By Dr. Frederick Meekins
Web Site: The Epistolizer

Posted: 28 August 2009

(c) 2009 by Dr. Frederick Meekins


With Obama seeming to withdraw the so-called "public option" from the healthcare reforms being considered by Congress, many will assume that the battle is now over. However, things may be more dangerous than ever before.

Up for consideration are so-called "healthcare cooperatives" that will attempt to blend aspects of public and private systems, no doubt with the care and responsiveness that homeowner associations have become renowned for. What is to prevent companies from eliminating their insurance programs and pushing their employees into these?

This is what Walmart-types are drooling for in the propaganda where they say they won't be happy until everyone is insured. What they are really hoping for is the opportunity to drop the coverage of their own employees.

The Libyan responsible for the bombing of PAN AM Flight 103 has been set free. Since the terrorist is dying of cancer, Scottish officials claim that he was released in compliance with the nation's values.

And what might those be; pandering to radical Islamists? No wonder the country is renowned for men who wear dresses. It is because of this spinelessness that Western Europe totters on the edge of the garbage can of history.

If someone has a life sentence or a certain amount of time left on their term, prison is where they ought to die. Isn't one of the reasons we have a CIA is to make sure human scum like this meets with a mysterious end?

I am tired of the Internet ads reading something like "Obama Asks Moms To Return To School". Especially creepy is the one with the two women marching with a brainwashed look plastered across their faces.

First, it is not the government's place to "ask you to return to school".

Second, if Il Duce only wants mom's to return to school, it is blatantly sexist. For what if he only asked dads to return to school?

Third, if anyone complies with this decree simply because "Obama asks", they are a deluded fanatic that has sold out both American liberty and independent thought.

A study finds that shorter students are "no less popular" than taller ones.

Frankly, from my own experience --- even in a Christian school at the elementary level especially --- the shorter ones were actually the snottiest brats in the class and were actually the bullies rather than the stouter pupils.

But since chubbier students don't fit in with the plans of New World Order types such as environmentalists, I guess we got what we deserved.

David Copperfield has been accused of rape in a pending civil law suit. The 22 year old woman claims she was attacked after being invited to his private island for modeling opportunities.

What else did she think was going to happen? Furthermore, what proof do we have that any of this even occurred or that his advances weren't spurned until after the fact?

While Americans are suppose to bask in either Obama's angelic glow or the hellfire smoldering out of his ears depending upon one's perspective for warmth, other world powers are taking steps to secure the energy needs of their respective countries. Red China has made deals for access to oil fields across Africa and Asia. And while Americans are forbidden from exploring for oil off our own coastline, the Obama administration has extended millions of dollars to Brazil for the purposes of discovering oil off its own coast.

The financial hole Americans will not be able to get out of for generations is about to get even deeper thanks to efforts to fawn all over those messing around in holes where they really don't belong. The Subcommittee on the Federal Workforce, Postal Service & The District Of Columbia in the House of Representatives has authorized legislation that would extend insurance benefits to the same-sex domestic partners of federal employees living in sin.