By James Bowen, M.D.

Posted: 12 April 2007

Sent: January 11, 2007

The Honorable Senator Gerald Ortiz y Pino
400 12th Street, N. W.
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87102

Dear Senator Ortiz y Pino,

I write you as a physician and as a victim of aspartame to applaud you sponsoring the bill to ban aspartame from New Mexico.

I started using Sugar Free Kool-Aid in the early 1980's, which resulted in the destruction of my medical practice and almost the complete destruction of my personal neurological health. Aspartame gave me a toxic cardiomyopathy so severe I had to stop swimming. Deep chemical depression followed, terminating in Lou Gehrigs disease. When I stopped using it I had many severe withdrawal symptoms, and was diagnosed as "Bulbar Palsy."

Aspartame is a very highly crafted poison, cleverly combing about ten different poisons, including:

  1. Phenylalanine isolate poisoning. At 50% of the molecule it floods the brain, lowering the seizure threshold and depleting serotonin.

  2. The methyl ester-formaldehyde-formic acid-carbon monoxide toxic axis.

  3. Methylated aspartic acid. (An extreme excitotoxin, implemented in vast brain damage, including the common neurodegenerative diseases.

  4. Diketopiperazine. The first toxicity studies at 1/1000 the FDA legally requisite test dosage for only 60 days caused the highest incidence of brain tumors in rats of any chemical ever tested at any dosage caused. The first 6 months of aspartame soft drinks, saw a 10% increase in USA human brain cancer rates and a 30% jump of our diabetes occurrence rate!

The most practical conception of the diabetic condition is that it is a combination of genetic, immune and mitochondrial damage leading to a deficiency of carbohydrate metabolism and a deficiency of the mitochondrial production of adenosine tri phosphate. This causes the neuroendocrine system to respond by elaborating a hormonal response to break down proteins into glucose to satisfy the perceived need for more sugar. Sugar is used less efficiency in the diabetic. Some is even wasted in the urine.

Aspartame damages the mitochondria. You can understand the epidemic of diabetes. Because of mitochondrial damage it interacts with all drugs and vaccines and the insulin many diabetics use. Diabetics are made horribly worse by the use of NutraSweet prescribed by their physicians. Most do not know better because they are deceived by the American Diabetes Assn and other professional organizations funded by the manufacturers, FDA and front groups. Some diabetics get over their disease by simply getting off aspartame. Many diabetics victimized by aspartame are experiencing limb amputations. The reason for this is methanol and excitotoxins are famous for damaging nerves and both are in exacerbated and synergized form in the case of aspartame poisoning. When methanol is taken into the body in any form the consumer then experiences the entire toxic axis of methanol to formaldehyde to formic acid (fire ant poison) and on to carbon monoxide. Aspartame is a highly addictive brain washing agent and the victims cannot even conceive of quitting the toxin. Therefore, the only way to save diabetics from severe disability and death is to get it off the market.

All of the components of aspartame are human sensitization agents, and CHz (Chemical hypersensitivity disease) plagues aspartame victims for the rest of their lives, even long after they have stopped using it, as does the MtDNA damage.

Using this toxin plasticizes the very DNA of which our genes are composed. This is called "cross linking DNA", and shattering DNA for which formaldehyde and formic acid is famous. When aspartame is in its diketopiperazine (DKP) form, it is an extremely strong plasticizing agent. Diketopiperazines are the major powerful, far-reaching substrates of the plastics industry. The DKP form of aspartame was found to be the number one brain tumor carcinogen known to man. In that form the molecule is an extremely potent polymerizer, which reaches further, and with more energy than formaldehyde to esterise human substances into polymers, and to cross-link DNA.

Aspartame damages the cardiac conduction system and causes sudden death. It would take a set of encyclopedias to cover all the human devastation. In the aspartame documentary, Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World, you see Diane Fleming in a Virginia prison. She was imprisoned for poisoning her husband, a diet soda addict, whose autopsy revealed methanol poisoning. She was exonerated with a lie detector. The report admitted she was truthful and did not kill her husband. After reviewing the autopsy I wrote an affidavit, as did several other experts. Yet there she remains four years later, an imprisoned innocent woman who is a victim herself. The horror stories never stop.

Methanol is classified as a narcotic and its liberation by aspartame causes chronic methanol poisoning. This affects the dopamine system of the brain causing addiction. They're making addicts of our children.

It boils down to this, Senator, if someone does not vote for your bill; they're either addicted, care less for human suffering, or sold out. Aspartame is absolutely against the law, violating adulteration and interstate commerce laws. The late Dr. Adrian Gross, FDA toxicologist, even admitted to Congress aspartame violates the Delaney Amendment, which forbids adding anything to food that caused cancer in animals. For a lobbyist to seek to convince anyone aspartame is safe after a quarter of a century of documentation is to be in violation of Title 18, Section 101, stumbling the public with full knowledge.

If I can be of any service to you, I hope you will call on me. I told the FDA 20 years ago aspartame is mass poisoning of the consumer public and 100 countries of the world. I have added my original letter below my signature. They sent an agent to my office who was upset I had made this public and was reluctant to accept 29 more cases of aspartame poisoning. Today there are millions. Aspartame Disease is costing the government trillions and costing consumers their lives. I have devoted my life to riding the world of this deadly chemical, so others will not suffer the same fate as I have experienced.


James D. Bowen, M.D.
P. O. Box 988
Kapaau, Hawaii 96755

Original letter sent to FDA twenty years ago:

3118 S Logan Ste.3
Lansing, MI 48910

My statement for the public record regarding food labeling and the aspartame issue is serious if not somewhat facetious at times. The reason for this is because I have found little evidence of honesty, integrity or stability on the part of Food & Drug Administration officials regarding the aspartame issue, since its approval in 1981. This attitude is largely shared by the general public. I come in contact with approximately two new people each week who are now being or who have in the past been poisoned by aspartame.

All of them share the same reactions that it is not worth writing to the FDA or NutraSweet, because you and your agency have run amuck and are no longer a valid public benefactor.

The recent revelations about the problems surrounding generic drug approvals are compelling evidence of what happens when an agency considered itself above the law in dealing with these matters. In my opinion, this has resulted in the mass poisoning of the American public as well as seventy-plus countries in the rest of the world. Watching FDA officials walk through the "revolving door" and be further rewarded by being promoted to other positions of high public responsibility is clear evidence of a government out of control.

For this reason, I am opposed to labeling aspartame content of food and drinks. To do so would imply that the government is taking some sort of responsible action...when the only responsible action would be to immediately take aspartame off the market, fully disclose its toxicities, offer full compensation to the injured, public and criminally prosecute anyone who participated in the fraudulent placement of aspartame on the marketplace. That includes those who work so diligently to keep in on the market as well.

Further, to label the purported aspartame content of a product would cover a number of toxic flaws in the product and its allowable daily intake (ADI) as follows:

  1. That the amount stated on the label was accurate and factual rather than theoretical. Aspartame breaks down relatively quickly in solution. Given the well established modus operandi of the manufacturer, there is no concern given the ultimate consumer. And cover-ups seem to be a part of the routine of doing business. The public should be well advised that the amounts really used in liquid products are relatively greater than those stated to accomplish a relative compensation for the loss of product sweetness occurring during storage in solution.

  2. That the ADI presently allowed is 50% greater than that expected to cause a reversal of the phenylalanine/tyrosine ratios in the human brain. This has profoundly bad implications for the human being, including dopamine and serotonin synthesis inhibition, causing depression, appetite changes, mental inabilities, increased susceptibility to seizures and a host of neurohormonal problems.

  3. Every known metabolite of aspartame is of marked or questionable toxicity and patently unsafe for human use. Methyl alcohol is metabolized to nascent formaldehyde in the eye, nervous system and other metabolically active organs. It immediately attacks and denatures the tissue structure proteins in which is metabolized to nascent formaldehyde. This stimulates specific organ and subcellular autoimmunity which seems to be a preponderant source of the bad experiences reported by NutraSweet victims. Aspartic Acid is a neuroexcitotoxic present in damaging amounts, it own right, at the ADI for aspartame. Simple logic tells one that it will vastly increase the metabolism of methyl alcohol to formaldehyde attach there. This corresponds well with the symptomalogies often experienced, such as Lou Gehrig's Disease (ALS), bulbar palsies, neurohormonal disorders, diketopiperazine issue remains totally unresolved and dangerous. The amino acids that are released by hydrolysis, form eimers and isomers that are either not sufficiently studied, or which are known substrates in undesirable pathological states such as Alzheimer's disease.

  4. There is the issue of the approval of aspartame for market, which has violated every principle of responsible science and responsible government. Everyone responsible for this hearing should at least completely review the approval process and the comments of the participants and observers who have so excellently elucidated all the malfeasance for the public record, such as Dr. Adrian Gross and many, many others (all on the public record).

In light of the above 4 points, I highly recommend that you deny in every way possible any subterfuge of respectability that the aspartame people have enshrouded themselves and their product within hopes of quickly denying its access to the worldwide marketplace. I write this, not believing that it will do the slightest bit of good in the sense of affecting the labeling issue per se, but that instead, it might reach some honest, concerned, conscientious individuals in the process.