By Robert Cohen
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I spoke with Gloria Dunnavan at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) last evening (Wednesday, January 21, 2004) at 7:20 PM. At that late hour, the secretaries have gone home and she answers her own phone. Gloria is the Director of Surveillance at FDA and she has enormous power.

I no longer give a damn about working with the FDA. I told Glo, "I give up. You win. The American people lose."

If and when you meet me as I travel from state to state this summer, please ask me to bend over and deliver a swift kick to my posterior.

I deserve a wake-up call, for I deceive myself each time I attempt to place my trust in FDA. I would be a lot less frustrated if I pretended that FDA does not exist, for in reality, they work to protect the interests of pharmaceutical companies and, in doing so, betray all American consumers.

Where does one sweep the dirt at FDA's investigative branch, the Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM)? Temporarily, under the rug. There's just so much crap that will fit under that rug, that piles of manure have to be flushed down CVM's toilet, and that toilet empties directly into a cesspool.

The stench is amazing, so please, as punishment for once again trying to work with FDA, kick me. That's right. Ask me to bend over and plant your best fake-leather vegan boot directly to my naive ass.

A few weeks ago, Monsanto came very close to having their genetically engineered bovine growth hormone error exposed to the world. In the spirit of Wagging the Dog, damage control experts flushed Monsanto's GMO error down the toilet and hoisted a grand petard upon America's meat producers. One Mad Cow. Was there really a Mad Cow? All I know is that so-called zany bovine took all of the heat off of Monsanto.

FDA has one powerful person in charge of surveillance, Gloria Donovan. I called Glo Donovan's office and could not get a straight answer from anybody. By law, they must immediately release their report (Report number 483) but bureaucrats in the Office of Compliance pretend that they know anything. Ever see sergeant Schultz on Hogan's Heros? He was that likeable Nazi who always responded in comedic style, "I know nothing." He would have worked well as an FDA bureaucrat.

FDA's excuse to Monsanto's error? "Everybody is working on Mad Cow." Mad Cow? How convenient for them. What a load of bovine crap for us.

I spoke with Lynn Post, who is the director of Enforcement. Lynn possesses the report. Of course, he would not share it. That's Glo's job. She will not get on the phone with me during business hours. Figures that I'll go away quietly if I ignore her. Maybe you can do better:

Glo: 301-827-1166
Lynn: 301-827-6641

If you speak with Gloria Dunnavan's office, chances are that you'll get Toni. Toni got mad at me. Toni said to me "Stop rambling in my ear."

I asked if I could quote her on that. She gave me permission to do so, and added, "Say whatever you want. I don't care." Well, Toni, I will. I don't like having to pay your salary with my tax dollars. I don't like getting swept under your rug with the rest of FDA's lies and deception. You want more? I do not care for the revolving door policy between FDA and Monsanto. I do not like the fact that three ex-FDA commissioners have left their jobs and gone to work for Monsanto. I do not like having the Monsanto mess disappear, all because of one Mad Cow in the state of Washington.

I am mad as hell, and I am not going to take it anymore. So far as I am concerned, FDA does not exist. The pretenders are merely an extension of the pharmaceutical industry's public relations machine. So, if I am delusional enough to work with them again, kick me, please.

A few days ago, FDA bureaucrats declared that milk from cloned cows was safe to drink. FDA believes that there is no difference between cloned milk and milk from uncloned animals. See:,2071,NPDN_14931_2591354,00.html

That conclusion reflects the best of Shakespearean comedy and tragedy. On November 9, 2003, I published the cloning evidence that FDA continues to ignore:,2071,NPDN_14931_2591354,00.html

Is there anything you can do about this? Sorry to disappoint you. Not with people like Glo Dunnavan running things. The system is broken. I give up.

Robert Cohen