By Madelyn Krystal Hill

Posted: 28 March 2011

(c) by Madelyn Krystal Hill

Used with permission by Madelyn Krystal Hill

If someone you know is depressed:

Causes of depression and anxiety may be linked to:

Mild depression can sometimes be helped by:

When a depressed person can no longer function, has a manic depressive episode or is suicidal, immediate help should be sought.

Today, psychiatrists are quick to write prescriptions for antidepressants and label a person bi-polar or manic as a diagnosis ensures their fee is paid by the insurance company. Many psychiatrists are rewarded by drug companies with gifts, fees and trips. Anti-depressants are known to have serious side effects and may actually cause a relapse into depression in the long run or cause suicidal tendencies. The results of anti-depressants are in question for both the short and long term.