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Posted: 13 July 2012

Methanol/formaldehyde toxicity ubiquitous in many modern "diseases of civilization" -- not just aspartame -- exponentially growing public awareness of a universal heath challenge (opportunity): Rich Murray 2012.07.01


Look, really, this isn't just about aspartame any more.

This is a heads up summary for the text "While Science Sleeps" 2012 January, Prof. Woodrow C. Monte, Food Science and Nutrition, Arizona State University, retired 2004, backed up by a free online archive of 745 full text medical research references -- at 3 per working day, it would take 3 years to study all of them...

My urgent goal here is to lean on my horn to alert oblivious pedestrians to wake up, get alert, look around, decide quickly, and act quicker -- as we, each of us, our family and friends, our entire world, are equally long-term victims of this, and, equally, in our hyperlinked world, the deciders and agents for urgent action, protecting every fetus, child, professional, client, parent, grandparent.

This toxicity is ubiquitous -- striking me and all my relatives, friends, and hospice clients.


Yes, wood alcohol, in humans only, the only animal to lack a functional catalase system to safely detoxify methanol dilute almost nontoxic methanol from many sources in blood, including bacteria in the colon, is made by the ADH1 enzyme, concentrated inside the cells of about 20 specific tissues -- brain, retina, skin fibroblasts, heart, lung, liver, kidney, and so on, to prostate, and breast ducts, and fetal brain (especially at 4 weeks, as the nervous systems starts forming) -- into, formaldehyde.


Yes, formaldehyde, free floating inside, for instance, the cells of the middle wall of the blood vessels within the bottom of the brain, easily breaching the blood-brain barrier, the locus for the slowly spreading damage, tangled messes, plague of plaque, of Alzheimer's and multiple sclerosis, "perivascular" diseases that ever so slowly spread from blood vessels, maiming brain tissues sporadically, yet relentlessly.

Indubitably, free floating formaldehyde within cells instantly reacts with water, becoming hydrated, acidic and immensely more reactive -- binding instantly to the nearest DNA, RNA, and proteins, holding on, forming a plastic mess, blocking normal biochemistry (precisely what happens during embalming or sterilization).

The cell dies, while its formaldehyde modified proteins are powerfully attractive for white blood cells (macrophages) which arrive to scavenge the mess, only to also die and become pus as durable, cumulative, expanding, tangled micro lesions, expanding slowly into more and more tissue, depending on variations in methanol ingestion from many sources.

And, formaldehyde in very small amounts deactivates 2 enzyme systems in the mitochrondria, the source of power for all biochemistry -- fatigue, weakness, depression, aching, short breath, acidosis from acetic acid buildup.


We must strictly eliminate all of these:

Aspartame -- each can diet drink, 22 mg methanol, about twice the average human body burden of methanol -- many collections of case histories suggest aspartame "reactors" start showing slowly progressing symptoms after months to years of over 6 cans, two liters, daily use of diet drinks, say, 125 mg methanol daily -- rarely, weak humans have died from single doses that small, inhaled, ingested, or absorbed via skin. A few mg aspartame in a chewable oral migraine medicine can trigger worse migraine -- about 0.5 mg methanol.

Wood peat and cigarette smoke -- about as much methanol per pack unfiltered cigarettes as a liter diet drink, 62 mg -- cigarette use already well known to be a major cause of MS.

Fruits, juices, vegetables sealed wet in cans, jars, plastic bags at room temperature (tomatoes are worse) -- methanol is released slowly from the pectins.

Smoked, barbequed, fermented, spoiled foods.

Any alcohol drink with high methanol impurity, usually dark wines and liquors, especially fruit brandy -- remember those hangovers...

Factories for solvents, cleaners, leather, paper, particleboard, plywood.

Vehicles, fuel cells.

Medical and mortuary facilities, schools, and labs.

leaky furnaces and stoves -- hit Sondra and me in January, 2007 -- weakness, headache, burning eyes.

Some fresh coffees.

Some furniture, carpets, drapes, paints, mobile homes, sick buildings.


When there is more ethanol in the blood than methanol, the ADH1 enzyme can not make methanol into formaldehyde. But the ethanol is removed from the blood by half every 20 minutes, while methanol drops by half in 150 minutes. After an evening of drinking in 2 different lab tests, healthy young male students went to bed drunk, and woke up sober, but, as the little amount of methanol started being made into formaldehyde in the brain, the typical alcohol hangover symptoms started, ending in a few hours after the methanol also was gone from the blood -- headache, dizziness, irritability, poor memory, brain fog, light and sound sensitivity, weakness, depression, anxiety, red and painful eyes, red face, poor vision, nausea, aching muscles and joints.

When a person shows up at a hospital with methanol toxicity, the antidote is to put alcohol into the blood for days, until all the methanol has been excreted, without becoming formaldehyde.

Fresh fruits and juices, a single drink of pure alcohol, and fermentation in the colon by benign bacteria maintain in many people a nontoxic level of ethanol in the blood, preventing small doses of methanol from forming formaldehyde inside cells. But a large dose of methanol will eventually succeed in becoming formaldehyde, generating harm and symptoms. So, research should focus on the minority of members of various vulnerable groups who have the very highest methanol intake -- they will probably have most of the symptoms reported by the whole group -- I want you to study this, David Ludvig.


Alzheimer's, multiple sclerosis, headaches and seizures, brain glioblastoma cancer, macular degeneration, atheroslerosis, skin cancer, dermatitis, lupus, breast adenocarcinoma, kidney cancer, kidney function, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes 2, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, lung adenocarcinoma, autism and other birth defects, preterm delivery, liver hepatic cancer.

When a talkative elderly scientist, all alone, starts proposing a single novel paradigm that includes all the noninfectious chronic diseases of unknown origin that affect millions in the USA alone, it is usually safe to dismiss him as a crank or con -- but in this case...

Don't rely on previous beliefs, and suspend immediate rejection -- whoever has presented a public archive of 745 full text references, free?

Get someone competent you trust that can take a week to review the text openmindedly and summarize the discoveries -- someone either young or of youthful mind, playful, quick, creative, curious --

Might this be a true breakthrough, like the germ theory of diseases, which included many very different diseases, and mandated radical changes in food and medicine on all levels?

Can you or your organization resist an imminent tsunami of public concern on all levels?

What is the actual urgent need of self, family, friends, the nation, the world?

Isn't this a huge opportunity to unify people with wonderful, positive, easy, simple, safe, affordable, fast, obvious, socially shared, public, universal, adaptations that remove multidinous blocks and drains to joyful living, and bring all ages together into a new era of improving personal life and prosperous achievement a positive politics for a positive polity -- we, now, the greatest generation?

WC Monte paradigm -- MS caused by methanol being made into formaldehyde inside cells of brain blood vessel walls by ADH1 enzyme: Rich Murray 2012.07.01

Articles, published paper, textbook, and 745 free online full text pdf medical research references are available:

Methanol has many sources:

Aspartame, E951

Smoke from wood, peat, cigarettes

Fruits juices vegetables, especially tomatoes, sealed wet in cans, jars, plastic bags, at room temperature

Fermented, smoked, spoiled foods

Bacteria in the colon

Genetic flaws in metabolism

Vehicle fumes

Processed wood products of all kinds

Nearby factories making paper, or particle board and plywood, or using solvents

Mobile homes

Within mutual service, Rich Murray

Methanol from aspartame, wood and cigarette smoke, and many sources is made by ADH1 enzyme into formaldehyde within cells inside walls of human blood vessels, harming adjacent tissues, the WC Monte paradigm: Rich Murray 2012.07.01

The 200 mg aspartame in a 12-oz can of aspartame drink is 11% by weight methanol, 22 mg, which is soon released from the GI tract into the blood, where quickly any tissues with high levels of the ADH1 enzyme within the cells of blood capillary walls and adjacent tissues, especially liver, kidney, brain, retina, etc., in humans only, turn the methanol into formaldehyde within these cells, which, being highly reactive, quickly binds with and disables DNA, RNA, and proteins inside the cells, causing cell death, attracting macrophages (white blood cells), which also die, creating durable, cumulative, evolving complex micro lesions.

This affects the fetus, as well, or not so well...

So, there are many resulting novel modern "diseases of civilization" in humans only, for each type of damaged tissue, including Alzheimer's, multiple sclerosis, lupus, arthritis, the birth defects spina bifida, autism, and Asperger's, many specific cancers, and chronic ailments of liver, kidney, heart, lung, joint, skin, muscle, etc.

The Monte methanol/formaldehyde toxicity paradigm MMFTP is backed by 740 references, given free online as full pdf texts by Prof. (retired 2004, Arizona State University, Nutrition and Food Sciences) Woodrow C. Monte, http://, along with his 2012 January 240 page text "While Science Sleeps", with two free chapters on "Autism and Other Birth Defects", and "Multiple Sclerosis", and free full earlier articles and references on MMFTP.

Other methanol/formaldehyde sources include wood, peat and cigarette smoke, some fresh coffees, fermented and smoked foods, fruits juices vegetables heated and sealed wet in jars and cans, some dark wines and liquors, bacteria in the colon, genetic flaws in metabolism, vehicle fumes, leaky fossil fuel stoves and heaters, processed wood products of all kinds, mobile homes, old Ditto type purple ink mimeograph duplicating machines in schools and offices, chemical biology autopsy mortuary facilities, heated wood in particleboard, pressed wood and paper factories, and many personal care cleaners and products...

Methanol/formaldehyde paradigm for multiple sclerosis, free full 56 page chapter 9 pdf, While Science Sleeps, 146 full text references online, Prof. Woodrow C. Monte: Rich Murray 2012.03.20
List of 745 free full text pdf medical research references

Aspartame: The hidden danger [methanol/formaldehyde] in our midst and how it kills us, 12 page review of While Science Sleeps text (Woodrow C Monte), International Health News, whole June issue, Editor: William R Ware PhD: Rich Murray 2012.06.08
Free full text pdf 16 pages

Fwd: Aspartame Submission from Prof. Woodrow C. Monte to EFSA: While Science Sleeps: A Sweetener Kills 241 p -- Ch 12 Autism and other Birth Defects 26 p -- 740 references full pdfs: Rich Murray 2011.11.03\(ref).pdf
free Chapter 12 of the book "While Science Sleeps", "Autism and Other Birth Defects", with 100 free online full text references

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