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21 Apr 2022 - Bill Gates-Funded Biotech Firm Claims GMO Mosquito Project A 'Success,' But Critics Cite Lack Of Proof

28 Mar 2022 - GMO Regulations And Their Interpretation: How EFSA's Guidance On Risk Assessments Of GMOs Is Bound To Fail

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28 Mar 2022 - Food Brexit And Chlorinated Chicken: A Microcosm Of Wider Food Problems

28 Mar 2022 - The Introduction Of Thousands Of Tonnes Of Glyphosate In The Food Chain - An Evaluation Of Glyphosate Tolerant Soybeans

24 Mar 2022 - FDA Approves First Gene-Edited Cows For Beef

24 Jan 2022 - COVID Vaccines Are Genetically Engineered

24 Jan 2022 - SARS-CoV-2 Was Genetically Engineered

24 Jan 2022 - Hiding GMOs In Food

18 Jan 2022 - Remember When We Warned You About GMO Tomatoes? Scientists Say They're Probably Not Safe, Let Alone Healthy