By Dr. Bradley Carey
(c) 2020

Posted: 16 November 2020

More and more locations are now requiring people to wear facial masks when out of their homes. Failure to do so will result in severe fines and/or time in the country jail. By what authority do they do this? Where in the Constitution of the United States does it give the government or anyone else the right and authority to make and pass such regulations? It is like if you decide to wear a pair of shorts and a short-sleeved shirt outside in a snow storm and they show up ordering you to put on a jacket. They have no right to do so either. The government is abusing what power it has and is illegally forcing people to comply to what it wants them to do as they erode and take away more of our rights and freedoms.

They say that the wearing of facial masks is for our protection and that of others. Where is there any study, documentation, and proof showing that wearing a facial mask will slow down or even stop the spread of Covid-19? It is not about protection; it is about compliance and control. If it were about protection, then why allow someone to wear a scarf or a painter's mask over their face, neither of which offer any real protection?

If the government issued an order that required everyone to go out and catch a trout in a river or lake near them and then use a piece of string to tie it to the top of their head, would you? Of course not. That is a silly and stupid idea. It is the same way with these worthless facial masks they want everyone to wear. Why wear them? It is not just about the taking away of our rights and freedoms. After all, they are the government they feel they can do whatever they want and you have no say. They also believe they know what is best for you. Remember this is the same government that has allowed such evils as same sex marriage and the form of serial killing and mass murder, known as abortion. The same government that tested plutonium on people without their consent ort knowledge to see what it would do to them. And they want to you trust that they know what is best for you?

There is also a deeper, darker, more sinister, and spiritual reason behind all of this.

By requiring everyone to wear facial masks they are having everyone conceal their God-given individualism and God-given identity. They are attempting to make everyone exactly the same with no differences between persons whatsoever. No individuality, no opinion, no thinking for yourself, nothing. Everyone as identical good little drones that will follow the orders of whatever they are told.

I just saw on the news this morning where they are talking about having facial mask requirements in place for up to two more years. Once everyone is used to and adjusted to wearing the facial masks, how long until they start dictating exactly what size, cut, and color they must be? Making everyone even more identical. Then how long after that till they have everyone start lining up to receive their special mark, which the Bible calls, "The Mark of the Beast"? (Revelation 13:16-17). When people cannot think for themselves anymore, they will be more than willing to line up and take it.

The so-called "social distancing" falls into the same category. It is all about control and not protection or prevention. Whoever came up with this worthless six feet distancing had no idea what they were doing. A cough or a sneeze can go up to twenty feet, so six feet does nothing to protect you or anyone else. It is just an attempt to isolate you from everyone else and to isolate them as well.

When all of this first started, one of the first things they put a stop to and shut down were the churches. Now that they are beginning to open things up again, they still have not finished with the churches. If you go to church you are still required to maintain social distancing (which limits the number of people allowed into a church) and still required to wear facial masks. Now some states, like California for example, have made it illegal to sing in church. They claim that this is to "stop the spread of Covid-19." Really? If they are requiring social distancing and facial masks to be worn, what harm can singing do? None really. This is just another way to control you.

Now there are those who take Romans 13:1 way out of context and say that we must willingly and happily do everything that the government tells us. Okay so using this logic when they tell all of the Christians to bring their Bibles out into the street and burn them, we must do as they say? When they tell Christians to line up in the line for the executioner's block, we must do so willingly and happily? I for one will not.