By Dr. Bradley Carey
(c) 2003

Disinformation seems to be a lifestyle on the Internet and elsewhere, but due of the number of people now online it seems that this can be found on many web sites worldwide. The disinformationists are those people who decide to go after a person, persons, organizations, or even an idea and try to discredit it in the eyes of the public. Many of them will use half-truths and stop just short of committing slander. Others will boldly cross over the line and feel they can say whatever they with no repercussions. For example, they may claim that someone has a fake degree from a diploma mill when in fact their degree may be a very legitimate one from a very prestigious school or it could be for a degree that they have never even claimed to possess.

From the time of the death of Dr. James Dussault, the founder of the World Natural Health Organization, our organization has been the target of a very small group of disinformationists. First they attacked the work of Dr. James Dussault and then his reputation with nothing backing up their false claims and with full knowledge that the facts and truth showed them to be in error. Their latest attack was to try to discredit some of our members and the organization which Dr. James Dussault himself founded. Again, they base their claims on nothing more than falsehoods that they themselves have created.

Now why do these individuals do these things? Well there are several reasons. Some do it out of pure jealousy. Others do it out of a false sense of justice for some thing that they believe someone has done to them. Some do it for boosting their own ego and a false sense of self-importance. While others do it to simply cause problems for everyone and actually get a thrill out of causing these problems and discredit persons and their work. But no matter what the reason there is usually nothing behind their claims but a bunch of hot air.

The best thing to do when you hear the words of the disinformationists is to talk to people who know the individual or organization in questions. Check out the credibility of the individual(s) making the claims and if it shows that there is nothing there just simply ignore them in the future. By ignoring them you take away their power to cause problems for others and also take away this way of them getting a "thrill" out of what they are doing. And then, instead of spreading disinformation, maybe they will get a life, stop wasting their time and ours, and start to do something productive that will benefit everyone.