By Dr. Bradley Carey
(c) 2004

Posted: 05 April 2004

First a food is good for you, then after many years of use several people come forward with reports and say it's bad for you. Then years later someone will come forward and say the previous information was incorrect and say it wasn't bad after all and is actually beneficial for you. In the meantime, when the reports about something being bad came out, everyone ran around in a panic trying to ban it and pursuing lawsuits. Sounds confusing, doesn't it? Now I am not talking about some poison like aspartame or fluoride, I am talking about natural, unaltered, God-created foods and food items. This isn't just being done by government agencies and their employees, but also by individuals in the world of natural and alternative health and medicine.

A perfectly healthy food or food item may be in a product or part of a product that was discovered to be unhealthy for you. Immediately there is a movement started to ban anything and everything that may have been in the product. This sort of blanket banning of something is foolish and makes no sense at all. What ever happened to using the common sense that God gave you? People need to stop jumping to conclusions because of a few individuals and start thinking. If a food has been used for thousands of years and there has been no ill effects from it, then why when a few reports are published does everyone just assume it is completely bad for you? Let's use logic and common sense. If something has been used for thousands of years with no problems and now there are problems being reported that are associated with it, perhaps this problem may be being caused by something that is being done in the cleansing or preparation process, something in the way it is grown, or even something that is being added to it? Have these individuals ever taken this into consideration? Of course not. They are to busy running around in a panic trying to blanket ban the item and create a big scare for everyone.

I have read many reports saying that we must avoid eating all meats. Then another saying we must avoid all grain and grain products. And yes another saying all nuts and seeds were bad for you. Then there are several companies that say all fruits and vegetables are completely unhealthy for you unless you buy them from them because they have a special "safe and healthy" process. What's going on here? None of this makes any sense to me. Sounds like some people trying to get rich or make a name for themselves trying to create a scare and a panic. And if we listed and did exactly what all of these reports said, then what are we suppose to eat? Come on, open your eyes and start using your common sense. After all, that is what God gave it to you for.

Back in the 1960's there was a scare created about cranberries not being good for you and a big move to ban them. Well we kept eating them and after a few months nothing every came of it. Then a few years later someone released a report saying that it wasn't all cranberries that were unhealthy, just the ones grown in a specific manner.

Most commercial milk on store shelves contains RBGH, the genetically engineered bovine growth hormone. Does this mean that all milk everywhere is now bad for you? Of course not. If we are adding hormones, other substances or genetically-modifying our food and this is making it unhealthy and unsafe for our consumption, then we need to stop doing this immediately. Until these additions to our food are removed, we need to stop buying them. We can buy organically grown food, grow our own, or look at all of our other options. We need to stand up and say, "No we will not buy your product because of what you have done to it and are adding to it. Until you stop we will buy it elsewhere." And then in addition to just saying it, we need to follow through with what we say and let other know of both the dangers and the alternatives.

Before running around in a panic and scaring yourself and others, take a deep breath, look at the whole picture and study ALL of the facts, and then use your God-given common sense.