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Posted: 28 March 2012

Methanol/formaldehyde paradigm for multiple sclerosis, free full 56 page chapter 9 pdf, While Science Sleeps, 146 full text references online, Prof. Woodrow C. Monte: Rich Murray 2012.03.20

Multiple Sclerosis: The Cause and the Solution Uncovered -- at Last!

An exhaustive analysis of the medical and scientific literature, authored by a uniquely qualified food scientist, persuasively reveals the cause of MS and describes a path to recovery and prevention.

The symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis are identical to those of an uncommon form of poisoning -- methanol poisoning. Individuals who have been exposed to this poison over a long period of time, in fact, develop MS. This poison -- methanol -- is a major component of cigarette smoke, which, until now, has been the only known cause of Multiple Sclerosis.

Dr. Monte's compelling work reveals that this poison is also contained in certain foods that are canned and smoked or have had the insidious sweetener, aspartame, added to them. Unfortunately, the truth has been obscured due to the fact that methanol is a poison only to humans and not to (laboratory) animals.

If you have MS, or love someone who does, you and your physician should read what Dr. Monte has to say about methanol and its link to MS. To expedite the free exchange of what might be lifesaving information about this disease, there is a file attached below to his website that contains a full copy of Chapter 9 of his book, While Science Sleeps. This chapter examines the cause of MS and posits the simple dietary changes that can save your life.

Download a free copy of Chapter 9 and have a read
[99 pages, including list of all 740 full text online references for book -- Chapter 9 has 146 references]:

The references are located on his website:

As are the simple dietary changes that you must follow because your life may depend on it:

Everything you need to know about MS is in Chapter 9. If you are interested in knowing more about methanol poisoning and its link to other diseases of civilization, you will want to read the entire book, While Science Sleeps, by Woodrow C. Monte PHD, Emeritus Professor of Nutrition and Food Science, Arizona State University.

Chapter 9:
Multiple Sclerosis

The Conflagration that is Multiple Sclerosis;
Listening to Nature’s Whispers;
The Scene of the Crime;
Location, Location, Location;
Details of Plaque Formation;
The Look, Touch, Taste and Smell of Multiple Sclerosis;
The Kitchen Autopsy;
The Cause of MS is within the Thickening Blood Vessels;
Symptoms Mean Little Unless They Are Identical in All Ways…Then They Mean Everything!;
Learn a Little About Arginine;
Myelin Basic Protein (MBP);
Looking for the Shadow of Formaldehyde;
“Woody… They Have Done Our Experiment for Us.… But They Just Don’t Get It!”;
Finding the Shadow of Formaldehyde in the MS Brain: The Smoking Gun (a Triple Blind Study);
Evidence That Methanol Causes MS;
The Etiology of Multiple Sclerosis -- Follow the Methanol;
A Food Scientist’s Nightmare Called Aspartame;
MS: a Disease of Colder Climates and Flush Toilets -- Before Aspartame;
A World Awash in MS after Aspartame;
Change in Frequency of MS by Sex:
the Methanol Source -- Food or Smoke -- Makes All the Difference;
Can Methanol Really Cause MS?;
MS Can Be Found in Some Places, but Cannot be Found in Others;
Industrial Exposure to Methanol -- Jobs that Can Last for an Eternity;
Teachers’ Paradigm;
MS Treatment -- Pharmaceutical Placeboes or Perhaps Worse;
Conclusion and Review;

Conclusion and Review

You can see for yourself now that the daily administration of methanol to the human organism does not go unnoticed by the immune system. The evidence is simply far too overwhelming for the pharmaceutical industries to credibly justify ignoring it any longer. As a scientist I can do little more than present a coherent molecular theory, and then prove the hypothesis using three paradigms with two distinct methods of methanol administration. Viewing methanol toxicity as the etiologic cause of MS answers all of the nagging questions and unexplained anomalies that have stalled the search for the cause of this disease. I realize that absolutely nothing can convince the pharmaceutical giants, who are now heavily invested in developing their own useless palliatives for MS, to give them up and rally around the methanol hypothesis. In the end, however, I believe that the truth will win out. Henry Miller prophesied over 50 years ago: It is possible that the cause of multiple sclerosis lies buried somewhere in these lengthy protocols waiting to be found by someone ingenious enough to unearth it.[#306]


  1. MS is a disease that begins around brain blood vessels, adjacent to the exact locations where methanol converts to formaldehyde, very much like Alzheimer’s Disease.

  2. MS was first discovered long before formaldehyde, making the determination of its cause impossible.

  3. The vast majority of early researchers believed that the cause of MS was a “toxic substance” that forms in and is distributed via the blood vessels of the brain. “Whatever is being produced within the vessel walls is the cause of the disease.”

  4. All symptoms of MS can be found during the course of methanol poisoning if the patient lives long enough.

  5. Myelin Basic Protein (MBP) is the protein of the myelin sheath that is removed during MS plaque development. MBP contains a high percentage of arginine, which acts as a trap for formaldehyde. The MBP of MS patients has been shown to have reacted with formaldehyde and cause a marked increase of the methylation of its arginine.

  6. The MBP of MS brain tissue has been shown to be severely deficient in phosphorylation, which we know can be caused by formaldehyde.

  7. The Smoking Paradigm: Cigarette smoke is high in methanol and is the only etiological cause of MS that is generally accepted by the scientific community.

  8. Consistent circumstantial evidence links increases in methanol-containing food consumption and in industrial use of methanol to corresponding increases in MS incidence during the transition from the 19th century into the 20th century.

  9. The advent of aspartame, a methanol carrier, has introduced an opportunity to quantify additional methanol in the food supply since 1981.

  10. The Aspartame Paradigm: statistics show convincingly that as more and more aspartame is consumed by the US population the incidence of -- and perhaps more importantly the death rate from -- MS has also increased dramatically.

  11. The higher incidence of MS in colder climates was due to the higher consumption levels of canned fruits and vegetables in temperate climates. This began reversing shortly after methanol-containing diet sodas and other thirst quenching products became popular and inexpensive in the tropics.

  12. MS was at one time a disease of men when it was caused by industrial contact. It is increasingly more of a women’s disease. When methanol is inhaled as a gas during cigarette smoking or industrial contamination the distribution tends to be equal between the sexes. The stomach of the man, however, has 4 or 5 times more ADH in its lining than that of a woman. When methanol is consumed via diet soda, the ADH removes methanol before it can get to the brain, so less of it reaches men’s brains than women’s brains. As more and more methanol has become a dietary poison, the shift from male to female disease has followed.

  13. The Faroe Islands are surrounded by countries with very high incidence of MS, yet the country traditionally did not have the disease represented in its population until after the occupation of large numbers of British Troops during the Second World War. Faroes have no trees or peat deposits and, therefore, developed methods to salt and air dry fish and other meats for preservation, unlike its neighbors, who dine on smoked foods at each meal. The indigenous diet of the Faroans contains no methanol.

  14. The Village of Wellington, Ohio experienced an epidemic of MS that should have been traced to the escape of methanol fumes from a foundry, affecting the populace located downwind of it.

  15. Professions such as shoe making and papermaking that have been shown to have high incidence of MS can also be shown to have exposed their workers to levels of methanol.

  16. The Teaching Paradigm:
    The US teaching profession might just be the best profession to use to link methanol exposure to increased incidence of MS. Secondary school teachers suffer an incidence of MS almost twice as high as their professional counterparts. They also can be shown to have had consistent workday exposure to methanol fumes by the ubiquitous use of Ditto machines that use high concentrations of methanol as a print transfer agent.

It has been over 30 years since I heard my first unsolicited plea for help from an aspartame consumer who had linked consumption of the product to her suffering. My first thought after an hour’s listening was that this courageous young woman would soon be diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. It is in her honor and in the memory of my friend from Wellington, Colorado that I seek to explain the compelling link between methanol and MS.


224. Kim J, Mastronardi F, Wood D, Lubman D, Zand R, Moscarello M. Multiple Sclerosis: An important role for post-translational modifications of myelin basic protein in pathogenesis. Molecular & Cellular Proteomics 2003;2(7):453-62. Abstract
free html rich full text version]

The Monte methanol paradigm posits a simple, obvious major co-factor for many novel diseases of civilization -- vastly increasing the opportunity for extremely positive social service via avoiding all methanol sources: Rich Murray 2012.02.06

Methanol from smoking and aspartame, in humans alone, is always made into formaldehyde via the ADH enzyme inside the cells of blood vessels and many tissues -- a little alcohol protects.

Many novel diseases of civilization result since 1800 -- heart, stroke, Alzheimers, cancers, MS, autism, spina bifida – increasing rapidly with aspartame since 1981.

4 more positive reviews for While Science Sleeps, Prof. Woodrow C. Monte, on Rich Murray 2012.02.26

While Science Sleeps, methanol from cigarettes and aspartame becomes formaldehyde inside human cells -- Table of Contents, WC Monte bio, Kindle electronic book version $ 9.80 Rich Murray 2012.01.26

New book, concise opus "While Science Sleeps" life saving facts re aspartame (methanol, formaldehyde) -- 740 full text references are free online -- Woodrow "Woody" C. Monte, retired Prof. of Nutrition, Arizona State University: Rich Murray 2012.01.03

$ 37.98 text 236 pages -- 740 full text references free online -- Kindle electronic book, $ 9.80

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