By Arthur M. Evangelista, Ph.D., a former FDA Investigator
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Posted: 27 August 2005

When starting this article, I thought it might best if I offered some background information so that the readers had some kind of reference point for the issues at hand.

I am a very healthy, fifties-something male. Yes, I've had my vices, but for the most part, I eat very healthy, always lifted weights and worked out, and take my health-store vitamins daily. I was even certified as an Exercise Specialist (A.C.E.). And, yes, I still work-out regularly, to this day.

I've had my tonsils out when I was five years old, and have never been "sick" a day after that, except, from life's normal aches and pains. Of course, there was the usual trauma and stitches sustained as a rambunctious country boy, and from a "grownup" who likes to be in the "thick" of things.

I live in the mountains of western North Carolina, home of the Blue Ridge and Smoky's, so, it's a different kind of place, and still very wild.

As an added note, beautiful North Carolina is also home to Chapel Hill, Duke, Bowman Grey, and Eastern Carolina medical colleges, as well as, Research Triangle.


Now, our current story is launched when some friends and I were doing some restorative electrical work on a large home, not far from the Grove Park Inn, outside Asheville, N.C. This is on August 23, 2005.

Built in the 1930's, the house is a complex, multi-million dollar mansion with, not one, but two huge bank-like vaults, and at least eight bedrooms, and so on, et al. Recently purchased, a large restoration was under way.

We had been running new wiring from under the basement and dank crawl spaces, into secret passages, and through concrete walls, reinforced with wire mesh throughout the home. I imagine that some of these dusty spaces hadn't seen daylight in over seventy years. There was also an old coal bin that still was half full of old heating coal, as well.

During this particular day, I felt a slight discomfort in my chest. Who knows, maybe I was laying on a hammer while stripping wires. I did notice though, that the electrician, working with me, was coughing and coughing. He just couldn't stop coughing.

Well, after work, my chest discomfort returned with a vengeance, and my chest wall grew very painful. The pain became very intense as I was preparing for bed, and I realized, the pain increased sharply when I (tried to) inhaled deeply. I couldn't lay down in bed, either. The only acceptable position, and least painful, was standing or sitting upright.

In the meantime, I began thinking that this pain in the center of my chest (sub-sternal and sub-xiphoid) might actually be a heart attack...since I never experienced anything like this.

Breathing became more labored and painful, until I realized I was hypoventilating, and wasn't able to "catch my breath". I could not perform a "sigh", nor could I yawn, due to the excruciating pain when I inhaled.

Finally, I called the ambulance. When the Weaverville emergency services arrived, I was frantic about not being able to catch my breath. Needless to say these EMS technicians were really good. They got an excellent EKG reading, started an IV without a hitch, and were professional the entire time. God bless them.

Once at Mission-St. Joseph's Trauma Center, things went from bad to worse.

Understand, Mission-St. Joseph's in Asheville, is the major hospital trauma center in western North Carolina, basically servicing between Morganton to the Tennessee State line, down to South Carolina and Georgia.

When I arrived at the hospital, the I.V. that had been started in the ambulance, was still running, and I was subsequently placed in the emergency room. Recounting what was wrong, I explained to the physician that I had trouble breathing with acute, intense pain upon inhalation and when I lay down. I told him this at least twice.

Hospital personnel took a multi-lead EKG, chest x-rays, some blood for the lab, and then asked about acid reflux. I said, "What!?" Like most folks, I have had heart burn a time or two, but this wasn't it. I retold the pain upon breathing facts, and for some reason, they kept redirecting me toward acid reflux.

Well, happy to say, my EKG was near perfect, and I was, aside from the breathing pain, in the pink of health. So then, what was hurting me?

Later, the physician came into my "area" to talk with me. Facing me, the doctor told me nothing was wrong with my heart, my blood was well oxygenated, and I had no physical ailments, aside from my complaint of breathing and chest pain.

As we conversed, you have to imagine that I am sitting on the edge of the emergency cot, the I.V. fluids are slightly behind me, above my right shoulder. And although, I could not see the I.V. bag, the physician speaking to me had plain sight of it.

Talking, the physician redirected me to the acid reflux issue for a fourth time. Now, I was thinking, possible pericarditis, pulmonary embolism, pleuritis, dissecting, I told him, strongly, that I didn't think it had anything to do with any stomach acid. Our discussion came to a grinding halt.

As he was leaving, his coat tails scooting out the door, I just happened to also noticed that my blood was backing up into the I.V. tubing. I strained to turn and look at the I.V. bag behind me, and noticed it was empty! The unobservant doctor, who seemed so pre-occupied with convincing me that I had heartburn, didn't even notice my I.V. had run out.

"Darn it!", I said ! I pinched off the I.V. tubing to prevent further blood backflow, and yelled for help. A long, few minutes later, a nurse came in and disconnected the I.V., and removed the needle and tubing from my arm.

The doctor came back with a bottle of Vicodin (for pain), and a prescription for some stomach acid reflux drug. As he handed me the items, I looked at the doctor with disgust, then excused myself and walked out. After all, this is the same hospital that serves the toxin, aspartame, to most of its patients!"

When I returned home, I called one of my researchers and colleagues to look up my symptoms and let me know what she came up with.

Well, it turns out, that I had gotten pleuritis. And, according to the data, it was probably introduced at the house where we had done some wiring. Two others eventually came down with respiratory problems at the same time, and all had worked in the same area! Dust?, a fungus?, old mildew?, asbestos?, ...who knows? But whatever it was, it was potent.

Once armed with this validated knowledge, I began to take responsibility for my own health.

First, I threw out the Vicodin and prescription I had gotten from the hospital.

I drank lots of clean water. Juiced carrots and watercress. I took my vitamins, and an extra vitamin C (>1000 mg), along with pancreatic enzymes and turmeric...Oh, and I ate well (uncooked honey and lots of fruit). The next few days I slept plenty. I took regular 'ole aspirin for pain, when needed.

I also periodically used a multi-frequency infrared unit on my chest wall to assist with the healing of the lining (pleura) of my chest wall and lungs.

It's been five days since this ordeal began, and the pain is almost totally gone, and I feel like a million bucks, again. Even better, I'm confident my heart can handle another 50 years !!

Now, here are some important items to be considered
when it comes to you and your family's
personal health and wellness.

The reality is, and the most important thing to understand, is that YOU are responsible for your own one else.

You must educate yourselves and do the legwork. Same as you might for the law and for legal matters, or for other issues that would entail "high stakes".

Do your homework. And while doing so, you MUST also realize one other issue along the way to making your educated decisions...

...and that is to consider "the Business of Disease". Yes, disease is a business. A booming one, at that. The hospital drugs you are given, the doctor's prescriptions, the television advertising; its all business.

The doctor has a business, too. His business is supposed to be health; just as the mechanics business is machinery, or perhaps automotive in nature. After all, the doctor has to pay his accountant, and a mortgage. He's probably got a nice car. In order to maintain his "proper fašade", he has expensive clothes, and probably belongs to "the club". The doctor's business, it seems, is HIMSELF, first; no different than in most businesses.

There are some doctors who get perks for "pushing" the drug companies' newest, expensive treatments or drugs. Some get perks for signing ghostwritten medical articles that quietly promote and market the pharmaceutical cartel's wares. Many doctors will do most anything to make an extra dollar and to keep up the lifestyle. They even out-and-out lie (just like the rip-off auto mechanic). Check it out for yourself; its all around us.

An interesting side-note to these deceptions, is that some years ago, the NutraSweet company had bought and paid for an expensive special wing at the Chapel Hill teaching hospital. Later, an aspartame study was performed at Chapel Hill, through Monsanto's NutraSweet Company, and they found no problems with the toxic sweetener. Gee, isn't that surprising?!

Indeed, the drug companies are no better. They would, literally, go out-of-business if there were not sufficient numbers of sick, ill, or injured people on this planet!

Let's put that another way.... It is then, a necessary element for the profit motive of the pharmaceutical firms', to maintain a sufficient number of ill people, lest they Chapter 11. In other words, it is not in THEIR best interest if you get well. Period. Check out their annual financial statements.

Recent recalls and major problems with pharmaceutical drugs permeates the honest media. It should be fairly apparent that these "medical" people place profit and greed over health and wellness.

After all, they need disease to stay in business !$

In the last few years, since this medical scam has been playing for so long, I see that sufficient numbers of disgusted former government and corporate employees have finally now come forward to let the public know that a tremendous scheme has been unleashed upon us. Put another way, this amounts to nothing less than government sanctioned murder, mayhem, terrorism, and treason committed against the general and unsuspecting public. Let's call it what it actually is!

The regulatory enforcement agencies are a farce, and have no real power. I know; I worked for one of them. The real power, my friends, is the finance industry's influence on politics and government. Corporations, including the pharmaceutical cartel, chemical companies, and biotech industries, have also long used "legal bribery" to goat the soft politicians into doing their bidding in greed-based businesses. Come on, this is a no-brainer!

This is how the scheme works. The military-industrial complex builds cash flow and a power base for government officials and politicians. The politicians, in turn, commit treason against the people by voting for greed, rather than for what's right for the country or its citizenry. That's why a lot of this decision-making goes on in secret. Its not to protect us from terrorists, it's basically the government protecting itself, to prevent enough of the general public from ever getting wind of their corruption!

A prime example of this, is how the North Carolina legislature recently sold out to Monsanto and their genetically altered seed distribution scam. This legislation, as in other states, actually "prevents" people from resisting this despotism on a local level!! Can you believe this?!! Being forced, by government, to do the bidding of a commercial agrochemical company !!???

Medicine, too, is supported and "twisted" by government, and is designed to make you chronically dependant on them. This my friends, can make you a "human cash cow" for the drug cartel, and for western allopathic medical practices, all sanctioned by the U.S. government. Now we know why CODEX and CAFTA happened. Is it starting to seep in?


Toss into the mix, the American Cancer Society, the Diabetic Association, Dietetic Association, American Medical Association, Medicare, and many of our country's top medical universities, and you can see that they are all, either part of, or being used by, the "business of disease"...the biggest fraud going.

Backed by the deceptive, over-authority of the Food and Drug Administration, as well as other enforcement and regulatory agencies, you can see where the abuse trickles down to...the general public. No one realizes this more than the folks who know or researched that natural remedies actually cure illness, rather than just treat the symptoms (and take your money).

Yes, there are frauds and morons everywhere, but the very fraudulent and dangerous allopathic medical practices of U.S. medicine are actually out killing or maiming millions of people annually for profit!

Prescription drug deaths, alone, amount to more than 120,000 deaths per year, and growing!. This does not even take into account, the additional thousands who die from hospital or physician "mistakes" every year. Add to this, the millions injured. My God, you've got one heck of a booming "business of disease" going!

As an extra measure, one can also add a little toxic fluoride to the water, and tell the people its good for them. This, my friends, is called murder and/or depraved indifference to human health. Fluoride has already been proven deadly poisonous by the Nazis! Need I say more?

You see, when we, as a nation, do not pay attention to our inherent responsibilities, as we do with our inherent, God-given rights,....we lose.

Being responsible with those rights are inseparable aspects of freedom.

We, THE PEOPLE, have all that we need to keep and maintain our rights, if we collectively use that power...and, believe me, that time is here, NOW. If we, as a nation, are to survive this treason from within, we must exercise our rights and our responsibilities now, and take back control of our health, our lives, and our country.


A modern dictator with the resources of science at his disposal can easily lead the public on from day to day, destroying all persistency of thought and aim, so that memory is blurred by the multiplicity of daily news and judgment baffled by its perversion.

~Winston Churchill


Arthur Evangelista is Director of a Public Health and Medical Fraud ResearchCooperative.

He has received an honorary Ph.D. in Industrial Safety and Hygiene, in honor of more than thirty years of public service in the areas of public health, health management, medicine, investigative research, and public safety.

He is an honor graduate from the College of Medicine and Dentistry of N.J.-School of Allied Health Professions, specializing in emergency medical technology. He has taught various medical programs, written/published on sensitive health issues, and appears in the documentary, "Sweet Misery", exposing government malfeasance and corporate fraud for the illegal approval of the toxin, aspartame (NutraSweet).

He may be reached through the World Natural Health Organization.



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