - Infant Dies 14 Hours After Receiving 8 Vaccines

13 Aug 2019 - Leaves Facebook Today

13 Aug 2019 - Help Ease Stress And Anxiety With Holy Basil

13 Aug 2019 - Combining Pycnogenol And L-Arginine Could Help Address Erectile Dysfunction Naturally, Suggests Researchers

13 Aug 2019 - Cinnamon: A Sweet-Spicy Treat For Fighting Alzheimer’s

13 Aug 2019 - Johnson & Johnson To Face CRIMINAL Investigation Over Asbestos Talc Scandal

09 Aug 2019 - FDA Investigating 127 Reports Of Seizures After Vaping

09 Aug 2019 - The Biggest MYTH Ever Perpetuated In The Food Industry… “Eat Less Red Meat” And Be Healthier

09 Aug 2019 - LA Times Trying To Rewrite History, DENIES Historical Warming And Ice Age Events

09 Aug 2019 - Fast Food Water Tested For Heavy Metals: Taco Bell, KFC, Burger King, Dairy Queen, McDonalds, Subway And More

08 Aug 2019 - Over 10 TIMES As Many People Are Killed By Doctor’s Knives Than By Crazed Mass Shooters – Should We Ban Scalpels?

08 Aug 2019 - Olive Oil, Just Once A Week, Can Lower Your Risk Of A Blood Clot

07 Aug 2019 - Information Between FDA Jerome Bressler And Lane Shore, Mission Possible Chicago (Valuable Information From The Beginning) [PDF File]

07 Aug 2019 - The Low-Cholesterol Stroke Danger No One’s Talking About

07 Aug 2019 - Whole Foods Sponsors 'Drag Queen Story Hour' Targeting Children

07 Aug 2019 - 4 Reasons To Always Wash New Clothes Before You Wear Them

07 Aug 2019 - Coca-Cola Seeks Revision Of Fortification Guideline

07 Aug 2019 - Amazon Admits It Sold Fake Supplements

06 Aug 2019 - 'Star Wars' Protest Against Forced Vaccinations In California [Has an embedded video on the web page]

06 Aug 2019 - Here’s How To Naturally Treat Allergies

06 Aug 2019 - Natural Methods To Treat Sensitive Teeth

06 Aug 2019 - Here’s An Alarming Fact: Over 90% Of Medications Can Trigger Allergic Reactions

06 Aug 2019 - Study: Many Health Apps Share Sensitive Medical Data With Third Parties, Leaving Patients At Risk Of Potential Privacy Loss

06 Aug 2019 - Prepper Medicine: Cayenne Pepper Boosts Metabolism, Kills Bacteria And Even Stops Bleeding

05 Aug 2019 - Bittersweet Aspartame - Never Proven Safe

05 Aug 2019 - It Is Time To Pull The Plug On “POLITICAL CORRECTNESS”… “Political Correctness” is the central tactic used to try to silence The Anti-Vax Movement…

05 Aug 2019 - Your Sugar-Free Drink Isn't Healthy For Consumption, As New Research Exposes Major Flaws

05 Aug 2019 - Former NOAA Scientist From Climate-Change Alarmist To 'Denier'

05 Aug 2019 - EFSa's Toxicological Assessment Of Aspartame: Was It Even-Handedly Trying To identify Possible Unreliable Positives And Unreliable Negatives?

01 Aug 2019 - Rumsfeld's Aspartame Plague On The Planet EU Experts Renew Call For A Ban On Aspartame Answering The Corporate Propagandists

01 Aug 2019 - Synthetic Sweeteners: Demonstrated Adverse Metabolic Effects

01 Aug 2019 - Where Is Your Pain Coming From?

01 Aug 2019 - Achilles Tendon Care [YouTube video]

01 Aug 2019 - Maternal Exposure To Non-Nutritive Sweeteners Impacts Progeny’s Metabolism And Microbiome

01 Aug 2019 - Opioid Roadmap: 76 Billion Pills And Counting

01 Aug 2019 - Multiple Bottled Water Brands Tainted With Arsenic And PFAS

01 Aug 2019 - As She Lies To Voters About Plans To Fight Big Pharma, Elizabeth Warren Exposed For Siding With Dow Chemical Against Breast Implant Victims

30 July 2019 - Aspartame Is Not As Safe As EFSA Says And Should Be Banned: The Study

30 July 2019 - Why The Artificial Sweetener In Your Favorite Diet Drink Could Be Dangerous [Has an embedded video on the web page]

30 July 2019 - Monsanto Poisoned This Alabama Town — And People Are Still Sick

30 July 2019 - Effects Of Sweeteners On The Gut Microbiota: A Review Of Experimental Studies And Clinical Trials

30 July 2019 - Sugar- And Artificially-Sweetened Beverages In Relation To Stroke And Dementia - Are Soft Drinks Hard On The Brain?

30 July 2019 - EFSA’s Toxicological Assessment Of Aspartame: Was It Even-Handedly Trying To Identify Possible Unreliable Positives And Unreliable Negatives?

30 July 2019 - Don’t Believe The Chemical Food Lobby. Aspartame Use Must Stop

30 July 2019 - How To Clean Your Ears Without A Cotton Swab

30 July 2019 - Chlorella: What Are Its Benefits And Uses?

26 July 2019 - Report Questions Safety Of Artificial Sweetener Aspartame [Aspartame in original studies was proven dangerous and against the law. There were birth defects like neural tube, spina bifida and cleft palate. A "pivotal study" showed grand mal seizures. There were brain tumors and brain cancer with FDA Dr. Adrian Gross telling the Senate that aspartame violated the Delaney Amendment because of the cancer. According to informant Jana Marie Kinnard who shredded the studies aspartame killed everything it touched. Dr. James Bowen told the FDA they had mass poisoned the world. See below. Over 30 years later diseases triggered by aspartame in medical texts by physicians are epidemic. G. D. Searle hired Don Rumsfeld to get aspartame on the market. Here is the Aspartame Resource Guide with details: EU experts call for ban. There have been demands for bans in the US for years with FDA now protecting industry even though their own records prove aspartame is deadly. See it in documentary: Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World: FDA's own report listed 92 symptoms and included death: Experts explain how aspartame triggers sudden cardiac death: References and more information on web sites below. Why The Artificial Sweetener In your Favorite Diet Drink Could Be Dangerous Food & Drink Business: Report questions safety of artificial sweetener aspartame Read more at - Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum. ]

26 July 2019 - DOJ Announces Review Of Practices Of Market-Leading Online Platforms (Google, Facebook, Etc.)

26 July 2019 - Climate Change Crashes

26 July 2019 - Speech And Censorship In The Internet Age

26 July 2019 - Sesame Seeds: An Ancient Food With Therapeutic Uses

26 July 2019 - The Window Of “Allowable Speech” Is Collapsing, And The Dark Age Of Internet Censorship Has Arrived

24 July 2019 - Dr Betty Martini – Aspartame Artificial Sweetener Warrior And Truth In Science And Toxicology Teller !

24 July 2019 - Cases Against Coke, Pepsi, Dr Pepper/Snapple For Deceitful Advertising: Tried In The Court Of Public Opinion [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

24 July 2019 - RUMSFELD's PLAGUE: The EU Experts Renew their Call forBan of Aspartame: Answering The Corporate Propagandists [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

24 July 2019 - MSG Lurks As A Slow Poison In Common Food Items Without Your Knowledge

24 July 2019 - Experts Call For Fresh Ban On 'Seriously Flawed' Artificial Sweetener Used In Thousands Of Products Including Coca-Cola And Pepsi Over Safety Fears

24 July 2019 - The Fake Science Of Global Warming

24 July 2019 - UK Investigating Study Used To Justify Giving Puberty-Blockers To 11-Year-Olds [This EVIL should never have been allowed in the first place! – Dr. B. Carey]

24 July 2019 - Chemo Could Spread Disease And Create More Aggressive Tumors

19 July 2019 - EFSA’s Toxicological Assessment Of Aspartame: Was It Even-Handedly Trying To Identify Possible Unreliable Positives And Unreliable Negatives?

19 July 2019 - Link Between Excitotoxins And Cancer

19 July 2019 - Acid And Alkaline Foods: The Real Story

19 July 2019 - ALERT For Humanity: The “Perfect Storm” For A Vaccine HOLOCAUST Is Now Here

19 July 2019 - Facebook Says Posting About Dietary Supplements Is A “Violation,” But Issuing Death Threats Against Conservatives Is A-Okay

19 July 2019 - They Knew: Recently Unsealed Court Documents Reveal That Makers Of OxyContin Purposely Misled Doctors And Consumers About The Strength Of The Drug

17 July 2019 - Why Most Health Commissioners End Up In Bed With Big Pharma

17 July 2019 - Children Used As Poison Detection Devices

16 July 2019 - Why Do Stars Like Adele Keep Losing Their Voice?

16 July 2019 - Viral ‘Global Warming’ Photo Takes Internet By Storm … But It’s Nearly Identical To A 1984 Pic [Has an embedded video on the web page]

16 July 2019 - The Effect Of Vitamin D On Cancer Incidence And Survival

16 July 2019 - Freedom To Dissent And The New Blacklist In America [Has an embedded video on the web page]

16 July 2019 - Why Genetic Engineering Flows Off Target

16 July 2019 - It’s all CRUMBLING… NYC Power Outages To Continue; GPS Satellites Fail; Tech Is Collapsing At An Increased Rate [Has an embedded video on the web page]

16 July 2019 - Climate Change Hoax COLLAPSES As New Science Finds Human Activity Has Virtually Zero Impact On Global Temperatures [Has an embedded video on the web page]

16 July 2019 - Coca-Cola, Xerox, And Other Major Corporations Are Now Proudly Announcing No More Donations To Planned Parenthood

16 July 2019 - Manage Eczema With These Homemade Remedies

15 July 2019 - British Medical Journal Study: Sugary Drinks Linked To Cancer [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

15 July 2019 - Commentary: Is Diet Soda Making Us Fat Or Just Killing Us?

15 July 2019 - The Arrogance Of Science Has DOOMED Humanity… Eye-Opening New Video From Adams [Has an embedded video on the web page]

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15 July 2019 - The Sour Truth About Artificial Sweeteners: Research Proves They Make You Gain Weight, Not Lose It

15 July 2019 - Brighteon 2.0 Is Now LIVE And Ready To Host Your Free Speech Videos That Are Banned By The Techno-Fascists [Has an embedded video on the web page]

11 July 2019 - The Many Forms Of Vaccine Injury And What To Do Next [YouTube video]

11 July 2019 - Lovage: How Does This Herb Lift Up Your Health?

11 July 2019 - New Research Shows Parkinson's Disease Origins In The Gut

11 July 2019 - Anticholinergic Drugs Increase Your Risk For Dementia

11 July 2019 - Blueberries Lower Your Blood Pressure And Reduce Your Risk Of Heart Disease

11 July 2019 - Top 4 Natural Remedies For SKIN CANCER The FDA Does NOT Want You Using: Part II

11 July 2019 - EXCLUSIVE: California’s Nuclear Power Plants Built In Close Proximity To The San Andreas Fault, Setting Up Catastrophic “Fukushima” Event For The West Coast

11 July 2019 - Why Do Media And Health Officials Continue To Freak Out About Measles When Almost Everyone Is Already Vaccinated?

11 July 2019 - Blueberries Found To Reduce CVD Risk By Up To 20 Percent

11 July 2019 - Sweet! Here Are 7 Reasons To Eat Sweet Potatoes

11 July 2019 - Baicalin Can Protect The Liver Against Injury Caused By Acetaminophen

11 July 2019 - Memory Is Impaired By Prescription Blood Pressure Meds, But Pomegranate Juice Improves Blood Pressure And Cognitive Function

10 July 2019 - Statins Double Diabetes Rates

10 July 2019 - Can Toothpaste Cause Osteoporosis?

10 July 2019 - Milk Tests Reveal Widespread Contamination

09 July 2019 - Vaccines And Tourette's Syndrome: From The Interdisciplinary Toxicology Journal: Vaccine-Based Thimerosal/Mercury Exposure And Increased Risk For Tic Disorder/Tourette's Syndrome In The US [From Dr. Gary Kohls. Tourette's is also triggered by aspartame and is in Dr. H. J. Roberts medical text - "Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic". ]

09 July 2019 - Nuremberg Code Violations By Big Pharma [Great article by Ray Flores (a California attorney) concerning Big Pharma's/Big Vaccine's blatant violations of the Nuremberg Code (with their mass vaccination/mass drugging experiments)]

09 July 2019 - Social Experiment] The menu lists 10 dishes of spaghetti with 10 additives. Guests: I drink water. (Translated from Chinese) [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

09 July 2019 - Genetically Engineered Salmon On Your Plate Without Your Knowledge

09 July 2019 - Flu Vaccine Fails Yet Again As New Wild Strain Appears Halfway Through Flu Season

09 July 2019 - Pharmaceuticals Are Destroying Fresh Water Ecosystems

09 July 2019 - Flaxseeds Can Help You Lose Weight: Here’s How

08 July 2019 - Celebrity Dog Food Among Brands Linked To Canine Heart Disease

05 July 2019 - Anti-Capital Punishment France Has No Problem Killing The Disabled

05 July 2019 - 1986 Aspartame Study [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

05 July 2019 - Is Charging Your Phone Overnight Risky?

05 July 2019 - Gabapentinoids Linked To Overdoses And SuicideGabapentinoids linked to overdoses and suicide 05 July 2019 - Simple Stretches For Lower Back Pain

05 July 2019 - Former Mosanto Bioengineer Comes Clean, Says GMO Potatoes Absorb MORE Toxins – Including Those That Aren’t Even In Regular Potatoes

05 July 2019 - No Medical Doctors Ever Warn Their Patients About Pesticides From GMOs That Cause Anxiety And Depression

05 July 2019 - What Makes Red Yeast Rice Heart-Friendly? Research Finds Ingredient That Reduces Bad Cholesterol Levels

05 July 2019 - EXCLUSIVE: Google To Block All Anti-Cancer, “Anti-Vax” And Anti-GMO Websites At The Browser Level As Tech Giant Goes All-In With Pharma Drug Cartels [Has an embedded video on the web page]

05 July 2019 - Plums Can Prevent Colon Cancer Cells From Spreading – Study

05 July 2019 - Which Is Better, Quinoa Or Oatmeal? Comparison Of Health Benefits, Nutrients

05 July 2019 - Do You Keep Echinacea On Hand? Check Out Its Many Scientifically Proven Uses

02 July 2019 - Aspartame Sweetener May Be Harmful [This article shows an image of Pedialyte. They did have aspartame in it and I wrote them about it on several occasions and told them if they didn't take it out and a baby died I would publish it all over the world. A baby did die of it and no telling how many we don't know about it. So in the year 2000 they took it out, but then added sucralose, another harmful sweetener. Here is a good article from the Ecologist on how sucralose/Splenda started off as an insecticide and it doesn't need to be on the market much less in Pedialyte for babies. They don't have to put chemicals and poisons in baby's products. For instance, they could use "Just Like Sugar" which is made from organic food like orange peel and chicory. Food Standards mentioned knows aspartame is a poison. We have sent them so much information over the years they are fully aware. They gave some subjects a cookie with aspartame and called it a study but they know people are dying all over the world from these epidemics caused by aspartame. They also know the FDA in 1985 admitted to the Senate aspartame causes cancer. They just don't care and want to stay on the side of industry. Food Standards is in England and aspartame was approved there through a business deal. Parliament was furious but did not rescind the order. Here is the article in the Guardian: So Food Standards was set up so no agency would be in bed with industry. The problem is it didn't work and they have interfered. I have answered every misleading statement on their web site with evidence but they have never changed it. Then in 2006 Parliamentarian Roger Williams tried to ban aspartame admitting it was patented as a biochemical warfare weapon. With that statement why would any human being want it to be on the market to poison the population. The FDA has also received evidence of all their misleading statements. More information on aspartame on , , - Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum, Founder - Mission Possible World Health Intl - ]

02 July 2019 - 2 Simple Exercises For Better Balance [Has an embedded video on the web page]

02 July 2019 - Why Vitamin C Fights Cancer So Well: And Why More And More Oncologists Are Now Using It

02 July 2019 - Every CRISPR-Modified Crop Has Been Genetically Altered In A Laboratory, Is No Longer “Natural” And Is Most Certainly “GMO”

02 July 2019 - TCM’s Red Sage Is Lethal To Drug-Resistant Cancer

02 July 2019 - Formula Made Using TCM Herbs Exhibits Anticancer Effects Against Metastatic Breast Cancer

02 July 2019 - Black Nightshade Reduces Growth Of Cancerous Tumors

28 June 2019 - A Real Doctor-Patient Relationship Means Mutual Learning: Especially About Nutritional Alternatives To Drugs

28 June 2019 - Google Buries Search Results In Escalating Attack On All Independent Health, Nutrition And Vaccine Information

28 June 2019 - Top SEVEN Cancer-Causing Chemicals In American Food

28 June 2019 - Natural Weed Control: 9 Herbicide-Free Tricks

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28 June 2019 - Is It Safe To Take Antibiotics And Vitamins Together?

28 June 2019 - Your Water May Not Be Safe To Drink: Here’s How To Test It

28 June 2019 - Avoiding Cholera After SHTF: What You Need To Know To Be Prepared

26 June 2019 - Mom Asks Why Her 6 Month Old Infant Died After Getting 6 Vaccines

26 June 2019 - Christian Doctor Faces Losing Medical License For Praying With Patients

26 June 2019 - Why Big Pharma Is Jeopardizing Millions Of Lives For Profit

26 June 2019 - Video Reveals Appalling Abuse At Coca-Cola CAFO

26 June 2019 - Impossible Fools At Impossible Burger

26 June 2019 - Walmart And Target Pull Bottled Water Said To Contain Arsenic, But WHOLE FOODS Keeps Selling It

26 June 2019 - Improve Cardiac Function By Taking CoQ10 And Selenium

26 June 2019 - Allyl Isothiocyanate, A Compound Present In Human Diets, Found To Induce Cell Toxicity In Breast Cancer Cell Lines

25 June 2019 - What New "Permissions" Has The FDA Granted To Expand The Aspartame Industry?

25 June 2019 - Cytotoxic Effects Of Aspartame On Human Cervical Carcinoma Cells

25 June 2019 - The Case For Diet Soda: It Gets A Bad Rap, But The Research Tells A Different Story [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

25 June 2019 - GMO Wheat And Frankenfish Are Here To Stay

25 June 2019 - 7 Reasons To Eat More Ginger

25 June 2019 - Hibiscus Tea Improves Blood Flow, Reduces Risk Of Cardiovascular Disease

25 June 2019 - Popular FDA-Approved Heart Pill Found To Contain Deadly, Cancer-Causing Chemical

24 June 2019 - Mom Who Ignored Medical Advice To Abort Has Message For Others After Giving Birth To Healthy Boy

24 June 2019 - Named Products That Can Cause Cancer

24 June 2019 - Can Tomato Juice Improve Your Blood Pressure?

24 June 2019 - Toxic Ingredients And Food Additives Can Increase Your Blood Pressure: Avoid These Foods If You Have Hypertension

24 June 2019 - More Big Tech fascism: Mailchimp Shuts Down GreenMedInfo newsletter For Sharing Science About Vaccines

21 June 2019 - Ingredients To Avoid Besides Monosodium Glutamate

21 June 2019 - Methanol Poisoning Signs And Treatment: Aspartame Is A Major Cause [Analysis By Dr. Betty Martini] [Has an embedded video on the web page] [This is a vital compilation by Dr. Betty Martini detailing the exhaustive objective non-corporate funded research on methanol poisoning by Dr. Woodrow Monte, Dr. Ralph Walton, Dr. H.J. Roberts, and Dr. Russell Blaylock. It is a thorough summation representing many different focal points of material you will never see anywhere in the mainstream media, through different physicians' lenses, concerning the methyl ester/methanol/formaldehyde segment of aspartame poisoning. Some of these sites have been repeatedly hacked by the industries involved so please make an effort to not only repost Dr. Martini's article, but also to share it with friends, families, websites, and victims of aspartame poisoning. - Stephen Fox, Mission Possible International, New Mexico]

21 June 2019 - The Depression Pill Epidemic

21 June 2019 - The Detrimental Side Effects Of Energy Drinks

21 June 2019 - Just Like Big Tech’s War Against Online Free Speech, Big Pharma Is Trying To “De-Platform” Homeopathy And Other Natural Remedies From Retailers

19 June 2019 - Rotgut Aspartame, Methanol Mania

19 June 2019 - Supreme Court Does Vaccine Mafia’s Bidding

19 June 2019 - Your Body Treats Fast Food Like A Bacterial Infection, According To Recent Study: And It May Cause Irreversible Damage To Your Immune System

19 June 2019 - The Most Dangerous 'Nonprofit' Harming Your Health

19 June 2019 - Nanoparticle Additives In Your Food

19 June 2019 - Buried Reports Hide Details Of Medical Device Failures

19 June 2019 - Is Pet Insurance Worth The Cost Of Premiums?

18 June 2019 - What Are The Symptoms And Effects Of Roundup Poisoning? (If You Still Have A Shred Of The Self Preservation Instinct) [I realized very recently how long overdue it would be to see a straightforward analysis of the symptoms and the medical effects of poisoning by Roundup/Glyphosate by Bayer/Monsanto, so I compiled this article, which I hope will not only be useful to you, but will motivate many to speak out to their Senators, Congress members and relevant State officials to try to get Roundup as well as Aspartame taken off the market entirely. - Stephen Fox, Mission Possible New Mexico]

18 June 2019 - Harvard Newsletter: The Risk Of Inactive Ingredients In Everyday Drugs [More information on aspartame on , , . Here is the Hospital Report on aspartame and drug interactions for hospitals and physicians. - Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum.]

18 June 2019 - MEDICAL ALERT: Vaccine “Excipient” Summary Exposes Mercury, Human Abortion Serum, And Monkey Kidney Cells Are STILL Used In Childhood Vaccines, While CDC Lies To America

18 June 2019 - New York State Assumes God-Like Power Over People’s Bodies By Ending Religious Exemptions On Vaccinations

18 June 2019 - The Best News Websites To Visit Each Day To Beat The Censorship Purge By The Evil Tech Giants

17 June 2019 - The Telltale Signs Of Seasonal Allergies In Your Pet

17 June 2019 - Homeopathy For Asthma

17 June 2019 - How To Use The Top 10 Medicinal Plants And Herbs

17 June 2019 - Robert F. Kennedy Jr. To File Lawsuits Against New York State For Repealing Religious Exemptions From Mandatory Vaccination

17 June 2019 - Actress Jessica Biel Bravely Comes Out In Support Of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. And Vaccine Truth, Only To Sustain Barrage Of Criticism On Social Media

17 June 2019 - Alternative Solutions For Migraines: 12 Proven Natural Remedies Backed By Science

17 June 2019 - Pharmaceuticals Deplete Your Body Of Magnesium, Increasing Your Risk Of Disease

17 June 2019 - Tylenol Use During Pregnancy Is NOT Safe: Study Links Acetaminophen To ADHD

14 June 2019 - Joe Biden Promises To Cure Cancer If He Becomes President, But There Is Just ONE Little Problem… [Has an embedded video on the web page]

14 June 2019 - Reversing Type 2 Diabetes

14 June 2019 - Exposure To Glyphosate Increases Risk Of Cancer By More Than 40%

14 June 2019 - Taking Aged Garlic Daily Reduces Your Risk Of Cancer, Researchers Find

14 June 2019 - Is The Measles Vaccine More Dangerous Than The Disease?

14 June 2019 - STD Superbugs Spreading Like Wildfire … One Exposure And You’re Infected For Life

13 June 2019 - Biden: ‘I Promise You: If I’m Elected…We’re Going To Cure Cancer’ [And how in the world can this fool keep a promise like that? Unless he knows of a cure that they are not making public or something! – Dr. B. Carey]

13 June 2019 - Debunked: The Myth That Your Health Is Dictated By Your Genes Is Destroyed; Study Finds Lifestyle Choices Determine Health

13 June 2019 - Natural Remedy For Arthritis Pain? Women Who Drink Cranberry Juice Experience Reduced Joint Pain

12 June 2019 - More Drugs With Aspartame, Prescription And Over The Counter

12 June 2019 - Planned Parenthood Sues To Overturn Trump Rule, Force Christian Doctors To Do Abortions

12 June 2019 - Glyphosate In Cereal: Monsanto’s Weedkiller Detected At Alarming Levels, Report Says

12 June 2019 - Chamomile Benefits: Antioxidant, Anti-Inflammatory And Anti-Cancer

12 June 2019 - The New Global Genocide: Roundup Weedkiller/Glyphosate (Like Bayer's Parent Company Farben's Zyklon B Used In Holocaust) [Has an embedded video on the web page] [It is long overdue to unmistakably recognize that chemicals like both Roundup-Glyphosate and Aspartame are out-and-out unmitigated genocidal tools, created by corporations and accepted blindly by regulatory authorities in far too many nations, starting with the most egregious of these, the United States Food and Drug Administration. This article, my newest, explores the connections between the Holocaust Corporation in Germany, I.G. Farben, and today's Bayer/Monsanto. This is a disturbing link, for sure, but humanity can't progress without the Truth, as in "the Truth shall set you free." The many nations which have banned or partially banned Roundup is an inspiration for all consumer protectionists, especially those trying to rid the world of the artificial sweetener, aspartame. - Stephen Fox - Mission Possible, New Mexico]

12 June 2019 - Has Your Pet Suffered A Concussion?

12 June 2019 - Ultraprocessed Foods Increase Risk Of Death By 62%

12 June 2019 - How To Reduce Indoor Air Pollution

12 June 2019 - Deadly U.S. Medical HOAXES That 200 Million Americans Still Believe

11 June 2019 - Hematology Alert: Aspartame And Thrombocytopenia , Blood Diseases And Cancers

11 June 2019 - Dog Saves Woman From Cancer 3 Different Times

11 June 2019 - Big Pharma Is Big On Pollution

11 June 2019 - Makers Of Roundup Paid ACSH Front Group To Hide Evidence

11 June 2019 - What Is Going On With Measles? The Science And Politics Of Eradicating Measles

11 June 2019 - Heart-Healthy Lentil Salad: Easy To Make And Nutrient-Dense

11 June 2019 - Application Of Food Therapy In TCM For Controlling Hypertension

11 June 2019 - Red Yeast Rice Improves Endothelial Function By Reducing Inflammation, Alleviating Oxidative Stress

11 June 2019 - Vitamin D Shines Its Light On Diabetics: Research Says It Helps Manage Blood Sugar Levels

11 June 2019 - Should You Get Off Your Meds? Prescription Medication Can Actually Contribute To Further Stress And Physiological Imbalances

11 June 2019 - It’s Time To Stop Pretending That “Mainstream Media” Reporters Are Real Journalists: They Are Left-Wing Political Activists And Journo-Terrorists

10 June 2019 - Two New Studies On Aspartame And Diet Drinks Confirm Source Of Obesity, Cancer/Malignant Brain Tumor Epidemics. Neurosurgeon Says Ban Toxin From Schools!

10 June 2019 - The Vaccination that Never Should Have Been Approved

10 June 2019 - PFAS Contamination: Is This ‘Forever Chemical’ In Your Water?

10 June 2019 - Savvy Americans Flip The Script, Get Cheap Healthcare In Mexico

10 June 2019 - Do You Have A Pet First-Aid Kit?

10 June 2019 - Splenda Found To Have A Dizzying Array Of Safety Concerns… Read This Before You Add The Sweetener To Your Coffee

10 June 2019 - Treating Parasites Naturally: 10 Foods That Kill Parasites And Restore Essential Nutrients

10 June 2019 - Chemo Drugs Are Dangerous To Families And Healthcare Workers As Well As Patients

10 June 2019 - Conform Or Die: Big Tech Has Become The Feared Big Brother, The Ultimate Thought Control Machine

10 June 2019 - Facebook Bans Natural News; Health Ranger Responds With Message For Humanity

07 June 2019 - 67 Aspartame Studies

07 June 2019 - It’s Time For America To Declare “D-Day” Against The Evil Tech Monopolists And Their War Against Human Rights

07 June 2019 - Chronic Exposure To Aflatoxins Is Linked To Numerous Health Problems, Such As Cancer And Kidney Damage

06 June 2019 - Inevitable Aspartame Dementia In The White House Will Worsen [This is truly a sad article about what I believe is verifiably happening medically. It is backed up by sound medical and neurotoxic knowledge on the part of Neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock, Dr. Betty Martini, and many others. Many of these facts have already been reported in detail in the New York Times and in the Toronto Globe and Mail - Stephen Fox, Mission Possible New Mexico, Santa Fe NM]

06 June 2019 - "Expert" says Roundup Harmless, Refuses to Drink It [I wonder what asylum he escaped from! Makes me think of a poem about chemicals my husband and I wrote:

The Chemist and the Stockbroker
Were walking hand in hand
They wept like anything to see
Pure food throughout the land

If this were only synthesized
They said, it would be Grand!
If seven plants with seven vats
Boiled it for half a year
Do you suppose, the chemist said
That they could make it queer?

Hydrogenated vegetable oils
Chlorinated hydrocarbons in our soils
Organophosphates on Romaine
Formaldehyde to fry your brain
Neurotoxic NutraSweet
In 14,000 foods you eat
Monosodium Glutamate
You say that you're often sick
Its chemicals that do the trick!

Don and Betty Martini -]

06 June 2019 - Pro-Gun Physician’s Group Advises: Gun Owners Do NOT Have To Reveal Info About Their Firearms To Their Doctors If Asked

06 June 2019 - Texas Experiment Tries To Poison Feral Hogs With Sodium Nitrite – The Same Ingredient Found In Bacon, Hot Dogs And Beef Jerky – But Ends Up Poisoning Hundreds Of Birds To Death Instead

06 June 2019 - Eating Salmon Can Lower Your Risk Of Cardiovascular Disease, But Which Kind Should You Buy?

06 June 2019 - Amazon To Drop Nearly All Small Brands In Sellout To Proctor & Gamble (And Other Big, Toxic Corporate Brands)

05 June 2019 - Diet Drinks Could Be Making Your Children Overweight

05 June 2019 - Will It Help To Lose Weight Diet Coke?

05 June 2019 - Aspartame: Soda Poison For Your Kids

05 June 2019 - Are Artificial Sweeteners Putting Kids At Risk For Asthma?

05 June 2019 - How To Make Sure That You Are Getting Enough Vitamin D

05 June 2019 - Depression Is The "New Epidemic Of The 21st Century," According To The World Health Organization

05 June 2019 - The Truth About Natural And Clean Ingredients In Pet Food

04 June 2019 - U.S. Government Defeated In Vaccine Safety Lawsuit

04 June 2019 - 7 Signs Someone Is Drowning, Per Ex-Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer

04 June 2019 - Teen Beats Stage 4 Cancer To Graduate High School: ‘I Just Knew God Was With Me’

04 June 2019 - Stay Away From Artificial Sweeteners

04 June 2019 - Study Reveals Coconut Oil Is A Better Insect Repellent Compared To DEET, A Harmful Chemical Ingredient

04 June 2019 - Shocking New Drug Danger Discovered: Statins Found To Cause ALS, A Fatal Nervous System Disorder

31 May 2019 - 5G: Great Tech Or Great Threat?

31 May 2019 - Spray This In Your Home And There Will Be No Flies, Cockroaches Or Mosquitoes In Only 2 Hours!

31 May 2019 - This AMAZING Leaf Fights Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Removes Fat And Cures Insomnia

31 May 2019 - Courts Making Bayer/Monsanto Pay For Their Poison

31 May 2019 - Curing Polio With Magnesium

31 May 2019 - 11 Must-Have Natural Home Pet Remedies

31 May 2019 - Top 5 Supplements For Natural Liver Health

31 May 2019 - A Compound Found In Apples Can Protect The Body Against Heart Disease

30 May 2019 - “Measles Propaganda” Rises Again…

29 May 2019 - How Can Conservatives Realize That Climate Change Is A Total Hoax, But Still Be CONNED By The Vaccine Hoax Which Is Run The Exact Same Way?

29 May 2019 - Natural Treatment For ADHD: Saffron May Be As Effective As Medical Stimulants

29 May 2019 - L-Arginine Supplementation Improved By Cytosolic Calcium Maintenance

29 May 2019 - The Censorship War On Health Information Escalates As Facebook Deletes Health Group For Advocating Low-Carb Eating Habits And Good Nutrition

29 May 2019 - Healing Cancer With Food: Some Recommendations

28 May 2019 - Censorship Is The Last Tool Of Tyrants

28 May 2019 - Latest Scaremongering Announcement Proves CO2 Has No Effect On Global Temperature!: It Is Time To Acknowledge the Truth About So-Called “Climate Change”...

28 May 2019 - Wikipedia Co-Founder: “Wikipedia Is Broken,” Run By Bad Actors And Special Interests To Smear All Voices Of Dissent

28 May 2019 - Watch At As Dr. Sherri Tenpenny Unveils New “vScience Bites” Vaccine Resource [Has an embedded video on the web page]

28 May 2019 - These Botanical Medicines Have A Proven Track Record Of Curing Crohn’s

24 May 2019 - Roundup Judge Chhabria Appoints Ken Feinberg As Case Mediator~Bayer Responds Today With Moronic NY Times Full Page Ad [Has an embedded video on the web page] [Some major developments in the cases in Federal Court against Monsanto for the carcinogenic product, the weedkiller Roundup/Glyphosate. A lot has been happening very quickly. And Monsanto/Bayer can seemingly only respond with feeble full time ads in the NY Times asserting how "harmless" their toxic poison is, as it is clearer that fewer and fewer people in the world at large could ever believe them, with angry investors calling for the removal as Bayer chairman the man who pressed so hard for Bayer to acquire Monsanto, apparently oblivious to the effects of the lawsuits; over 13000 are waiting to be adjudicated. We can only hope to see this same sort of corporate and fiscal implosion with the makers of Aspartame and MSG, the neurotoxic master of the all, Ajinomoto of Japan. - Stephen Fox, Mission Possible, New Mexico]

23 May 2019 - Protect Your Liver From Heavy Metals And Oxidative Stress With Heart-Leaved Moonseed

22 May 2019 - Philadelphia’s Soda Tax Seriously Backfires

22 May 2019 - While Everyone Was Watching Game Of Thrones, Big Tech Just Seized Monopoly Control Over All Information, Knowledge And “News”

22 May 2019 - Medical Fascism: Vaccine Pushers Also Believe The Government Can FORCE You To Undergo Chemotherapy

22 May 2019 - Bill Nye Is Mentally Ill, Suffering From A Chronic Case Of “Climate Anxiety”

22 May 2019 - Fluoride Chemicals Added To U.S. Drinking Water Are Unprocessed TOXIC WASTE; Water Fluoridation Needs To End

22 May 2019 - Antioxidant-Rich Belimbing Dayak, A Malaysian Fruit, Can Help Lower Bad Cholesterol

21 May 2019 - Phony Double Talk? Public Relations Lies? Dr. Martini Asks; Health Canada Still Lists Artificial Sweeteners As Approved [Just when we thought Health Canada had made a huge leap towards at least recommending that Canadians NOT consume artificial sweeteners in general, and aspartame in particular, Canadians pointed out that these neurotoxins are still approved, and officially considered harmless. Maybe this a bureaucratic delay and maybe it is continued corporate strangulation of legitimate regulatory standards. An unfolding story, but some glimmer of optimism is possible when even one nation comes through with such a ban. Maybe it will be Pakistan which banned Ajinomoto's other neurotoxic product, MSG, last year. Maybe it will be Vietnam, which banned Roundup just last month, because Vietnam knows all about American neurotoxic poisons, having lived through Agent Orange. When is all of this going to stop? Dr. Martini's video lecture on aspartame as Biochemical Warfare agent is the headline of this article; just click on the white arrow to watch it. - Stephen Fox, Mission Possible New Mexico, Santa Fe NM]

21 May 2019 - Honest Scientific Evidence Discredits Global Warming Cultists’ Doom And Gloom

21 May 2019 - Long Before Global Warming, A “Consensus” Of Scientists Warned That Global COOLING Was Responsible For Extreme Weather Events

21 May 2019 - Flavones In Chinese Skullcap Can Improve Bone Mineralization

21 May 2019 - Why Chinese Cinnamon Should Be Part Of Your Weight Loss Plans

20 May 2019 - Weeding Out Vaccine Toxins: MMR, Glyphosate, And The Health Of A Generation

20 May 2019 - Vaccines To Be Made From Human Cancer Tumors

20 May 2019 - Libs Ditch Terms ‘Climate Change,’ ‘Global Warming,’ Create New Terms To Scare Innocent People [Has an embedded video on the web page] [They certainly do change the name a lot – Dr. B. Carey]

20 May 2019 - Climate Change Scare Stories Reach The Point Of Psychological TERRORISM… While Scientists Blame The Fear On The “Climate Crisis” [Has an embedded video on the web page]

20 May 2019 - Prescription Drugs In America Are Completely USELESS For Long-Term Health “Fixes”

20 May 2019 - Do You Have Black Stains On Your Teeth? Your Drinking Water May Have A High Iron Content

20 May 2019 - Discover Which Plants Are Effective Against MRSA Superbugs, According To Studies

20 May 2019 - 7 Natural Apple Cider Vinegar Remedies For Kidney Stones

17 May 2019 - Robert F Kennedy, Jr. Exposes Vaccines Repeating Dr. Leonard Horowitz’s Twenty-Year-Old Research [Has an embedded video on the web page]

16 May 2019 - Legal Defense Fund For Dr. Kenneth Stoller

16 May 2019 - Bill Nye The Off His Meds Profanity Guy

16 May 2019 - BOMBSHELL: Bayer Discovers “Black Ops” Division Run By Monsanto, Shuts It Down, Initiates Internal Investigation As Law Enforcement Prepares Criminal Charges Against The Chemical Giant

16 May 2019 - TECHNO-DICTATORSHIP: Apple Bans Natural News For Publishing True Climate Science Stories That Apple Claims Are “Rejected By The Scientific Community”

16 May 2019 - Survival Basics: What Is The Shelf Life Of Bottled Water?

15 May 2019 - Monsanto Maimed By Yet ANOTHER Enormous Round-Up Settlement

15 May 2019 - Health Canada NOW Says: "Avoid Sugar Substitutes!" But U.S. Won't Do So Because Of Corporate Manipulation [Maybe sometimes, but only with relentless perseverance, consumer activism can win the day. In the past year, Health Canada has done an about face on not labeling artificial sweeteners, to recommending that they avoid them altogether. Ideally, the strongest response should have been to ban them altogether but behemoth bureaucrats take careful baby steps, only when forced to do so, in this case (we believe) by a large number of Canadian Parliamentarians. Dr. Martini and I wrote articles and sent them several times to every single member of Parliament. I am happy to share some of this breakthrough with the real leader of the ban aspartame movement, Dr. Betty Martini, who has worked tirelessly on this for almost 30 years. - From Stephen Fox, Mission Possible New Mexico Santa Fe NM]

15 May 2019 - Oregonians SMASH Big Pharma – NO Vaccine Mandates For Oregon’s Children…

15 May 2019 - What DNA Testing Kit Companies Are Really Doing With Your Data

15 May 2019 - 5 Biggest Risks Of Sharing Your DNA With Consumer Genetic-Testing Companies

14 May 2019 - Here’s More Proof That It’s Illegal Mexican “Migrants” Who Are To Blame For Spreading Measles, Not The Unvaccinated

13 May 2019 - “Anti-Vaxxers” Have Stepped Up To The Main Battleground…

13 May 2019 - France Bans All Five Neonicotinoid Pesticides Linked To Bee Deaths

13 May 2019 - The Dangers Of 5G

10 May 2019 - Vaccines Are “Sorcery,” Insists Texas Rep.

10 May 2019 - Paramedics Rush To Revive Unresponsive Newborn Found Abandoned On Top Of Garbage Can [Has an embedded video on the web page]

10 May 2019 - Anti-Cancer Breakthrough: 52 Herbs Were Tested, And Only These Three Were Found To Effectively Fight Cancer

10 May 2019 - Flint, Michigan Residents Get Green Light To Sue The EPA For Negligence Over Water Contamination That Started 5 Years Ago

10 May 2019 - Give Your Heart A Break And Eat Bilberries

10 May 2019 - Beat Cystic Acne With These Herbal Treatments

09 May 2019 - Here's Why Kids Should Never Consume Diet Soda Drinks

08 May 2019 - Dangers Of Aspartame & Sucralose (Nutrasweet & Splenda) [YouTube video] [This is an excellent video on aspartame. It comes from a paper on Monsanto's dirty dozen: The reason the aspartame video is so important is it mentions the aspartame brain tumor study at Kings College in England which has never been publicly published to my knowledge. A trust won the lottery and the money went to Kings College. Monsanto was saying it couldn't cause brain tumors because it doesn't answer the blood stream which, of course, is not true. Dr. H. J. Roberts happened to have one of the industry books I didn't have that even proved the point and dictated it to me as I wrote this press release: Here is one remark that became available during the study: "When we exposed human brain tumor cells to nitrosated DKP the cells became more motile and their rate of proliferation was significantly elevated. While it is somewhat early to speculate, it is possible that the aspartame breakdown product may be capable of enhancing the rate of malignant progression of pre-existing (and possibly clinically silent, undiagnosed) tumours in the brain." Now in this video note the remarks about the King's College Study which basically says the more you use of the DKP (diketopiperazine) which breaks down from the aspartame molecule the more chance for brain tumors. It was even admitted aspartame caused brain cancer and brain tumors by one of the chief FDA investigators of aspartame at the time, Dr. Adrian Gross: Here he was telling the Senate that aspartame is illegally on the market because it violated the Delaney clause which says it illegal to allow any residue of cancer-causing chemicals in foods. Notice he says therefore how could FDA set an allowable daily intake: ADI? He says beyond a shadow of a doubt it caused brain tumors and brain cancer. But his last words should be remembered always because he said: "And if the FDA violates its own laws who is left to protect the public?" Here is an article on brain tumors by US Right to Know. I was in England lecturing about the time of the study beginning. I can tell you Monsanto was trying their best to get into the laboratory and see what was going on. If aspartame was safe they wouldn't have cared. This is why I say you can never believe the agencies of the government like FDA in the US or EFSA in Europe or industry defending its product. You ALWAYS can only look at independent unbiased research. In 1992 they actually allowed Big Pharma to fund the FDA which then gave Big Pharma the opportunity to own the FDA. Then in 2009 some brave souls at the FDA wrote Obama and admitted they were broken, corrupt and whistleblowers feared reprisals. Yes, aspartame breaks down to a brain tumor, caused brain tumors and brain cancer, and even the methanol gets in the blood stream. Dr. James Bowen explains it this way: "Only after longer aspartame usage does liver damage cause blood methanol levels to measurably rise because the liver mitochondria are so damaged that the liver no longer quickly processes either methyl or ethyl (drink) alcohol. Then the acute methanol poisoning is directly measurable from lab results, as the blood methanol level elevates. This entire sequence or "toxic axis" begins with your very first dose of aspartame. Both acute and chronic poisonings from this methanol toxic axis, and other additive and synergistic aspartame poisonings, steadily accumulate in the aspartame consumer. While we're on aspartame remember they are putting more and more aspartame in your drugs, especially generics although its in both. So be sure to print out the hospital form, sign it, add any other allergies and give it to your physician and anytime you go to a hospital. It has the entire chapter on aspartame and drug interaction from "Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic" by Dr. H. J. Roberts ( ). Aspartame damages the mitochondria and interacts with drugs and vaccines. Once signed if the hospital gives you any drugs or food with aspartame they are now responsible. But you must sign it: It was given even to me in drugs without me knowing it and I stopped breathing three times. I put this together so it wouldn't happen to you. After this video you will see another and please please be sure you listen to the lady who worked for the people who made sucralose and gave up a huge salary to tell you real facts. Sucralose was only tested on two people before the Fatal Drugs Allowed folks, the FDA approved it. There were 6 human studies but the FDA allowed it on the market and approved before the other 5 studies were completed. Furthermore, they were not done to give you information on total health but only about tooth decay!!! There were in these studies altogether 36 humans but only 23 were given sucralose. Evidently the lady who worked for them saw all the records like the lady who shredded the aspartame studies, Jana Marie, sending one copy to France. She said the aspartame studies killed everything it touched! Dr. Morando Soffritti who did the aspartame studies showing it to be a multipotential carcinogen at the Ramazzini Institute also did a study on sucralose and found it to be a carcinogen. What do you think the FDA says every time a study shows how deadly these poisonous sweeteners are? Standard statement - there were short comings. Almost 100% of independent, scientific peer reviewed research have shown the problems on aspartame. Dr. Ralph Walton did the research for 60 Minutes: Play it forward and get people this life saving information that can save their life. There is a safe sweetener called "Just Like Sugar". - Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum, Founder - Mission Possible World Health International - ]

08 May 2019 - Florida’s Medical Police State Abducts Healthy Three-Year-Old From Parents For Refusing Unnecessary Chemotherapy Treatments

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08 May 2019 - Texas Lawmaker Proposes Banning Junk Food Purchases On Food Stamps… Why Should Taxpayers Bankroll The Toxic Food Giants? [GOOD! That definitely needs to be done! The sooner the better! – Dr. B. Carey]

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07 May 2019 - Trump Admin. Issues Rule Protecting Conscience Rights Of Medical Workers, Adoption Providers [That is FANTASTIC news!!! – Dr. B. Carey]

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02 May 2019 - Leftist Lunatics Dropping The Phrase “Climate Change”… “Climate Crisis” To Be The New Phrase To Terrorize Everyone With A Shameless, Contrived HOAX [Has an embedded video on the web page]

01 May 2019 - Nightmare: 33-Year-Old Left Barren After Socialized Medicine In Canada ‘Treated’ Her [Has an embedded video on the web page]

01 May 2019 - Measle-Infected Baby Photos FAKED By NBC News To Push Mass Hysteria And Demand Vaccine Compliance

01 May 2019 - Bombshell Flashback: Merck FAKED Mumps Vaccine Research, Released Faulty Vaccine That Didn’t Work, Say Virologists In False Claims Act Filing

01 May 2019 - Fast Company Accidentally Admits That Plants Thrive On Carbon Dioxide, The Greenhouse Gas That Liberals Claim Will Destroy The World… But It Actually Makes The World More GREEN

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26 Apr 2019 - “Harmless” Painkillers Like Ibuprofen Now Linked To Huge Increase In Risk Of Sudden Heart Attack [Has an embedded video on the web page]

26 Apr 2019 - Tech Giants Pushing For “Centralized Censorship” To Activate Coordinated, Universal Blocking Of ALL Videos And Articles Questioning Official Narratives

26 Apr 2019 - Lead Contamination Still Wreaking Havoc In Flint, Michigan Where Fetal Death Rates Are Up

26 Apr 2019 - Metals-Poisoned Residents Of Flint, Michigan Given Go-Ahead To Sue EPA Over Faked Water Quality “Science” That Exposed Millions To Heavy Metals

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26 Apr 2019 - Chokeberries Improve Mildly Elevated Blood Pressure

25 Apr 2019 - Aspartame - A Biochemical Warfare Agent By Dr. Betty Martini [YouTube video]

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25 Apr 2019 - CDC Admits HIV Is Exploding Among Transgender Women… Total Silence From Left-Wing Media, Just Like With The Spread Of Anal Cancer Among Homosexuals

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25 Apr 2019 - NY Judge Declares The State Owns Your Body And Can Force You To Be Injected With Anything They Want

23 Apr 2019 - Fluoride Exposure Induces Inhibition Of Sodium-And Potassium-Activated Adenosine Triphosphatase (Na+, K+-ATPase) Enzyme Activity: Molecular Mechanisms And Implications For Public Health

23 Apr 2019 - Blind Food Additives In The Market "Death" By Kim Bien

23 Apr 2019 - Glyphosate: New Results From The Ramazzini Institute On Hormonal Balance And Reproductive Development In Mice. Interview With Mantovani Of The ISS

18 Apr 2019 - Vietnam Bans Roundup/Glyphosate, Then The Nation That Endured Agent Orange Is Chastised By US Agriculture Secretary [Has an embedded video on the web page] [To think that the current US Secretary of Agriculture could chastise and preach down so patronizingly to Vietnam that their decision to ban Roundup "flies in the face of science," and all of the phony medical evidence given to them by our corporate controlled department of Agriculture, to support the obviously lies about Roundup being considered "safe"! – Stephen Fox, Mission Possible, New Mexico]

18 Apr 2019 - Organ Donor? Organs Are Cut Out Of Patients’ Bodies Even While They Are Conscious And Aware, Horrifying New Science Study Reveals

18 Apr 2019 - Proctor & Gamble, Whose Products Are Full Of Toxic Chemicals Linked To Cancer, Demands Facebook Enforce “Brand Safety” For Advertisers

18 Apr 2019 - Use Lavender Essential Oil To Reduce The Frequency And Severity Of Migraines

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17 Apr 2019 - Chinese Botanical Medicine: Wikipedia Claims It Is Fake, We Are Certain It Is Real

17 Apr 2019 - Study: Astragalus Can Improve Symptoms Of Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension

17 Apr 2019 - Myrrh Oil Is Worth More Than Gold When It Comes To The Health Benefits It Provides

16 Apr 2019 - Could Diet Soda Raise Your Risk Of Stroke And Dementia? [This is not new material, but here it is setting and the highly credible medical journalism context that is important, since Sharecare goes to millions of people and is highly respected. - Stephen Fox, Mission Possible New Mexico] [I would like to add to Stephen's note this is but one study of many lately that have shown such vast aspartame destruction. As an example the study showing depletion of neurotransmitters, serotonin, 74%, the wanton obliteration of human life. As this study shows, "aspartame may be contributing to the downfall of human civilization by altering the brains of human beings, turning them into cognitively impaired, chemically-altered organisms incapable of rational behavior." This was also published by the National Health Federation who fought at Codex against aspartame. You can subscribe for very little. Then there is the Trocho Study showing the formaldehyde from the free methyl alcohol is embalming tissues and damaging DNA: An informant with Pepsi said the National Soft Drink Assn, now American Beverage, did a 10 year study on aspartame showing Alzheimers, blindness and birth defects. How does Alzheimers happen? Dr. Woodrow Monte who wrote: "While Science Sleeps: A Sweetener Kills", said: "In the absence of ethanol, dietary methanol easily penetrates the blood brain barrier and passes into the intima and media of the veins and arteries of the brain, where it is transformed by ADH into formaldehyde. Formaldehyde diffuses into nearby nerve cell axons and penetrates until it locates tau protein, which is modified and polymerized to produce plaque. Once the plaque breaks through the cell membrane and myelin layers of the axon it is exposed to the brain's macrophages, which become activated, leading to the inflammation of Alzheimer's." Dr. Monte said: "How can formaldehyde produce such large plague configurations that they break through cell membranes and myelin sheaths surrounding the axon? Under suitable conditions the molecules of many compounds can be linked together into giant molecules by methylene bridges when subject to the action of formaldehyde." The Ramazzini Studies and Harvard study have proven beyond any shadow of a doubt that aspartame is a multipotential carcinogen. They show aspartame causes the blood cancers as well. The FDA has known this from the beginning as Dr. Adrian Gross testified to the Senate. The brain cancer proven beyond a shadow of a doubt violated the Delaney Amendment. He explained it is on the market illegally and his last words: "And if the FDA violates their own laws who is left to protect the public?" This is why they keep refusing my petition to ban. They decline to discuss their own records which admitted aspartame causes cancer and is against the law. Recently I added a victim's case to the lists to show that aspartame caused her to use six drugs, and about five of them CONTAINED aspartame which interacts. Nobody has a chance. The ADD people have said prior to the approval of aspartame they hardly used the term ADD. Today they put children on Ritalin and the generic has aspartame in it. Dr. Ralph Walton has written about the psychiatric and behavioral problems and performed a study that had to be stopped when the administrator got a retinal detachment and lost the vision in one eye, and he wasn't even using the maximum ADI. Others claimed they were being poisoned. Pass the information on to save lives. Add it to your web sites. - Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum, Founder Mission Possible World Health Intl,]

15 Apr 2019 - Heating Food Sweetened With Sucralose May Be Harming Your Health [Dr. Morando Soffritti of the Ramazzini Institute did a study on Sucralose showing it to be a carcinogen. More information on aspartame and sucralose on - Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum.]

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15 Apr 2019 - Anyone Who Gets The Measles Vaccine Should Be BANNED From All Public Places For At Least Two Weeks Due To Likelihood Of Virus “Shedding”

15 Apr 2019 - Proposed New Texas Law Would Demand Safety Studies For Vaccines… No Wonder The Entire Vaccine Industry Opposes It

15 Apr 2019 - SHOCKING Report: Coca-Cola Tried To Manipulate The CDC To “Influence Policy On Nutrition And Artificial Sweeteners”

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12 Apr 2019 - NYC Mayor De Blasio Tells Citizens: We Own Your Bodies, And We Can Force You To Be Injected With Anything We Want

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08 Apr 2019 - Sabrina Sweeney: Weighing Children Is Not The Way To Tackle Childhood Obesity [See the "Report for Schools" This will give you a better understanding of childhood obesity. They should have named aspartame - "asparfatter" because they are putting it in pediatric drugs and so many foods and 17 products unlabeled in dairy, and on and on. The children are the victims. – Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum.]

08 Apr 2019 - New York Supreme Court Overturns Rockland County’s “Medical Martial Law” Ban On Unvaccinated Children; Medical Fascist Ed Day Rebuked By Common Sense [Has embedded videos on the web page]

08 Apr 2019 - U.S. Government Is Committed To Corporations, Not The Public: USDA Dietary Guidelines Set By Corn Syrup Lobbyists

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05 Apr 2019 - Aliens At Roswell More Likely Than Global Warming Catastrophe

05 Apr 2019 - Immunization Ploys: Are Parents Being Manipulated? [By Neil Z. Miller - (Originally and very prophetically - written in 1995) - (This version is an abridged version of Neil's brilliantly-written 1995 article. It has not been authorized by Neil, but was artificially (and not necessarily rationally) shortened by GGK to not over-burden the internet or people's computers. This version is ?only? half the length of the original (at 6,659 words), whereas the unabridged version is 13,290 words long ?see attachment for the unabridged version.) Neil deserves our thanks for the work he has been doing for the last several decades. If actually read and studied, Miller's book would convince even the most indoctrinated pediatrician and/or CDC/FDA/NIH/AAP/WHO official of the many reasons that caution concerning the over-vaccination agendas of our corporate ruling elites that are dictating the over-vaccination agendas recommended and now enforced by those institutions.]

05 Apr 2019 - The Truth About The “Inactive Ingredients” In Your Medications

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27 Mar 2019 - The Debate Over Neurotransmitter Interaction In Aspartame Usage [Also see Aspartame Depletes neurotransmitters in the brain: Also in the winter edition of Health Freedom News/National Health Federation – Dr. Berry Martini, D.Hum.]

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25 Mar 2019 - 1984 Is Here: Facebook-Owned Instagram Is Actively Silencing Free Speech By Blocking “Anti-Vaccine” Hashtags

21 Mar 2019 - Monsanto CA Judge Worked For Firm That Defended Monsanto's Bovine Growth Hormone; 3rd Trial Starting March 25

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15 Mar 2019 - Big Pharma Owns Congress, According To Major Federal Player

15 Mar 2019 - Planned Parenthood Has ‘No Right To Perform Abortions,' Ohio Can Defund: 6th Circuit [GOOD! – Dr. B. Carey]

15 Mar 2019 – Why Vaccine Herd Immunity Is A Hoax [NOTE: The following information is being censored by the corrupt, fascist entities as Google, Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook, etc. as corrupt corporations protecting corporations, the FDA [Federal Depopulation Agency], and corrupted congressmen submitting to the lobbyist of the Pharmaceutical industry. They are trying to suppress the scientific evidence, as in this report, in favor of financial interest of the Pharmaceutical industry, sacrificing the lives of children and adults, and eliminating "inform and consent" which majority of doctors do not provide patients or parents. Think about it. When was the last time your doctor pulled out the vaccine makers packaging list of warnings, adverse symptoms, or the complete list of ingredients being injected into you or your children. It is time to educate yourself and gain as much knowledge as you can to make an "informed decision" rather than becoming a sheeple lead to the slaughter house out of ignorance. Today, people out of ignorance, only look at and support one side of an issue rather than also looking at the opposite side of an issue to make an honest decision not only for themselves, but their innocent children. The vaccine issue involves (1) money verses health, (2) non-scientific in-house studies with prejudice verses independent scientific studies without prejudice, and (3) death or lifelong damaged health verses a lifelong quality health without a manmade products compromising or damaging the immune system that has be implanted in our bodies by our "Grand Creator."]

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06 Mar 2019 - He Died As A Direct Result Of The HPV Vaccine [This is information is of importance that must be shared with parents of children (girls and boys) who are being targeted for HPV Vaccines. Especially since many states are looking at enacting laws to make vaccines mandatory for all children with no exemptions for medical reasons and even religious exemptions. These laws will even affect home schooled children and even the Amish, etc. Most doctors are too busy to research this type of information, or are either ignorant, or being bribed by the pharmaceutical companies. I would even advise parents to print out this article which is attached in PDF format to give to all health care providers. After doctors, nurses, and others in the health care industry read and research and digest this information, I do not understand how their conscience would allow them to do any type of vaccines without informing the parents and patience before they give their consent. This article also educates you with scientific proof about the toxic adjuvants in vaccines like 1). Mercury (Thimerosal or Thiomersal), 2). Aluminum; and the scary reality of what they do to the brain as it keeps accumulating with each and every vaccine injected into the body. When you read this information, you will now understand why more and more informed parents, adults, and doctors are becoming educated and resisting vaccines. Also learn of the over 4 billion of dollar the government has already paid out for vaccine injuries cause be mercury in the vaccines and Gardasil injuries. This is only accounting for 1% reported with 99% injuries never reported. Do your homework. You cannot trust the corporate government that backs and shields corporate entities like pharmaceutical corporations that are not in the business help the sick, but to profit off of the sick, even if their drugs cause even worse health issues. - Tom Armstrong]

06 Mar 2019 - Portable Laser Against Food Fraud Signed By Enea. The Technology Has Already Been Tested On Large Consumption Foods

06 Mar 2019 - Medications That Contain Aspartame [Please note this particular list was written in 2012. Dr. H. J. Roberts told me 20 years ago it was in over 10,000 foods and we know its in thousands of drugs. Today we know its in many products without labeling and like Neotame was advertised now being in pork. I've never seen Neotame, another aspartame product, labeled so is it not labeled. The FDA admitted aspartame is in 17 dairy products unlabeled which is against the law because it requires a PKU warning. If something said E951 would you know that's aspartame? Also they call it AminoSweet, Canderel, Benevia and other names. We know it interacts with drugs and vaccines. After hospitals prescribed drugs that I didn't know had aspartame in them I was given pain medication on three occasions in the hospital and stopped breathing. Because I didn't want this to happen to others I put together this hospital form which has the entire chapter on aspartame and drug interaction from the 1000 page medical text, "Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic" by H. J. Roberts, M.D. Don't go to the hospital without it: I'm particularly worried about all the opioid deaths because a great amount could be because they are using aspartame and many may not even know it. Now we have the sugar tax because of obesity and unfortunately many are going back to aspartame. The obesity epidemic is logically due to aspartame which makes you crave carbohydrates. Even the National Soft Drink Assn, now American Beverage, used Dr. Richard Wurtman's affidavit on the diet product aspartame making you gain weight in their protest against using it because it had not been proven safe. So don't even think they don't know. They just won't answer a letter written years ago. This list is so you will always know to check any drug you use to see if it has aspartame. You can check a PDR (Physicians Desk Reference), the Internet or ask your pharmacist. One doctor after I complained checked and told me all generic gastrointestinal drugs have aspartame and not to use any of them. Aspartame causes gastrointestinal disease and just recently there was a new study about aspartame and it having toxic effects on gut microbes. Dr. Roberts said many times that it was just outrageous that aspartame caused gastrointestinal disease and then they put aspartame in the drugs to treat it. Remember even gums have aspartame so be careful. – Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum., Mission Possible International ]

06 Mar 2019 - Glyphosate In Beer And Wine: New Study Finds Roundup’s Main Ingredient Is Widespread In Alcohol

06 Mar 2019 - New Study Finds That Aspartame-Sweetened Diet Soda Causes Stroke, Dementia Risks To Skyrocket… Is Aspartame DESTROYING Brain Function?

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05 Mar 2019 - Amazon Bans “Anti-Vaccine” Films, But Gladly Sells Books On The Religious Worship Of Satanism, With Chapters On “Teenage Satanists” And “Animal Sacrifice”

01 Mar 2019 - Diapers And Menstrual Pads Laced With Toxic Chemicals

01 Mar 2019 - HPV Vaccine Linked To Growing Rates Of Infertility In Both Men And Women

01 Mar 2019 - Did You Know That Turmeric Is Just As Effective As 14 Pharmaceutical Drugs?

28 Feb 2019 - Studies On Aspartame Are Alarming, So We Need More?!

27 Feb 2019 - Mark Zuckerberg Goes All-In With The Deadly Vaccine Industry In Sweeping New Plan To Censor ALL Posts That Question Big Pharma’s Vaccine Dogma

27 Feb 2019 - Stunning Video Shows How The Vaccine Industry Has Turned The Measles, An Ordinary, Non-Fatal Infection Like Chicken Pox, Into A Hyperventilated National Emergency [Has an embedded video on the web page]

27 Feb 2019 - Sorry FDA Commissioner: Vaccine Exemptions Need To Be Expanded, Not Eliminated

27 Feb 2019 - What Do Garlic And White Onion Have In Common? Both Can Lower Blood Pressure And Prevent Diabetes

27 Feb 2019 - Unsustainable: Medical Bills Cause TWO-THIRDS Of All U.S. Bankruptcies

26 Feb 2019 - Diet Soft Drinks Increase Risk Of "Dying Young" By 16%

26 Feb 2019 - FAKE SCIENCE: Heat “Records” Heavily Manipulated By Dishonest Climate Change Propagandists To Try To Push Global Warming Lie

26 Feb 2019 - Vaccine Debate Makes More People Question Safety And Effectiveness – So The Industry Has SHUT DOWN All Discussion

22 Feb 2019 - Sins Of The Father Are Then Visited Upon The Sons: The Saga Of The Aspartame-Rumsfeld Plague

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19 Feb 2019 - Taxing Rain Water Coming To Your State

15 Feb 2019 - Rats, Public Defecation & Open Drug Use: Our Major Western Cities Are Becoming Uninhabitable Hellholes

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15 Feb 2019 - Planned Parenthood President Admits Their Core Mission Is “Abortion,” Not Health Care

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15 Feb 2019 - Government Vaccine Expert Witness Turns Whistleblower, Tells Truth About Vaccines Causing Autism… Total Media Cover-Up

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14 Feb 2019 -UN IPCC Scientist Blows Whistle On Lies About Climate, Sea Level [Has an embedded video on the web page]

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14 Feb 2019 - ANALYSIS: How AOC’s Green New Deal Would Unleash A Catastrophic Food Collapse And Venezuela-Style Mass Starvation Across America

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14 Feb 2019 - Even A Little Is Harmful: New Study Suggests Having Even Two Cans Of Soda Per Week Increases Risk Of Metabolic Syndrome, Including Heart Disease, Diabetes, Stroke

12 Feb 2019 - WARNING: Extremely GRAPHIC – Video Shows PROOF That Late-Term Abortion Is Outright Child Murder [Has an embedded video on the web page]

12 Feb 2019 - 5 Ingredients You Need to Avoid When Buying Healthy Pet Food

12 Feb 2019 - There Is A DIRECT Correlation Between Higher Vitamin Intake And Lower Pancreatic Cancer Risk

11 Feb 2019 - The Real Democrat Agenda Unveiled: Murder The Babies, Demolish All Buildings, Block The Sun, Kill Free Speech, Ban All Airplanes And Declare A New UTOPIA

11 Feb 2019 - Death Cult Democrats Say Killing Newborn Babies The Day They’re Born Is “Good For The Economy” … So What’s Next, Exterminating All Kids With Autism And Senior Citizens?

11 Feb 2019 - Boycott These 60 Companies That Donate Money To Fund The Systematic Murder Of Unborn Human Babies

11 Feb 2019 - Court Ruling Confirms Gardasil Vaccine Kills People… Scientific Evidence Beyond Any Doubt… So Where Is The Outcry?

11 Feb 2019 - Behold, A Pale Horse? How The “Green” Environmental Movement May Be The Biblical Fourth Seal Of An End Times Global Death Cult

11 Feb 2019 - Generic Drug Companies Conspired To Fix Drug Prices And Rake In Billions By Cheating Customers, Lawsuit Says

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09 Feb 2019 - Dirty Secrets Of The Gardasil La Fraud Trial

09 Feb 2019 - Dirty Secrets Of The Gardasil La Fraud Trial - Video

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06 Feb 2019 - Democrat Frontrunner Kamala Harris Promised To SHUT DOWN All Private Health Insurance Nationwide… Then Walked It Back After The Insanity Of The Plan Emerged [Has an embedded video on the web page]

06 Feb 2019 - Demoncrats’ Willingness To Murder Children Born Alive (Infanticide) Exposes Total Fraud Of Vaccine Mandates They Claim “Protect Children”

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05 Feb 2019 - Real ID Laws Are A Back Door To Adult Vaccine Mandates Across The U.S., Experts Say

05 Feb 2019 - Cancer Industry Plotting To DESTROY The New Cancer Cure Developed By Israeli Scientists… The Attacks Have Already Begun

04 Feb 2019 - Dog Passes Away After Eating Brownies, Owner Warns Of Lethal Sugar Substitute [Has an embedded video on the web page]

04 Feb 2019 - A Look Inside Hitler’s Vaccine Racket [Has an embedded video on the web page]

04 Feb 2019 - Vaccines Distributed In Kentucky, Ohio And Indiana Causing Infections [Has an embedded video on the web page]

04 Feb 2019 - Official Analysis Shows – California SB277 FAILED [California’s “Mandatory Vaccines For Children” Law, SB277, Passed In 2015, Accomplished ABSOLUTELY NOTHING… But SB 277 Author Senator Richard Pan Tried to Cover That Up…]

04 Feb 2019 - U.S. Chicken Farms Are So Dirty, Meat Has To Be Washed With Chlorine Before Being Sold For Human Consumption

04 Feb 2019 - Is Big Vaccine Plotting To Use Argentina’s New Mandatory Vaccine Law As Blueprint For Similar Tyranny In America? Watch At

04 Feb 2019 - All The Vaccines In The World Can’t Stop The Los Angeles TYPHUS Epidemic That’s Exploding Due To Third-World Socialist Conditions

04 Feb 2019 - NewsGuard Censorship Plug-In Labels Confirmed Media HOAXES To Be “Credible” News, While Blacklisting All Independent Media

04 Feb 2019 - Vaccine Industry Targets Adults: Gardasil HPV Vaccine Approved For Adults 27 To 45 [They are still trying to push this worthless and deadly vaccine – Dr. B. Carey]

04 Feb 2019 - Aspartame May Be Making You Dumb: Study Finds That The Artificial Sweetener Disrupts Your Neurotransmitters

01 Feb 2019 - HCM City Cracks Down On Use Of Harmful Food Additives

01 Feb 2019 - Aspartame: 11 Dangers Of This All-Too-Common Food Additive

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01 Feb 2019 - Health Ranger Declares Natural News A “Pro-Life” Publisher, Dedicated To Protecting Life, Health And Truth For All Divine Beings [PRAISE GOD! – Dr. B. Carey]

01 Feb 2019 - Acetaminophen Found To Be A Potent Liver Toxin… And It’s The No. 1 Ingredient In Tylenol

01 Feb 2019 - PROVEN: Eating Organic Food Lowers Cancer Risk

01 Feb 2019 - Studies Confirm: Potential Risks Of 5G Wireless Radiation Are Too Serious To Ignore

30 Jan 2019 - Walgreens To Pay $269 Mil. For Cheating Taxpayers

30 Jan 2019 - Socialist Senator Kamala Harris Calls For Eliminating Private Health Insurance

29 Jan 2019 - Aspartame Is A Silent Killer That Consumes Us Totally

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29 Jan 2019 - How To Make Your Own DIY Liquid Hand Soap And Laundry Soap

28 Jan 2019 - Letter To FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb: Aspartame May Be Contributing To The End Of Human Civilization

28 Jan 2019 - The Truth About Vaccines, Part 2

22 Jan 2019 - Selma Blair, MS And Aspartame: Diet Coke

22 Jan 2019 - The Truth About Vaccines, Part 1

22 Jan 2019 - Judge Says Uninsulated Power Conductors, Not Climate Change Caused California Fires

22 Jan 2019 - Bill Gates And The World’s Elite DO NOT VACCINATE Their Own Children… And For Good Reason

22 Jan 2019 - Eating An Avocado Every Day Dramatically Reduces Your Risk Of Metabolic Syndrome

22 Jan 2019 - Exposure To Heavy Metals Linked To Autism In Children… And Vaccines Still Contain Mercury

18 Jan 2019 - Bittersweet: Aspartame Breast Cancer Link [While this article by Dr. Woodrow Monte was published in 2008, the facts are current and its one everybody should read because of the link to breast cancer. In his book, "While Science Sleeps: A Sweetener Kills" he correctly calls aspartame a killing machine. Dr. Morando Soffritti in one of his studies at the Ramazzini Institute on aspartame also proved it causes breast cancer. It goes into some detail about if a woman is pregnant and the baby survives (aspartame is a teratogen) that child can grow up to cancer. While we see the horror of the use of aspartame in the population and almost 100% of scientific peer reviewed studies prove the problems, the FDA goes ahead and approves another aspartame product, Advantame. Be safe, read labels and spread the word. – Dr. Berry Martini - Founder, Mission Possible Health International]

18 Jan 2019 - FDA Allows Aspartame, A Seizure Triggering Drug To Be Added To Anti-Seizure Medication

17 Jan 2019 - Chronic Methanol Poisoning With The Clinical And Pathologic-Anatomical Features Of Multiple Sclerosis

17 Jan 2019 - Drinking Diet Soda May Be Killing You

17 Jan 2019 - Vaccines Found To Contain Pig Virus DNA And Monkey Kidney Cells… The “Dirty” Little Secret The Vaccine Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know

17 Jan 2019 - Science CONFIRMS It: Vaccines Spread Measles

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16 Jan 2019 - Anti-Aging Supplements: Do They Really Work? Top 8 Supplements To Slow Signs Of Aging

11 Jan 2019 - FDA Refuses Petition To Ban Aspartame Because Approval Was A Criminal Act

11 Jan 2019 - A Mistake Called Light

11 Jan 2019 - No Evidence Swapping Sugar For Artificial Sweeteners Helps Weight Loss, Major Review Warns

11 Jan 2019 - Carbohydrate Cravings | Iron Deficiency Anemia In Premenopausal Women

11 Jan 2019 - Same Media That Went Ballistic Over Migrant Child Dying At The Border Says NOTHING About American Children Killed By Vaccines

11 Jan 2019 - NYC Announces Health Care Coverage For All Illegals, Guaranteeing A Financial Implosion While Attracting Diseased Migrants From Across The Country

11 Jan 2010 - Same Excitotoxin That Damages Brain Cells Is Also Being Deliberately Added To Vaccines, Reveals CDC Document

10 Jan 2019 - The Vaccination Debate [Remember that aspartame interacts with vaccines and is not only an excitoneurotoxic, carcinogenic drug and teratogen but also an adjuvant (immune stimulator – Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum. – Mission Possible World Health International - ]

10 Jan 2019 - The Greatest Two-Year Record Of Global Cooling Just Took Place [Hey Al Gore how do you and your Cult of global warming explain this one, or are you going to just tell us to ignore this as you do with many other facts that contradict your false claims and teachings? – Dr. B. Carey]

10 Jan 2019 - Scientists Admit “Math Error” Led To Alarming Results In Major Global Warming Study

10 Jan 2019 - Candida Diet: The Best Weight Loss Diet No One Talks About

10 Jan 2019 - The Connection Between A Candida Infection And Weight Gain

10 Jan 2019 - Who Cares? Why We Sued Ben & Jerry's

10 Jan 2019 - Organic Consumers Association Wins On Motion To Dismiss In Case Against Unilever-Owned Ben & Jerry's For Deceptive Marketing Claims

10 Jan 2019 - So Where Are The Bodies THIS Year? : Nutritional Supplement Safety Again Confirmed By America's Largest Database

10 Jan 2019 - Why Doctors (And Newspaper Columnists) Rarely Dare To Question Vaccine Safety

10 Jan 2019 - Blood Pressure Science Paper In A Pharmacology Journal RETRACTED After Data Manipulation Discovered

07 Jan 2019 - Connecticut State Law Requires Mandatory Flu Vaccines For All Kids Ages 2 To 4: Comply Or Don’t Go To School

07 Jan 2019 - Caravan Of Disease: 50 Migrants A Day Turn Up With TB, Flu, Parasites And All Kinds Of Diseases

04 Jan 2019 - New Flu Vaccine More Dangerous And Less Effective

04 Jan 2019 - NBC Censorship: Chuck Todd Outright Bans ‘Climate Deniers’ From Show [Has an embedded video on the web page]

04 Jan 2019 - Muslim Doctor at Cleveland Clinic Pledged To Poison Jewish Patients

04 Jan 2019 - Heart Disease Drugs Cause…Heart Disease

04 Jan 2019 - Short Sighted Influenza Control Policy Based On Poorly Designed Vaccines Will Sicken More People

04 Jan 2019 - Vaccingate: Italians Uncover Vaccine Fraud [Has an embedded video on the web page]