By Sue W.

Posted: 31 August 2005

Note from Dr. Carey: Many people, myself included, have one or more cups of coffee a day. One of the things we need to do is realize just what is in coffee and other beverages that we drink. We must also be careful not to abuse them or our bodies by overindulging in them.


There is a lot of caffeine in coffee. For instance, one cup has twice the caffeine you find in an Excedrin tablet (120 mg)... Caffeine is a drug and a stimulant. Stimulants make the heart beat faster and thus are a known risk on the heart. One thing I know is that coffee and other caffeinated drinks hide starvation fatigue. If a person IS not eating enough food, masking the body's response could lead to problems. Caffeine has been known to cause a loss of calcium. As for the reports concerning the natural antioxidants that coffee and chocolate are said to contain, the sad truth about chocolate AND coffee (I'm sure) is that the complex processing required kills most of antioxidants before WE ever see the stuff....

Decaffeinated coffee and beverages would sound like the answer. However, several have people informed me that they're full of chemicals to remove the caffeine from them... so I guess it's back to plain ol' water...

Sue W.

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