By Dr. Bradley Carey

Posted: 27 May 2004

The World Natural Health Organization, even though much of its membership is comprised of individuals representing many various religions and beliefs, many of whom are ministers or involved with the clergy in one capacity or another, is not a religious organization. However, we still receive lots of mail from individuals wanting information as to what our definition of a cult is. The following definition, is the official definition of a cult of the Fellowship of Christ International, and clearly states the position of the World Natural Health Organization on the matter:

Any organization, no matter what their teachings or denominational or religious affiliation, no matter how historically, theologically, or doctrinally sound or accurate, if they take away a person's God-given ability of freedom of choice, tells an individual how to run their life, claims sole-authority over a person's life and how they lead it, and/or claims to be the sole proprietor of the truth, lies about their history, teachings, and beliefs, is in our opinion, a cult and should be avoided at all costs.