By James Bowen, M.D.
(c) 2003

After I had a couple years practice under my belt, I no longer advised the flu shots because they made people sick, and were usually ineffective. I carried a small supply for those who wanted them anyway. I feel people should have the right to make up their own minds about vaccinations.

My present recommendation is that no one should get them. Astragalus (Chinese milk vetch root) is an herbal remedy that is highly effective in treating and preventing the flu. Because I am rather large I would use three capsules. The first dose was usually so effective that I wondered if I needed any more, but I took a couple more doses, b.i.d. just in case.

Astragalus induces the production of interferon in the body, especially at the mucosal surfaces, where it is particularly helpful. Echinacea can also be used, but may have more side effects: especially for people with autoimmune dz, such as chemical hypersensitivity, (CHz), which I have from Aspartame exposure.

Astragalus has about a 95% success rate as composed to the flu shots which have about a 5% success rate. The flu shots make everyone who takes them ill. Some dramatically and tragically ill. Astragalus makes no one ill, and offers protection against many other viruses.

The flu vaccine contains chemicals such as polysorbate 80, which will cause the CHz to flare with very problematic autoimmune consequences. Thanks to Nutra Sweet, Vaccinations are now far more hazardous because of the CHz, and genetic damage that has been engendered in so large a proportion of our society by Aspartame.

A naturopathic friend of mine, Elwin Klein in Lewiston, ID., years ago worked in conjunction with another MD/biochemist to find a nontoxic approach to effectively treating the flu. They came up with Lecithin as a way of altering the calcium/phosphorus balance to deny the flu virus the type of phosphorus it needs to replicate. Elwin says a capsule every hour for five hours usually knocks the flu. This should be a great backup for the Astragalus or Echinacea.