The official position of the World Natural Health Organization in regards to global warming is that there is NO MANMADE GLOBAL WARMING! Global warming is nothing more than just another hoax, just like Y2K, and the global freezing claims in the 1960's and 70's were. Global warming is being used to generate fear and panic. Those behind this movement are using it to control people's lives and for financial gain.

There are not many individuals, groups, or organizations willing to stand up against this fraud that is being perpetuated for fear of being persecuted, harassed, and ostracized by those who support global warming within the scientific and other communities. But fortunately, a few have decided to do the right thing and take a stand against this evil, proving just how unscientifically founded global warming is and exposing those who are behind it. Below, you will find links to information and articles showing the proof that global warming is nothing more than just a bunch of hot air (pun intended).

The date that you see by each headline is the date when it was posted here. If you know of a news story, research, or information that should be posted here, please let us know and provide us with a link.

21 Nov 2023 - The Climate-Change Teligion: How Long Before Human Sacrifices?

10 Nov 2023 - Lawyer Guns Down Climate Activists [Has an embedded video on the web page]

06 Nov 2023 - John Kerry Accused Of 'Global Shakedown'

02 Oct 2023 - Climate Hoax Exposed By Scientist [Has an embedded video on the web page]

25 Sep 2023 - AOC's Climate Ideas Left In Shambles After Expert's Fact-Check Showdown!

25 Sep 2023 - McConnell Slams Biden's 'Climate Corps' [Has an embedded video on the web page]

18 Sep 2023 - Greta Thunberg Ordered To Stand Trial Over Climate Protest [The LITTLE FAKE should also stand trial on charges of fraud and misrepresentatiuon and be brought up on RICO charges as well - Dr. B. Carey]

08 Sep 2023 - Climate Change Wackos Now Predicting THIS?!

07 Sep 2023 - "Climate Change Activist Owns Private Jet" 10 Examples of Hypocrisy That Everyone Shakes Their Heads About

29 Aug 2023 - GOP Outsider Exposes Climate Hoax, Slams Bought Politicians!

17 Aug 2023 - Outrageous 'Climate Change' Ruling?!

17 Aug 2023 - Bill Gates Promotes 'Net Zero' As Climate Fix - Critics Call It A 'Financial Scam'

17 Aug 2023 - Biden Admin Blames 'Climate Change' For WHAT?

14 Aug 2023 - Biden's Climate Emergency Blunder: All Talk, No Action!

14 Aug 2023 - Taxpayer Dollars At Work: Biden's OUTRAGEOUS Spend

04 Aug 2023 - Ford Faces $4.5B Drain From Electric Flop, Betting On Green Backfires!

04 Aug 2023 - Democrats Blame 'Climate Change' For Terrible Wildfire - Here's What Really Happened

26 July 2023 - Ireland Wants To Kill 200,000 Cows To Save the Weather [This is PURE INSANITY! Let's just kill all of the cows everywhere around the world, and get a world-wide food shortage going - Dr. B. Carey]

26 July 2023 - Democrat.s Carbon Tax Is Why Gas Prices Are So High [YouTube Video]

24 July 2023 - Biden Admin Cracks Down On Another Popular Home Appliance

24 July 2023 - How Biden Plans To Block The Sun To Save The Planet

23 May 2023 - Farmers In The Crosshairs: John Kerry's Alarming Attack On Agriculture [Has an embedded video on the web page]

18 May 2023 - New York To Track Residents' Food Purchases And Place 'Caps On Meat' Served By Public Institutions: New York City Will Begin Tracking The Carbon Footprint Of Household Food Consumption And Putting Caps On How Much Red Meat Can Be Served In Public Institutions As Part Of A Sweeping Initiative To Achieve A 33% Reduction In Carbon Emissions From Food By 2030

05 May 2023 - Dems Finding Every Excuse To Collect More Taxes

02 May 2023 - Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Rejects Climate Cultism, While Expressing Genuine Alarm About Stopping REAL Pollution and Ecological Destruction

19 Apr 2023 - Climate Cultists Blame Global Warming On Rice [This is pure craziness! - Dr. B. Carey]

19 Apr 2023 - U.S. Truckers Sound Alarm After Biden's Latest 'Green' Move: Matter Of 'Life And Death'

31 Mar 2023 - Democrats Said No One Is Coming To Take Your Gas Appliances - They Lied

27 Mar 2023 - Oops! Greta Thunberg Deletes Tweet After World Doesn't End [Has an embedded video on the web page] [As I have said from the start she is just another fake and a nut case - Dr. B. Carey]

27 Mar 2023 - John Kerry Says More Climate Mandates Coming From Biden Regime

24 Feb 2023 - Federal Employees Say Forcing Them Back Into The Office Endangers Planet [What a load of rubbish! They are just bieng lazy - Dr. B. Carey]

13 Feb 2023 - Thunberg Exposed As Media Whore

30 Jan 2023 - Climate Alarmists Panic That Twitter Under Musk Allows More Dissenting Views On Global Warming

24 Jan 2023 - Rebel News Furnishes Further Proof That Greta Thunberg Is A Child Actor On The World Stage [Has embedded videos on the web page]

24 Jan 2023 - Now Bill Gates Wants To Stop Cows From Burping

18 Jan 2023 - Watch: Police Forcibly Remove Greta Thunberg from Coal Mine Protest [Has an embedded video on the web page] [GOOD! This FRAUD and NUTCASE should be given NO preferential treatment and should be treated as anyone else. Maybe a few doses of reality will take her out of her fantasy world and put her back into her place and back into reality - Dr. B. Carey]

16 Jan 2023 - The Gas Stove Scare Is A Fraud Created By Climate Change Authoritarians