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(c) 2003
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The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is trying to shut down our web site.

This web site has been appreciated by tens of thousands over the past five years.

We are defending ourselves in court. But we need your support. We need CLOUT. We need you to write letters. This is time sensitive. We need the letters at the court by September 25. But if you miss this deadline, send the letters anyway.

In a nut shell, the issue is:

Our web site clearly indicates that we refer to Dr. Clark's work and that she is basing it on bio feedback technology, a method not recognized by the FTC as scientific. This is stated very clearly all over our web site.

Why does the FTC want to stop this information? Do they think they are smarter than you and need to protect you from evaluating the information yourself? Do they want to keep that information from you?


Write letters to the addresses below to express your discontent. Tell the FTC that you can evaluate your own information and that the information on our web site is not ambiguous in any way. Of course only if you feel that is the way it is.

Make sure you write to ALL FOUR addresses, not just to one! If you have already sent a letter but not to all four addresses, send it to the other addresses too.

Some people have commented that the e-mail to Michael Milgrom at the FTC has been returned as undeliverable. Possibly he deactivated the account because he got so much e-mail. If so, send the letter to him in the mail or send him a fax. He should hear the people's voice even if he tries not to.

Send letters, even if you are from abroad. It does not matter where you are. Freedom of choice concerns everyone and if the web site is shut down it is shut down for everybody.

Get all other Clark supporters or advocates of health freedom to write letters too. This case will set a precedent for other cases, too, so it is very important.


Some have requested a form letter. I have purposely not included one in my announcement, because 1000 letters from individuals are much more powerful than 1000 signed form letters. But due to substantial demand you can now find one here:

Nevertheless I encourage you to write your own letter, or modify the form letter so that it expresses exactly what you think.

Please send the letter right away so it gets to the court by September 25. But even if you are late, send it anyway! It will be along time before the whole story is over, so your letter will be read.


Here are the addresses to write to. Note that we now know the name of the judge on our case so besides the case number you can now include his name.

  1. Michael Milgrom: the FTC attorney that brought the case against us.
    direct phone number 1-216-263 3419
    The Federal Trade Commission
    East Central Region
    Eaton Center Suite 200
    1111 Superior Avenue
    Cleveland, OH 44114-2507
    fax 1-216-263-3426

  2. The Federal Trade Commission
    East Central Region
    John M. Mendenhall, Director
    Eaton Center Suite 200
    1111 Superior Avenue
    Cleveland, OH 44114-2507
    phone 1-216-263-3455
    fax 1-216-263-3426

  3. Timothy J. Muris, Chairman and Commissioner
    Federal Trade Commission
    600 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
    Washington, D.C. 20580

    The central office gives no email address, fax or phone number. But there is a toll free number you can call with customer concerns. It is:

    Consumer Help
    1-877-FTC HELP (382-4357)

  4. United States District Court
    Northern District of Ohio
    Judge John R. Adams
    Carl B. Stokes United States Court House
    801 West Superior Avenue
    Cleveland, Ohio 44113-1830

    Case number: Civ. No. 1:03CV0054
    General concerns can be addressed to:

    Make sure not to forget the case number in the letter so it ends up in the right place.

  5. Email us a copy to this e-mail address (, or send snail mail to:
    Dr. Clark Center
    Bielstrasse 12
    3053 Muenchenbuchsee

Sincerely Yours,
David P. Amrein
President, Dr. Clark Research Association


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